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    Nick Newman: Welcome everyone to EWNCW's Brutality and we are in store for quite the show. God's Grace retained their championships but we saw 2 new sets of champions be crowned at Bred for Combat.

    Terry Murdock: That's right and we'll hear from some of the winners and losers tonight as the road for In Violence We Trust begins.

    Soilwork starts the characteristic riff of Like the Average Stalker and the Brutality fans in attendance receive it with a chorus of boos, but there are small cheers here and there. The former champions waste no time in appearing in the top of the ramp, Grind inscrutable under the mask, Carlin pretty serious. They are both carrying the vintage bats, and they salute the fans with them before running down the ramp and sliding under the bottom rope and into the ring. Right there, each of them climbs a turnbuckle and again raise the bats in salutation, increasing the reaction of the fans, both positive and negative. Then Carlin demands a mic and proceeds:

    Carlin: Like us or not, you have to agree with this. At Bred for Combat, both Grind and me, individually and as a team, have been proud representatives of the name Brutality, ain’t it?

    Positive reaction from the fans

    Carlin: First, Grind here had a spectacular, gruesome match against Raden Blaine inside the Punjabi Prison and won. Me, I didn’t had a stipulation, but had to face two of the most hungry competitors on Rage, and had the match won until Seraphim stole the victory from me. And then, both went to compete in a TLC match against God’s Grace, and I don’t need to remind you that Holy Jose didn’t have a Sunday picnic against The Prophecy. So, with all due respect to Rage and Inferno, Brutality is the brand to be in EWNCW. Not only we have the best tag team in the world, but the toughest competitors around, capable of pulling double duty in some of the most violent matches. Not many can claim that, huh?

    Fans agree

    Carlin: And regarding the TLC match, we need to address what happened there.

    Fans chant “You Lost”

    Carlin: Thank you Captains Obvious, the lack of belts around our waists already told us that!

    Fans boo

    Carlin: Back to my point, we failed to regain what is ours, yeah, we tried hard, we put our bodies on the line, same as we always do, including a hell of an Ultrakrusher from the top of the ladder, courtesy of my fella Grind, but still we came up short. We left the building empty handed, and with a doubt in our mind. When will we be able to have a shot at gold? We needed some time to rest from our bruises and concussions to have the mind clear and realize one thing. We, like many other teams in the past, are in a particular position. The same as GodMoney, Force of Greatness, or CNK, we lost our titles but that doesn’t change one thing: they still were the hottest thing going on tag team wrestling. We are charismatic in the mic, or well, at least I am Grind is OK with that, and we are great to watch in the ring. Tony Schiavone would have said we put a lot of butts in seats. We may have lost the belts, but have haven’t lost it, and we won’t!

    There’s a mixed reaction, with boos still winning.

    Carlin: Truth hurts, ain’t it? You know, we don’t care. We are what we are and your opiion won’t change it. So, there’s a message to both you and our EWNCW Blacklist champs: we don’t know exactly when are we going to face you again for the title, but it is a matter of time that Jesting Madness vs. God’s Grace III happens. And when it does, we assure you that there will be no more doubts, no more possibility for controversy: jesting Madness is the hottest tag team in the world, and that day, it will be definitively clear for everybody in the wrestling world.

    Boos still prevail

    Carlin: And no team here in Brutality will be able to refute this statement. No God’s Honchos, no the Opera Jimmies, not the ladies favorite Casanovas, not the Aces of Anarchy, not the Jap Killas, not the Straight Edge brickheads, not the Super Donkey Bros, not the Mexican Sweet Dreams. Nobody!!!

    The fans begin to cheer loudly as Kyojin walks out onto the stage. He has a microphone in his hand but holds his spare hand up and the music cuts out.

    Once again, the fans begin to cheer as Malcolm Adonis strides out in a kimono flexing his muscles. Kyojin is shown to be shaking his head as Malcolm smiles at Kyojin. Kyo quickly composes himself and turns to face Jesting Madness in the ring.
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    Kyojin: Forgetting somebody boys?

    The fans cheer and a Hot Wasabi chant begins.

    Kyojin: You forgot about the best tag team on this show. All of those guys you mentioned, brilliant tag teams but they aren’t quite on the level of The Force of Greatness- at one time the very best tag team EWNCW had to offer. But last Sunday at Bred For Combat, all of that changed. A passing of the torch, a changing of the guard. The very best tag team EWNCW now has to offer are the two guys you just completely ignored.

    and Malcolm Adonis!

    Malcolm Adonis: Hot Wasabi!

    Kyojin: We’re not called Hot Wasabi!

    The fans begin to laugh as Kyojin looks angrily at Adonis who has gone back to flexing his muscles and kissing them as the women in the front row go nuts. Kyojin turns back to the ring and continues to talk.

    Kyojin: And you wanna talk about Bred For Combat William, well let’s cast your mind back to that night. Between the two of you, you entered three different matches and only came out victorious in one- and that was Grind. You see William, you’re the one that speaks and we all understand that but you’re overcompensating. The fact is, you’re overrated. All of these people know, Malcolm and I know it and more importantly, you know it.

    At Bred For Combat, I entered two matches personally. Number one, I beat Van Hooligan X and two, as I’ve already said, Malcolm & I took care of The Force of Greatness. We beat them and we positively sent them packing. They understood what we were. You see, ever since they first disappeared, EWNCW tag team wrestling has been missing something.

    It tried to find it with the acquisition of BWA but ultimately failed. They were trying to find the next big thing, the next tag team that will stop and make the world take notice. Legion of Doom, The Dudley Boys, Edge & Christian, The Hardyz, Demolition- all of these tag teams did exactly that and The Force of Greatness knew their time was coming. So they returned to see if the hype was all true. And they found it was.

    They can now retire in peace knowing that tag team wrestling as a whole is being taken care of by The Master of True Wrestling Kyojin!

    The fans cheer loudly for Kyo.

    Kyojin: And the Sexual Sensation Malcolm Adonis!

    The fans cheer loudly for Adonis, with the women’s screams prominent.

    Adonis: See my man here, my brother Kyojin, he got it exactly right when he said that at Bred For Combat the hottest damn team on the wrestlin' scene.. Hot Wasabi proved they are here to change the game!

    Adonis looks at Kyojin who shoots him a glare before grinning back at Malcolm who nods all knowingly, a Hot Wasabi chant breaks out around the arena.

    Adonis: As I was sayin'.. Hot Wasabi were involved in a passin' of the torch, a changin' of the guard match! Out with the old and in with the new.. now Malcolm ain't impressed with with the impression they did of Kyojin a couple weeks ago, but he can admit that The Force of Greatness are one of the best in the business and...

    Kyojin whispers something to Adonis as Jesting Madness stare the pair down.

    Adonis: That was an impression of Malcolm!? Damn.. no one told me! But that's beside the point, see the point right now is that The Sexual Sensation.. And the Japanese Gigolo.. Hot Wasabi are THE hottest damn thing in professional wrestling today, ain't that right ladies!?

    The ladies in the crowd begin wolf whistling as Kyojin looks none too impressed about being called the Japanese Gigolo.

    Adonis: And when a pair of punk ass clowns like you two jokers come on out here and fail to recognise that very fact.. see that makes Malcolm a little annoyed. Y'all come on out here and you tell the world, you tell all of these people about your triple shift and how that stands you apart from the rest.. well Malcolm disagrees. See my partner, Kyojin did exactly the same! He put his body on the line again FOG and then went on to kick the ass of one of the most obnoxious creeps ever to set foot in a wrestlin' ring and beat his ass to a pulp, and it was damn impressive.

    Now, Malcolm only had one match, Malcolm didn't set the world on fire like his partner but for that he has ONE very good reason. See in this once instance, there ain't enough of the Sensual Saviour of the millions.. AND MILLIONS! Of Malcolm's lovers to go around! But fear not ladies.. there's plenty of Malcolm to go around in plenty other ways.. now I KNOW you feelin' me!

    The women in attendance break out into wolf whistles again as they cheer for Adonis who does a little gyrating.

    Adonis: But that aside, Malcolm knows, Kyojin knows and all of these people KNOW that Hot Wasabi are THE hottest team on Brutality, in EWNCW and in the whole damn world! Before us came the Sexiest Alpha Males and where Malcolm can agree they are good lookin'.. Malcolm also knows that they don't come anywhere near the level of heat that is radiating from this ring right now.. and Malcolm ain't talkin' about the charred remains of the masked marauder right there! Nor is he talkin' about the steaming, burnin' garbage that flows from this punks mouth here either! Malcolm's talkin' about the sheer.. raw.. sex appeal that seeps through every damn pore on his body! And the extreme levels of explosive fury that flows through the very veins of his partner Kyojin! So Malcolm wants both of you to realise that you ain't the future.. you ain't the present.. you are nothin' more than the past! And the future of Brutality is standin' right in front of you. Now can you feel THAT!?

    Grant appears on stage and has a mic in hand ready to speak even as the crowd cheers his presence.

    Grant: No, Malcolm, they don't need to feel that. I do. And I tonight I think seeing you two teams in action will be a good thing.

    In fact let's start that match right now.

    Both teams look set for action as Grant leaves with a smile on his face.

    Nick Newman: Good call, Boss. I can't wait to see Jesting Madness kick Hot Wasabi's ass

    Terry Murdock: We have a huge impromptu match as Jesting Madness face Hot Wasabi.

    Start at 6:55 Stop 17:01

    Jesting Madness (LAX) vs Hot Wasabi (Daniels/Styles)

    Terry Murdock: Kyojin with the springboard moonsault to Carlin on the outside.

    Kyojin continues his assault on Carlin on the outside while Adonis and Grind meet head to head in the ring.

    Adonis is the first to strike but Grind does not budge. Again Adonis strikes Grind with great force but it's no good so Adonis sees a girl flashing her tit out in the crowd and yells for the ref to look over which he does enjoying the scene before his eyes as Adonis shrugs and hits a low blow that makes the crowd go ohh as Grind falls to his knees and snap the ref out of his apparent trance, seeing the fallen Grind, he questions what Adonis has done but Adonis acts as if nothing happened.

    Nick Newman: Oh come on, that's bullshit. The ref should've seen the low blow. Damn those titties!!!!

    Adonis now goes for The Adonis Elbow (Peoples Elbow), where instead of throwing an arm band into the crowd Adonis flexes his biceps before kissing them and bounces off the ropes before being nearly decapitated by Carlin with a huge clothesline as Kyo lies beating and seemingly out on the outside.

    Terry Murdock: We were so focused on the action in the ring, we missed out on Carlin taking out Kyojin.

    Nick Newman: Carlin is my hero.

    Carlin helps Grind back to his feet and they signal that the end is near. Adonis somehow stands on his own only to receive The Beheading (simultaneous Enzuigiri by Grind and Superkick from Carlin on Adonis). Adonis is out and Grind (the legal man) covers....1........2........Kyojin with The Rising Sun (Double Rotation Moonsault) onto Grind to break up the pin.

    Nick Newman: Damn it, Jesting Madness had the match won.

    Carlin can't believe it and begins to trade hots with Kyojin as Grind picks up Adonis, and he springs back to life punching Grind hard repeatedly. The ref tries to establish some order in the ring but fails to do so, decalring this match a no contest.

    Lily Morgan: The following contest has declared a no contest.

    They continue to trade before Kyojin uses a missed punch by Carlin to bounce off the ropes and connect with The Truth Hurts (Beautiful Disaster) before aiding Adonis in distracting Grind Bastard so they can execute The Fatal Flaw: Malcolm holds Grind in a modified headlock, consisting of placing his head on his bicep and flexing it tightly as he holds him in a standing position. Kyojin sizes Grind up and delivers a superkick, knocking the opponent from the headlock and to the mat t stand tall as the Jesting Madness are in the ring laid out as we go to commercial
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    Terry Murdock: We're back, we are sorry we couldn't comment on Hot Wasabi just decimating Jesting Madness.

    Nick Newman: That was devastating for me. Jesting didn't deserve that and I hope they get a chance to put Hot Wasabi in their place.

    Terry Murdock: But right now we're set to hear from a brand new team here on Brutality.....

    Kingston by Sean Kingston hits, as Usain Kingston and Tyler Jones come out, with Kingston looking blazed as usual. They both wait on the ramp, before doing their signature archer poses, as the fireworks hit with the crowd extremely hyped. Jones and Kingston slide into the ring, before asking for a mic. Both get one, as they begin to speak.

    Tyler Jones: Damn. The energy around here is unlimited! I just want to say to you guys, a simple thank you. You've made the Predators in Paradise, welcome in the EWNCW: Brutality. And it's about damn time, we got some respect! And the best way to get respect, is to earn it. And the best PEOPLE to get respect from- is the crowd!

    Usain Kingston: My brudda Jones is right, ya know? You've got tag teams in Brutality that we respect, such as Jesting Madness, Mixed Emotions, and the current EWNCW Tag Team Champions: God's Grace! These teams have made Brutality into what is currently is, and Predators in Paradise, well- man and Jones, will be bringing something new, and fresh to the scene blud!

    Crowd begin to pop

    Jones: The future has plenty in store for us! We've yet to debut, but when we do make a massive impact on our debut's- our presence will be known, for a very long time. We're aiming to have some straps around our waists!

    Kingston: And our plan for Brutality, it's simple! To be the best in the tag team industry! But not only, does man and Jones want to be the best, we wanna make history! 5 star matches, 5 star moments, 5 star titles! And once we do manage to gain all of that, we'll have 5 star hotels, with 5 star chicks!

    Crowd pop

    Jones: And tonight, The Predators in Paradise debut! Me and Kingston are gonna be doing some real damage tonight, as we wanna send a message to the rest of the Brutality roster! We may look tough. But we are a hundred times, tougher than we look!

    Kingston: And not only do we look tough, we look sexy! Well- not Jones, but man! Once we finish up with our debuts, Jones will probably start training his ass off- whereas I! Well, man will be partying his ass off 'till he gets a hangover and a half!

    Jones: Okay, keep it real Kingston my boy! You partied enough last night, and it's about time we started focusing on the wrestlin' shizzle!

    Kingston: Whatever man! Now, man has a little story to tell y'all. Once upon a time...

    ???: Oh look, it’s story time. Let me get my bah bah.

    A small section of the fans immediately start to boo as they recognise the distinct voice. After a few seconds, Mr. Smyth enters the arena alone and is met with a barrage of boos. Smyth stands on the top of the ramp and waits for the fans to quiet down before bringing the mic up to his lips.

    Mr. Smyth: Apologies for the interruption, gentlemen, however there is something that I feel needs to be bought to the forefront immediately: story telling is for children and Vietnam war veterans. Makes sense really – stories for children and the vets are full of fictitious crap that nobody really cares about.

    The fans boo at this remark.

    Mr. Smyth: Now this being my debut here on Brutality, this is the part where I wriggle out a long and witty promo about how my business partner and I are going to dominate this place, how we are going for the gold and blah, blah, blah. I’m sure that I’m supposed to come out here and mock you two as well. It’s complete rubbish. Well, except for the mocking. That’ll come later and believe me; it will be worth the wait.

    So why are we here? Well, there are many reasons for it. The primary reason is that this gentleman and I have always wanted to work together and this was an opportunity that couldn’t be passed up. As a matter of fact, I think it’s time for me to bring out my business partner, who I will be working with on this venture.

    ????: That's right. This is the right place to do business

    Another familiar voice sounds from the back and the fans start immediately booing the man behind the curtain because they can recognize that Italian accent. Antonyo Angelo walks out from the back with his wrestling gear on.He has a mic in his hands. The camera gets closer to his face, his smirks and then he slowly walks his way, side to his partner.

    Angelo: Just like my partner i don't like to use the phrase "who the hell are you", because it usually doesn't matter who is in our way. So in my eyes and Mr Smyth's eyes you two are X and Y. You two are the first obstacle of many that we will face in our path for Glory but we don't care what we have to do to succeed. The only thing that matters the only thing we care is that we finally gets the chance to work together. And don't get me wrong i have nothing but respect for Mr Smyth but we are not here as just a "tag team". We are not here as two "friends". And we certainly not here to entertain all of you.

    Points the fans and they respond with boos

    Angelo: We are here to do business. Me and Mr Smyth are business partners and just like you and everybody else in the back we have the same lust for gold. But the difference between you and us is that we are actually prepared for anything. We've been ready for this since the first day we stepped foot in that ring. We tried our best to have the opportunity to work together and many tried to stopped us in the past from doing it. You see I've been injured in the past, my last injury almost cost me my career. But i right here tonight with my partner in crime ready as always to get what we deserve. And why we deserve this? Because we proved in the past that when we want something we get it and nothing can stop us. And maybe, i say maybe one day you two finally become something in this brand but not before we do and certainly not be as high as we will be. So you better think again how you will make an impact in Brutality because i can tell you for sure that you can't do anything against us.
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    Kingston: Please shut your mouth man.

    Crowd cheer Kingston.

    Kingston: The Predators in Paradise don't wanna hear both of your life stories, that is not what we came to Brutality for! We came to deal with jackasses like you man! We came to give the likes of you two a real kick in the face man!

    Jones: And Smyth, I've got a question for you...

    Who in the world are you?

    Crowd cheer Jones, as Smyth flips. Kingston grins as he begins to speak again.

    Kingston: Nice one Jones my man! Glad to see that line get under Smyth's skin man! You see, you may have your reasons on why you came to Brutality fam, as have we. But we have plenty of reasons man- some that man and Jones have covered already. However- one of a vital one..we're hungry.

    Jones: That's right. We're hungry for challenge. We're hungry for obstacles. And you two, are the first obstacles that the Predators in Paradise need to overcome! And talking of overcoming obstacles, are you going to overcome your obstacle?...which is anger.

    Everyone stares at Jones looking confused.

    Jones: Remember back at ICW? Where you teamed up with a man called Darius? He left you, after he went on to main event ICW's top PPV, Glory Days. You did as well, but this was before-hand. You got angry, in fact- you went mental.

    Kingston: And that just goes to show Angelo's experience in tag team wrestling. In order to be a real tag team, you've got to gel man. And man doesn't think you two are going to gel, not for a long time at least man. So that way, the Predators in Paradise have the advantage man.

    Jones: And what exactly do you call yourselves? Myself and Kingston are called the Predators in Paradise- because it has a meaning to it. The word "predators" represents myself, because that is exactly what I am..Wrecking Machine.

    Kingston: And well, "paradise" represents man obviously, because that's where man comes from: Kingston, Jamaica. God knows, that the way to paradise is by smoking the weed. And since you two man were man enough to come out here tonight, me and Jones are gonna share the love man.

    Kingston offers Smyth and Angelo some weed

    Angelo looks unimpressed

    Angelo: I don't do drugs, so get that thing of my face. I don't do drugs but I'm not gonna call my self a straight edge superstar like that other idiot who calls himself like that and still looks like he did 5 to 10 in a federal prison.

    CM Punk chants from the fans

    Angelo: Mr X boy right there asked Mr Smyth who he is. Well Mr Smyth if you don't mind i would love to answer that. Mr Smyth is the TWE IronFist Champion. He is a guy who apparently people know his name, know his voice and shows up in their tv every week. And he certainly is not a drugwhore like you two right there.

    A big OOOOOOHHHHH from the fans

    Angelo: You think Antonyo Angelo is a person full of anger. Well yeah, I'm. But that's one of the many reasons why I'm so good at what i do. Because when i step into that ring that Rage and that Anger run through my veins and i can destroy anyone they put in front of me. But i don't want to talk about how good I'm because all of you should already know that.

    What i want to talk about is something else. You brought up a name that i have a lot of history with him. That name is Darius... You see, you were right i was a tag team with him. We was actually the hottest tag team at the time. But Darius was not a trustworthy person. After a small incident, when something went wrong with us he decided to leave and blame me for everything. He became one of the hottest newcomers because he actually has a lot of a talent. He main evented the last ICW PPV. But here is were you two are wrong. I was part of that match it was suppose to be a fatal four way but Antonyo got injured and he was unable to compete. It took me time to come back, more time than i should have returned. I wish i had never left. But eventually i came back and i realized that i was foolish. I realized that Antonyo Angelo back then was an idiot and he was never going to succeed. And now here i am and do again what i love and this time I'm doing it for ME.

    But i don't care what happened back then i only care what comes next. And next for me and Mr Smyth, comes success. You see we are here for a long time and we have been two of the most underrated wrestlers. Like i said they tried to hold us down. And we kept coming back and we will continue to do it. But let me tell you one more thing, our road to success is one way traffic and if we have to start by kicking your little asses then we have no problem doing it. Because my name is Antonyo Angelo his name is Mr Smyth and we love to do business.

    Mr. Smyth: Gentlemen, I’d like to bring this discussion to a close. I don’t really see any benefit in maintaining this line of conversation as, quite frankly, trying to translate what you two have said is giving me brain cancer.

    The fans boo.

    Mr. Smyth: There is no point discussing your title ambitions, your party stories or your drug habits. Neither of the aforementioned means a damn thing today. You stand there in that ring, looking up and seeing your supposed destiny. You’re looking in the wrong place. You need to be looking down, because this thing you’ve got going on here is not exactly the most marketable of tag teams, is it?

    You may win gold, but you will never be positioned as THE tag team of Brutality. Who’s going to look at you two and say “Yes! Those two yardies are my poster boys for this company!”? Absolutely nobody. Take it from a man who knows business – you two will be like every other flash in the pan concepts that have a semi-interesting run, but will soon become a forgotten thing.

    The fans boo.

    Mr. Smyth: I tell you this for your own benefit, boys. If you keep looking up, you will be disappointed for the rest of your lives. If I were you, I’d start looking down. In fact, looking down would be quite apt because when you very small bubble bursts, the only way you’d be able to raise the money to feed your drug habits is to look down, drop to your knees and perform felatio for $5 a time.

    The fans give off the loudest boos of the segment as Mr. Smyth addresses the crowd.

    Mr. Smyth: Hey! Show some damn respect. Just because they are drug ridden yardies does not mean you can boo them as and when you please.

    The fans boo even louder. Angelo is seen with a smirk on his face, while Mr. Smyth looks impervious to his surroundings. The camera cuts to the PiP, who are leaning over the ropes and calling for Angelo and Smyth to come down and fight them.

    Mr. Smyth: Listen, there is no point talking. I...DON’T...UNDERSTAND...YOU!

    The fans boo again as the PiP are really starting to look irate.

    Mr. Smyth: Gentlemen, what you see before you is an example of, scratch that; excellent business. Here we have two very talented individuals who know and understand the workings of this business both inside and outside the ring. Angelo and I are both established names in this industry and as a result, we’re not here to watch and learn – we are here for a Hostile Takeover.

    And that...well, that’s what’s best for business.
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    Nick Newman: It's the Boss, once again.

    Grant appears on the titantron

    Grant: Smyth, the only one who knows what's good for business around here is me. I think a good call on business would be to see two brand spanking new teams to Brutality meet in this ring and have a match, right now.

    Terry Murdock: The Boss is not one to mess around and we ourselves yet another match right now.

    Predators in Paradise (Punk and Kington) vs Hostile Takeover (Legacy) (ignore titles/Manu)

    Start at 2:32 - stop 10:53

    Terry Murdock: Jones with a kick to the side of the head of Angelo.

    Jones covers.....1.........2.......Smyth with the break up.

    Nick Newman: Way to go Smyth, the man is a genius.

    Smyth picks up Jones and tries to go to for The Rule but Kingston comes into the ring pulling down his partner to the surprise of Smyth, who turns to face Kingston but gets a puff of smoke blown in his face with forces Smyth to stumble bak coughing heavily needing to lean on the ropes for support.

    Nick Newman: What did Kingston do to Smyth? Damn potheads always trying to bring The Man down with drugs.

    Terry Murdock: Did you seriously just refer to Smyth as The Man?

    Nick Newman: He is The Man.

    Terry shakes his and focuses on the match.

    Kingston backs up and charges towards Smyth connecting The Kingston Kick (Brogue Kick) but comes in a bit too hot for his own good as he alongside Smyth go over the top rope and drop to the outside floor.

    Terry Murdock: Kingston just took himself out with that move but Smyth is also down and out.

    Jones is standing in the ring unsure what to do, only to be surprised by Angelo with a European uppercut leaving Jones dazed.

    Nick Newman: Now he ends this.

    Angelo with now hits The Caesars slam (Angle Slam) on Jones and immediately covers, hooking the leg......




    Lily Morgan: Here are your winners.....Hostile Takeover.

    Nick Newman: Now that's good business, Hostile Takeover wins tonight and look to have a great future here in Brutality.

    Terry Murdock: That they do, Predator in Paradise impressed as well so both teams should be on everyone's radar. We're taking a quick commercial break, when we return Black Blooded speak of their recent title win at Bred for Combat.
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    Nick Newman: They're here!!!

    Terry Murdock: Go change out of your wet panties, you weirdo. Let's turn to the brand new EWNCW Hardcore Champions.

    Black Blooded ride out, both men sitting up in their seats proudly, with 2 belts crossed over each man's chest they circle the ring, flipping off the loudly booing fans, before parking and getting into the ring, microphones in hand

    Mr. Blood: Well would you look at that, once again Black Blooded. The Dominant Fucking Predators of this entire shitty industry are champions of two companies. Of course, these hardcore belts are just a stepping stone on the path of our dominance here, one of many accolades and awards to come to such a hardworking and thoroughly ass-kicking team such as ourselves.

    The crowd starts chanting "You Cheated"

    Mr. Black: Shut The Fuck Up!

    Mr. Blood: Cheated? In a fucking Hardcore match? How the fuck does that work? Let me say it right now, real fucking clear just in case any of you sister-fucking, third nipple having redneck asses don't get it, Hardcore means no rules, Hardcore, means that whatever the fuck we are Dominant enough to do, we fucking do. Hardcore, you bunch of pathetic penniless fucking dipshits, means that Black Blooded does whatever the fuck we have to, to get what we are after.

    Mr. Black: And there ain't anyone here who can stop us.

    Mr. Blood: It doesn't matter who you bring, who you are, what you do. When the time comes and you stand in this ring with us, you are looking into the eyes of a pair of remorseless bastards that will do whatever it fucking takes to get and stay on top of the goddamned mountain. There is a fucking reason that we win Gold everywhere we go

    Mr. Black: Because we are that damn good.

    Heroes plays and Saiosyn and Jayden make their way to the entrance ramp

    Syn: Congratulations, you "beat" us. You are the Hardcore Champions, but the question is, do you honestly think we are going to take what happened at Bred For Combat lying down?

    Jayden: Hell no! Whether it be tonight, next week, or at In Violence We Trust, we will be getting OUR damn championships back and we will prove just how Hardcore Straight Edge can be!

    Syn: So go ahead and enjoy being "Champions" while you can, cause it's only a matter of time until we take back whats ours and disfigure you to the point where even that trashy little bitch wouldn't want to touch you! We plan on not only taking back our gold, but taking everything from you. Bred For Combat was only the beginning.

    Jayden: Just remember, we warned you of what would happen. We'll be seein' ya.

    As Jayden and Syn try to walk away from the ring, Black Blooded ransack them and begin attacking them viciously stomping their heads with force before Aiden Cayne rushes to the ring to try and make but with his 2 allies down he gts easily double teamed by Black Blooded, leading Mr. Black to hit him with The Black Death Drop (Implant Buster). Mr. Blood picks up Saiosyn and connects a Double-armed DDT before they turned to Jayden Knight and sets him up for the BBD!!!!

    It connects as all members of Free From Poison are out as Black Blooded get on their motorcycles leaving toward the backstage area before they stand on the ramp and they yell in unison: NOW THAT'S HARDCORE!!!!!

    Nick Newman: Damn right, that's hardcore, Free From Poison better learn from and never mess with Black Blooded again.

    Terry Murdock: This could be the last we see of Free From Poison, so you gotta wonder who will step up to face Black Blooded. We'll be right after this commercial break.
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    Terry and Nick are talking about the events of the night when the lights go out. The crowd gets quiet as they wait to see what's happening

    Nick Newman: The fuck is this, the Superbowl?

    Terry Murdock: Calm your tits, Nick. I'm sure the lights will come bac-

    A huge explosion hits and then...

    Terry Murdock: That theme....

    Nick Newman: Could it be....?

    The crowd goes wild as a faint figure is seen appearing from the flames, the man makes his way to the ring, as the lights come back we are finally able to see the man clearly. The crowd is shocked

    Terry Murdock: IT'S ABEL!!!

    Nick Newman: "The Mad One" has returned!!!

    Abel now has a mic in hand and the crowd is nuts waiting to hear what he will say...

    Abel:.....Hello... I am home...

    The crowd goes absolutely ballistic and there are "Shadows" chants throughout the arena

    Abel: Sadly.. I am here with out my other half, neither Jason or Orion have followed me into the twisted reality of Brutality... So, what does that mean? It simply means I am not here to compete and take back MY EWNCW Blacklist Championships from God's Grace and I am not here for revenge against Jesting Madness.

    The crowd boos at this news

    Abel: No, I am here to bring back the darkness. The darkness and the evil that has been missing for the last few months, since my disappearance. The darkness that transpired when I and my partner ran through each and every team in BWA and Brutality.

    Abel removes his mask and reveals the burns he suffered at Rise from the Ashes

    Abel: Several months ago I was disfigured and told I would never return, and with that the darkness vanished. The evils myself, Jason, and Orion had spent nearly a year spreading had gone. The world had forgotten the terrors and they began to forget about Brutality... This did not sit well with me, nor did it sit well with a group of others.. The Children..

    The crowd goes wild

    Abel: The Children had come to me when I was lifeless and told me stories of the happenings in Brutality, and it awoken me. It sent me into a spiral of anger.. However I was alone and unable to do anything to bring back the darkness.. So, why am I back now? I have come back to reveal who will carry on the path of Evil and bring in a new era of Darkness! These individuals will be... The Children!!

    The crowd seems confused as do Terry and Nick

    Abel: For months people had thought me to be insane, to believe I was seeing them.I was told they were nothing more than a figment of my imagination. However this was a lie! I knew they were real, I believed! Now, you will too!!

    Abel starts to laugh and the entrance way again explodes and the arena becomes dark, until..

    A Trio of people are seen making their way to the ring, as the enter the lights come back and we see three young individuals standing next to "The Mad One"

    Abel: EWNCW, I would like to introduce you, to The Children... I will allow them to speak and they will tell you why they are here..

    Abel passes the mic to one of the young men

    ....: My name is Arin, Arin Mercer, and we... we are the individuals come to be known as Te Children, but we are in actuality The Nowhere Kids.. A Group of individuals who follow in the path of darkness and learn the way to spread evil throughout the world. When we first met Abel, we decided to hide ourselves from the world.. This was not done to make Abel, our mentor, appear to be insane... But so we ourselves could become more familiar with casting ourselves in the darkness.

    However, after our mentor and Slayde left, we noticed a difference in the way the teams behaved and there was a calming. With this calming came a moment of clarity for myself and the others. Darkness, it was what brought out the best of these teams.. Looks at how things are now.. Without darkness Jesting Madness lost themselves and failed to hold on to or een regain the EWNCW Blacklist Championships! We no longer see the desire or the hunger without the darkness... Myself, my brother Serj and out sister Ashley saw this as an injustice and knew we were needed..

    Serj: So.. we went to our mentor and told him what we wanted.. He trained us and got us ready to bring back the darkness.. It took months but now we are ready.. Ready to bring Brutality into a wave of darkness and evil unlike anything seen before.. Tonight starts a resurgence of darkness, tonight starts the era of evil and it will not end.. Tonight the end begins...

    Abel: Tonight my apprentices with show you all the with darkness.. Nothing is impossible... Bloodstone Empire.. Sadly tonight you will be the first to see this happen, and please know this nothing personal, but an example most be sent.
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    The group stands in the ring and await their opponents as Abel heads to the back and the bell rings

    Lily Morgan: The following contest is set for one fall, introducing being accompanied at ringside by Ashley Temish, already in the ring they are the team of Arin Mercer and Serj Garrison....The Nowhere Kids!!!!

    Nick Newman: They're gonna kick The Bloodstones asses, I love them already.

    Terry Murdock: You got issues, Nick

    Lily Morgan: And their opponent, the team Samuel and Benjamin Bloodstone, they are The Bloodstone Empire.

    The Bloodstones rush to the ring meeting their opponents in the dead center of the ring, showing no fear.

    Terry Murdock: The Bloodstones stand to gain a lot from a win here tonight.

    Nick Newman: These losers are good for only one thing...losing. Now let's get this match going.

    NWK (MNM) vs BE (LK)

    Start 2:19 - 7:23

    Nick Newman: What a guillotine by Mercer to Benjamin setting him up for Garrison.

    Garrison has now picked up Benjamin in a fireman's carry position and toys with him in the ring moving around with Benjamin being lifeless in his arms, before he turns to taunt Samuel only to receive a huge missile dropkick from Samuel that sends Garrison falling on his back letting Benjamin go off his grasp.

    Terry Murdock: That was picture perfect missile dropkick.The Bloodstones need to capitalize of this.

    Benjamin now has reached his feet and Serj does too but he holds his chest in pain, before in an instant he receive a double enziguiri from both Bloodstones. Mercer has seen enough and quickly enters at a speed so great it rivals that of the Bloodstones, who try to connect a double clothesline but Mercer dodges it with ease.

    Terry Murdock: This guy is insanely fast.

    Nick Newman: That he is. Let's see how he uses it to his advantage.

    Mercer leaps to the top rope in a single bound and executes The Imaginary Pains (Spinning Heel Kick from the Top Rope) onto both Bloodstones. Mercer now helps Garrison to his feet, slapping him in the face to get out of the dazed state he is in. Each man now picking up a Bloodstone as Serj picks Benjamin and Arin has Samuel.

    Nick Newman: Yes!!! Make them feel some pain!!!

    Garrison places Benjamin between his legs lifts him up and hits A Question of Reality (Tigerbomb with Benjamin landing on Serj's knees). Benjamin is now rolling around the ring in pain, meanwhile Mercer has hit Samuel with a Facebuster and is now on the top rope.

    Terry Murdock: He's gonna fly!!!

    Mercer now flies off the ropes and performs A Move Never Forgotten (630 Splash) on to Samuel before kicking him out of the ring and exiting the ring himself soon after. Garrison see Benjamin in pain but shows no mercy lifting him and completing a move he calls Living Nightmares (Widow's Peak hit and left in place as a submission), leaving Benjamin no choice but to tap.

    Lily Morgan: Here are your winners via submission...The Nowhere Kids.

    Nick Newman: What a win. I love these guys already.

    Terry Murdock: They sure quite the impression tonight. An impression much the NAP did at Bred for Combat and they'll talk about a little later tonight. We now must take a quick commercial break but be sure to stay tuned as we have plenty more in store for you all tonight.
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    As Ode to Joy plays, Mixed Emotions comes out with both sets of titles celebrating to a large chorus of boos. As the enter the ring, they take the titles off from their waists and climb to the top of the turnbuckle to pose with them as confetti falls from the rafters. As they calm down, two mics are tossed to Pride and Sorrow and they start to speak.

    Pride: To those of you thinking this is a rerun of last months episode where we won the Grand championships, it's not. When we accepted the challenge last month, we swore we would come out to Ode to Joy again because let's face it, when the greatest tag team in EWNCW topples not 1 but 2 champions in 2 months, celebration becomes a requirement. Now my brother is happy and that is not something we see often so I will let him do the honors tonight. Sorrow..

    Sorrow: At Bred for Combat, Venimus, Vidimus, Vicimus! We came, we saw, we conquered the Sexiest Alpha Males and we took their Intercontinental titles to become the first tag team to hold 2 tag team titles at once. What we showed on Sunday was that performers are in a higher class than simple courtesans who dwell the streets picking up lower class slobs that aren't even good enough to be in brothel.

    Pride: Patrons of the arts, we stroke yet another powerful blow to those who wish to arts of opera, theater and everyone that supports it. We have taken another memento away from your oppressers and we will not be stopped until we all get the respect that we deserve. Whether we have to put guys out like Blacklist Royalty or strip the honor away from teams like Sexiest Alpha Males, we are not going anywhere until everyone here is educated and respects the arts because...

    That final sentence seems a good moment for some James Brown and the ladies appreciate that with loud cheers as Miguel Tenorio and T-Thunda enter from the gorilla position and salute the ladies while the men boo like mad. Both men go down the ramp and before entering the ring they ask for mics. Tenorio wastes no time and as soon as he is in, he speaks:

    Tenorio: Well, well, here are the dual champs. Despite it pains me, we have to congratulate you. Being dual champions is a feat that not everybody can achieve. But I’m not sure if this is good, as it seems to have inflated your egos a bit more, even if we thought that was impossible.

    There are more cheers than boos for this one.

    Tenorio: As for the arts, we are all educated. We particularly are educated in the art of love and conquering the ladies, everybody knows that. But I myself I’m well versed in the art of poetry. But I think you never heard me reciting a sonnet, true? Ok, here it goes.

    Tenorio takes a moment to clear his throat and starts reciting a Francisco de Quevedo poem, in Spanish, obviously.

    Tenorio: Yo te untaré mis versos con tocino,
    porque no me los muerdas, Gongorilla,
    perro de los ingenios de Castilla,
    docto en pullas, cual mozo de camino.
    Apenas hombre, sacerdote indigno
    que aprendiste sin christu la cartilla;
    chocarrero de Córdoba y Sevilla,
    y, en la corte, bufón a lo divino.
    ¿Por qué censuras tú la lengua griega
    siendo sólo rabí de la judía,
    cosa que tu nariz aun no lo niega?
    No escribas versos más, por vida mía;
    aunque aquesto de escribas se te pega
    por tener de sayón la rebeldía.

    Mixed Emotions are not impressed

    Tenorio: You know, that one is from one the best Spanish poet of the XVII Century, Francisco de Quevedo. He is mocking his longtime rival, Luis de Góngora, who was a pretentious, unfunny and phony poet, much like you two are!

    Cheers for that

    Tenorio: We have a bit of a surprise for you two. You may be dual champs, but we still have a rematch clause to cash in.

    T-Thunda: Dats right sucka!! And you know it, you love it, and you betta believe it!! Because at In Violence We Trust, we gonna get medieval on yo ass!! We gonna beat you ass down!!

    The crowd cheers

    T-Thunda: Ain't no mistake about dat!! Because dat, is DA TROOF!!

    The crowd jeers, as shockingly, the Mexican Nightmares' music plays. Alexis De La Rosa, Esteban Rodriguez and Juilo Montoya come out to the stage. They have mics in hand, as they slowly walk down to ringside, keeping an eye on the four people in the ring. The males slide their mics into the ring, before jumping on the apron, before slingshotting into the ring using the ropes, thus separating them for Alexis to enter.

    Esteban: Excuse me hermanos, but when we hear Spanish, we need to make our presence known Esse!

    You see, you four can solve your disputes in private, with a video camera, for money. However hombres, we could not care less, about your problems. What you do in your own time, is of no concern to us.

    Juilo: However amigos, what is of concern to us, is those big. Shiny. Gold. Titles, that you people seem to be forgetting. Those Grand Championships around your waists. Estúpido, estúpido, estúpido. Alpha Mammals, you may have lost your titles, but that is of no relevance to the Sexiest, Mexicans, Alive.

    You see hombres
    Juilo grins into the camera, at Bred for Combat, we won. We had our hands raised, at the end of our match. We disintegrated, we destroyed y... aniquilamos, we annihilated the replicas and the Stoners.

    Esteban: We made Benjamin Bloodstone tap out! He was screaming, in agony because of me. Because of the damage I caused! Because of the damage Esteban caused. So, if you amigos want to settle your differences over those Intercontinental Champions, and that's fine by us.

    Juilo: However, we want those Grand Championships, and Sorrow. Pride. We are getting them. Just say the word, and we'll beat them out of you

    Pride: Why don't both of you be quiet and listen to the most appassionato tag team in history for a minute. Now that we hold both the Grand and Intercontinental titles, the pressure on us has become altissimo, very high for you laymans. So me and my brother play our parts tutti, together and the reason we have beaten every other team here is because they are divisi and no man can be by themselves.

    Sorrow: You both are very competitive teams, we will give you that but you both have also decelerando since you have reached the top. While we move faster and faster with each victory and while both of your teams popularity has diminished.

    Pride: Now we do need challengers don't get me wrong. But the problem is both of you have valid points. The former Alpha males have a rematch clause and the Mexican rats did win their match at the PPV. The predicament we have is, now that we are double champions, we have double the guest appearances to make, double the patrons, double the art. We don't have time to deal with both of you so fight amongst yourselves and then the winner can waste their our time losing. We bid both of you a good day.

    Grant appears on stage, mic in hand.

    Grant: Hold it right there, Mixed Emotions. There's no need no for them to decide anything among themselves seeing as how you're dual championships I see it as an opportunity to do something very different for In Violence We Trust. So I'm making a ruling so that at In Violence We Trust, Mixed Emotions you WILL defend both titles against both teams at the same time in a triple threat tag team match under these rules;

    If the Sexiest Alpha Males pin Mixed Emotions they win the Intercontinental Championships gold, if the Mexican Nightmares pin Mixed Emotions then they'll win the Grand Championships but if Mixed Emotions pin either team they'll retain both set of titles. So each team stands to lose something if any other gets that coveted pinfall. Now, the main event of this show....I see it the ring right now.

    Crowd cheers

    Grant: Both challengers to Mixed Emotions Championships will meet in the ring next. I want to give you boys the opportunity to put on a show like never before in Brutality and the main event is just the place to do. So Mixed Emotions, while you don't have to go backstage you certainly have to get the hell out of the ring right now; let's get a ref down here and get this show on the road.
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    A referee makes his way to the ring as Mixed Emotions sit at the commentary, choosing not to take part of any speaking rile but just watch the match that is about to begin.

    Nick Newman: What a main event we got right now. Mexican Nightmares are gonna destroy The Sexiest Alpha Bitches.

    Terry Murdock: Let's not not get ahead of ourselves, Nick. Sexiest Alpha Males are formers champion so they can handle themselves well in the ring.

    Sexiest Alpha Males (Benoit and Angle) vs Mexican Nightmares (Guerreros) (Ignore obvious tension between Angle and Benoit)

    Start 2:34 Stop at 8:25

    Nick Newman: Montoya is choking out T-Thunda on the apron. I love it.

    Terry Murdock: The referee needs to take control of this soon.

    Montoya releases the hold before the ref sees and T-Thunda is gasping for air before Rodriguez begins to stomp his rigcage and soon puts a foot on the throat f T-Thunda.

    Terry Murdock: Come on ref, do something

    The ref counts to 3 before Rodriguez steps away, Montoya once again uing the distraction to choke the life out T-Thunda.

    The crowd tells the ref to turn around and he does seeing Montoya choke out T-Thunda and Montoya now caught red handed let's go of the hold in fear of being disqualified.

    Nick Newman: Stupid crowd, always trying to do the good. It sickens me.

    Rodriguez picks up T-Thunda and drives him into his corner with force tagging in Montoya, who enters the ring kicking away at T-Thunda's stomach in the corner before moving him towards the ropes. He rebounds T-Thunda ff the ropes but T-Thunda grabs on to the ropes on the other side of the ring, Montoya charges towards T-Thunda who performs a back body drop hoping to send Montoya crashing down to the outside but Montoya lands on the apron and hit T-Thunda with a clubbing elbow to the side of the head that sends T-Thunda down to the mat and Montoya goes to the top rope.

    Terry Murdock: This could be it for T-Thunda.

    Nick Newman: I hope so.

    Montoya goes for a Superfly Splash typ of maneuver but crashes and burns as T-Thunda s able to get his knees up and now both men are down trying to reach their respective corners.

    Montoya tags in Rodriguez who tries to stops T-Thunda from making the tag but he's too late as Tenorio explodes into the ring with a flurry of punches that rock Rodriguez before hitting a big haymaker that knocks Rodriguez hard. Tenorio takes a moment to pose for the crowd and even wink at some of the hotties at ringside before he turns his attention back to Rodriguez.

    Terry Murdock: Tenorio always has time for the ladies.

    Tenorio picks up Rodriguez and places in the corner where now he soon stands on the middle ropes and begins to connect punches as the crowd counts them out...

    1..2...3....4...5....6...7..-Rodriguez has come back with a powerbomb to Tenorio.

    Nick Newman: Now that's what I like to see.

    Rodriguez with the pin attempt....1......2.....- T-Thunda breaks the pin. Montoya now enters the ring and goes right after T-Thunda with a clothesline near the ropes and sends T-Thunda to the outside. Tenorio, now up on his feet, tries attack Montoya but Rodriguez stops before he can a kick to the back of the head.

    The Mexican Nightmares now signal for the end. Montoya locks in a Boston Crab on Tenorio as Rodriguez locks in the Kimura Lock to complete The Southern Submission, their signature double team finishing submission move. Tenorio fights the hold as much as he can, choosing not to submit but the pain becomes too much for him to bear and still he wont tap.

    Terry Murdock: Tenorio's pride will not let him submit.

    Nick Newman: He better or he will suffer some broken bones soon.

    Seconds go by before Tenorio seems to stop struggling and the ref sees he's passed out and calls for the match to end.

    Lily Morgan: Miguel Tenorio is unable to continue in this match up, so your winners as a result of a forfeit...The Mexican Nightmares.

    Nick Newman: YES!!! What a dominant win.

    Mixed Emotions rise from their chairs lifting both sets of gold high in the air as The Mexican Nightmares signal that they'll be champions soon

    Terry Murdock: They certainly have the champs attention now. As should the NAP be on God's Grace minds when they speak right after this our final commercial break.
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