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    Terry Murdock:My God! Ladies and gentleman we have a full arena waiting of course the best tag team action out there.

    Nick Newman: They do not have to look any further. Brutality is here and ready to kick some fucking ass.

    Robert Goodman: Damn right, with all that last week I believe nothing stood out more than God's Grace return.

    Luke Douglas: Speaking of God's Grace, they have requested to open the show so let's await to hear what Ultimate Opportunity Contract Holders have to say.

    Azrael and HolyJose walk out to a huge reaction from the crowd. They run towards the ring and slide in. They get on top of the turn buckles and raise both sets of contracts in the air while they sing along to their entrance music. HolyJose picks up a mic and begins to speak

    HolyJose: Ever since I began wrestling I've made a name for myself. I rose the ranks wherever I was. Be it JBW

    *Crowd boos*

    HWA, or any other fed I am a part of. I'm known as a veteran one who is respected. Let's look at my championship victories I've won The WARFare World Television and World Tag Team Championships and the first Alpha Revolution North American Heavyweight Champion. Those are accomplishments but to be considered a veteran? Someone that needs to be looked up too? Sure Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat or Jimmy "Superfly" Snuka never won the WWE Championship but they ended up being world champions elsewhere. I though. I have yet to win a major world championship. I refuse to accept myself as someone to look up to if I haven't even held a world championship. Azrael and I have been here for close to a year waiting patiently climbing the ranks.

    HolyJose looks down at the contracts in his hand and in Azrael's hands

    HolyJose: So we took a break. We needed time to think. Time to evaluate how needed we are in Brutality. The conclusion we came up to is we are god damn fucking important to Brutality. We are the best team and we won't stop until we accomplish our goal. With these contracts the Blacklist Championships are within our grasps. BRUTALITY GET READY BECAUSE GOD'S GRACE WILL BE BESTOWED UPON YOU. WE WILL BE THE NEXT BLACKLIST CHAMPIONS!

    HolyJose puts down his mic and Azrael begins to speak

    Azrael: No matter the differences that Jose and I have. We remain a team. A true brotherhood. Jose wants to talk championships. I've been overlooked in other companies but that's because alone we're great. We're the best but as a team as one unit. We are unstoppable. I look at all you fans and you should all see you're standing in front of greatness. We aren't overlooked any more. We've proven time and time again why we deserve these contracts and why we will be the next Blacklist Champions. It doesn't matter who was the first. It doesn't matter who has held it the longest or the shortest or even the most amout of times. All that matters is how great of a champion one is and God's Grace is greatness!

    HolyJose looks to speak but is cut off

    The Perfect Storm's music hits, to some boos over the interruption, but more cheers due to them being a fan favorite team. Mikkel and Ryan stand at the top of stage, grab mics, and then make their way to the ring, with mics in hand, and both climb the stairs to get in, getting ready to speak

    Wells: Jose, Azrael, we honestly don't mean to interrupt a team that fights for the fans like we do, they are what makes Brutality worth coming out and fighting on.
    Turns to the crowd, pointing in a circle, to all sections

    You guys are the heart and soul of Brutality and all professional wrestling, give yourselves a round of applause!

    Crowd gets very loud, standing on the feet, while all 4 competitors clap for them and the crowd just cheering for all of them

    Wells: That was great guys! God, the energy flows through me from your cheers! But onto the matter at hand as to why we came down here. It's great that you won the contracts, congrats. You guys definitely won them fair and square, there is no disputing that. But what Mikkel and I have a problem with, is why you both would need the contracts to get a chance to win a championship? Hard work, determination, sacrifice, grit, and continual efforts of trying your best every night, is how to get a chance to win the title(s). Now, don't get us wrong, we know you two have done that, we are not disputing that. But it almost feels like winning those contracts is taking away from the prestige of any title you both decide to cash in on. There should be hard fought battles, however long they are, and however gruesome and however painful they are, that is how titles should be won. Not by preying on the weak after they may have been attacked unfairly or just won a hard fought match. That's not right.

    The Perfect Storm, is exactly what our namesake says, we are perfect. Not we aren't cocky, we're not perfect human beings, but we are the perfect team. We have the charisma, the heart, the determination, the experience, the soul, the love for the fans. That is what makes us perfect. And it's not fair to us or these great fans who work hard to see all of us do what we do best, not see The Perfect Storm on Brutality. It's almost like highway robbery. We deserve to be on this show every single time, not for ourselves, but the fans!

    For *points in circles towards all the sections of the crowd again* them!

    Everybody loses, sometimes at least. All the great teams have, there is no arguing that. But why is that you, and I mean the Brutality management, punish us by not allowing us to compete, because we lost a match, when you see teams like The Shadows of Madness, continue to lose to the Jesting Madness but are still, every week given an opportunity to wrestle, and so many chances at the Brutality Grand Championships? Now again, we are not bashing or down-talking any teams, every team that is on this roster deserves to be on it and are all good teams, just some better then others. And we, The Perfect Storm, given that chance, can show that we are the better part of Brutality!

    Freyr: My friend and warrior-brethren Mr Wells is very correct. You, erm, God's Grace, are a known name across the land, but you cannot be given things you haven't earned.

    Myself, Mikkel Gunnar Freyr, and Mr Wells have fought with bravery and honour under our Perfect Storm banner, and it is erm, this that disgruntles us most, that some get to "jump the queue".

    So! We, The Perfect Storm, challenge you! Mr Jose, Mr Azrael, God's Grace, to a match! Do you erm, accept? Or are you the chickens?

    HolyJose: woah Wells. You know nothing of what Azrael and I have planned for with these contracts. To assume that we will cash these in when our opponent is down is well poor foresight to say the least. You're right these fans deserve a damn good main event not only for the Blacklist Championships but also here on Brutality. Perfect Storm you're good you are and well Azrael and I accept your challenge! We're always up for a good fight.

    Azrael: know this both of you. You'll regret challenging a more focused and determined God's Grace and we'll show your imperfection in a heartbeat.

    Grant walks out to the stage, microphone in hand.

    Grant: Did you guys forget what I said last week? I AM in charge!!!

    Crowds boos.

    Grant: Your decision making skills around here are non-existant. If you want a match, I get to choose your fates. This is my show and you better remember that.

    Crowd boos grow intense.

    Grant: Now, I must say, I actually like the idea of God's Grace taking on The Perfect Storm. In fact after last week when The Jesting Madness and The Shadows Madness continued their brawl off the air, I determined their presence here tonight would lead to issues I simply cannot have in my show. Therefore I am going to give the two teams in the ring now a chance. A chance to headline Brutality and show that without The Jesting Madness and The Shadows of Madness, Brutality can provide the best tag team action any one has ever seen.

    Crowds gives Gran a small pop.

    Grant: Make the most of this opportunity, I may very well decide to fire you if you makes this match worth the while. Good luck, you'll all need it.

    Grant is seen smirking in the stage as both team stare down in the ring.

    Terry Murdock: Whoa, Jesting Madness and The Shadows are not here tonight. So our main event will be...

    Nick Newman: Shut up, we aren't clueless. We heard it from The Boss himself that it will The Perfect Storm facing God's Grace.

    Robert Goodman: What a great opportunity for 2 great teams to prove they deserve to be in the main event.

    Luke Douglas: That's true but for now we must take a quick commercial but when we return, The Coke Boyz will face The Gates of Christ.

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    Henry Watson: This match is set for one fall. On there way to the ring at this time, Michael Gates and Gabriel Christ, they are The Gates of Christ!!!

    The Gates of Christ come out to a mixed reaction but boo clearly dominate as they enter and say: HE shall guide us.

    Nick Newman: A great team that has been inactive for a bit, they need to win to come back strong.

    Terry Murdock: That they do but are facing a new young team that is itching for some success here in Brutality.

    Henry Watson: and their opponents, the team of G.Demonic and V.Diamondz.........The Coke Boyz.

    The Coke Boyz head to the ring and spread joints and bags of cocaine to junkies among the crowd. They enter the ring and are received by boos from the crowd as they pose.

    Robert Goodman: What is this? This is the behavior they wanna promote to the masses? That drugs are cool? I hope Free From Poison knocks some sense into them.

    Luke Douglas: The Gates fo Christ will get that chance first, let's see if they can make the most of it.

    Finish: V. Diamondz and Gabriel Christ are the legal men. V. Diamondz is dominating until Christ is able to hit a back body drop and both men are down. V. Diamondz is recovering faster than Christ and looks in his stash for a pill with the letter E on it and forces onto Christ mouth. Christ soon starts stumbling and his eyes are dilated and speaking gibberish forcing to referee to declare him unfit and give the win to The Coke Boyz.

    Henry Watson: Here are your winners the Coke Boyz

    Nick Newman: Smart thinking from The Coke Boyz to win here tonight.

    Terry Murdock: Are you insane, they drugged The Gates of Christ. That's the only way they could've won. Anyways, stay tuned folks, we'll be right back after this commercial break.

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    La Renaissance come out and walk to the ring. Picking up mics once they are in the ring where they patiently wait for the crowd's boos to subside.

    Bordeux: Are you all finished now?

    Crowd boos with more intensity

    Dubois: Guess not. You stupid Americans are never finished because you are selfish and arrogant idiots.

    Crowd boos La Renaissance mercilessly.

    Bordeux: We are confident that The Dogs of War are finished though, they are and have always been losers just like America.

    Dubois: That's why we are proud to be French: Vive la France.

    Axxel Sonn and Keith Andrews head out to the stage with mics in hands.

    Andrews: We are sick of you guys running your mouth, you only beat us once and we are confident that if we meet in the ring once again in wont happen twice so next week we have arranged through Grant to have a rematch between us and also for some action tonight.

    He feels Mixed Emotions and The Bloodstone also need to vent some of their frustrations out here tonight. So we will team up with The Bloodstone Empire while you team up with Mixed Emotion for an 8 man tag match later tonight.

    Sonn: See you then.

    Terry Murdock: What a great turn of events, what a match for later tonight as well a rematch next week, I can't wait

    Luke Douglas: Should be quite exciting, we will take a quick commercial break folks, more action when we return.

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    Henry Watson: The following is an 8 man tag team match set for one fall. On there way to the ring at this time, the collective force of Payne, Torcher, Slither and Twisted......CIRQUE de FREAK!!!!!!!!!

    The crowd explodes as the unison of men called Cirque de Freak head to the ring and each take a turn a turnbuckle and pose for the crowd before meeting in the middle of the ring, headbutt each other and scream for Red Juice.

    Nick Newman: Fucking lunatics, how the hell are they allowed to wrestle here?

    Terry Murdock: Must be a freak act of nature.

    Henry Watson: and their opponents, the team of Big Chief Long Schlong and Miguel Tenorio, they are the EWNCW Intercontinental Champions...The Sexiest Alpha Males

    The Ladies erupt as they see The Sexiest Alpha Males head to the ring. Once in the ring they flaunt the gold they carry to boos from the males in the crowd.

    Robert Goodman: they can always makes these ladies squeal.

    Nick Newman: But they can perform in the ring even better, that's why they are the EWNCW Intercontinental Champions today.

    Henry Watson: and their partners, the team of Prince Alex Foyt and Prince Chamberlain, they are the EWNCW Grand Champions......The Blacklist Royalty!!!!

    The EWNCW Grand Champions head to the ring in new attire, wearing crowns and golden silk robes. the fans boo them as they enter the ring and show off the gold.

    Robert Goodman: They've been a bit inactive but you cannot that when they show they mean business.

    Luke Douglas: Damn right, they look great as well with their new threads: gold, just like the gold they carry as the EWNCW Grand Champions that they are.

    Finish: Slither and Chamberlain are the legal and both men battle it out until out of nowhere Slither is able to connect the Freak Suplex (twisting neckbreaker suplex) and goes for the cover....1..........2......The Big Chief interrupts the count and all hell breaks as all the men enter the ring and brawl until they are forced to continue the brawl on the outside. Slither is up and tries to continue the attack on Chamberlain but Chamberlain effective kicks Slither's right knee and in a swift manner is able to lock in The Heir to the Throne (Figure Four Leg Lock) to make Slither tap and give his team the win.

    Henry Watson: Here are your winners, The Sexiest Alpha Males and The Blacklist Royalty

    Nick Newman: YES!!!!!! That's is why they are the best, that is why they are champions and that is why at Rise from the Ashes they will continue to be champions.

    Luke Douglas: Who knows, maybe the desire from Cirque de Freak will lead them to become champions very soon. Now we take a commercial break.

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    Henry Watson: This match is set for one fall. On there way to the ring at this time, Sayosin and Jayden Knight, they are Free From Poison.

    Free From Poison head to the ring and shakes hands with many fans as they walk down the ramp and walk around ringside.

    Terry Murdock: You can just feel the positive energy these guys give out, it is great.

    Nick Newman: They are as much of a joke as this whole Straight Edge lifestyle they "claim to live by" is.

    Henry Watson: and their opponents, the team of Sean and Criz Dimension, they are the EWNCW Internet Champions, The New Assault Program.

    The champions run to the ring and get in Free From Poison's face before raising the gold up high.

    Luke Douglas: The champions are eager to begin.

    Robert Goodman: Let's not keep them waiting then.

    Finish: Sayosin and Sean Dimension are the legal men. Sayosin is down a solid right hand from Sean Dimension, who now tries to send Sayosin towards th ropes but it reversed and sent to the ropes himself. Sean wisely holds on to the ropes and Sayosin charges towards Sean getting thrown over the ropes but landing on the apron. Sean celebrates too early and as he tuns around Sayosin jumps off the ropes and does a front flip before driving his knees into Sean's chest connecting the Straight Edge 2. He goes for the cover....1......2.....Criz interrupts the count. Criz sends Sayosin towards where Knight makes the blind tag before Sayosin is met with a clothesline that sends him out of the ring; Criz begins to brag and pays for it with a Running Big Boot from Jayden Knight before Knight locks Sean in in the Crossface to make Sean Dimension tap.

    Henry Watson: Here are your winners.....Free From Poison!!!

    Robert Goodman: A fantastic win for this group and over the EWNCW Internet Champions no less, this could ut them in the running to challenge them for the gold later on.

    Terry Murdock: Indeed it could, we will be right back after this quick commercial break.

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    Grant is shown backstage in his office

    Grant: Now as I told everyone earlier this evening, both The Shadows of Madness and The Jesting are not here for events that transpired last week. Next week however they will be here and they will be in action in Pick your Poison matches where both champions and challenger will choose their respective opponents.

    That's not all. Given this will The Shadows of Madness last chance at the gold, I want to see this feud end in glorious fashion.

    The Shadows of Madness vs The Jesting Madness III will be contested in a Gates of Hell Match. It will be a Steel Cage like no other for normal means of escape through the top of the cage is going to be an option only a mad man would choose. Why?

    The top of the cage will be lit on fire; fire so hot that it will make each of the walls of the Steel Cage unclimbable and can be used as a weapon to forever mark your foes' flesh if pressed against the cage walls.

    To add more to this crazy invention of mine, both champions and challengers will be confined to reside in a coffin without food or water for 24 hours prior to Rise of the Ashes, making them fight it out one last time under the effects of true madness.

    So Slayde and Abel, get ready. Carlin and Grind, be ready. For this match will be the toughest match in your careers and neither of you will ever be the same after it's over.

    Back in the arena

    Henry Watson: This is an 8 man tag team match set for one fall. On there way to the ring at this time, the team of Keith Andrews and Axxel Sonn, The Dogs of War.

    The Dogs of head out the ring to cheeers of the crowd and chants of U.S.A.. They enter the ring and pose for the fans.

    Nick Newman: Wow....The Boss just made a colossal announcement and we gotta follow it up with these losers?

    Terry Murdock: Thy are not losers Nick, they were the EWNCW Grand Champions at one point in their careers, they are just looking to bounce back after a few tough losses.

    Henry Watson: and their partners, the team of Samuel and Benjamin Bloodstone, The Bloodstone Empire.

    The Bloodstone cousins head to the ring energized and ready for action.

    Luke Douglas: The brother and cousin of the pipsqueak of Daymian Bloodstone, look to show they can be big stars in Brutality. Highly doubtful.

    Robert Goodman: Are you crazy? they already big stars, they are Bloostones, they can be as big as they want to be.

    Henry Watson: and their opponents, the team of Pride and Sorrow, they are Mixed Emotions.

    Pride and Sorrow head to the ring to a mass of boos and they enter the ring scowling at The Bloodstone Empire.

    Robert Goodman: These teams hate each and to see which one will win their Ironman Match at Rise from the Ashes will be a treat.

    Luke Douglas: Indeed it will.

    Henry Watson: and their partners, the team of Pierre Dubois and Amauri Bordeux, they are La Renaissance.

    Boos rain down on La Renaissance as they appear on stage and wave the French flag while screaming Vive la France!!! as they soon enter the ring.

    Terry Murdock: Next this much anticiapted between La Renaissance and The dogs of War will take place. Can they make it 2-0 against them?

    Nick Newman: Of course they will. The Dogs of war stand no chance.

    Finish: Dubois and Samuel Bloodstone are the legal men. Samuel is on the attack and quickly plants Dubois with a DDT before signaling to the crowd he's going up top. Samuel seems set to fly but Sorrow pushes off the turnbuckle to crash on the outside and he lands horribly wrong. The ref reaches his 10 count and declares the match to be over before signaling for the medics to check on Samuel.

    Henry Watson: Here are your winners, Mixed Emotions and La Renaissance

    Nick Newman: Wow...Samuel could be seriously injured...awesome, Mixed Emotions may have ensured they will finally be the winners by making sure Samuel Bloodstone is unable to compete.

    Terry Murdock: I'm shocked, Nick. Just when I think you can't get any lower, you make statements like that. We will try to keep updated on the statu of Samuel but when we return it's time for the main event as God's Grace faces The Perfect Storm.

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    Henry Watson: The following contest is set for one fall and it is your Brutality Main Event of the evening. On there way to the ring at this time, the team of Ryan Wells and Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr, they are The Perfect Storm!!!

    The Perfect Storm come to the ring to the cheers of the crowd as they enter the ring with an intense look in the eye.

    Nick Newman: These guys have rarely been showcased here in Brutality and they get to be in the main event? Why?

    Robert Goodman: To prove that they can be, Nick. Grant said so himself.

    Terry Murdock: Very true, against God's Grace no less, who if they truly want to be the EWNCW Blacklist Champions they need to ensure they can be in the main event again and again.

    Luke Douglas: Indeed.

    Henry Watson: and their opponents, they are the current holders of the Ultimate Opportunity Contracts. the team of HolyJose and Azrael......God's Grace!!!!!

    God's Grace walk to the ring to biggest pop of the night by far each carrying their contracts as they enter the ring and pose for the fans.

    Terry Murdock: We have have seen this team grow befroe our eyes since the early of Brutality almost one year ago.

    Nick Newman: A year and they've accomplished nothing? Ha. Figures.

    Luke Douglas: Nothing yet Nick, they have those contracts so anything can change in the blink of an eye.

    Robert Goodman: Very true, now let the action begin.

    Mitch Sanders is the referee for this match and calls for the bell (ring, ring, ring) as Azrael and Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr start things off. Azrael punches Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr repeatedly before Freyr ducks under the last punch thrown and neck snaps Azrael, causing Azrael's neck to be in pain. Azrael is now put into an abdominal streath by Freyr. Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr applies great pressure and tells the ref to do his job and ask Azrael if he wants to quit.

    Luke Douglas: Will Azrael give up this early in the match?

    Azrael tells the ref he won't quit and powers out of Freyr's grasp and clotheslines Ryan Wells before doing the same to Fryer and tagging in HolyJose. HolyJose goes after Freyr and connect an enziguri on Freyr and covers.........1........2........Freyr kicks out.

    Nick Newman: Very close fall rght there.

    Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr now stands and HolyJose looks continue attacking but Freyr surprises HolyJose and takes him down with an Arabian Facebuster before tagging in Ryan Wells, who goes for the cover.....1......2....HolyJose kicks out.

    Terry Murdock: HolyJose shows his undying spirit.

    Wells forces HolyJose to climb back to his feet. HolyJose get nailed with a double axe handle chop from Wells.

    Robert Goodman: Wells executes a powerful double axe handle chop.

    HolyJose is back on his feet and as Wells lo to continue his assault HolyJose hits a flying karate chop right onto Wells and tags in Azrael. Azrael punches Wells repeatedly. Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr enters the ring and gets Azrael off Wells and chops Azrael repeatedly.

    Luke Douglas: Azrael takes a series of chops from Freyr. How much more of those can he take?

    Azrael is saved by HolyJose and now all four men are in the ring and the fans go wild as they all began trading blows.

    Terry Murdock: What brawl!!! You gotta love this.

    Ryan Wells and Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr team up as Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr punches HolyJose in the gut setting him up for a powerbomb from Wells but HolyJose wiggles free and drops down before bounces off of the ropes and hits a huge dropkick on Wells that ends straight out of the ring.

    Nick Newman: Here we go, the end might be near.

    HolyJose gets hit with a clothesline from Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr. The ref starts the count....1........2......HolyJose escapes.

    Robert Goodman: Wow, how did he kick out?

    HolyJose gets up. Mikkel Gunnar-Freyr is ready to end things but Azrael hits a big hay maker and leaves Fryer stunned enough for them to apply the Fall From Grace as Azrael sets him up in the tiger bomb and HolyJose hits a rolling cutter while Azrael powerbombs Freyr. Referee Mitch Sanders makes the count....1........2.........3!!!!

    Henry Watson: The winners of this match, God's Grace!!!

    Terry Murdock: Spectacular win for God's Grace.

    Robert Goodman: Indeed, they really deserve this one.

    God's Grace celebrates their win as The Perfect Storm is still in the ring. They come face to face and shake hands in a great show of respect from both teams as the crowd cheers on.

    Luke Douglas: What a memorable way to close the show.

    Nick Newman: Could've been better, that's all the time we got for you all this week. See you next time right here on Brutality.
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    Few fillers this week, as always be sure to check Inferno, Rage and Warzone.

    Support the other feds and check out JBW,IC, TWE, HWA and the WWE Fed.
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    This is the closeout how, so after this no more Brutality after Rise from the Ashes, so be sire to pay attention to the PPV. It's gonna rock.
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    The show will be up in a few but it is up next.
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