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    EWNCW Brutality!!!!

    *The show opens with Brutality COO Grant heading to the ring with a mic in hand*

    Grant: Welcome everyone, tonight quick news since more pressing matters require my attention especially the health of the 12 men who came crashing down the Hell in a Cell last week. That's why tonight a lot of the teams you know and love like God's Grace and The New Assault Program will not be action tonight.

    Now as promised, new EWNCW Grand Champions will be crowned tonight as well some other in ring action. Now though this is a short show like those we used to have back in the old Sanctuary days please stay tuned as the action is sure to captivate your senses especially when we crown our, brand new EWNCW Grand Champions here tonight, the first tournament will take place very soon so stay tuned, you wont wanna miss this.

    Robert Goodman: Indeed, we won't wanna miss this and we can only hope all involved in the Hell in a Cell last week are recovering well.

    Nick Newman: Indeed a lot things took place last week like the Hell in a Cell but we also saw CNK's farewell and therefore their vacancy of the EWNCW Grand Championships and that's why where here tonight.

    Luke Douglas: Damn, 8 teams across 2 Fatal 4 Way's where the winners of each match will meet in the finals later on.

    Terry Murdock: When we return one of those Fatal 4 Way's will kick off this very special episode of Brutality. Be sure to come right back folks.
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    Henry Watson: The following is Fatal 4 Way Tornado Elimination Match in the EWNCW Grand Championship Tournament in the ring at this time are The Blacklist Royalty, The Perfect Storm, The Coke Boyz and Free From Poison.

    [ The teams in the ring begin to brawl even before referee Craig Stevens calls for the bell. (ring, ring, ring) ]

    Nick Newman: This should be a quick sweep for The Coke Boyz or my favorites to win The Blacklist Royalty

    Terry Murdock: What about Free From Poison the newest rebirth of what used to be Straight Edge? They should be a favorite to win as well.

    Luke Douglas: None of you factor in The Perfect Storm, they are Brutality's newest team so what they'll do no one knows.

    Robert Goodman: Enough talk, let's get to the action.

    The Perfect Storm is eliminated by everybody

    [ The teams Coke Boyz, Free From Poison and The Blacklist Royalty decide to momentarily combine forces to eliminate the biggest threat of Wells and Gunner-Freyr as The Coke take on Wells neutralizing the power advantage he has over them allowing them to quickly and effectively connect The Coke Wave (Krs-One) as Gunner-Freyr is double team by The Blacklist Royalty and the odds become too much too handle before Foyt secure Gunner-Freyr as Chamberlain heads to the ropes at high speed, rebounds and as Foyt monkey flips Gunner-Freyr into the air he is met with a running clothesline from Chamberlain, a move they like to call Royalty before finally Knight and Saiosyn each grab an opponent in Wells and Gunner-Freyr and Knight delivers the Gorybomb to Wells while Gunner-Freyr is placed in the nearest corner where he's set up for and is on the receiving end of the Straight Edge (Saiosyn runs and drives his knees in face of his opponent in a corner). Both halves of The Perfect Storm are down and out as 3 men cover each men as the ref performs a double pin....1.............2................3.]

    Robert Goodman: These teams were wise to team up to take down the unknown factor that was The Perfect Storm

    Nick Newman: Now lets see which team will win.

    Coke Boyz are eliminated by Free From Poison

    [ The alliance is over as all three brawl as Knight clashes with V.Diamondz, Foyt trades blows with G.Demonic and Saiosyn goes toe to toe with Chamberlain with G.Demonic and Saiosyn getting the edge over their opponents while V.Diamondz does the same to Knight before sending to the ropes, Knight rebounds but surprises everyone by connecting a running big boot out of nowhere and covers V.Diamondz.....1......2......3!!! ]

    Luke Douglas: What a boot to the face that takes out The Coke Boyz from the running to become our new EWNCW Grand Champions.

    Terry Murdock: Indeed, that was a great elimination by Knight.

    [ Only The Blacklist Royalty an Free From Poison remain but The Coke Boyz do not take to the loss very well attacking Saiosyn while The Blacklist Royalty attack Knight, who sees Saiosyn receive the Cocaine Reign (slingshot doomsday device) before he finally overcomes Foyt and Chamberlain and goes to aid his partner until V.Diamondz pulls out a small bag with what appears to be cocaine and throws it directly into Knight's face landing in his eyes and mouth before The Coke Boyz exit the ring, Chamberlain picks Knight up in a powerbomb position, Chamberlain gets a running start to slam Knight down as Foyt catches Knight mid move and connects with a Double-Knee Backbreaker, a move simply called Blacklist. Chamberlain covers......1................2.............3!!! ]

    Henry Watson: Here are are your winners and advancing to the Grand Championship Tournament.....The Blacklist Royalty.

    Nick Newman: Fuck yeah, The Blacklist Royalty advance after that devastating move.

    Terry Murdock: We still have to see who will face them later tonight but when we return from this commercial break, prepare for some high flying action as The Sky High Bastards look to seek vengeance for their loss last week after The Crimsons Samurais interference.
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    Henry Watson: The following contest is set for one fall, on their way to the ring are Yuji Otani and Takashi Ito they are..... The Crimson Samurais!!!

    [ The Japanese Sensations, come out with a burst of energy that transcends to the crowd and get them excited as this high flying duo enter the ring. ]

    Robert Goodman: These guys know how to get the crowd excited, hell I'm excited and cant wait to see them in action.

    Henry Watson: And their opponents, the team of Toxic and Bazooka.....The Sky High Bastards!!!

    [ The Sky High Bastards head to the ring ignoring the fans as boos come their way and look on to The Crimson Samurais with hatred. ]

    Luke Douglas:
    That hatred has been brewing inside them since their loss last week. Who knows what they'll do here tonight.

    [ Craig Stevens is the referee for this match and call for the bell (ring, ring, ring) making this official as Yuji Otani and Bazooka start things off with a test of speed as each man performs armdrag after armdrag followed by dropkick after dropkick with neither man backing down in this spectacle of high flying action. ]

    Terry Murdock:
    What a start to this match, you can really feel the excitement in the air.

    [ Yuji Otani finally nails a big kick that sends Bazooka tumbling back to his corner where Toxic tags himself in as Otani gets back to his feet. Yuji Otani measures Toxic up and drops a closed fist before tagging Takashi Ito and the deliver double and stereo enzuigiris to Toxic to the crowd's delight. ]

    Nick Newman:
    Toxic shouldn't be subject to this double teaming!

    [ Takashi Ito makes the cover.........1............2.....Toxic kicks out as Bazooka enters the ring and gouges Takashi Ito's eyes out and hits him squarely in the groin, forcing the ref to rule this match in favor of The Crimson Samurais. The crowd boos with great intensity for the way the match came to an end. ]

    Henry Watson:
    The winners of this match as a result of a disqualification....The Crimson Samurais!!!

    Luke Douglas: What did I say? The Sky High Bastards only have revenge on their minds and made it clear they dont care for this after that low blow to Takashi Ito.

    Robert Goodman: It looks as if they're not quite done yet.

    [ Takashi Ito is now being pounded on by The Sky High Bastards until Yuji Otani enters the ring and quickly hits a big dropkick that sends Bazooka to the outside and soon Takashi reaches hi feet and hits The Kiss of Death (Superkick) on Toxic that sends him to the outside as the fans cheer excitedly as The Sky High Bastards heap up te ramp saying: ''This is far from over.'' while Takashi and Yuji pose for the fans. ]

    Nick Newman:
    You;re damn right this is far from over. This is just beginning and the Sky High Bastards will show these Crimson Samurais what high flying is all about.

    Terry Murdock: That we'll see, these Crimson Samurais may just rival The Sky High Bastards speed like no other team before it. When we come our second Fatal 4 Way will take so stay tuned, everyone.
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    Henry Watson: The following is Fatal 4 Way Tornado Elimination Match in the EWNCW Grand Championship Tournament in the ring at this time are The Upstarts, The Brotherhood of Brutality, Trollin' and Paparazzi confidential.

    [ All teams are in the ring and eager to compete as referee Mitch Sanders calls for the bell. (ring, ring, ring) ]

    Nick Newman:
    We are gonna some great action with some of the teams involved, but seriously what the hell is Trollin' doing in this?

    Terry Murdock: The fans love them so why wouldn't they be?

    Luke Douglas: Among the teams in this, I agree with Nick. What the hell is Trollin' doing in this? I personally look forward to seeing these new teams.

    Robert Goodman: Only one new team really, Paparazzi Confidential. They could surprise everyone but so could The Upstarts or the newly revamped team of Cooper Hawkins and now James Charisma, now to be known as The Brotherhood of Brutality. Let's get to the action.

    The Upstarts are eliminated by Paparazzi Confidential

    [ The Upstarts and Paparazzi Confidential brawl until a roundhouse by Mr. Iconic onto The HeartBreaker leaves him dazed for Rodney Hamm to pick him up and execute a Rolling fireman's carry slam followed by a 450° splash by Mr. Iconic followed by a moonsault by Hamm, which they call The Fashion Fun House as Hamm covers while Mr. Iconic prevents O'Connor from making the save....1.............2................3.]

    Terry Murdock:
    What a great to kick off your debut by eliminating The Upstarts

    Paparazzi Confidential is eliminated by Trollin'

    [ Overconfident from their recent The Brotherhood of Brutality double team Rodney Hamm while Herp Aderp grabs Mr. Iconic quickly lifting him up to his shoulders in an electric chair position before turning his back into the nearest corner where Derp Derpington is already waiting as he jumps off the top ropes grabbing Mr. Iconic's head and hit a cutter, which they call they Trollin' Cutter. Derp covers.....1...............2.................3!!! ]

    Nick Newman:
    What the FUCK??!!! How did Trollin' manage to get this far? They don't even deserve to be in this match for crying out loud.

    [ Finally only Trollin' and The Brotherhood of Brutality remain and the crowd is loving it. ]

    Luke Douglas:
    Two very unexpected team now face each other to see who'll face The Blacklist Royalty in the main event later tonight.

    [ Both teams brawl with Trollin' surprisingly getting the edge and they force Charisma out out of the the ring before position Hawkins for the Troll Cutter but Rodney Hamm runs to the ring jumping on the apron with a camera and with a powerful flash blinds Derp up on the top rope causing him to fall to out outside, Hawkins now rolls up Herp......1...............2............Herp kicks out. The crowd cheers. ]

    Robert Goodman:
    That was very close.

    [ Charisma is now in the ring and Hawkins grabs Herp and executes the package piledriver before doing a slingshot to send him towards Charisma who delivers a devastating brainbuster, a combo they like to call Welcome to the Brotherhood. Charisma covers.........1..............2.............3!!!! ]

    Henry Watson:
    Here are are your winners and advancing to the Grand Championship Tournament.....The Brotherhood of Brutality.

    Luke Douglas: What a revitalization from the old Hawkins and Charisma to this new Brotherhood of Brutality, they could do great things here in Brutality.

    Robert Goodman: That they might, up next The Dogs of Wars face La Renaissance in their debut here tonight but first we must take a quick commercial break.
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    Lily Morgan: With me at this time The Crimsons Samurais.

    *Ito takes the mic*

    Dōmo arigatōgozaimashita (Thank you very much), there's only one thing to say. The Sky High Bastards vs The Crimson Samurais no DQ next Brutality.

    *Passes the mic to Otani*

    See you then and Kōun (good luck) you're gonna need it.

    -Back to the arena-

    Henry Watson:
    This match is set for one fall. On there way to the ring at this time, Rocco and Keith Andrews......The Dogs of War!!!

    [Dogs of War come to the ring to a great deal of cheers and U.S.A. chants as they go around the ring shaking hands and when they see the U.S. Flag and salute before they enter the ring. ]

    Nick Newman:
    I dont see them winning they had a bad losing streak as of late and I just cant see them winning here tonight.

    Terry Murdock: Who knows this could be the win that runs things around.

    Henry Watson: and their opponents, the team of Pierre Dubois and Amauri Bordeux..........La Renaissance.

    [La Renaissance rush to the ring with the French Flag in tow and before the match can even begin they strike Andrws with the flag before doing the same to Rocco, who they pick him up, set him and connect with the Eiffel Tower (Shooting Star Elbow Drop (by Dubois) onto a kneeling back breake r (by Bordeux) before they say: pièces américaines de merde (American pieces of shit) and continue the attack. ]

    Luke Douglas:
    What a vicious attack by La Renaissance, great way to establish dominance this early on in their careers.

    Robert Goodman: Looks like help is on the way.

    [ The other Dogs of Wars Axxel Sonn and Markus Hailstrum come to make the save driving La Renaissance out of the ring before Sonn asks for a mic.]

    You wanna mess with The Dogs of War, fine. At Pain for Treasure we challenge you to a match where Hailstrum and I will show you why U.S.A. is the best country in the world.

    [ La Renaissance simply smile as they head up the ramp before we cut back to the ring and see The Dogs of War all stand and pose for the fans as we head to our final commercial break. ]
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    Henry Watson: This match is the Tournament Finals for the Grand Championships and is set for one fall. On there way to the ring at this time, Prince Chamberlain and Prince Alex Foyt, Blacklist Royalty!!!

    [ Blacklist Royalty come to the ring. Mixed reaction as fans seem to love them but some of their actions. ]

    Nick Newman:
    My early favorites to win it all are in the finals and one step closer to becoming our new EWNCW Grand Champions.

    Robert Goodman: They do seem like the odd on favorite but this new side we've seen from Hawkins and Charisma, now called The Brotherhood of Brutality could lead them to winning here tonight.

    Terry Murdock: That it might, both teams want the gold it's just a matter of who wants it more.

    Luke Douglas: That we'll see in just a few minutes.

    Henry Watson: and their opponents, the team of James Charisma and Cooper Hawkins.....The Brotherhood of Brutality!!!

    [The Brotherhood of Brutality walk to the ring as the fans boo them without end and they enter the ring ready an focused to win the gold. ]

    Robert Goodman:
    They got that look in their eyes, they want this win bad.

    Luke Douglas: Of course they do, why else would you bother making this far?

    Nick Newman: To be served on a platter by The Blacklist Royalty that's why.

    Terry Murdock: We'll see about that as the action begins now.

    [ Craig Stevens is the referee for this match and as he calls for the bell (ding, ding, ding) Prince Chamberlain gets nailed with a charging axhandle bodyblock from James Charisma. Prince Chamberlain is quickly picked up and placed by James Charisma on the turnbuckle and is on the receiving end of a suplerplex. James Charisma covers Prince Chamberlain........1.............2...........Chamb erlain rolls his shoulder out at the count of 2. ]

    Nick Newman:
    All right, Chamberlain showing resilience.

    [ James Charisma now tags in Cooper Hawkins. Hawkins hits the handspring moonsault on Prince Chamberlain before James Charisma goes off the nearest turnbuckle with a flying somersault splash. Hawkins covers.......1............2........Chamberlain once again kicks out. ]

    Luke Douglas:
    This is just awful! Prince Chamberlain is being double teamed!

    [ Prince Chamberlain is on the ground still where Hawkins now applies a gripping body scissors on Chamberlain's ribcage but Chamberlain fights back and strikes Hawkins with big elbows to the side of his head forcing him to lossen his hold and allow Prince Chamberlain to make a much needed tag to Prince Foyt. Prince Chamberlain leaps up, swings around Cooper Hawkins and DDT's him onto the mat. He covers........1.........2........Hawkins kicks out. ]

    Terry Murdock:
    Come on ref! Do something!! James Charisma is being double teamed!

    [ Prince Foyt climbs to his feet as does Cooper Hawkins standing. Cooper Hawkins gets kicked by Prince Foyt in the stomach, who executes the sitdown face slam. He covers again............1...........2.........Hawkins kicks out. ]

    Robert Goodman:
    If Cooper Hawkins keeps receiving moves like that sitdown faceslam The Blacklist Royalty could win the match!

    [ Prince Foyt picks up Hawkins but gets hit with the an elbow to the bridge of the nose from Cooper Hawkins, which he follows with a kick to the gut and delivers a piledriver. Hawkins covers......1..........2............Prince Foyt escapes. ]

    Terry Murdock:
    I thought it was over right there.

    Nick Newman: Never count The Blacklist Royalty off that easily.

    [ Prince Foyt reaches his feet as does Hawkins and both wisely make the tag to their respective partners before we see Chamberlain clothesline and hit a leg drop on James Charisma. Chamberlain goes for the cover but Hawkins immediately stops him before Foyt enters the ring and brawls with Hawkins as Prince Chamberlain watches on leaving himself unguarded for James Charisma to try and steal this one with a rollup.....1..........2........Prince Chamberlain powers out and when Charisma tries to go for a clothesline Chamberlain catches James Charisma in a backslide and goes for the pin. Referee Craig Stevens makes the count......1.......2..........3!!!!! ]

    Henry Watson:
    Here are your winners and brand new EWNCW Grand Champions...........The Blacklist Royalty!!!!!!!!!!

    Nick Newman: YES!!!!!!! I knew they could do it, I'm gonna collect my money from assholes later.

    Terry Murdock: Whatever.....

    [The Blacklist Royalty celebrate their win until.....]

    Robert Goodman: What the? Cirque de Freak? What do they want?

    [ Payne and Torcher come out to the ramp and point to the Blacklist Royalty and their newly won EWNCW Grand Championships with a twisted smile on their face. The Blacklist Royalty show no fear and raise the gold up high in acknowledgement of the nonverbal challenge made to them. ]

    Luke Douglas:
    Could this lead to The Blacklist Royalty versus Cirque de Freak's Payne and Torcher. We'll keep you posted as that's all the time we have for you this week. Remember to go see Pain for Treasure live in PPV very soon.
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    Let the Madness begin
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    A character's real name will be revealed tonight, so stay tuned.
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    Sorry if tonight's show isn't up to par with previous shows. Had to think outside the box to get this out in time.
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    After coloring and adding the music, the show will be posted. So then get too excited just yet. It will be very up soon. Brutality is up next.
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