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    Royal Rumble Game

    Wanted to try and start something new in these forums so i came up with an idea for a game.

    I want to see how many posts it takes to name 30 superstars that have never actively appeared in a WWE royal Rumble match.

    If this works out will we go to 40 and so on but i think 30 is going to be quite hard.

    Rules are ONE guess per post. And you have to wait for another 5 posts until you can have another guess.

    Also the superstar that you guess must of been an active memember of the WWE roster after 1989 (a year after the first rumble) and before 2008.

    Good luck and lets see how many posts it take to get to 30

    - Eve's arse atleast now we can look forward to Divas matches.
    Even Maryse cant resist watching her shake her arse

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