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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodom View Post
    Guys already go from brand to brand. So you're like.....already getting this.
    Exactly. Its another case of people bitching about nothing.

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    keep 2 brands if not make 3 brands

    yes yes yes

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    Man that was the biggest mistake they ever made, iv been watching wrestling since the early 90s and I it started getting really boring when they splt the brands I mean they can still use all the titles , we wont have to see the same matchs every week , there would be more matches, they can bring back tag teams (because right now u cant have teams for both shows) and right now they really dont have that many main eventers, I can almost positive ratings would go up for both shows cause some people tune in for certain wrestlers


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    Quote Originally Posted by beatfighter3000 View Post
    The whole WWE superstars concept is a real washout for me. I liked it at first as some big stars like chris jericho would appear on the show, allowing it to become more popular, and entice audiences to come and watch the show. Now all we get is a bunch of hasbins who are barely involved in a well thought out storyline. A third brand? Whatever happened to ECW hey, remember how that turned out, It was just boring, and if I remember correctly, had the lowest rated ppv of ALL TIME. You know what they need to do? dont include a third brand, just utilise the championship belts a whole lot more in my opinion. There seems to be a lot of cruiserweights/light heavyweights, being misused e.g Evan Bourne, Kofi Kingston [questionable, as he could be used well against ADR] Justin Gabriel, maybe even rey mysterio [due to this wwe title pursuit becoming a bit dry, and I dunno not really believable], and some more smaller unused wrestlers whose names I cant really think of at the moment. Make actual use of the Intercontinental Belt, which used to be so prestigious, but now, we have ezekiel Jackson who I cant remember last had a championship bout against. The US belt could also be utilised to bring in new competition. Who remembers the famous bouts with John Cena back on smackdown in 2004?
    Back to the point, There is no real need to have three brands, but all we need is right use of the championship belts, because these days I see both shows as a one title brand, and it doesnt seem to be working on smackdown especially!
    perfectly said but just make one brand

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    This would not be a good idea imo.

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    Smackdown's issue is that Raw operates as the top brand in Vince's eyes. I wouldn't be surprised if a few main storylines on Raw were, at some point, dreamt up over on smackdown. Put it always seems that where Raw's only constraint is the PG rating, Smackdown has a lot of politics surrounding it (Drafts, storylines, spots on PPVs, main eventers) that makes it always appear a "b" show. People like Triple H, Austin, Cena have spent very little time on smackdown (as main eventers in Cena's case) and you know these were the "top guys" since the drafts beginning. It always seems that when smackdown always ends up with several "young" talents that need building up (who then get shipped to raw straight away - Del rio, Kofi, Ziggler) and then one SECONDARY main eventer. One example is the fact that both smackdown and raw were a bit thin last year and who gets sent to smackdown? Orton. But Raw STILL ends up getting Rey Mysterio in return which kind of weakened smackdown again.

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    When NXT S5 ends, have NXT as a brand and put all the former Rookies and maybe some from FCW on it
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    Quote Originally Posted by el gabo View Post
    You're asking for a perfect show. Won't happen, just watch RAW if you're into storylines and entertainment and Superstars (and to a lesser extent) SD for wrestling. Simple as that.
    I don't think the WWE want to have lower smackdown ratings...
    I'm not asking for a perfect show i'm asking for a WATCHABLE show

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    I say to let both Brands have seperate PPVs and Combine at the big 4 PPVs like they used to do.
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    i dont think they should merge. if anything id like to see another brand, and maybe make SD live. i know this cant happen with traveling schedules and stuff, but id like to see it

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