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    Henry Watson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is your Brutality Main Event of the evening.. On there way to the ring at this time, the team of Twisted and Slither, they are Cirque de Freak.

    Cirque de Freak walk to the ring to the cheers of the crowd and chants of Red Juice everywhere.

    Nick Newman: I can't wait to The Jesting Madness kick their asses. It's their fault THe Shadows not get to challenge them for the gold again.

    Terry Murdock: Indeed but as Slayde said they did it to make sure The Sexiest Alpha Males knew, they still had a bone to pick with them over the gold.

    Robert Goodman: Gold they will surely look to regain and to say you knocked off the EWNCW Blacklist Champions along the way could make it so their goal be that much closer to becoming true.

    Luke Douglas: I'm sorry but The Jesting Madness are the champions for a reason, they look to win at all costs.

    Henry Watson: and their opponents, they are the EWNCW Blacklist Champions, Grind Bastard and William Carlin, The Jesting Madness!!!

    Jesting Madness come to the ring to a great mass of boos as they enter then ring and raise the gold high into the air increasing the amount of boos.

    Robert Goodman: The top dogs of Brutality. The best of the best and our EWNCW Blacklist Champions, The Jesting Madness look set to compete and put on display why they are the team that everyone wants to beat.

    Luke Douglas: They are certainly no fan favorites.

    Nick Newman: You don't need to be when you're the best.

    Terry Murdock: Lets see them live up to that standard, right now.

    David Johnson is the referee for this match and calls for the bell (ding, ding, ding) as Twisted and Grind Bastard decide to start things off. Grind Bastard and Twisted engage in a fingerlock test of strength in which Twisted gets the edge and manages to execute a bridging suplex for a 1 count. Twisted tries to go on the attack once more but a swift knee to the gut knocks the wind out of him and Grind Bastard executes a neckbreaker before taunting the crowd.

    Luke Douglas: Grind Bastard is a cocky bastard but when you're the top dog, you have the right to be that cocky.

    Twisted gets picked up and hit with the Chokeslam from Grind Bastard. David Johnson counts....1...2..........Twisted kicks out.

    Robert Goodman: Not even close! Twisted still has plenty of fight left in him.

    Twisted is up again. Grind Bastard tags in William Carlin. William Carlin leg sweeps Twisted and keeps him down by applying a sleeper hold but Twisted fights his way out and reaches the ropes where Carlin breaks the hold at the ref's 3 count to the crowd's disapproval. Twisted makes his way up using the ropes, Carlin looks to clothesline him but he pulls down the ropes sending Carlin crashing to the outside.

    Terry Murdock: He has to make the tag now!

    Slither is tagged in as Carlin the ring and knees William Carlin in the skull and rolls back to his feet with a look in his eye that everybody loves as he screams: RED JUICE!!!!!!!!!!

    Robert Goodman: Oh no, The Jesting Madness better watch out.

    William Carlin first surprises Twisted with a single leg takedown, then he turns it into a leglock submission. Referee David Johnson is checking for a tap out. ... William Carlin tightens the hold. ... (AHHHH!) ... William Carlin breaks the hold and picks up Slither but that was a mistake as Slither connects a jaw breaker. Again with that look in his eye and asks Twisted to remove the protective layer of the turnbuckle exposing the the metal ring much to the ref's protest and the crowd curiosity. William Carlin and Slither trades blows before a kick to the knee from Slither to Carlin leaves him open to be grabbed by the back of the neck and taken to the exposed turnbuckle where his head is repeatedly smashed again and again until he is busted open. RED JUICE!!!! The smile on Twisted and Slither's faces cannot be contained as they take Carlin's blood in their hands and savor it. ''It's Sweet'' can be clearly heard from Slither as the crowd cheers.

    Luke Douglas: This is the best match in the history of the WORLD!! The champs have been busted open and the red juice is flowing.

    Twisted is tagged in by Slither but Slither does not exist the ring until he connects the Freak Suplex as Slither lifts Carlin up and delivers a twisting neckbreaker suplex. Twisted goes for the cover.........1.......................2........... ....Carlin barely kicks out. Twisted once again takes Carlin's blood in his hand and tastes it saying: Yum!!!

    Nick Newman: You just can't have any normal match with these freaks. Come on Carlin.

    Most of the crowd boos at the sight of The Sexiest Alpha Males walking down the ramp but as promised The Shadows of Madness are not too far behind. Abel delivers a double chokeslam to Tenorio and The Big Dhief as Slayde kicks T-Thunda in the gut and execute The Dark Veil (Double Underhook Piledriver) on the ramp and Cirque de Freak thank them for the help.

    Luke Douglas: Twisted needs to worry about The Jesting not what;s going on outside the ring.

    Twisted is surprised by Carlin who appears to rolls him up but instead rolls through locking in the Cattle Mutilation in record time. He signals Grind Bastard to enter the ring and strike Slither, which he does laying him out on the outside. Carlin continues the pressure and it becomes too much to resist as Twisted taps.

    Henry Watson: The winners of this match, The Jesting Madness!!!

    Nick Newman: YES!!!!!!!!! That's why they are the champs, though bloodied Carlin pull off the fantastic win via submission.

    Terry Murdock: Will they do the same to The Shadows of Madness when they meet one more time? Looks like we wont have to wait long.

    The Shadows of Madness now enter the ring and brawl it out with The Jesting Madness before.....

    Robert Goodman: This is insane, wait.....

    God's Grace appear on stage looking on at the brawl happening in the ring and look at their contracts saying: ''Soon''

    Luke Douglas: Soon??!!!! What could this mean? Holy Shit!!! Sorry folks that's all the time we have for you this week. Be sure to be on the look out for the next EWNCW Brutality. Good night folks.
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    So many fillers T____T
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    All right sorry for the delay, real life beckon and have had little time to get this, here's to the next one being up by Friday, wish me luck.
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    So go read Inferno and Warzone, they are awesome. Rage will soon follow.
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    In August A LOT of changes will be made to Brutality so stay tuned for those.
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    So yeah, I hate coloring!!!! Takes too long but you guys like it so I suffer so you can enjoy.
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    Almost done with the fudging fillers.
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    It should be a small show, so once again please forgive all the delays!!!
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    Are you ready????
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    Here it comes.
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