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    Nick Newman: WElcome everyone. This is a bittesweet moment for u hre on Brutality as this will our final show we will broadcast as teams in Brutality will be moving on to Rage and Inferno.

    Terry Murdock: We look forward to the future of the tag teams future in EWNCW and right now we are gonna hear from Mixed Emotions who'll face

    Pride and Sorrow come out flaunting both of their titles to the crowd and Sorrow is wearing the Italian flag on his back to large boos from the crowd.

    Pride: Last week, we not only main evented Brutality like you all know we should, we won against one of the teams that looks to challenge us for one of our titles, when we crushed the Mexican Nightmares in the middle of this ring and took them out for a Night at the Opera. But like all good things, moments like that don't last and what I mean is Brutality is coming to an end after tonight.

    Sorrow: But fear not Patrons of the arts, because whether we end up on Inferno, Rage or wherever else, Mixed Emotions will always come out as the most dominant team on the roster. Last week may be the last time we main event this show, but that won't be the last time we main event.

    Pride: But before we can think of the future, we will focus on retaining both of our titles so that we may retire as the greatest champions in BWA and Brutality history! We may be going out soon, but as all great artists we will go out with a bang.

    Sorrow: This Sunday, you will see us at a level we have never been at, as artists we strive to make all of our new work top our last pieces no matter the trial and tribulations. We will be facing our toughest challenge Sunday since we are the only targets that our enemies look to pin, but like everyone else here, we will overcome in the end.

    Pride: This Sunday let me make it clear for both teams in the back. You may be bigger than us, you may have more experience, and you may be better, but we are the Masters of Showmanship, the kings of the opera and when we win this Sunday you will all hear the words, Venimus, Vidimus, Vincemus!

    Sorrow: We came, We saw, We conquered.

    Tenorio and T-Thunda go down the ramp but they don't come alone. Two gorgeous ladies that remind the eye of Shelly Martinez in her hottest attires and poses. The four proceed down the ramp while the ladies scream and the men boo, but they don't seem to care. Once the quartet is in the ring, The Spanish Love Machine requests a mic and starts talking.

    Tenorio: So, this is the end of an era. Brutality, the one and only show for tag teaming. It has been a damn pleasure to be a part of history of such a prestigious show, and being the Intercontinental Champions! But do not fear, ladies, you two in the ring and the ones watching here and at home, we will move to either Rage or Inferno,and the tag team action will still be as hot as it's ever been, and even hotter if the Sexiest Alpha Males are on the screen, baby!

    Usual reaction from boys and gals

    Tenorio: But there's something that I have to say before the show ends, and it is this: you two say you are the greatest champions in the history of BWA and Brutality. Like Vinnie Mac's song says: no chance in Hell!! GodMoney could out-promo and out-wrestle you any day of the week with their beer bags emptied in their bellies! The CNK would destroy you in less than a minute. You would succumb to the hands of Slayde and Abel, the World Demise would be upon you less than a second after being locked, and HJ and Azrael would send your asses straight to freaking hell!! And at In Violence We Trust, we are taking the Intercontinental championships out of you! Mark my words!

    That gets a huge pop from both ladies and gentleman

    Tenorio: It is curious how you call yourself patrons of the arts, and Opera Primo Divos and all that, but never, ever sang a freaking note on live TV. I already recited poetry in my mother tongue, so if you're as good as you say, you should make the Three Tenors humble,as if you were the Iron Sheiks of Opera. Come on!

    People laugh and Mixed Emotions refuse to oblige

    Tenorio: No? Well, I call that performance FACKING BULLSHIT!!!!You've just nominated yourselves for the Golden Raspberry Award for Worst Screen Couple of 2013, and I can guara-damn-tee you are winning that Razzie!! Same as I guarantee that at in violence We trust,we'll walk out the Intercontinental Champions, and you can mark those words of mine now!!

    Another pop from the audience as Thunda takes the mic

    Thunda: Dat's right! Because I'm going to land here some hard hittin' troofs on you two clowns.
    Da troof is, you two can't sing can you? Da troof is that you two don't know a damn thing about the arts, and singing do you? And da troof is that you two can't wrestle and you two SUCK as our Intercontinental Champions!!

    The crowd cheer

    Thunda: So here's what's gonna happen. At In Violence We Trust, we're gonna call you two's bluff. We're gonna have ourselves a fight!! And all of these fans here, on the final night of Brutality, are going to come, they're gonna see, and they're gonna witness us, the Sexiest Alpha Males conquer you two and leave Brutality on a high note as one of the final champions in the history of this brand!!

    The crowd cheer

    Thunda: And DAT, is da TROOF!! Da WHOLE TROOF!! And nothing BUT, da TROOF!!

    Nick Newman: Intense words from the two teams who will square off later tonight.

    Terry Murdock: That should quite the match to go along with our main event as Hot Wasabi will take on The New Assault Program. When we return we'll see Black Blooded take on The Predators in Paradise.
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    Lily Morgan: The following contest is set for one fall introducing first the team of Usain Kingston and Tyler Jones, they are The Predators in Paradise!

    The Predators in Paradise head to the ring to the praise of the crowd as they get get set for action.

    Nick Newman: They better be real high if they think they stand a chance against Black Blooded.

    Terry Murdock: Only one way to find out.

    Lily Morgan: And their opponents the team of Mr. Black and Mr. Blood, they the EWNCW Hardcore Champions....Black Blooded!!!

    The champs head to the ring in their motorcycles, soon they enter the ring and flaunt the gold as the crowd boos them.

    Nick Newman: This is gonna a dominant display of why Black Blooded is the best tag team in EWNCW.

    Terry Murdock: They'll have a fight in the Predator in Paradise.

    Predators in Paradise (APA; Kington/Faarooq and Jones/Bradshaw) vs Black Blooded (Black/O'Haire and Blood/Palumbo)

    Start at 2:49

    Stop at 3:30

    Huge knee to the face of Kingston by Black and Kingston is dazed.

    Murdock: What a blow, Kington may not come bak from this.

    Black now has Kingston grabbed by the throat and goes for the chokeslam but Kingston is able to sidestep the hold midway through the lift and hits Black with a shot to the ribcage and does this again repeatedly, making it a bit difficult for Mr. Black to breathe and now begins to hit Black with a flurry of punches but seems to tire a bit, a chance which Mr. Black takes advantage of and grabbing Kingston by the throat again now going for and connecting with a Chokeslam on Kingston but as he covers, Jones enters the ring and breaks up the pin attempt even begins at one.

    Newman: Jones, just kno when the fight is over.

    Jones puts the punches to Black, actually doing good but his run at Black is short lived as Mr. Blood comes in to defend his partner punching Jones himself, bfore he pants him to the mat after a double armed DDT. Blood now kicks Jones out of the ring and follows suit putting a hurting on Jones while Black is in the ring stalking a rising Kingston.

    Murdock: Mr. Blood takes the fight to the outside.

    Newman: Now Mr. Black can finish this

    Kingston is now up and with a kick to gut is set up for The Black Death Drop (Implant Buster) but he wiggles out at the last second, now kicking Mr. Black in his gut and in a great how of strength places Mr. Black in position and completes the The Kingston Bomb (Powerbomb) before he covers.....1..............2......-Mr. Blood pulls Kingston out of the ring, planting him out on the concrete floor with The Blood Drop (Pedigree).

    Newman: That should put him out of his misery.

    Blood returns an out Kingston to the ring and is soon faced with a recovered Jones on the outside and the two begin to brawl as Mr. Black now risen to his feet sees a downed Kingston and covers....1.......2.......-Kingston somehow has kicked out. Mr. Black frustrated a bit get to his feet and motions for the kill as he picks up Kingston and finishes The Black Death Drop maintaining his grip in the hold t let the ref know he has to pin.....1............2...........3!!!

    Lily Morgan: Here are your winners...Black Blooded!!!!

    Murdock: What a win for Black Blooded.

    Newman: Did you expect anything less? Now we get to see God's Grace face The Mexican Nightmares when we return.
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    Lily Morgan: The following contest is set for one fall, introducing first accompanied to the ring by Alexis De La Rosa, they are the team of Esteban Rodriguez and Julio Montoya....The Mexican Nightmares!

    The 3 comes out together, and slowly makes their way down to the ring, soaking in the crowd reaction. They get on the apron, and the males flip over the ropes, pulling down the second rope at the same time, which allows Alexis to enter and motion that they will be champions soon.

    Nick Newman: I have no doubt they will.

    Terry Murdock: They'll if they got what it tak to become Grand Champions if they can beat the Blacklist Champions.

    Lily Morgan: and their opponents, the EWNCW Blacklist Champions, the team of HolyJose and Azrael, they are God's Grace!!!

    HolyJose and Azrael appear on stage and are meet with great praise from the crowd. They soon enter the ring and face The Mexican Nightmares and get ready for action.

    Nick Newman: I hope they get massacred at In Violence We Trust.

    [COLOR=#008000]Terry Murdock: New Assault Program may do just that.[COLOR]

    GG (Los Guerreros) vs Mexican Nightmares (Edge/Rodriguez and Mysterio/Montoya) (Excuse the Japanese)

    Start at 1:04 - Stop 6:34

    HolyJose looks to fly. Rodriguez is down.

    Murdock: HolyJose could end this here and now.

    Montoya comes from out of his corner to push HolyJose into the ring and HolyJose lands badly on his right arm, which he holds as he tries to get to his feet and so does Rodriguez. Both men now on their feet and Rodriguez is quick to hit HolyJose with a stiff forearm shot that sends HolyJose to the ropes and Rodriguez wastes no time and following up with another forearm shot and sends HolyJose bouncing off the ropes, connecting with a huge powerslam as HolyJose comes back off the rebound. Rodriguez hooks the leg and covers.....1......2......- HolyJose struggles but manages to lift his sore arm to break up the pinfall.

    Newman: Come on ref, do you job.

    Rodriguez stands up and lifts HolyJose along the way before making the tag to Montoya and Rodriguez twists HolyJose injured arm before Montoya drops an elbow on it and goes to work on it some while HolyJose is in visible pain. Montoya wrenches HolyJose's arm until HolyJose begins to hit Montoya with strong left punches but Montoya raises then viciously snaps down the injured arm of HolyJose stopping HolyJose's comeback dead in it's tracks.

    Newman: Great move by Montoya.

    Murdock: They are certainly showing how well they can pick at any inury and use it to their advantage.

    Montoya continues the attack on HolyJose's arm before HolyJose once again tries to make a comeback with left punches this throwing in a headbutt for good measure and pays off as Montoya releases the hold and is sent reeling off the ropes but he reverses midway and now it's HolyJose who come off the ropes, Montoya set up for a backbody drop but HolyJose sees it coming and delivers a kick to the head of Montoya causing him be in an upright position before HolyJose musters whatever strength he has left and delivers a huge Spinebuster, leaving both he and Montoya down and out in the ring.

    Murdock: What a Spinebuster. HolyJose may have turnd thing around for his team right now.

    Both men try to reach their, HolyJose having the more trouble in reaching as Rodriguez enters the ring, fresh off the tag from Montoya looking to prevent HolyJose from completing his he's too late as Azrael explodes onto the ring hitting Rodriguez with a near decapitating clothesline but catches Rodriguez mid fall and delivers a huge belly to belly suplex before he bounces of the ropes and deliver a big splash that knocks the air out of Rodriguez and covers.....1......2......-Montoya breaks up the hold. HolyJose feeling a bit better enters the ring and fights Montoya off and soon grabs Montoya by the head and throws him out of the ring.

    Newman: No! This is not supposed to happen.

    Azrael stands up, Rodriguez does the same but Azrael is not wasting any time in conneting with a kick to Rodriguez's midsection and sets up The Gates of Hell (Tigerbomb) before driving hard into the mat and covers....1......2.........3

    Lily Morgan: Here are your winners....God's Grace!!!

    Murdock: Huge win for God's Grace, this gives them great momentum for their match at the PPV.

    Newman: All the momentum in the world won't stop Criz and Sean Dimension from being champions very soon. Let's go to a commercial break.
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    Backstage in the locker room, Malcolm Adonis and Kyojin are in deep conversation with each other, discussing their upcoming match with Jesting Madness at In Violence We Trust... or not.

    Adonis: So I says to this girl right.. Malcolm ain't talkin' about shootin' you in the face with his hand gun. No no no.. Malcolm was talkin' about his..

    Kyojin holds his hand up to stop Malcolm mid flow, shaking his head and rolling his eyes.

    Adonis: Well.. you know what I'm sayin' anyway. Man look at this place, I see a bunch of tag teams that be runnin' scared of Hot Wasabi right now, look at these punk fools. Malcolmania's runnin' wild an' they ain't got a hope in hell of stoppin' it.

    Kyojin shoots Malcolm a glare.

    Adonis: Oh.. an' Kyojin's here too, I ain't forgot about you big guy.. though the ladies have! Ahaa! But for real, do you know how close we are to conquerin' this place already? I mean seriously, they might as well just hand all the titles over becauses lord knows we be takin' em all pretty soon anyway. We already booked in a match that will see the winners go on to face the Blacklist Champions. Who we fightin' again? Crispy skin and Will Shakespeare?

    Man I hear those guys used to be pretty big around here, "used to" bein' the operative phrase Malcolm wants to emphasise. They probably been thinkin' about tryin' to get back to their prime, but
    with Hot Wasabi in town now, things just became a lil more impossible for those has beens. Speakin' of has beens, Malcolm's thinkin' of stoppin' wearin' that Kimono you don't like, you know the one you said was insultin' to your culture?

    Kyojin goes to voice his opinion before Malcolm cuts him off by pulling out another Kimono, this one covered in Japanese anime.

    Adonis: You guys love this crap right?

    Malcolm grins at Kyojin, waiting for his response.

    Kyojin, on the other hand, shakes his head. He rips the Kimono from Malcolm’s grip, and throws it off screen. He takes a deep breath to recompose himself.

    Kyojin: Despite the conversation we just had, you’re actually right Malcolm. We’re the team that every single tag team backstage here are, well, what did you call it? Running scared? Yeah, let’s go with that. Every single tag team backstage are running scared of us.

    Even the Blacklist Champions themselves, God’s Grace, before we arrived-they were the top dogs here. They were known as the biggest tag teamin the world, they were who you all came to see. They beat our opponents at In Violence We Trust, Jesting Madness, for that spot.

    But now, with us part of this brand- they’re no longer the team all of those people come to see.

    The fans in the arena cheer as Adonis nods his head, a massive grin on his face. Kyo smiles as well, before continuing.

    Kyojin: No, the team that all of these people come to see are this team. The team of Kyojin and Malcolm Adonis!

    Malcolm Adonis: HOT WASABI!

    Kyojin: We’re not called Hot Wasabi!

    The fans in the arena laugh loudly but cheer in agreement as Kyojin and Adonis smile at each other all-knowingly.

    Kyojin: And it doesn’t matter if they’re still the Blacklist Champions after In Violence We Trust- whether it’s them or the New Assault Program, they’ve gotta understand that nothing they can do will hold a candle to us.

    They’ve reached the pinnacle of their career. They managed to overcome Jesting Madness. As for us, well Jesting Madness is just the beginning. After that, with no Brutality, it doesn’t matter if Malcolm joins me on Rage or we both go to Inferno. We’re going to be the number one tag team in EWNCW, and there’s not a damn thing that Jesting Madness, New Assault Program or even God’s Grace can do about it.

    Now, do you feel that?

    Kyojin smiles and turns to Malcolm but before Malcolm can respond...
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    Carlin: Hold on a second, playas!

    Fans boo the appearance of Carlin and Grind on HW's locker room

    Carlin: We were passing and couldn't help to hear you two bragging. I think we have some words for you two, folks. First, I'm amazed by the lack of respect you're showing to the closing of Brutality. Since the inception of BWA, the merging with EWNCW and renaming, this has been the house of tag team wrestling. Nowhere in other wrestling companies there was a show dedicated to this particular style of fighting. Some of the biggest names in the industry have made their mark, some of the most amazing matches have been broadcast, and you act like it doesn't mean anything to you? Show some respect, will ya?

    Mixed reaction for that. Grind has the Twittah machine in hand and is typing something. Carlin reads the message when it's done.

    Written Grind: Brutality closing is facking bullshit, but life goes on, and we still dominate.

    Carlin: That's it. No matter if we go to Inferno or Rage, we are still the hottest thing going in EWNCW, both as singles and as a tag team. It doesn't matter if we have the EWNCW Blacklist championship or not because to get it, you have to fight us. With the times of GodMoney and CNK long gone, the go to team is Jesting Madness. To get the rub in the business, you have to defeat us.

    Let me ask you something: God's Grace have been a team longer than we do, but when did they start main eventing PPV's? When they faced us, and later, when they took the belt away from us. Their relevance comes thanks to us. And you two Mifune and Valentino have become relevant because you are facing us at In Violence We Trust. But sorry to crush your dreams, but in our realm you won't become the number one contenders, no chance in hell!!

    Crowd energetically disapproves

    Carlin:We've been away from the crown long enough. It is time we make history again, and become the first team to hold the EWNCW Blacklist championship a second time. We never turned down a challenge, champs or not, and if you're up to it, so be it. But you've come in the worst moment possible. I don't need to remind you how good Grind and I are in hardcore bouts, do I? And let me tell you something: I don't see you two in a Gates of Hell match.

    Maybe just you, Kyojin, but Adonis is so proud of his physique that he won't risk the chance of Grind burning his face like a sandwich, and never doubt about it, he'll do if he has the chance. And as long as he refuses to risk his visage be scarred with a barb wire baseball bat, he'll be a liability. You won't be gaining the most coveted tag team belt in the industry if one of you is not willing to suffer. And rest assured, come In Violence We Trust, you WILL suffer. So, keep that Alice's Wonderland fantasy of tag teams running scared of you, because you're set for a rude awakening.

    Grind has been texting something in his Twittah machine, which Carlin reads:

    Written Grind:By the way, Valentino, Crispy skin wants to know what color your intestines are, and at In Violence We Trust, he will find out.

    Carlin: See you out there, fellas.

    Jesting Madness leave as Hot Wasabi look on intensely.

    Newman: That's how you get owned by The Jesting Madness.

    Murdock: Hot Wasabi did not get owned and they are the favorites to win at the PPV but right now we'll see The Sexiest Alpha Males take on Mixed Emotions.
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    Lily Morgan: The following contest is set for one fall introducing firt the team of T-Thunda and Miguel Tenorio, they are The Sexiest Alpha Males!

    Tenorio and Thunda head to the ring, playing with the crowd, ladies in particualr teasing them and thruting in their direction. They now enter the ring and get et for action.

    Nick Newman: Bunch of idiots, they look to win gold with actions like that?

    Terry Murdock: It's worked for them before, mabe it will again.

    Lily Morgan: And their opponents they are the EWNCW Grand and Intercontinental Champions, they are Pride and Sorrow.......Mixed Emotions!!!

    Mixed Emotions are donning their signature happy and sad theater masks as they head to and nter the ring locking eyes with their opponents.

    Nick Newman: Now you see the future of the tag team scene across the world. Mixed Emotions.

    Terry Murdock: Can't argue with that.

    SAM (MNM; Tenorio (Morrison) and T-Thunda (Mercury) vs Londrick (Sorrow/London and Pride/Kendrick) (Ignore face/heel and valets)

    Start at 3:06 - Stop at 8:06

    Sorrow is sent to the outside by T-Thunda. Pride and Tenorio fight it out in the ring...


    Tenorio is reeling before T-Thunda comes into save his partner by twisting Pride in his direction but Pride catches T-Thunda off the guard with the Curtain Call (RKO) before turning to face Tenorio who decks him with an uppercut and follows it up with a neckbreaker before he heads up top looking for his Moonsault.

    Newman: I hope you crash and burn like you should.

    Murdock: Why would you wish that on a human being?

    Tenorio launches off the ropes. The Moonsault looks to connect but Pride moves at the last second. Tenorio chest hurting from the impact and now Sorrow, recovered enters the ring and now they see the chance to finish the match.

    Murdock: This could be it.

    Sorrow now has a risen and dazed Tenorio in his grasp as Pride heads up top while Sorrow finishes setting up The Imbroglio (Vertebreaker) facing the turnbuckle Pride is in and he flies off connecting The Cadenza (Warrior's Way) and thus The Night of the Opera is complete.

    Newman: Fuck yeah, now end this.

    Pride and Sorrow now look at each other content with their actions and Pride covers Tenorio......




    Lily Morgan: Here are your winners Mixed Emotions.

    Newman: Just like they'll win at the PPV, Mixed Emotions has won tonight.

    Murdock: We'll see they have 2 teams gunning for them and the championships they carry. Just like God's Grace better be prepared to face new The New Assault Program, like Hot Wasabi will after this our final commercial break.
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    Lily Morgan: The following contest is our final Main Event in Brutality History and it is scheduled for one fall introducing first, they are the team of Malcolm Adonis and Kyojin, they are......Hot Wasabi!!!!

    the crowd is on fire as Adonis and Kyojin appear on stage and head to the ring and eagerly await their opponens.

    Nick Newman: Thet're worse than The Sexiest Alpha Males. How did these two ever gt a job here?

    Terry Murdock: By being simply awesome.

    Lily Morgan: and their opponents the team of Sean and Criz Dimension.....The New Assault Program!!!

    Criz and Sean Dimension come out and seem to praise some in the Audience

    Criz: ahem, ahem may I, can I and I will start this off with Gods Grace must be Dreaming if for one single thought, they think that they have a chance against the New Assault Program on fire. God's Will and Grace wake up, I'm shaking your beliefs and assure you please do so for the sake of your Blacklist titles.

    Sean: Last Week I was pissed off and showed it thru action. This week I came with a clear mind and a vision. a vision that has collision in it. A harsh situation, one that wont stop until what we want, leaves with us. A collision Hot Wasabi will be part of.

    Criz: All that you have done before is nothing to be considered preparation for whats coming, theres no stopping the reign when it falls upon you with a brute pumbling from sean and True Dimension style. The New Assault Program will be Blacklist champions like it or not.

    Sean: and the day.. well the day will be the ppv called In Violence We Trust ... what would be better then to live up to the ppv's namesake.. absolutely nothing but Pain and Torture.
    Cracks neck

    Criz: Know whats coming God's Grace and know what will be taken from you ... your championships.

    Goes to put mic aside, then stops

    Criz: ohh, and Best Believe... VIOLENCE... WILL BE A FACTOR!!!!

    Nick Newman: That I believe whole heatredly.

    Terry Murdock: They do seem intent of being the champions and they very well may be come In Violence We Trust.

    Hot Wasabi (Adonis/Batista and Kyojin/Cena) vs New Assault Program (Criz/Finlay and Sean/Booker)

    Start at 0:16 - Stop at 7:29

    Both men (Sean and Kyo) look for the tag. The crowd ont their feet as they eagerly await to see who will get it first. Sean does so first as Criz enters through the middle ropes before narrowly beating Kyojin to his corner and he drops a hard right to Adonis who falls to the apron and the crowd bos seeing Criz get Kyojin up to his feet.

    Newman: Yes, now focus on putting that chinese star out of comission.

    Criz starts to throw punches to Kyojin but Kyojin somehow finds it within him to fight back but the fresher Criz, stops him fro coming back in a way with a knee to the gut. Criz now grabs Kyojin by the head and begins the motions to complete a suplex but Kyojin fights midway and is now behind Criz and delivers a quick german Suplex.

    Murdock: What a move by Kyojin.

    Kyojin now uses the ropes to stand up and finally makes the tag to a recovered Adonis and Adonis enters the ring like a madman and begins to deliver a flurry o punches to a risen Criz before sending him bouncing off the ropes and plants him with a Spinebuster before signaling by kissing his oiled pecs that it's time for The Adonis Elbow (People's Elbow) as he hurdles himself towards the ropes only to receive a kick to th back of the head by Sean Dimension that leaves him a bit rocked before Criz delivers a Criz Cutter (RKO) out of nowhere and covers......1........2........- Adonis powers out and Sean is the first to argue with the ref's count.

    Murdock: It was almost over right then and there.

    Newman: It should've been that ref needs to his job better.

    Sean motions to Criz there's no other way and Sean enters the ring against the ref's orders and the two raise Adonis to his and signal for the end as they try to complete The Mission Completed (3d) but Kyojin wastes no time leapfrogging on the ropes and delivers a dropkick to Criz the farther of the Dimension as Adonis comes in with a sick clothesline to Sean and the crowd comes alive seeing Hot Wasabi dominate.

    Newman: Oh come on, Kyojin acted ilegally. The ref hould've ended the match there.

    Adonis looks at Criz, the legal and says it's time before delivering the ladies a bit of pelvic thrust action before picking up Criz and lifting him in a gutwrench manner before he has Criz up set up for the XXX (Dominator) but a low blow from Sean is the downfall of Adonis' move and thus the end of the match by mans of DQ.

    Lily Morgan: Here arre your winners as a result of a Disqualification....Hot Wasabi!!!

    Kyojin looks towards Sean and begins to bombard him with punches until Criz comes in and the two begin to double team him. Kyojin doesn't seem have a way out of a beating until the cheers of the crowd are heard and we see God's Grace enter the ring and begin to trade blows with The New Assault Program before The Jesting Madness soon enter the fray as well and begin to trade blows with Kyojin and a recovered Adonis, all teams now fighting each each other like mad men.

    Murdock: What a finish and that ladies and gentlemen is how Brutality draws to a final close. It's been fun being able to bring you all the best tag team action out there.

    Newman: Fret not, you be sure to keep supporting these teams on Rage and Inferno and be sure not to miss In Violence We Trust. Goodbye everyone.
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