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    Boos rain down on The New Assault Program as they head to the ring in confident fashion before they enter the ring and are handed mics to speak....

    Criz: That Entrance has gotten the attention it deserves, with All Eyes on Us....Even far out in the field of fans do I see the stupidest looking face ..facing our way.

    Sean: WE are out here to give pointers, just to tell you what you should know. Show you what you already know and Explain what is you think you know.

    Criz: -closes eyes while placing his hand on his forehead- ... Sean you lost them, the boggled expression's on the idiotic audience members has just BEGUN!

    Sean: Lets make it simple for them then Criz. You should know, we are the best tag team in Brutality. We showed when we won the right to be #1 contender's for the gold and we need to explain that if you think Gods Grace is gonna beat us, you're WRONG!!!

    Criz: -smirks- Ohhh, On a scale from 1-10, what would you Rate the New ASSAULT Program. I know, the answer that you all know....

    Sean: 10!

    Criz: Correct, oh and Cirque de Fucks know too. You see domination is something you can't just speak about, but express and NAP does just that. We knew we were better and we addressed it where we stand. The situation is one we can take care of before it even presents itself.

    Sean: In a sense you can say that we speak of GOD'S GRACE.

    Criz: YES, GOD'S GRACE. WE are Better then God's Grace, they're are the ones that need to be taken cared of, NOW!!!

    Sean: We are able to do this, by being better then those mentioned tonight and as in a ma-tterr-off-Facctt....Every Team ever Assembled.

    WE can Prove Tonight just as we can every single day and night but why waste an opportunity at the gold slip at In Violence We Trust.

    Criz: I mean, don't we deserve it??

    Crowd boo The New Assault Program heavily along with No'ssss all across the arena before it erupts in cheers upon hearing this...

    HolyJose and Azrael walk out to a massive pop from the crowd. HolyJose walks out wearing his EWNCW Blacklist Championship around his waist and Azrael is holding it over his shoulder. They make their way down to the ring slapping the hands of the fans and get in the ring and stare at the New Assault Program with a smile and get mics handed to them. HolyJose is about to speak but Azrael stops him and begins to speak

    Azrael: Hold on Jose. I’ll let you speak soon. The New Assault Program, if I am not mistaken I had a little issue with your brother Mark a few years ago in a little company known as HWA. So his brothers are in a team. Ha! I fail to see why we have to go from a legendary team like Jesting Madness to a no name team like the New Assault Program.

    You guys got lucky to end up here in the main event against us. We’ve busted our asses since BWA into Brutality. We have never once won a championship here until we beat Jesting Madness for the EWNCW Blacklist Championships the top championship on Brutality. We don’t care what other titles you’ve won because they’re not the main championships you don’t belong here at the top.

    We are the top team here in Brutality and we will be for a long time. Sean and Criz I will personally see to it that when we’re done with you you’ll never get another shot at us.

    HolyJose shakes his head and raises his mic

    HolyJose: Alright alright, obviously Azrael has a personal grudge here. I for one welcome a new challenge. New Assault Program you guys obviously won your right to face us but make no mistake about it.

    Sure you get a match against us but we are better than you! We have beaten the best teams to get here. While you have dominated the mid card, we have been climbing the ladder to achieve this goal of ours. These belts are not coming off of us anytime soon and believe me it won’t be you who takes the titles off us either.

    So we welcome your challenge but when we meet your downfall will be imminent and well we will come out on top and still your EWNCW Blacklist Champions

    Both tams now meet nose to nose in the center of the ring, tension high in the air between both teams.

    Nick Newman: My bones are rattling, with the tension between these two so you know something good is gonna happen.

    Criz Dimension shoves Azrael and HolyJose in turn shoves Sean both begin to brawl, throwing wild punches with great intent. Neither team gaining an advantage as the brawl continues. Azrael headbutts Criz and Sean hits HolyJose's jaw with force to force him to drop down to one knee.

    The brawl is gaining the love of the crowd who are torn as to who to cheer in this one. HolyJose comes back into things with an uppercut. Criz now pokes Azrael in the eyes and lands a massive hook to Azrael's face that forces him down to the mat.

    Terry Murdock: What a hard hit! We're sorry folks but we're being told our time is up, this brawl doesn't seem to be coming to an end anytime soon but Brutality is. We'll see you all next time.
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    Fillers. So many fillers!!! I hate this part almost as much as coloring.
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    So yeah, I suck. Been too long ince we lat saw a show but now with new blood on the creative team via TTE, next show should be up in less time.
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    Another filler!!! Now do you see why, I hate this?, DO YOU????!!!
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    Sorry for the rant, I'm tired and all.
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    So be sure to see Chaos, Raw, Nitro, Killzone, Zero Gravity, Rage, Inferno, Warzone, the Grand Prix and BITW. Support the feds.
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    Jay and Silent Bob RULE!!!
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    So, yeah...almost done with these fuckers.
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    And we are near the finish line...the suspense is killing you ain't it?
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    And....Brutality should be up within the next 10 mins.
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