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    Quick Thoughts on Cena

    I was online today just browsing, when i came across more Cena hate, Cena this, Cena That. Now please don't get me wrong, Personally i'm not a fan of Cena's gimmick, it's stale and appeals to the younger audience but what bugs me is the hate he deals with on a daily basis.

    First example I found: I honestly don't see how anyone could like John Cena. Like not tryna hate, i just don't understand it.

    WHAT?! Are you serious bro?! What is there do major to dislike about him? His gimmick yes but not him as a person. The abuse he recieves on a daily basis is horrendous. This is the man who has won awards for the amount of charity work he does, this is on top of his full-time work schedule, he pleases every1 of his fans where possible.

    CM Punks push to meteoric standards though deserved through Punks hard work and all round brilliant skills and probably was going to come sooner or later I'm lead to believe that Cena had a role in pitching this storyline to creative. Without this we might still be seeing Cena vs Orton, vs Miz Etc whereas Punk maybe feuding midcard with JOMO, ADR or Rey still, some push considering his current push that could only have been achieved by feuding with Cena, the only others who could have feuded with punk on this level is Taker, Rock, HHH or SCSA.

    Every great push needs someone to do the job and so far Cena has done that relatively clean, whats Punks record again? Even if Punk loses at Summerslam that doesn't mean his push is over, he'll get his rematch and still be main eventing with Cena and HHH, so punk dropping the title might not be such a bad thing, firstly we could create a fresh bona fide MAin eventer in ADR if he cashes in or it may lead to a face turn and feud with HHH.

    Cena has given Punk the legs i believe and Punk is running with it.

    Cena is also bringing in the new fans of WWE, these will prolong the business and make sure it doesnt die with us, and in turn the kids will demand something fresh and so on.

    Plus when do you ever hear backstage grumblings over Cena, unlike Orton or even Rey, Cena can do the job (When he is asked). Creative makes the gimmick, cena only acts it! Add onto this him pushing for Evan Bourne and Zack Ryder, you have a great man!

    By the Way I much prefer Punk


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