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    Henry Watson: Ladies and gentlemen this is the Brutality Main Event of the evening!!!!!!!!!! It is a 6 team Hell in the Cell Match. On there way to the ring at this time the union of the current Ultimate Opportunity Contract Carriers......God's Grace, Atomic Blast and The Shadows of Madness!!!

    [ God's Grace, Atomic Blast and The Shadows of Madness come to the ring. The fans go bat shit insane cheering for these teams. ]

    Terry Murdock: I can't wait to see how these six men work when they get in the ring.

    Nick Newman: If you are expecting a match you are insane. This will be a fight.

    Robert Goodman: 12 people will be in that ring and I can guarantee that it will spill out of the cage and all over the place.

    Luke Douglas: We might have to say goodbye to our announce tables.

    Henry Watson - and their opponents, the combined forces of The Dawn of Destruction, the EWNCW Internet Champions The New Assault Program and the EWNCW Blacklist Champion The Jesting Madness.

    [ Dawn of Destruction, New Assault Program and Jesting Madness walk to the ring to big heat as the bans boo them without end. ]

    Robert Goodman: The look these men have on their face is a look of pure disgust.

    Nick Newman: This could end a lot of careers

    Terry Murdock: That's a really good possibility

    Luke Douglas: I expect a lot of blood.

    [ Mitch Sanders is the referee for this match calling for the bell (ding, ding, ding) and this one is underway as HolyJose walks around the ring before the twelve men stare each other down. Grind and Carlin point to Abel and Slayde and then to the roof of the cell. Abel grows a sick smile on his face and leaves the ring. He repeatedly kicks the cell door till it finally breaks open. Him and Slayde quickly climb the cell and reach the top. Carlin and Grind quickly follow. HolyJose and Azrael slide out of the ring and out of the cell, Paul and Zack quickly follow. The only teams left in the ring are Atomic Blast and New Assault Program.]

    Robert Goodman: Wait did this just turn int three different matches?

    Terry Murdock: It would appear so!

    Nick Newman: How the hell will anyone be able to follow this?

    Luke Douglas: They won't!

    [ Out on the Ramp HolyJose and Paul are tied up while Azrael and Silver trade blows. Paul catches HJ with a low blow that drops him to his knees. Paul turns around and its another low blow this time on Azrael. Inside the ring Sean and CriZ have taken control of Nick and Alex. Sean ties Alex up in the ropes leaving him helpless to help his partner. Nick tries to fight both men but the double team is too much for him. Sean and Crix execute a double suplex on Nick as Alex looks on helpless. Sean walks over to Alex and smacks him in the face. Alex spits on him Sean, and eats a boot knocking him through the ropes and onto the floor. On the top of the cell the four mad men are eyeing each other yet to make a move. Grind and Able lock up and seem to be evenly matched. Slayde and Carlin trade kicks and punches. ]

    Terry Murdock: Well this is a surprise. The mad men of the match have been the least active.

    Nick Newman" That's a good thing. They get to active and we may have a few causualties.

    [ Sean rolls to the outside and and starts pounding away on Alex. In the ring CriZ and Nick are trading blows but Nicks gets caught with a hard right hand. On the ramp HJ is locked in a figure four leg lock by Silver while Azrael has Paul down with a dragon sleeper. Sliver breaks his hold and quickly starts stomping on Azrael causing him to break his hold. Silver stands HJ up and throws him into the Cage wall followed by a dropkick smashing HolyJose into the cage. Azrael gets up and picks up Paul. He lifts him up and hits a massive powerbomb on the ramp. Back to the top of the cell we see Slayde knocked out after getting kicked in the skull by Carlin. Grind has Abel locked in a sleeper hold while Carlin throws lefts and right at Abel, busting his lower lip open. ]

    Terry Murdock: The big man Abel has been busted open!

    Nick Newman: That may just piss him off.

    [Slayde comes up from behind Carlin and hits a quick neckbreaker. Grind releases Abel and quickly charges at Slayde who drops the bigger man with a dropkick to the knee. Abel gets up and wipes the blood from his lip. On the ramp Hj and Azrael look to take this to the top of the cell. They go to climb and are quickly followed by Paul and Zack.]

    Luke Douglas: Wait eight men on top of the cell? It will never hold!

    Robert Goodman: This will not end well.

    [Abel and Carlin look at HolyJose and Azrael who are standing in front of them. Abel smiles and points behind them. Before the can turn around they eat get bulldogged into the metal. Nick and Alex look up and see whats going on. The look down and see both Sean and Criz heading to the top of the cell. Nick and Alex roll out of the ring and quickly climb the cell. Sean and CriZ meet them at the edge and pull them both up only to hit suplex causing the top of the cell to bend. ]

    Terry Murdock: Twelve people are on top of the cell and it looks like its not going to hold!

    Robert Goodman: Did you see it bend? Any more moves like that and it's going to break!

    Luke Douglas: This is awesome!

    [ Abel and Grind quickly tie back up while Slayde and Azrael each take turns pounding on Carlin. HolyJose is by CriZ while Silver and Sean take turns chopping him. Paul and runs at Nick but quickly gets hit with a flap jack followed by a leg drop by Alex. Grind hits Abel with a quick chokeslam and the top of the cell bend even more. Parts of the roof of the cell have broken apart. Slayde runs at Grind but gets hit with a Side walk slam. Carlin, CriZ and Silver each connect with suplexes on HolyJose, Nick and Azrael. Sean and Alex and throwing punches but Sean ducks and hits a spinebuster! ]

    Terry Murdock: Look at the team work! Jesting Madness is working quite well with The New Assault Program and The Dawn of Destruction!

    Robert Goodman: They better finish soon. The cell is breaking apart underneath all the weight and slams

    Nick Newman: Hell no let it break! I wanna see who survives.

    Terry Murdock: You are a sick man!

    Luke Douglas: I wanna see the same there Terry!

    [ Grind lifts Abel up and hits up and hits a huge Powerslam breaking on of the support bars for the roof of the cage! Grind lifts up Abel and Powerbombs him repeatedly while Slayde gets hit with a scoop slam by CriZ. Carlin can be heard yelling that this is the end. Grind drags both Abel and Slayde to the center and direct traffic telling the others to hit there. CriZ grabs HolyJose and Powerbombs him on Slayde while Sean grabs Nick and suplexes him on Abel. Silver grabs Alex and hits a running bulldog over the bodies while Paul connects with a flapjack on Azrael. The center of the ring is bulking up the weight and the supports bars seem to be giving way. ]

    Nick Newman: Look at the support bars they're loose!

    Terry Murdock: This seems planned. Like Jesting Madness wanted the cell to give way.

    Luke Douglas: What? No way they take that mush of a chance in hurting themselves.

    Robert Goodman: I don't know, I did see Carlin around the cell earlier when it was being set up.

    [ Grind drops to a knee and lifts Carlin up on his shoulders, Carlin tell the others to follow. Paul climbs on Silver's shoulders and lifts him but barely. Sean puts his brother up on his shoulders. Carlin says: ''Brace yourselves and tells them to drop''. The each send their partners off their shoulders on onto the pile of wrestler who are laid out. The center of the ring gives way and all twelve men fall through. almost two tons of human flesh hit the ring which in turns gives ways and collapses! ]

    Terry Murdock: Those bastards had this planned! They must have made sure the structure of the cell was noy a hundred percent prior to the match!

    Nick Newman: I don't see anyone in the mess, we better get a medic out there.

    Luke Douglas: Look! CriZ has and arm on Slayde!

    [ A new ref runs down and see the bodies lying on top of each other. The top person is CriZ who seems to be the only person who is some what conscious. The ref doesn't think he should count the pin but after a few minutes he does. 1....2.........3!]

    Henry Watson: The winners of the match The Jesting Madness, The Dawn of Destruction and The New Assault Program!!!

    Terry Murdock: They may have won the match but they aren't walking out of here on their own.

    Nick Newman: All That matters is that they won!

    Luke Douglas: Agreed! Maybe the ended Abel's career?

    Robert Goodman: Lets hope not. I hope these men are ok.

    [ Medics rush down to the ring and look at the broken men. The screen fades to black as we looks at the bodies. ]
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    Let the FILLLERS begin.
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    Be sure to stay in school, don't do drugs and be sure to watch EWNCW's Supershow and Pain for Treasure PPV.
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    Gonna be a short show this week, you'll see why.
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    Hope everyone likes it
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    TOO MANY DAMN FILLERS!!!! Ok, carrying on
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    Ummm......please remember we need and are looking for creative people to join EWNCW particularly for Brutality and Warzone.
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    Coming down to the last few fillers....whooo!!!!!!!
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    Almost done!!!!!! Who actually reads these??!!!!!
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    Brutality is up next!!!!! Enjoy it people.
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