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    Terry Murdock: Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you to EWNCW Brutality! We have an amazing show lined up for you tonight!

    Nick Newman: That is right, Terry! We're starting things off right now actually!

    *HolyJose and Azrael walk out to a HUGE POP from the crowd. HolyJose walks downthe ring high fiving the fans in attendance and Azrael looking focused*

    HolyJose: *looks all around the arena* Now didyou all hear my rumor? My announcement from a week weeks ago? That Iwas retiring?

    *Crowd boos at the thought*

    HolyJose: Now I've time to think it over. Bought a nice private island, but there was this gut feeling that I had. That being I love doing this.I had this feeling that if all I'll ever be is upper mid card at best then why bother going forth with it? So I made a hasty decision. Oh but now. Now that I had time to think that was a selfish reason to retire. Actually it was childish and that's not me. Another thing crossed my mind. GOD'S GRACE IS MAIN EVENTING NO GUTS, NO GLORY! Here I am annoyed no one is giving me a shot at the main event that I forgot that God's Grace is the Brutality MAIN EVENT! Besides I need to stay around long enough to see Carlin' and Grind's faces see their precious belts around a true champions, God's Grace.

    *HolyJose looks at Azrael see if he has any words*

    Azrael: Well no I won't be able to say that I AM THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS. But whatever.The simple fact is that come No Guts, No Glory we become the first team to win tag team gold in both JBW and EWNCW. We have the rights to say we are the greatest team in the world. Now of course saying all this is easy but Carlin and Grind, you guys are the Best Team in the world now. No doubt about it. Your clashes with Shadows of Madness has proved it. But the clock is ticking. Your reign won't last forever. We are the glory to come by becoming the NEW EWNCW Blacklists Champions! And to prove that we're ready. Grind tonight you and I go one on one how about it?!

    HolyJose: Now Carlin you and I have been extremely vocal about this match. No doubt about it, we respect the hell out of you but make no mistake about it we aren't stopping until we have our hands raised. What better match than in a Falls Count Anywhere match. We've been talking shit for months now and lets up the Brutality huh?! It could end in the middle of the ring. It could end on the entrance ramp. HELL it could end at the bar down the road. Lord knows I'll need a celebratory drink after we win. What it comes down to is that there is no way out. A decisive winner will be made that night. And well tonight Azrael is prepared to take on the beast known as Grind_Bastard so how about it Jesting Madness we await your response!

    *The familiar tune of the EWNCW Blacklist Champions bursts throughout the arena and the people still give a chorus of boos as soon as the first riff sounds. Seconds pass and neither Grind nor Carlin appear. The camera focuses on the ring, where God's Grace have their eyes glued to the entrance ramp, while making gestures encouraging the champions to get their asses out to the arena. However, there's still a brief lapse of time before Jesting Madness make their presence on top of the ramp. This time Carlin is holding the belt instead of carrying it around the waist, as he usually does. Grind is also holding the belt on his hand. Carlin looks to his partner, and a big smile appears on his face. Grind is also smiling, and they raise their belts while Carlin yells :*


    *Grind is also mouthing the words, or at least moving his lips, but no sound can be heard. They proceed down the ramp with Carlin still yelling WE ARE THE TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS!. When they finally enter the ring Carlin demands a mic, while Grind seems to be searching for something, before producing a gadget that looks like Bully Ray'sTwittah machine. Carlin looks over his partner's shoulder to see what he's typing. When Grind's done, Carlin proceeds to read the message:*

    Carlin: First of all, my partner Grind wants to say that he accepts your challenge, Azrael, so get ready for being ass whipped!!

    *Chorus of boos follow while God's Grace smirk and Azrael mouths “You wish”*

    Carlin: Well, that being said, I hope you enjoyed the entrance. You know,Grind and I are a damned serious team, but we like to have fun from time to time, therefore the joke while coming down from the ramp. But I was yelling WE are the tag team champions, because unlike the team who invented the catchphrase, we are not dysfunctional at all, we are a cohesive unit, a perfectly greased machine, ready to kick ass whenever we are challenged. However, both teams share a thing in common. We keep winning!

    *A plethora of boos follows and a GodMoney chant starts. *

    Carlin: Yeah, we lost to GodMoney, I give you that. It was a freaking honor to step into the ring with them, that's for sure. But you have to agree with me that we keep winning when the title is on the line, don't we?

    *More boos follow *

    Carlin: Like it or not, I'm telling you like it is. We faced the Shadows of Madness three times, and the three times emerged victorious. We have the momentum on our side, and we plan to keep it as long as possible. And let me tell you something, we have the feeling that coming our Falls Count Anywhere match, we are going to keep that momentum going.

    *Still people are displeased *

    Carlin: We already proven ourselves in different environments. We won the belts in a Three Stages of Hell match, including a submission fall, a tables fall and the final steel cage fall. We defended the belts for the first time in a ladders match, and we finally faced the hellacious Gates of Hell match. Two times we were enclosed in a cage, and three times, counting the first two falls of the Three Stages, we fought without walls, but with a boundary: the ring. This time will be different. There are no boundaries here. It doesn't matter that we finish the match inside the ring. As you said, we can even end up at the bar down the street. But the beers you will be having, HolyJose, will not be celebration beers, but beers to forget the loss at No Guts, No Glory!!

    *More boos coming, louder even. *

    Carlin: Because you know, we have no boundaries. We are running wild. We are let loose, and we are on a rampage!!! We can use everything we find in our way to hurt you, punish you and in the end retain our precious EWNCW Blacklist belts. No matter if it's a sign of the barricades, the announce table, steel chairs, the steps on the arena or a car in the parking lot. Hell, I'll even grab the camera of one member of the staff and smash it on your head if the chance comes across. We are always ready to defend the belts by any means necessary, and we will have all the means in the world to do it! I'm damn sure we will retain!!!

    *Boos coming. *

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    Carlin: However, I'm sure this is going to be a hell of a fight. I mean, HJ,you're a funny man, dude. You're a great comedian, with all the retirement thing you made there, and that heavenly island that you bought. Man, you crack me. You should go to Bill Maher's show and have a back and forth with Bill, the atheist and the holy man, I call that comedy gold!!!

    *Not a single cheer was given.*

    Carlin: By the way, Maher should have won that Emmy. But, that being said,being a comedian does not make you a joke. You're a title hungry duo that wants to be recognized as the best. You've been craving for main eventing Brutality, for main eventing No Guts, No Glory and any EWNCW PPV. But you know what? We love that. We are always in for a fight,and I expect you to give us a damned epic fight!!!

    *The prospect of that fight makes people cheer. *

    Carlin: However, the PPV is still to come, and there is tonight's show. We already have Grind vs Azrael, but I want to be in action too. How about you and me going at it one on one, Jose? Can you dig that?

    *HolyJose stares at Carlin and then to the crowd who begin to cheer*

    HolyJose: Carlin, I hear you've been making a name for yourself in singles competition. But don't forget not only am I great in a tag team but I am better in singles competition. Tell me where have you gone in singles? Oh right nowhere I've been able to focus on both aspects. I've won not just gold but the respect of the fans and all the other wrestlers for my talents. Carlin, you may be the best in tag teams but now you're stepping into my world. I accept your challenge!

    *Fans cheer for HJ *

    Carlin:You will be surprised on how much I improved on singles competition,man. But I won't spoil you the surprise, it will better explode right on your face later on!!! Rest assured that you will surrender or be dismembered!

    *Both teams go nose to nose,each member facing his opponent later in the night. They are trash talking, except Grind, obviously. The champions raise their belts and mock the challengers, but God's Grace won't have this, and they get ready to fight. That's the moment the champions use to retreat up the ramp, still holding the belts high.Carlin is heard saying: *

    Carlin:See you in the ring later, fellas!

    *God's Grace are disappointed for how things developed, but still they point to Jesting Madness and make ostentatious gestures of having the belts on their waists. Carlin and Grind laugh, and Carlin reintroduces the adagio: *


    *The champs leave the arena. *

    Terry Murdock: Wow! You could cut that tension with a knife! I can't wait to see that match!

    Nick Newman: It should be good ... But up next, we have a HUGE 8 man tag match!!

    Terry Murdock: That is right Nick, we will see Mixed Emotions and the Coke Boyz face the Cirque de Freak when EWNCW Brutality returns after a quick commercial break!
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    Lily Morgan: This match is the opening contest for this editon of Brutality and it is an 8 man tag team match set for one fall, introducing first the combined teams G. Demonic, V. Diamondz, Pride and Sorrow respectively known as The Coke Boyz and Mixed Emotions!!!!

    Both teams head to a mass of disapproving boos before they enter and discuss their game plan.

    Terry Murdock: These teams face Cirque de Freak in their and both were victorious, so the question becomes can they beat them as a unit and work well together.

    Nick Newman: I know they will, they will destroy those freaks, tonight.

    Lily Morgan: and their opponents, they are the team of Payne, Torcher, Slither and Twisted, they are Cirque de Freak!!!!!

    Cirque de Freak head down the ramp to the roar of the crowd as they clamor for red juice and wearing replicas of the infamous Cirque de Freaks gas masks, before Cirque de Freak enter the ring and butt heads busting each other open and scream: Red Juice!!!!! as they get set for action.

    Nick Newman: What the hell is wrong with these people and even more so these fans? Are they insane?

    Terry Murdock: Yes, yes they are. You gotta love it just as much as the action that's set to begin now.

    *Referee Mitch Sanders calls for the bell (ring, ring, ring) and the match begins.*

    Start at 0:08/Stop at 7:14

    Nick Newman: Ohh what a kick to side of the head from Payne to V. Diamondz, damn freak actually got a move in there.

    Terry Murdock: What is it with you and them? They denied you some red juice or something?

    Payne quickly makes the tag to a fresh Slither who quickly goes for the Freak Suplex but Sorrow enters the ring and interrupt the move before Torcher enter the ring and executes the BFB (Blazing Fire Backbreaker) on Sorrow but Pride enters the ring and surprises Torcher with The Curtain Call (RKO) before Twisted enter the ring and hits the Freakish DDT (Spike DDT) on Pride before he gets kicked in the knee by G. Demonic backs up and delivers a devastating punt knick that lays him out as Payne once enters the ring and once again executes a hug roundhouse kick to the side of G. Demonic's head and the crowd is on their feet applauding at what they've seen.

    Terry Murdock: What chaos, so many moves nonstop, these teams really are going for it all.

    Nick Newman:This has been fun to see, would be better without these freaks but still it's been fun.

    V. Diamondz is now back on his feet and plants Payne down with a Flapjack and celebrates being the last man standing but get kicked in the gut and fall victim to the Overkill as Slither delivers three consecutive powerbombs and covers as the ref makes the count.......1............2...........3!!!!

    Lily Morgan: The winners of this match, Cirque de Freak!!!!!!

    Terry Murdock: What a win, much needed win for Cirque de Freak to show why they are one the premiere tag teams to beat here in Brutality.

    Nick Newman: You are freak for liking those freaks, nonetheless this means nothing because they mean nothing. They suck plain and simple. Now we must take a quick commercial break.


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    Lily Morgan: The following tag team match is set for one fall ... Introducing first, the team of Toxic and Bazooka ... The Sky High Bastards!

    Nick Newman: Hell yeah! These guys are awesome!!

    Terry Murdock: ... Yeeeahh ... Sure.

    The Sky High Bastards walk out screaming multiple cuss words torwards the audience which generates major heat. The make their way down to the ring, still swearing at the fans and then slide into the ring.

    Lily Morgan: And their opponents, the team of Benjamin and Samuel Bloodstone ... The Bloodstone Empire!

    The Bloodstone Empire charge from the curtains to a huge pop from the crowd. They make their way down the ramp and high five some fans along the way and then slide into the ring.

    Terry Murdock: I love watching these guys each week! Such bright young men!

    Nick Newman: They don't belong here! They should be in peewee wrestling!

    Referee David Johnson calls for the bell (ring, ring, ring) and the match begins.

    BSE/Edge & Christan vs. SHB/Hardy Boyz
    (End at 3:50, ignore Gangrel)

    Benjamin breaks up the pinfall attempt and the ref pushes him back into his corner, and Bazooka takes advantage by kicking Samuel in the crotch from the apron, and then Toxic drops him with a DDT! Toxic goes for another cover!

    Terry Murdock: What a blatant low blow!

    Nick Newman: Oh shut up! That midget will be fine!

    One! Two! No!

    Samuel kicks out and rolls towards Benjamin but Toxic grabs his legs and drags him to his corner, and Bazooka tags himself in. Toxic and Bazooka pick Samuel up and set him up for a double suplex, but Samuel holds himself down! They try again, but Samuel reverses and brings both men down with a suplex of his own!

    All three men are down, and Toxic rolls out of the ring favoring his ribs. Samuel crawls over to Benjamin and gets the tag! Benjamin jumps over the ropes and rolls past Bazooka, and then launches himself off of the ropes and hits Bazooka with a huge moonsault! Benjamin gets back to his feet and stalks Bazooka ...

    Nick Newman: Oh what is that twerp gonna do!? Kick him in the ankle!?

    Terry Murdock: Hes going to kick him alright!

    Bazooka gets to his feet and SUPER KICK! Bazooka's eyes roll to the back of his head and he falls on his back! Benjamin dives down onto him for the cover!

    One! Two! THREE!

    Lily Morgan: Here are your winners ... The Bloodstone Empire!!

    Nick Newman: Oh please, that was an unfair match! Sky High Bastards couldn't reach those leprechauns!

    Terry Murdock: Alright Nick, just stop ...

    *Pride and Sorrow make their way onto the stage and walk down the ramp, then enter the ring with their opera masks and Italian suits on clearing everyone out.*

    Pride: The old west..., one of the most theatric locations in history and an appropriate theme for our rise at No Guts, No Glory. You see if you ever had a problem with anyone back then, you challenged them to a dual where the best man won and the loser died. It doesn't matter if it was the sheriff, the bartender, or some random gunmen entering town, you don't take the dual then your a coward and have no claim to your case.

    Sorrow: What my brother is trying to say is, Blacklist, the only thing you have that we want are those titles. Since we came here, we have never lost a match and now we have our shot. The Academy is rewarding us for our performances and we will not disappoint them because unlike the two of you, we get the job done anyway possible.

    Pride: Kings come and go, but artists live forever through their work. Once we get our reward and propelled into the spotlight, we will do a lot more than either of you have done in your whole careers. We will make everyone here appreciate the fine arts and winning those titles will force them to watch us as we enter The New Renaissance, or rebirth of the arts for those of you that failed history.

    Sorrow: At No Guys, No Glory, we are coming..

    Pride: We will see them

    Sorrow: and we will conquer them.

    *Pride and Sorrow toss their mics and pose on the turnbuckles as the crowd goes into a frenzy of boos.*

    Terry Murdock: Well ... Strong words from Mixed Emotions ... We will be back after a short commercial break!

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    Lily Morgan: The following match is a tag team match set for one fall! Introducing first ... The New Assault Program!

    The crowd erupts with boos as The New Assault Program makes their presence and stand at the top of the stage. The N.A.P make their way down the ramp to a chorus of boos with grins on their faces, and then they slide into the ring and get on two different turnbuckles and pose, generating huge heat from the crowd.

    Terry Murdock: Nobody likes these guys.

    Nick Newman: Are you joking?! I love these guys!

    Terry Murdock: Like I said ... Nobody. They are talented young men, I give them that much credit, they are former Internet Champions ... But I still don't like them!

    Lily Morgan: And their opponents ... The team of Taco and Paco Torres ... Fuegos Artificiales!

    Paco and Taco run out from the curtains and jump around the stage a bit, making the fans cheer loudly for them, and then they charge down the ramp and slide into the ring.

    Referee Craig Stevens calls for the bell (ring, ring, ring) and the match begins.

    (Start at 2:05, End at 10:05)
    (Ignore Cherry & championship match)
    N.A.P/Deuce & Domino vs. F.A/Londrick

    Taco gets the hot tag to Paco! Paco hits Sean with multiple right hooks to the head, and then brings him down with a drop kick! Paco then charges Criz and knocks him off of the apron with a huge super kick to the jaw! Paco climbs the turnbuckle and turns around and Sean grabs him by the throat!!

    Terry Murdock: Oh my god! He has Paco by the throat!

    Gamma Ray Blast Slam! Sean slams Paco down onto the mat with a MASSIVE chokeslam, but the ref gets knocked down at the same time!

    Nick Newman: The ref is down! The ref is down!!

    Terry Murdock: This is chaos!!

    Taco charges into the ring, but Criz slides into the ring and takes Taco out with the Criz Cutter! Sean covers Paco ... But the ref is still out!!

    Criz slides out of the ring and grabs one of the chairs on the outside then slides back in where Sean is holding Paco up. Criz charges Paco and knocks him out with the chaie!

    Terry Murdock: Oh my god!! Come on, that's illegal!! Someone ring that damn bell!!

    Nick Newman: Shut up you twat! This is AWESOME!! Hit'em again!!

    Sean points down to Taco, and Criz nods. Criz grabs Taco's legs, and slingshots him backwards right into a HUGE clothesline from hell from Sean! Criz rolls Taco out of the ring and brings the chair out with him.

    The ref starts to stir, and Sean covers Paco!

    One ......... Two ..... THREE!

    Lily Morgan: Here are your winners ... The New Assault Program!!!

    Terry Murdock: That was just wrong!! Those bastards cheated and that's why nobody likes them!!

    Nick Newman: That was fucking awesome, Terry! Just shut up and admit it, that was an amazing match!

    Terry Murdock: It was until they cheated!!

    Nick Newman: Alright folks, while Murdock pouts like a little girl who missed the local Justin Bieber concert ... We will be taking a short break!
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    Lily Morgan: This match is set for one fall, introducing first the team of Takashi Ito and Yuji Otani. The Crimson Samurais.

    The Crimson Samurais are welcomed to a great pop from the crowd as they enter the ring and bow before the fans and look set for action.

    Terry Murdock: What a great show of respect bowing down before the fans.

    Nick Newman: Whatever, The Mexican Nightmares will them, they are the better country.

    Lily Morgan: and their opponents, being accompanied to the ring by Alexis De La Rosa, they are the team Esteban Rodriguez and Julio Montoya, they are The Mexican Nightmares.

    The 3 comes out together, and slowly makes their way down to the ring, soaking in the crowd reaction. They get on the apron, and the males flip over the ropes, pulling down the second rope at the same time, which allows Alexis to enter and continue to bask in the boos of the crowd.

    Nick Newman: That's a quality teag team right there.

    Terry Murdock: There's no denying that, but their attitude makes them intolerable. Let's see how they fare off against The Crimson Samurais.

    *Referee Craig Stevens calls for the bell (ring, ring, ring) and the match begins.*

    Start at 6:56/Stop at 18:34

    Nick Newman: Montoya broke up the pin just in time and now looks to hit Otani with a big move.

    Terry Murdock: He has to, these teams have tried everything to get the win over the other and still no winner has been determined, they need pull out something big.

    Montoya tries to connect his signature Swinging Reverse STO but Otani blocks it and hits Montoya squarely in the face with a jumping knee.

    Terry Murdock: Oooh, Montoya is rocked.

    Nick Newman: No, damn it.

    Otani grabs Montoya and connects The Dragon's Fury (Leg hook belly to back suplex lifted, twisted and dropped into a piledriver) but before he can make the pin, Esteban Rodriguez lays Otani out with a huge Backstabber.

    Nick Newman: Yes! Finish him!

    Terry Murdock: Rodriguez better not get too cocky, Otani was not the legal man...

    Rodriguez begins to taunt the crowd who boo him with great fury as Alexis tries warning Rodriguez of who's behind him but it's to no avail as Rodriguez turns around and practically gets his head knocked off as Ito connects The Kiss of Death (Superkick) and covers Rodriguez as the ref makes the count.........1.............2...............3!!!

    Lily Morgan: The winners of this match, The Crimson Samurais!!!

    Terry Murdock: Huge win for The Crimson Samurais heading into No Guts, No Glory where they face The Sky High Bastards in a Loser Leaves Brutality Ultimate X Match.

    Nick Newman: I hope those Bastards send these foreigners back to China or wherever the hell they're from. For now we must take a quick commercial break but we will return with more Brutality when we return.

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    *We are back from commercial break, and The theme of Heroes begins to play and the NEW EWNCW Internet Champions come out. Saiosyn and Aiden look around the arena, and smile as Jayden walks down the isle. Noticeably absent are their Internet Championships. Jayden walks around and grabs some mics as Syn and Aiden rush into the ring. Syn and Aiden step up to opposite turnbuckles while Jayden stands on the 2nd rope. Together the team do the infamous "X" as fireworks rain down and an explosion occurs that forms a giant "X"

    Lily Morgan: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the NEW EWNCW Internet Champions, Aiden Cayne, Saiosyn O'Reed and Jayden Knight, they are FREE FROM POISON!!!

    *The Crowd erupts for them, although there are a few boos with some chanting "Beer is Good"

    Jayden: Beer is good? Ya tell that to me when you are able to remember the night before! Anyways, tonight is not about the idiots who disagree with our lifestyle choices. It's about proving them wrong and showing that we are as good as we claim.

    You see a year ago we entered BWA and instantly became the most talked about team on the roster. Love us or hate us you all talked. We were everywhere and held nothing back in our effort to get what we wanted.

    However, Lucas Grant had other ideas. You see while Alex Hamilton loved us and knew how talented we were, Grant didn't think our straight edge life was marketable to the older crowd. He said nobody wanted to see grown men talking about a life without alcohol, so when he got a chance, he took it and split us up. This was the end of the team known as Straight Edge.

    *The Crowd boos as Aiden gets on the mic*

    Aiden: This was the birth of The Militia and AirSaints. And it engulfed us into a feud that put us at odds against each other and took us off our goals. Instead of looking for gold, we were aiming to see who was the better Straight Edge team. In the end we proved nothing.

    Than the war started, BWA merged with EWNCW and The Saints and The Militia were forced to partner up, and again we did what we do best, kick some ass! We proved once again that we are the most dominate faction in EWNCW. More dominant than Cirque De Freak, or The Sexiest Alpha Males, or even our old enemies The Dogs of War! We can beat them all. Any of the two of us together are enough to take any team here.

    It's because we are Straight Edge, and put simply it means we are better. I know I know, some of you are going to boo and disagree, but we prove it each and every time we step in the ring. This is why we are the Internet Champions, and will continue to hold the titles until such time we no longer wish to hold them.

    Saiosyn: In regards to the belts, some of you probably noticed that we did not bring them with us, and there is a reason for that, as there is a reason for everything. You see before us, the Internet Championship were held by two other teams. The first was Atomic Blast, a team that was short lived and who's title reign was even shorter. And than there is New Assault Program, who will be remembered as the team who's biggest contribution to the belts was barely being seen with them.

    In other words, the title means little to people and that is not how it is going to be with us. When you see us with the titles you should know that they mean something, you should know that we are a real threat and that you are in for a damn show when you see us!

    *The crowd roars loudly at Saiosyn*

    That's what I want to hear! I want you to get loud. Get rowdy and know that the best team in the world just walked in and everything is about to explode! So that brings me to my next point, the titles. Or rather the new titles. You see we discussed it amongst ourselves and than brought our crazy idea to Grant and he actually agreed with us, which was a bit shocking to say the least.

    With that said, let me introduce you to the reincarnated version of our titles. The new belts will be known as the EWNCW Hardcore Championship!

    *The crowd is out of their seats. The arena is so loud that Saiosyn can't get a word out edge wise as they cheer loudly*

    Ok ok ok! Shhhh!!! Can I finish talking? We have a lot to say and not a lot of time to say it! Yes, we are the Hardcore Champions and we don't mean PG Hardcore, I mean blood spilling, table crashing, chair cracking, Hardcore! We are going to prove that we are the best and that we can thrive on the environments, that we can survive the unknown. And when we say unknown we mean it.

    *Jayden takes the mic and smirks at Syn and Aiden*

    Jayden: See, part of the arrangement was that we would be able to go wherever we wanted and defend the titles, just to prove how good we are. How good Straight Edge makes us! So that means we can show us anywhere, TWE, IWA or even JBW and defend our gold.

    *The crowd roars again, some JBDub chants start and Jayden rolls his eyes*

    Yea yeah. See we aren't worried. We know that there isn't a team out there that has what it takes to stand up and beat us. This is not us being cocky or arrogant, it's us being who we are and saying what we need to say. We are Free From Poison, and we are the best that EWNCW has to offer! Now with all that said, it's time to unveil the new Hardcore Championship Belts!

    *A chord comes down from the ceiling holding 3 Championship belts. The Belts are designed with gold trim, black lettering and a blood stained pattern. Jayden unhooks the belts and hands them to Syn and Aiden. The three hold up their new belts and smile*

    Aiden: This is a notice to everyone here and around the world. Come and challenge us if you dare, but be prepared to face the best in the world. We are Free From Poison, and we will take you all on, and win!

    All together: That is a promise!

    Terry Murdock: Wow! Those guys are like a well oiled machine!

    Nick Newman: Hell yes they are! We will be right back folks, Grind Bastard vs. Azrael is next!
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    Lily Morgan: This match is a one on one match set for one fall, introducing first, representing God's Grace, please welcome..........Azrael!!!!!

    Azrael heads out the ring to a mixed but positive reaction as he enters the ring climbs a nearby turnbuckle and flexes his muscles before raising his head high and and saying Amen.

    Terry Murdock: Good to see his faith has not been tarnished and he will use it to motivate himself even more than usual when facing Jesting Madness' Grind Bastard here tonight and then again at No Guts, No Glory.

    Nick Newman: In a Falls Count Anywhere Match nonetheless , so you know these teams are gonna tear the house down.

    Lily Morgan: and his opponents, he is one half of the EWNCW Blacklist Champions, representing The Jesting Madness.....please welcome.....Grind Bastard!!!!!

    Grind Bastard makes his way to the ring to the roar of the crowd in one of the biggest pops of the night as the he enters the ring and simply lift his championship belt in front of Azrael before the ref steps in to separate them and ask Grind Bastard for the championship, which he hands off to the nearby stage hand while Azrael and Grind Bastard stare dagger of death at one another.

    Nick Newman: The tension is explosive between these two mammoths called men, these is going a power battle and the strongest one will prevail.

    Terry Murdock: That it will be, let us see these two powerhouses clash up next.

    *Referee Craig Stevens calls for the bell (ring, ring, ring) and the match begins.*

    Start at 4:10/Stop at 9:54

    Nick Newman: Azrael kicked out of Grind Bastard's move and he seems to be getting frustrated.

    Terry Murdock: I can imagine him being frustrated, this is the type of situations he'll be facing at No Guts, No Glory and if he can't put away Azrael here tonight, his chances at retaining at the PPV become very slim.

    Grind Bastard wastes no time picking up Azrael and setting him in position for The Skullkrusher (Package Piledriver) and connects, Azrael is out, Grind Bastard is going for the cover and the ref makes the ..thre- Azrael kicks out!!!!

    Terry Murdock: HolyJose, how did Azrael kick out? He has to be running on fumes.

    Grind Bastard is irate but knows the smart is to keep on attacking Azrael and does so until Azrael begins to punch Grind Bastard with a big left punch, Grind Bastard replies with a right punch of his own and both men trade blow in the center of the ring.

    Nick Newman: Neither is giving an inch, who will win this match.

    Grind Bastard gain the edge and tries to send Azrael towards the ropes but Azrael reverses the attempt and sends Grind Bastard towards the ropes where upon returning to the ring Azrael quickly and effectively connects The Gates of Hell (Tiger bomb) and covers Grind Bastard hooking both legs, the ref covers............1..................2............ ...3!!!

    Lily Morgan: The winner of this match......Azrael!!!

    Terry Murdock: What a win for Azrael, looks like God's Grace could very well defeat them at No Guts, No Glory.

    Nick Newman: We will see about that ... Don't get your hopes up! We will see the Blacklist Royalty go against Free From Poison once we return from commercial break!

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    Lily Morgan: This contest is a champions vs champions match set for one fall, introducing first the team of Prince Alex Foyt and Prince Chamberlain....they are the current EWNCW Grand Champions.....The Blacklist Royalty!!!!

    The Blacklist Royalty head out the ring in white robes with gold trims as the crowd gives them a mixed reaction. They enter the ring and flaunt the EWNCW Grand Championships and await their opponents.

    Terry Murdock: They need the momentum to head into No Guts Glory as champions and walk out as champion. This could their chance to do so.

    Nick Newman: The minute their opponents were named as Mixed Emotions, was the minute their demise was cast in stone. No need for them to gain anything but a sense of shame for not defeating Mixed Emotions.

    Lily Morgan:and their opponents, they are the current EWNCW Hardcore Champions, they are the team of Jayden Knight and Saiosyn, they are Free From Poison!!!!!

    Jayden and Saio burst from ramp in spectacular fashion as they jump and cross their arms in the form of an X to ignite the pyro that form an X to the crowd's delight as they enter the ring and present their brand new championships and look set for action.

    Nick Newman: These think they're Hard to the core? Hahaha I hope they beat within an inch of their no matter who they face.

    Terry Murdock: Stop hating on them, just cause you don't have the ball to be hardcore as they are. They are going to defend those titles like no team can.

    *Referee David Johnson calls for the bell (ring, ring, ring) and the match begins as Foyt tries to get the opening move in the match but Jayden hip tosses him and locks in a back stretch with his knee driven into Foyt's back*

    Start at 0:52/Stop at 5:34

    Nick Newman: Chamberlain missed that kick and seems to have injured himself.

    Terry Murdock: That could cost him the match.

    Chamberlain barely get to his feet limping as Saiosyn and Foyt fight on the outside, Jayden now enters the ring and kicks Chamberlain in the midsection to set up and connect The Gory Bomb, the ref makes the count............1...........2...........Chamberla in somehow kicks out.

    Nick Newman: I'm shocked he kicked out, he's an idiot for doing so. This only means he'll get more punishment.

    Terry Murdock: How do you know that? Oh wait never, I see what you mean.

    Saio connects a Spinning Neckbreaker to Foyt on the outside in front of the announce team before joining his partner in the ring and they call for the end as Saio heads to the top rope while Jayden goes for a powerbomb, Saiosyn now jumps off driving his knees into the face of Chamberlain as Jayden finishes the powerbomb to complete The Hangover Effect, the ref makes the count................1..................2......... ........3!!!!

    Lily Morgan: The winners of this match, the EWNCW Hardcore Champions, Free From Poison!!!

    Terry Murdock: What a win for Free From Poison. You just know with those EWNCW Hardcore Championships around their waists, we will see a whole new side to them and how intense they'll be to remain as champions.

    Nick Newman: Will we? I say any team who puts a 24/7 bullseye in their backs deserve to get the crap beaten out of them just like Mixed Emotions will do The Blacklist Royalty. For now let's just take a commercial break.

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    Kenneth Black: Ladies and Gentlemen, here upon their request is The New Assault ProGraM,

    *Criz comes into the picture and snatches the mic, Sean puts his huge arm over the shoulder of Black*

    Criz Dimension: We are pissed and are going to take a Little Trip, Care to Join us...

    Sean Dimension: YOU DON'T HAVE A CHOICE!!!

    *N.A.P. start pacing the arena backstage with Criz leading and a terrified Black being held by Sean*

    Criz: Mistakes are always made by mere human imbeciles like Free From Poison, Change Can be Good...and Beer is Great.

    Tears and Heartbreak, such as a pack of beautiful Butterflies in the Gut, Warming story I heard from Free From p...ya Can stand there and Reminisce about the good ole memories that were straight edge...But Truth be Told ...Air saints was shit,The militia was Shit, So All You Pieces of Shit amounted to a nice sized pile of crap.

    *They stand by the locker room door*

    Like a lot. Of the guys in there *points at the door*

    *Criz hands mic to Sean and grabs Black by the neck*

    Sean: And Word around the world says You were on the brink of getting released.

    *Criz snickers*

    If it wasn't for your Hoe-like skills, Best Team in the world I would say at doing that I may add. I only heard ,trust...I would never ,ever like to find out. You 3 are something else, and the program doesn't get down like that.

    *TheY contInue WalkiNg baCksTage*

    Ceiz: Title Change, That's the only thing that's keeping me and even making me more mad by the second..look, When you were discussing it with yourselves. You should've just left it there. The Idea is Crazy dammit, The Internet Fans should stand up now and speak out.

    Shoot on these imbeciles.

    *They arrive at Grant's OffiCe*

    Sean: Grant!! What The Fuck were You Thinking

    *Sean opens Grant's Door*

    ..and No one is here.

    * Both men are angry*

    They are the Internet titles for G.O.D. sakes, Our Titles to Regain.

    Criz: This was our mindset coming in. But then, oh but then it dawned on us. The Most Barbaric, The most dangerous, the most brutal Team in Ewncw is The New Asault Program..So With The Change You Made, There Comes your Mistake. Yes, There it lies.

    *Few steps later a bench is near and Sean sits Black before he rests his arm on Black's head*

    Criz: *grinding teeth* Do You have a clue..Shut up!..Do You have a clue, Did the light bulb idea did not shine quite so bright. Did it Blink and quickly turn dim and still ,STILL YOU RAN WITH IT

    Sean: EWNCW Hardcore Championships are made for us.

    Criz: And Don't You even Dare Call Yourselves Champions ,especially with the new entitlement to it. Don't call yourselves champions if your mere Title holders. And you're gonna survive the unknown!?..Point blank, you're not even gonna survive the known.

    Sean Dimension . The Known. Criz Dimension. The Known. THE NEWWW ASSAULT PRO-GRAAAMMM

    *Both Raise Arms* Raise your Damn Arms, *A scared Black does it Fast*

    Criz: It doesn't Take 3 to succeed, Us 2 are just fine .

    Unless, we train this guy right here and have him on the team for The hell of it. What ya say?, ya don't have a choice with your decision's in life.

    And NO, No is The answer to the stupidity you said. We will Only defend on EwncW Turf, because if you're here then it means your at the highest level. So Typical Fat guy at home with the wrinkled and ripped off sleeve J-DuB T-shirt...keep chanting by your Damn Self.

    Cuz its not happening, It Stays with us and we do what we Want. So We DO WHAT WE want

    *Criz starts setting up a table*

    Free From P only have stupid ideas I swear, its like Chanting WcW at a WWe event. It looks,sounds and is....Stupid.

    Sean: So I Say that ,to Do This. With One last thing to State and the obvious is this...There ARE NO BOUNDARIES TO WHAT WE WILL DO TO GET BACK OUR GOLD @ NO GUTS, NO GLORY!

    *Sean powerbombs Black thru the table*

    *criz puts his foot on top of the guy, with the camera low showing the guy laid out*

    *criz ducks a bit*

    Criz: Know Who The Known are!

    The cameras cut back to the announcers table

    Terry Murdock: What the hell was that all about?!

    Nick Newman: That was the N.A.P making a statement that everyone will remember ...

    Terry Murdock: Well, making a statement or not ... Up next is our main event! We will see HolyJose face William Carlin!

    Nick Newman: Carlin's got this one in the bag without a doubt.

    Lily Morgan: The following match is set for one fall ... Introducing first, HolyJose!

    HolyJose makes his way onto the stage to a chorus of cheers and the cheers get even louder when he poses for the fans. He walks down the ramp, slapping a few hands a long the way and slides into the ring and leans against the turnbuckle, waiting for his opponent to arrive.

    Terry Murdock: Holyjose looks as ready as ever for this match!

    Nick Newman: Yeah, well I bet his opponent is even more ready!

    Terry Murdock: What makes you say that, Newmen?

    Nick Newman: Because I'm right, and you're wrong! Haha!

    Lily Morgan: And his opponent ...He is one half of the EWNCW Blacklist Champions ... William Carlin!

    William Carlin slowly makes his way to the stage and the crowd boos him loudly when he raises his championship high above his head. Carlin walks down the ramp slowly, putting the championship over his left shoulder as he does.

    Nick Newman: This guy is a true champion! He has the look, he has the swagger, he is what every champion should be!

    Terry Murdock: Well, people have their own opinions I guess!

    Carlin gets into the ring and holds the championship in Holyjose's face, and then hands the championship to a man on the outside of the ring. Holyjose and Carlin take their respective corners, and then Referee David Johnson calls for the bell (ring, ring, ring) and the match begins

    HolyJose (Rhodes) vs. William Carlin (DiBiase)
    (Start at 3:27, End at 6:27)

    Carlin is down after a huge Final Judgement from Holyjose! Holyjose goes for the cover!

    Terry Murdock: It is over! Holyjose is going to win this won after that nasty Final Judgement!

    Nick Newman: Hold on a second! They are close to that rope right there, Carlin could easily grab it!

    One! Two! Carlin grabs the bottom rope!

    Holyjose sits up and looks at the ref and holds up three fingers, but the ref points to the bottom rope. Holyjose gets back to his feet and stands Carlin up, and Holyjose attempts another Final Judgement, but Carlin reverses it and pushes Holyjose into the turnbuckle, then rolls back with him and hits the Chaos Theory!! Carlin goes for the cover!!

    One! Two! NO!!

    Terry Murdock: Oh my god!! What a kick out! I can't believe Holyjose is still in this!!

    Nick Newman: The ref counted slow! C'mon, Carlin!! Pin him!!

    HolyJose kicks out and Carlin is pissed! He jumps to his feet and argues with the ref, telling him that it was three but the ref says two! Carlin looks down at Holyjose, then grabs him by the hair and stands him to his feet and then hits another Chaos Theory but instead of going for the cover, Carlin rolls Holyjose onto his stomach ...

    Cattle Mutilation! Carlin applies major pressure to Holyjose's arms and back, and Holyjose is screaming in pain, trying to stay strong, but he has no choice! He tells the ref hes had enough!

    Lily Morgan: Here is your winner ... William Carlin!

    Terry Murdock: Three finishers! Holyjose took three finishing manuvers before finally tapping out!

    Nick Newman: Carlin whooped his candy ass! That was GREAT!

    Terry Murdock: Well, thank you ladies and gentlemen for tuning into EWNCW Brutality! We hope you enjoyed the show! Make sure to tune in next week for more action packed events! Good night everybody!

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