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    *The show opens with Grant's music blaring through the speakers to a positive but mixed reaction as he heads to and enters the ring with a mic in hand*

    Grant: I know the wait was torture but as always it was well worth it. Tonight Brutality begins with a bang and I, your Brutality COO, will begin this masterpiece of a show by explaining some of the major changes that have transpired since War is the Answer came to a close.

    *The fans eagerly await the news*

    Grant: We have a stellar card lined up for you guys headlined by previously advertised 6 team Hell in a Cell match between The Ultimate Opportunity Contract Carriers God's Grace, Former EWNCW Internet Champions Atomic Blast and Former BWA World Champions The Shadows of Madness as they'll face Former Ultimate Opportunity Contract Carriers The Dawn of Destruction, Current EWNCW Internet Champions The New Assault Program and the Current EWNCW Blacklist Champions, The Jesting Madness.

    *Crowd cheers excitedly*

    Grant: But with very bit of good news, there's always some bad news. When this merger finally became complete and when contracts where being reviewed and renewed there were some some teams who willingly decided part ways with Brutality.....among them: The force of Greatness, Conquest, Atomic Blast, The Daddy Boyz, The Brothers Stone and.....we'll get to that in a few minutes. Some of these teams have made it clear that tonight they will be in the last match they will have in Brutality.

    *Fans are shocked to hear some of the names mentioned*

    Grant: Others teams are subject to change given events such as the one mentioned on Inferno this past week where Gillz has been suspended indefinitely effectively leaving Wells without a partner for a brief period of time until Mikkal Gunner-Freyr kindly offered to be his partner. They will debut next week.

    Kingstrem has decided to stay full time on Inferno leaving Kaiser partnerless at the moment and even Paul Bradley who kindly agreed to an extension to compete here tonight has to go because of recurring health issues that have forced him to question his future in efedding, for that we are grateful and hope he can recover well and return to us one day if he so desires but again this leaves yet another talent like Silver partnerless for the time being thus they will given some time to look at their options and search for partners because to stay here in Brutality the #1 rule here is and always be: You need a partner.

    So best of lucks to these men in their upcoming search.

    *Crowd is once again stunned at some of the teams mentioned*

    Grant: However, I knowing this might happen began recruiting some great new teams that will debut in some manner tonight and next week. Including teams from Japan and France, so be sure keep an eye out for those. I promise you all they will great additions to Brutality.

    *Crowd is excited for new teams set to debut soon*

    Grant: Now that that's done, I'd like to take the time to ask to kindly welcome to the ring at this time........The EWNCW Grand Champions........THE CROSS NATION KILLERRRRSSSSSS!!!!!!
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    *CNK walk out through the curtain, there is a technical fault that means their music doesn’t start playing until they are already on the stage,The fans give them a standing ovation and chant “CNK” and also “450!” in reference to Daymian’s 450 splash on the members of Force of Greatness. They are both wearing brand new EWNCW Brutality T-Shirts and carry the now EWNCW Grand Championships, Daymian’s over his shoulder Billy’s fastened around his waist. But something is off Tonight they don’t exude the kind of charisma they usually do and they walk with intent and purpose at the bottom of the ramp Billy stops and surveys the audience before reaching for a microphone* McCoy climbs up the steps fand through the ropes, Daymian climbs onto the apron and jumps the top rope.*

    *McCoy raises the mic to his mouth, the fans have picked up on their change in attitude and some are slightly bewildered yet some continue chanting “450!”, McCoy drops the mic from his mouth and points at Daymian prompting the crowd to erupt*

    *McCoy raises the mic to his mouth again*

    McCoy: 4-5-0!

    *The crowd irrupt again in awe of the move that Daymian pulled so expertly at War is the Answer, Daymian looks a tiny bit embarrassed for the appreciation he receives for what to him was just another normal move*

    *Billy McCoy raises his hand*

    McCoy: Faithful wrestling fans...WAR was indeed the Answer!

    *Crowd erupts*

    McCoy: But now the war is over! We are all one big company now. B-W-A is no more.

    *Crowd give a slight boo for that*

    McCoy: But to think that a group of young men that had a dream and love of tag team wrestling would end up selling their company on the stock market for quite a substantial fee to the biggest company in our industry B-W-A was one of the most impressive success stories in the history of Efeds.

    The reason BWA was started was because the big efeds had ignored Tag Team Wrestling for too long and with the arrival of brutality we can truly say BWA changed all of that. So... Let the Brutality commence!

    *Fans cheer*

    McCoy: However the merger has thrown up problems. You see before I had a non exclusive contract that allowed me to work for both BWA and Inferno on the condition that EWNCW received a cut of any merch or licensing but now that it is all one big company I can’t be under 2 contracts for the same promotion!

    *Crowd boos at the harsh facts*

    McCoy: And neither can Daymian here

    *Crowd boos louder*

    McCoy:So therefore EWNCW Management gave us an ultimatum; Inferno and Rage respectively or Brutality together

    *Crowd seems silenced by CNK’s predicament*

    McCoy: And we chose...Inferno and Rage!

    *McCoy and Bloodstone drop their heads as the crowd boo loudly*

    McCoy: So........

    *McCoy tried to lift his head and speak but was stopped by the continuing boos*

    McCoy: So from this point on CNK will be no more!

    *Crowd boos again*

    McCoy: I have so much more to achieve as a singles competitor; I am going to regain the International Title number one then I am going to get the EWNCW Championship shot I deserve! And Daymian I want you to go back to Rage and tear it up! I want you to get your hands back on that Rage Ignition Championship and then I want you to let TheBeardOfZeus know who you are! And I want you to take his World Heavyweight Championship!

    *Crowd appreciates this and returns to cheering for the two individuals*

    McCoy: But let never be forgotten what we did here! We beat Godmoney for then Blacklist Wrestling Allience World Heavyweight Championships. Then we held them for record time beating the best their was to offer and for a while their was no better team on the planet than CNK. And as true as I am standing here today their would have been no Brutality if it wasn’t for CNK!

    *Crowd pops*

    McCoy: And more importantly there would have been no Brutality if it wasn’t for Daymian Bloodstone!

    *Crowd pops for the man who really was BWA’s first son*

    McCoy: Daymo it has been an honour to stand beside, to bleed beside you, to travel the roads. So believe every word I say Daymo your a star in the sky and nobody can touch you, your meant for greatness but most of all you are great!

    *Crowd chants “Daymo!” repeatedly*

    McCoy: And no words that will describe what you’ve meant to me and what you’ve meant to this company. That 450 back at War is the Answer proved that your devil may care attitude makes you one of the best in the world today! And all the boys agree! Do you fans agree?

    *The fans give a classic Daniel Bryan “YES! YES! YES!”*

    McCoy: And for everything you’ve done for me, Thank you!

    *The crowd erupts while there is a stem of a tear in McCoy’s eye*

    McCoy: But rest assured this is not the last you’ll ever see of CNK! when the time is right we will come back. And when we do the World must prepare of its.......

    *McCoy raises the mic above his head, the crowd chants along with him.......Assassination!!!*

    *Daymian grabs the mic and looks at the fans chanting CNK, tears are in his eyes as he tries to speak but can't due to the loud chant begging them not to go*

    Daymo: I don't even know what to say. Last year I was a rookie wrestler who's was just trying to catch his break. I came to BWA and was partnered with someone I never thought I'd like but 8 months later there is no one else I'd want watching my back. Billy you are truly one of a kind!

    *The crowd starts chanting we love Billy! Billy smiles and starts to blush*

    Daymo: We did something I never thought we'd be able to do. We beat two of the greatest Tag Teams to have ever existed. We were World Champions. We went from a random paring to a team that everyone knew. As much as Rage has helped me, BWA has helped me even more. I'll be honest leaving here was not my first choice. When Billy said that right now was the time to go our own ways I knew he was right but leaving this place, leaving all of you, I just couldn't Imagine it.

    *Fans start chanting for CNK*

    Daymo: It was a hard choice to make, staying where I knew I was something great or going to a place where my name was still not known. I knew deep down it was time for Daymian Bloodstone to prove he is te KamiKazi Warrior he claims to be. We could have left a while ago but Me and Billy wanted to give you guys the most we could. When we found out that we were going to take on The Force of Greatness at War is The Answer we knew that would be a match to go out on.

    I figured if I'm going out, I might as well go out with a bang. That 450 from the titantron, Ya that wasn't first time I wanted to do that but The Brass in the back said hell no! Well this time around I said to hell with them! And Billy here made sure I did it this time.

    *Fans chant one more match*

    Daymo: Tonight we are not Cross Nation Killers, we are Daymian Lucas Bloodstone and William McCoy and we are out here to say goodbye. It has been one hell of a ride and I highly doubt anything will ever top what me and my brother from another mother have been through. Now Unlike Billy I suck at these goodbye so with tears in my eyes and love in my heart I along with Billy say goodbye for now. This isn't the last time you'll see Cross Nation Killers in the Ring and when you do I hope you'll be ready!!!

    *The Crowd screams no don't go as Billy and Daymian go to a corner and take a bow. On the Titantron a video of the two is playing. It show highlights from the last 8 months including their victory over GodMoney and Nightmare Madness. It also shows the two backstage with other wrestlers including Tommy Thunder, Krysys, HolyJose and Lucas Grant.*

    *Billy and Daymian exit the ring and walk up the ramp. They walk over two the announcers and hug Them. Luke and Daymian stare at each other before they laugh and shake hand. They head to the exit ramp and take another bow. They head to the back and We love CNK can be heard as we go to break*
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    Henry Watson: This following is set for one fall. On there way to the ring at this time, Toxic and Bazooka, they are The Sky High Bastards!!!

    [Sky High Bastards come to the ring to the boo of the crowd. ]

    Nick Newman: These guys can boo all they want, this one of the best high flying teams in all of Brutality. I know they will probably win here tonight.

    Henry Watson: and their opponents, the team of Shawn Azenia and Ethan Knight, The Dynasty of Perfection.

    [Dynasty of Perfection walk to the ring to a very mixed reaction. ]

    Terry Murdock: What a team this is, they could have a great future in Brutality if they a few wins under their belts.

    [ Mitch Sanders is the referee for this match and calls for the bell (ding, ding, ding) as Ethan Knight tests out the ropes and Bazooka checks his boots. Ethan Knight starts things off by connecting a big right hand on Bazooka. Ethan Knight follows it with a left that sends Bazooka stumbling back to the ropes, Knight rebounds him off the ropes and positions himself to deliver a backbody drop but Bazooka kicks Knight directly in the face before delivering a big time missile dropkick that drives Ethan Knight to the mat. ]

    Robert Goodman: What a picture perfect missile dropkick!

    [ Knight is picked up and places on the nearest corner where Bazooka lays what a machine gun onslaught of knife edge chops to Knight's chest as the fans went berserk chanting: woo, woo, woo, woo, woo, woo. ]

    Nick Newman: Bazooka's speed is unrivaled. Are you seeing how fucked Knight's chest is right now? I love it.

    [ Shawn Azenia argues with the ref to stop Bazooka's actions and as Bazooka does, Knight falls to the mat leading to a confident Bazooka taunting the crowd at the sight of Knight. Bazooka gets Knight up to hi feet and as Bazooka is about to strike Knight down some more, Knight delivers a big roundhouse kick to the side of Bazooka's head. Both men are down and out. ]

    Terry Murdock: Are you enjoying this match as much as I am?

    Luke Douglas: Yeah, you know it. Who will make the necessary tag?

    [ Toxic is tagged in as is Shawn Azenia. Shawn Azenia is pumped and delivers a clothesline on Toxic, who immediately reaches his after an receives another clothesline before reaching his composure quickly once before being driven to the ropes by Azenia and on the rebound quickly ducks under another clothesline Azenia was about to deliver and the second rebound uses the speed boost to delivering a hurricarana that drives Azenia face first into the nearest turnbuckle causing the crowd to go: ooohh and ahhh!!!! as Azenia is fumbling around the ring in evident pain. ]

    Nick Newman: This could be the end.

    [ Toxic climbs to the top rope and prepares for Azenia to face him to be on the receiving end of a jumping sidekick, when....... ]

    Luke Douglas: What the hell is this? Who's music is this?

    [ Toxic is looking on to see who will appear but in doing so Azenia has recovered and charges at Toxic leaping into the air delivering an incredible left hook that knocks out and forces to fall into the ring where Azenia picks him up and delivers the Perfection Shattered (Powerbomb into Facebuster) and covers as the ref starts the count....1...2...3 ]

    Henry Watson: The winners of this match, The Dynasty of Perfection!!!

    Nick Newman: What the hell? Who would cost The Sky High Bastards this sure fire win?

    Terry Murdock: I don't know, I'm sure we'll find out soon though.
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    *Richard Dolan is backstage awaiting the arrival of The Sky High Bastards, who soon arrive visibly pissed and attack Dolan before Toxic is seen taking his mic*

    Toxic: We don't care about stupid questions right now. This goes out to whoever the hell it was who thought it was a good idea to mess with The Sky High Bastards.

    *Passes the mic to Bazooka*

    Bazooka: Next week, these assholes better show up or else.....

    *They continue beating down on Dolan, before they pant hard and Bazooka finishes his sentence*

    Bazooka: This will be nothing in comparison to what we'll do when we do find them and put them in a coma.

    *Bazooka drops the mic as The Sky High Bastards walk away and we see Dolan lifeless on the floor*

    -Back in the arena-

    * Krysys and Saiosyn walk out to the ring, their expression a bit somber. Saiosyn reaches for some mics as both Krysys and Saiosyn do the "X" as fireworks go off. Saiosyn takes a couple of mics handing one to Krysys as he prepares to speak. *

    Saiosyn: Ladies and gentlemen, tonight is a sad farewell. My brother in arms, my brother in Straight Edge is heading back to Inferno and will not be returning here to Brutality.

    *The Crowd begins to boo but Saiosyn quickly quiets them down*

    Saiosyn: Me and Krystian talked this over and both decided that if he couldn't be 100% focused to The Air Saints it was best he stop.

    Krysys: Now don't think I don't care about Syn or Brutality, because I do. However I am the EWNCW Champion, *Raises belt* and I have to focus on my match with Thunder and Pain For Treasure. And because of that I just can't give The Air Saints the time it needs, and that is risky for Syn, because if I am distracted that he is not getting the support and protection he would need from his partner.

    Saiosyn: I am not sure what the future has in store for me, I will do my best to stay here in Brutality, I have reached out to my former brothers in Straight Edge, to get them to change and join me in a new promising faction, but I have yet to hear back..

    Krysys: I have faith that Straight Edge will remain strong here in Brutality and you guys will soon conquer because you guy are free from....

    Terry Murdock: What the?

    (Yells out) G.Demonic: Drugs?!...You are not Free.. not at all Are any of you 2 Individuals Free. You're living in a world where abuse comes in many forms and so does fortune. Fortune comes in many ways and opportunity, well that is something that doesn't . I Can tell You right now, Krysys Your Opportunity has Come and you took it and succeeded at it and your a champion. But that leaves your Dear Friend Alone. Remember this.

    V.Diamondz: Okay, Now to Us. 1x Coke BoyZ!... You See We Had and Have Gotten our Chance . And We took it. By Putting OUT THE BEST DAMN PRODUCT OUT ON THE STREETS ALL OVER THE WORLD. Pure Cocaine like the Great White Snow. Its Potent, Grade A stuff. You Should Try This!

    *Shows a baggy and throws it to a straight edge fan*

    People Find there alternatives and while Krysys has EwncW to Turn to, Sioyaseewatimsayin Should Turn to Us. We are not bad Guys. We Are Just mere suppliers of a Great Product. Juice and Soda if your Thirsty, Mickey D's and Burger King if your Hungry.. Talk to The Connect For Your High *smirks*.......What We Have in Common is We make Money as an Empire, An Enterprise and Will Continue to do so, because there is always a Demand For it.

    G.Demonic : We created jobs for Hustlers to Better Themselves, For Cops, For Them to Be on Duty and There Police activity. For False Profits to Preach and Brainwash and follow them, Turning them away from drugs. Instead of Preaching ,DO WHAT YOU WANT TO DO! You Only Live Once and Then You Die. Who Would Care For You When your Gone ,if There is Nothing to Care For.

    V.Diamondz:We Are New Here to The Neighborhood, But We Just Want To Feel So Welcomed ,That We Are Coming to You.And Right About Now, Let Me Give You 2 Luv Birds a Present....A Hard Dose. Take This As Your Free Sample!!!

    *G.Demonic and V.Diamondz rush the ring and the two teams brawl, The Coke Boyz manage to get the upper hand, tossing Krysys outside of the ring. They quickly double team Saiosyn, who is defenseless, that is until The Militia make their way to the ring, Demonic and Diamondz quickly flee, knowing they are out numbered.*

    Jayden: Where ya goin? Come on back here! We want to test out a theory! Who wins in a fight, a clean minded Straight Edge wrestler, or a coked up drugie who has no business in a ring!

    Aiden: You preach about how you only live once, and how you make life better for everyone, truth be told the only ones whose life may be better because of that shit is you! You say Krysys left Syn alone? No, that is no true. Syn is more than welcomed to join his brothers in The Militia!

    Jayden: No, not The Militia. Not anymore. When we destroy you two drugged up morons, the ref here will say that the men who beat you were FREE.....FROM.....POISON!

    *The Coke Boys look up at the men in the ring and talk them down as Free From Poison pose with the X much to their annoyance as we head to a commercial break*
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    Henry Watson: This match is set for one fall!. On there way to the ring at this time, The team of Candyman and Nyron, Conquest!!!

    [ Conquest come to the ring to a mixed reaction where boos dominate the cheers. ]

    Luke Douglas: Tis will be the last time we see these guys.

    Nick Newman: They were a good team.

    Robert Goodman: Who knows if we may see them again?

    Henry Watson: and their opponents, the team of Michael Gates and Gabriel Christ, they are The Gates of Christ.

    [ The Gates of Christ head to ring to a massive chorus of boos. ]

    Terry Murdock: We may not see either of them after Gates of Christ have their way with them.

    Nick Newman: I almost forgot about these guys till I saw them destroy that team at War is The Answer!

    Robert Goodman: They Destroyed Hawkins and Charisma.

    [ David Johnson is the referee for this match. Gates and Nyron are starting this match off. The two tie up but Gates quickly slams Nyron to the mat. Gates locks him in a camel clutch and pulls back as hard as he can before slamming his face into the mat. Gates tags in Christ and the two hit a double suplex before Gates rolls out of the ring. ]

    Nick Newman: Damn they are brutal

    Terry Murdock: They seem to simple want to destroy their opponents.

    [ Christ walks over and brings in Candyman. Gates gets on a mic]

    Gates: This is God's Will! He has told us that we have been to soft on you sinners. We were punished and now we know exactly what to do.

    [ Gates gets in the ring and drops a knee on Candyman. Gates sets Candyman in the corner and hits a running knee followed by a boot from Christ. Gates lifts up Candyman for a stalling suplex and faces the corner. Christ goes to the top and does the cross gesture. ]

    Luke Douglas: We know whats coming next!

    [Christ goes flying off the top hitting Divine Intervention! Nyron starts to get up but is caught by a boot from Gates. The ref tells Gates to get out of the ring but he ignores him so he starts counting 1.... Gates lifts up Nyron and hits a samoan drop 2..... Christ executes a spinebuster on Nyron 3..... Christ goes to the top rope 4.... Gates throws Nyron at Christ who lifts him up for a Crucifix Powerbomb 5..... The ref calls for the bell]

    Henry Watson: The winners of this match as a result of Disqualification, Conquest!

    [ Gates grabs the mic ]

    Gates: Winning was never the goal of this match. We came out here to simply destroy these sinners! They have been allowed to walk around like they are good people for too long. Its time for them to bare their cross!

    [ Christ throws Nyron off for the crucifix bomb but while falling Gates jumps and hits a backstabber! ]

    Luke Douglas: Holy Hell! What was that!

    Terry Murdock: The match is over so there was no need for that!

    Nick Newman: I loved it! Such a great team.

    [ Gates rolls out of the ring and grabs something from under the ring. Its a Giant Wooden Cross! ]

    Terry Murdock: What the hell was that doing under there!

    Robert Goodman: I'm more concerned what they plan on doing with it!

    [ Gates and Christ tie Candyman and Nyron to the cross and Lift it up. The lights flash white as Lightning strike the cross. Every thing goes dark for a second. When the lights return to cross is on fire and Candyman and Nyron are no where to be found. ]

    Gates: The Holy Father has taken their souls! They will now pay for their sins as we all should.

    Christ: The Holy Father commands us to do this and so it shall be down. Amen!

    [ The two leave the ring as the cross continues to burn in the ring. ]

    Robert Goodman: What the hell!

    Terry Murdock: Where are Candyman and Nyron?

    Nick Newman: Paying for their sins?

    Luke Douglas: We are going to take you backstage so we con figure out what the hell happened!

    *Lily Morgan is backstage*

    Morgan: At this time, I'd like to present Cooper Hawkins and Captain Charisma.

    *Charisma takes the mic and seems agitated*

    Charisma: How I hate that fucking name. Always being compared to the likes Christian but told I will never have his success. I'm sick of it. Sick of people looking down at me and Cooper as simply jobbers.

    We thought of quitting to not face the ridicule anymore but then we got together and decided to stay. We need to show to everyone, to ourselves that we are better than we'd ever be and that will begin under this new regime of Brutality.

    Change begins within ourselves, no longer will I be ''Captain Charisma'', oh no. I now believe I can and will call myself James Charisma and alongside my brother from another mother, Cooper Hawkins here will fight fight tooth and nail to become more.

    *Passes the mic to Hawkins*

    Hawkins: More than average, more than just another team among the fray. We will become a brotherhood.

    We will share a bond that will show that we, The Brotherhood of Brutality can and will take Brutality by storm and that begins next week.
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    *Vintage reaction from the fans, they hate the guts of the newly crowned EWNCW Blacklist champions, and they boo them before they appear on top the ramp. But there's a slight surprise, because only Grind appears with the belt on his left shoulder and the barb wire bat on the right hand, he takes some steps before turning around and beckon to the back. After several seconds of uncertainty, Carlin comes out and the booing increases, as he's wearing an Abel-like mask, but with a different shape and color. He's wearing the belt on his waist and a strange suitcase on his right hand. He seems to enjoy the booing, as he begs the crowd to increase the volume of the heat and taking his hand to his ear.

    Then, he turns to the camera and after grabbing the lens he yells: “We made it!”

    The duo walks down the ramp, enter the ring and pose in the turnbuckles, despite the boos and an occasional object thrown at them. Finally, Carlin asks for a mic, but before speaking, he gives the suitcase to Grind and picks up a bottle that landed on the ring*

    Carlin: As much as they guy is a bit of a jerk, I understand why Arthur Lansdale hates you, people. Didn't your mothers teach you to throw garbage into a bin instead of dropping it on the floor or as the Mouth of Manchester would say, not littering?

    *The crowd breaks into a “You three suck! chant*

    Carlin: I'm not expecting you to recycle, as I think that word is beyond your knowledge, but at least have some manners. We're not in the XVI century, when people threw their waste through the window, right?

    *Crowd keeps on booing*

    Carlin: Well, let's go to business. I have a question for both of you in attendance and those watching at home.

    *Carlin then takes his belt off, and stares at it*

    Carlin: Do you find this precious strap here absolutely beautiful? I do!

    *He raises the belt and the crowd still boos*

    Carlin: No? Really? You prefer the spinner belt or that atrocity they made for Jeff Hardy on Tits ‘N Ass Wrestling? I find them magnificent, glorious, and even better on my waist or Grind’s shoulder, they are perfect.

    *”No, they're not” chant*


    Carlin: Well, score another one for AL, then as much as I dislike him.

    *The crowd boos really loud*

    Carlin: What you can't deny is that at War is the Answer, we gave you a hell of a match, no pun intended. Match of the Year anyone?

    *This time, there's a “Match of the Year” chant and a small “YES! YES! YES” one*

    WC: Finally, we agree! That was a match to be remembered for ages to come. We told you we were ready to make history, and boy, we did!

    *Mixed reaction. Some fans cheer a bit, but they mainly get boos*

    WC: And guess who emerged victorious! Yes! Us! The Jesting Madness!

    Fans are unanimous this time: boos all around*

    WC: We knew it beforehand, we are the best tag team in the world, and at War is the Answer, everybody witnessed it. Like it or not, these are the most prestigious tag team belts around, no matter what the delusional JBW fans say!

    *Carlin knows how to get a cheap pop, mention JBW and fans cheer and chant “JBW sucks”*

    WC: Yeah, they suck. But now I'm gonna tell who doesn't suck, beside us. They are the Shadows of Madness. As it is commonly said, it takes two to dance, well, four in our case, but you get the gist, and they proved everybody, we included, that they can freaking dance!!

    *Huge pop from this show of respect*

    Carlin: However, yes, there is a however, no matter how good they can dance, they couldn't beat the best, Grind and me!!!

    *Pop turns into boos*

    Carlin: Ric Flair always said that wise line of his *clears his throat and imitates Flair* “to be the man, you have to beat the man!”

    Shadows of madness thought they were the men, but they aren't, because they didn't beat THE MEN! And I'm telling you right now, they will never be the men, as long as the Jesting Madness are the men!

    *People are booing The Jesting Madness out of the building*

    WC: And while we are the men, neither the Shadows of Madness, nor God’s favorite henchmen HolyJose and Azrael nor any team waiting backstage will ever be the men!!

    *”You suck“ chants all through the arena*

    Carlin: But enough of rambling on. Coming out here and speak my mind is fun, but it is better when your opponent is facing you. So, we want the Shadows of Madness out here. I want to tell them a little story. I was going to give them back Abel's mask but I asked Grind about it and he wrote me this in a piece of paper.

    *Carlin turns to Grind who tends the suitcase and Carlin produces the piece of paper and reads: “No. Had great fun at War is the Answer. Abel had no mask. The longer he has no mask, the funnier”

    And I thought that he was right, and it will be funnier if you come out here and try to get the mask if you can. Come out; come out, wherever you are!!!

    *The Champs get ready to face the Shadows of Madness*

    *No music plays instead a burst of flames hits causing the ropes to catch fire trapping The Jesting Madness inside the ring as Abel is seen watching from a far with a small grin appears on his twisted face.*

    Abel: Carlin... You want me to come into that ring, you want me to fight you. You are hoping that my anger gets the best of me. Believe me, the idea of coming down there and ripping your limbs of does indeed sound enticing but The Children have pleaded their case and I will not be coming to that ring... Not yet......

    *The crowd boos and many fans wonder where Slayde is*

    Abel: I will wait, let my rage build up until the perfect time arrives. When it does I will destroy you both. Grind, you think yourself a frightening monster, but you do not scare me! You are nothing! You are a man in a suit who tries to intimidate his opponents, but it does not work with me! The Children, they see right through you! They know you are a fake! You are not one of us!

    *Soon a familiar voice is heard*

    Slayde: Fake indeed.

    *The Crowd is excited as they hear Slayde's voice and even more so when they see him emerge from the crowd somewhat limping and wearing a knee brace*

    Slayde: You won on a technicality. You are the men, you;re not even men at all. You took the cowards way out and think you deserve to call yourselves champions? You should have been smarter and finished the job. Finished us off like we were going to do to you after we went for it all with The Nightmare in the Shadows off the cage at War is the Answer.

    *Crowd chants: That was awesome!! Match of the Year!! That was awesome!! Match of the Year!!

    Slayde: No, no folks. Match of the Year, not yet. We knew this match couldn't contain the Madness that both of these pairings could offer and we do plan on making sure the next we face for the EWNCW Blacklist Championships, it will be the end of you. There will be no doubt that we are the true examples of the madness of this world and you'll learn how sick and twisted we can be when that which should be ours is not in our possession. Those EWNCW Blacklist Championships deserve to be around the waists of actual champions.

    You feel you accomplished anything by taking Abel's mask? You just unleashed the beast inside of him. You think you can bested me when you almost destroyed my knee? I'm still standing and even if I had to kick your ass with a shattered knee, believe me I will. You have done nothing but make we are more pissed than ever and that anger will the medium in which we'll express our ire. Now after we put you both in comas, we'll make sure this crowd gets what it deserves and that to see The Shadows of Madness as the EWNCW Blacklist Champions.

    *Crowd is pumped*

    Slayde: Tonight after we finish you off tonight in the Hell in a Cell Match, know that we will go through hell and back to once again be champions, to once again hold that coveted gold which makes us the best tag team in the fucking world. To once again see you in pain and beg for it end only to receive more and more pain until you are broken and left lifeless. Know that your end in coming and soon the shadows will engulf your minds driving you mad at the hands of......The Shadows of Madness!!!!!!!

    *Crowd erupts in cheers and applause as The Jesting Madness and The Shadows of Madness with the EWNCW Blacklist Championships held up high by The Jesting Madness as we head to a quick commercial break*
    S.E. Zero is now Luizero. Look him up

  7. #707

    CriZ D: Hey Sean, Sean You Feel That, Do You Feel it?

    Sean D: Yea I Do, I Feel That, its Tension.

    CriZ D: Where is it Coming From?

    Sean D: The Hatred, is it The Hatred?

    CriZ D: Yea it is, It is. *shame fingers the audience*

    Sean D: But Do You Smell That?

    CriZ D: *Sniffs the Air* Smells Sweet to Me!


    ***Crowd is Booing Immensely in can be heard clearly backstage***

    CriZ D: Precisely!!

    Sean D: Criz its Because They See That.

    CriZ D: yea They Seee.

    Sean D & CriZ D: CHAMPIONSSSS!

    **both Raise Their Titles launting them to the crowd**

    CriZ D: That Win Over Atomic Blast was Nothing Compared to The Future Of The Seed that's Been Planted in BWA ,and is Still Steady Growing. And as you see now N.A.P. is Flourishing in EwncW's Brutality. This is Not The Start, We Are Smack Dab in The Middle of Things And Look Internet Champions.You Cannot Surf The Wrestling Web without having to Recognize True Talent.


    Sean D:.....Just Like Everything We Do , Epic only Comes to Mind.But Mercy, We.Have.None! So Beware of The Dimensions!

    CriZ D:*nods his head*Damn, and I'm feeling Sorry for yaa....*moment of silence, puts his head down* ....Naaah, No I Don't, No I Don't lol.

    Sean D: Mark This And Note it as The Forever and Ever and Ever After.Internet Champions ,The New Assault PrograM.

    CriZ D: Chapter Closed.Book is Done.And Now Burn it, Cuz From Here on Out, There is a No Losing Policy Over Here and Victories will be accounted as always. Strict Business!

    And The only way every team against us will be handled,Will Be The Harsh Way. If It Isn't about Breaking you, Then a Threat is Something you are not.But Guess What?We are Gonna do it anyway.Everybody is Getting it!

    Sean D: And The Fans Can Get it Too *stares down a guy with a N.a.p. sucks sign*

    The New Assault PrograM is Brutality!

    *The Gates of Christ appear on screen*

    Gates: Excuse me sinners but we are here to tell you that we will be taking those titles from you.

    *Criz and Sean look at each other and laugh*

    Christ: You laugh but it is true. The Holy Father commands we take them from you. He says that those will help us on our path of righteousness. Have you not been paying attention to our matches?

    Gates: Our last two matches we have walked through our opponents and defeated them with ease. Tonight we destroyed those sinners. You have no choice but to surrender those to us.

    Christ: If not you will feel the power of the Holy Father and all his might!

    *Criz flips off the screen as Sean laughs*

    Gates: You believe you are stronger than us? You will be sorely disappointed when we face off. You have never before met two people who are as strong and fast as we our. You will soon experience a Divine Intervention.

    Christ: The Decision is your cross to bare. For the Holy Father commands it and so it shall be!

    *Both teams square off as we head to the arena*

    Henry Watson: This match is set for one fall. On there way to the ring at this time, Benjamin and Samuel, The Bloodstone Empire!!!

    [Bloodstone Empire come to the ring. Cheers everywhere and they enter the ring and pose for the fans. ]

    Terry Murdock: The name Bloodstone carries a lot of weight behind it. You're looking at Daymian's Kid brother and cousin who look to break out much like he did.

    Luke Douglas: More midgets to be squashed!

    Nick Newman: Hell ya!

    Robert Goodman: If they are half the wrestler Daymian was they'll be great

    Henry Watson: and their opponents, the team of Pride and Sorrow, Mixed Emotions!

    [ Mixed Emotions walk to the ring. Fans not sure to react to this team. ]

    Nick Newman: I'm still unclear about this team but I'm sure they can beat the lollipop kids!

    Terry Murdock: They do have the height advantage.

    Robert Goodman: True but that doesn't always matter, especially if your last name is Bloodstone!

    [ Craig Stevens is the referee for this match.(ring, ring, ring) Pride and Benjamin start off the match. Benjamin quickly take Pride off his feet with a dropkick to the knee. Benjamin of the ropes and hits a shining wizard on Pride. Ben tags in Sam. Samuel off the ropes for a legdrop but Pride rolls out of the way. Pride tags in the bigger man Sorrow. Sorrow grabs Sam by the head and lifts him up. Sam throws a few knees but Sorrow lifts him up and drops him flat on his back.]

    Robert Goodman: Damn he got dropped hard!

    Nick Newman: I loved it!

    Luke Douglas: He is having hard time breathing

    [ Sorrow stomps Sam's head into the mat. He drags Sam over to his corner and tags in Pride. Pride off the second rope with a double axe handle. Pride does a little showing over before hitting a quick elbow drop. Sam tries to crawl over to his corner but is stopped by Pride who steps on Sam and knocks Ben off the apron and on to the floor. Pride picks up Sam and and throws him into the corner. Pride runs over and hits a dropkick smashing Sam in the corner. Pride sets Sam's head on the second turnbuckle and stomps on it repeatedly. Ben gets in the ring to break it up but the ref gets in to the way allowing for a double team. Pride hand Sam on the second rope and Sorrow and kicks him square in the temple. ]

    Nick Newman: Damn that was a stiff kick!

    Luke Douglas: It was like he was punting a football!

    Terry Murdock: He has to be out of it!

    [ Pride drags Sam over to the corner and tags in Sorrow. Sorrow lifts him up and throws him into the ropes and hits a snap powerslam. Sorrow off the ropes and hits a massive legdrop. Sorrow bends down to pick Sam up but gets caught in a roll up pin! The Ref counts 1.... Pride breaks it up! Sam crawls over to tag in Ben but is stopped by Sorrow. He picks up Sam but gets caught with a a kick to the gut. Sam throws three stiff kicks into Sorrow's ribs. He quickly jumps and tags in Ben who comes in flying off the ropes and knocks Sorrow down with a clothesline! ]

    Robert Goodman: A Superman clothesline!

    Terry Murdock: Thats one way to knock a big guy down!

    [ Ben is quick to fly to the other corner and knocks down Pride. Off the ropes and hit a dropkick to Sorrow who just got to his knee. Ben quickly locks in a dragon sleeper on the big man trying to get him to tap. Sorrow struggles as the ref asks if he wants to continue. He tells the ref yes and continue. Pride enters the ring to break it up but is met by Sam who begins throwing kicks at Pride. Sam knocks Pride over the ropes with a dropkick and quickly goes over the ropes hitting a senton. Sorrow continues to struggle but manages to pin Ben down on the mat. The Ref counts the pin 1..... 2...... Sorrow starts tapping 3!]

    Luke Douglas: Mixed Emotions wins!

    Terry Murdock: Not so fast Luke, Sorrow tapped out!

    Nick Newman: The Ref didn't see it!

    [ The ref tells Henry Watson that the winners of the match is Mixed Emotions. ]

    Henry Watson: The Winners of this match Mixed Em..

    [ Ref Mitch Sanders rushes to the ring to tell Craig Stevens that Sorrow tapped before he counted to three. Craig said he didn't see that so it didn't count. ]

    Terry Murdock: So who is the winners?

    Luke Douglas: Mixed Emotions of course!

    Robert Goodman: But Sorrow tapped.

    [ Both teams are in the ring arguing about it when Lucas Grant appears on screen. ]

    Grant: It appears we have a bit of a problem. Now Benjamin you shoulders were down for a three count.

    [ Mixed Emotions start to celebrate. ]

    Grant: Not so fast you two. Now Craig Stevens may not have seen it but I saw you tap like a bitch Sorrow so it seems to me that you two need a rematch but instead of giving you it tonight or even next week you'll get your rematch in a two out of three falls match at Pain for Treasure!

    [ Both teams stare each other down. ]

    Luke Douglas: Hows that for being the boss!

    Terry Murdock: That is a great match!

    Robert Goodman: We will be back from break in a few!
    S.E. Zero is now Luizero. Look him up

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    Henry Watson: This match is set for one fall. On there way to the ring at this time, Keith Andrews and Rocco.....The Dogs of War!!!

    [ Dogs of War come to the ring. The fans cheer excitedly for The Dogs of War as they head to the and salute the fans who chant U.S.A. ]

    Nick Newman: Don't these guys ever get tired of same U.S.A. crap? I know I do.

    Henry Watson: and their opponents, the team of The Heartbreaker and Mitch O'Connor......The Upstarts!!!

    [ The Upstarts head out to the ring to a scatter of boos but look a very determined look in their eye, ready to get the win here tonight. ]

    Luke Douglas: They look eager to win. Let's see of they can.

    [ Referee Craig Stevens is in charge of the action and call for the bell (ring, ring, ring) as Mitch O'Connor and Rocco start things off with a collar and elbow tie up in which gets the edge and applies an arm wrench with great pressure to Rocco's right arm before Rocco swiftly clocks O'Connor with a big elbow to the face loosening his grip allowing Keith Andrews to be tagged in by Rocco and Andrews executes a huge German Suplex on Mitch O'Connor. ]

    Robert Goodman: This is just awesome! Mitch O'Connor took a big hit from Andrews!

    [ Keith Andrews soon follows Mitch O'Connor to the mat and applies a body scissors maneuver that keeps knocking the wind out of Mitch O'Connor until heads Andrews with the back of his head and uses quick speed to bounce to reach his feet and catch Keith Andrews off the ropes with a jumping clothesline that sends Andrews to floor with force. ]

    Terry Murdock: What a comeback from O'Connor.

    [ The Heartbreaker is tagged in by Mitch O'Connor and The Upstarts pick up Keith Andrews bounce him off the ropes and deliver a big flapjack to Andres before Mitch O'Connor heads to his corner. ]

    Nick Newman: Nice move from this fantastic team.

    [ The Heartbreaker goes for the cover....1......2.....Andrews kicks out and soon The Heartbreaker picks up Keith Andrews before taunting the crowd but in doing so left himself open for Andrews to hit the 3 Ways to Pain (German to Tiger to Bridging Straight Jacket Suplex). Craig Stevens starts the count.....1.......2..........Mitch O'Connor breaks Andrews' pin. ]

    Luke Douglas: He had it!

    [ Rocco enter the ring and tackles O'Connor and they fight all the way to the outside floor as The Heartbreaker and Keith Andrews gets up and begin to trade blows in the center of the ring. ]

    Nick Newman: Come on Upstarts, you can these lousy mutts to sleep.

    [.O'Connor low blows Rocco on the outside as The Heartbreaker fails to gain the edge over Keith Andrews. O'Connor now hits Keith Andrews in the back head forcing Andrews to drop to one knee and looks to be out cold before The Heartbreaker grabs and holds Andrews in a reverse neckbreaker while O'Connor climbs and jumps from top rope and missiles dropkicks Andrews driving The Heartbreak Driver to hit with more force than usual. The Heartbreaker covers and Referee Craig Stevens makes the count....1...2...3 ]

    Henry Watson: The winners of this match, The Upstarts!!!

    [ The Upstarts celebrate their first win in quite some as they head up the ramp. ]

    Robert Goodman: They have to excited over this win, they needed this win. Good for them.

    [ The Dogs of War seem disappointed in their loss as they head up the ramp before.....]

    Terry Murdock: What the?

    [ Two men, well built come out carrying a flag of France, blocking The Dogs of War path and they have a mic in hand. ]

    ???: We are La Renaissance, Pierre Dubois and I, Amauri Bordeux and we are to show you Americans why France produces better wrestlers than pathetic Dogs of War, a true disgrace to your American country compared to us the glory of France.

    [ As the crowd boos and a small USA chant begins Bordeux passes the mic to Dubois. ]

    Dubois: So we challenge you, puppies to face us in our debut match next week. In it we will show you along with America are all full of merde in believing you were ever better than France.

    [ They head backstage as the crowd boos and The Dogs of War are seen with a determined look on their faces to stand up for America next week. ]

    Nick Newman: I like this already, I hope they win next week.


    *Trollin' are seen walking joyfully backstage when they see 2 men surrounded by cameras and signing autographs*

    Derpington: Hey, you guys are new? Welcome, we're Trollin and we used to be the new guys not so long ago.

    *Rodney Hamm stares at Herp Aderp and Derp Derpington while Mr. Iconic speaks*

    Mr. Iconic: This is who welcomes Paparazzi Confidential? I expected someone better to welcome the best new tag team in Brutality.

    *Herp Aderp looks to speak*

    Aderp: Now wait a minute......

    *Hamm and Iconic walk away before we hear Hamm say....*

    Hamm: The only other way we'll waste our breath on you two losers is if we meet in the ring.

    *Trollin' look on determined*

    Trollin': CHALLENGE ACCEPTED!!!!
    S.E. Zero is now Luizero. Look him up

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    Henry Watson: This match is set for one fall. On there way to the ring at this time, Prince Alex Foyt and Prince Chamberlain....The Blacklist Royalty!!!

    [ Blacklist Royalty come to the ring to a somewhat positive yet heated welcome from the fans here tonight. ]

    Luke Douglas: They got some fans now, myself among them. Looking forward to seeing them in action.

    Henry Watson: and their opponents, the team of Matt Elder and Tai Night, The Force of Greatness.

    [ The Force of Greatness walk to the ring. To a mess of boos but the cheers including: Thank you Elder, Thank you Night are heard as this will the Force of Greatness last match in Brutality. ]

    Terry Murdock: One of the most legendary tag teams in EWNCW comes to an end tonight. A sad day.

    [ David Johnson is the referee for this match and calls for the bell (ring, ring, ring) making this match official as Tai Night checks his boots and Prince Chamberlain stretches using the ropes. They go into a collar and elbow tie up where Chamberlain gets the edge forcing and placing Tai Night on the turnbuckle to executes a superplex.]

    Robert Goodman: Nice start by Prince chamberlain!

    [ Prince Chamberlain picks up Night and delivers a DDT before tagging in Prince Foyt, who executes a flying knee drop right to the gut of Night knocking out the air in Night. Prince Foyt now stands up Night, who delivers a thumb to the eye of Prince Foyt before quickly tagging in Matt Elder who sends Prince Foyt back to the corner of the ring and delivers some big, big punches. ]

    Nick Newman: Prince Foyt is getting pummeled out there. Go Elder!!!

    [ Matt Elder continues the attack before he drives his shoulders in Foyt's gut as the count to 3 and Elder stops his attack as Foyt drops in a seated position which Elder utilizes to stomp Foyt repeatedly in the chest as the ref's count reaches 4 this time and Elder is forced to back up while Foyt collapses and the ref checks on his condition. ]

    Luke Douglas: What a beating from Elder, can Foyt come back from this?

    [ Prince Foyt says he can continue and reaches his feet before Elder tries to clothesline him but Foyt ducks under and connects big a big sleeper hold. ]

    Nick Newman: If Prince Foyt keeps applying pressure Elder might tap! Elder don't give up.

    [ Prince Chamberlain motivates the crowd a bit as Foyt continues to apply pressure on the sleeper forcing Matt Elder to drop to one knee but Night enters the ring trying to break the hold but Chamberlain enters the ring as well and battles with Night as Elder keeps fighting the hold to not tap. ]

    Robert Goodman: Come on ref! Do something!! This out of control!

    [ Matt Elder reache the ropes forcing the sleeper to be broken but the damage has been done and Prince Chamberlain clotheslines Night out of the ring The Blacklist Royalty chants start as Prince Chamberlain and Prince signal for the end. Elder uses the ropes to reach his feet but when he is suject to the The Enslavement (Superkick by Chamberlain into Running Clothesline by Foyt), Prince Foyt covers as the ref starts the count....1...2...3 ]

    Henry Watson: The winners of this match, The Blacklist Royalty!

    Terry Murdock: What a huge win for The Blacklist Royalty, big things could be in store for them.

    Luke Douglas: Indeed, we've gotten word Mr. Grant wishes to address the fans so let's take you there now.

    *We head backstage to Grant's office where he's shown with the newly vacated EWNCW Grand Championships*

    Grant: As you all saw earlier The Cross Nation Killers are no more here in Brutality and have relinquished the EWNCW Grand Championships I now hold on my possession. I'm saddened as many here and at home but this is the business and it is because I care for the business that I will announce that next week, we will hold an 8 team tournament in which the winners of that tournament will be the newly crowned EWNCW Grand Champions.

    Among those 8 teams you'll see some of our veteran teams along with some new teams set to debut next week. So in their quest for gold, who will want it more and look become the brand new EWNCW Grand Champions? Stay tuned next week to find out.

    *Cameras cuts back to the announce table*

    Nick Newman: Very interesting, I just a few quality tag teams like The Sky High Bastards and The Blacklist Royalty are a part of this.

    Terry Murdock: They could be but out all the teams only 8 will be chosen including some debuting teams, so will have what it takes to become our EWNCW Grand Champions. We'll find out next week, we must a quick commercial so be sure to come right back folks.
    S.E. Zero is now Luizero. Look him up

  10. #710

    *Slither and Twisted walk out holding their titles. They are drink a red liquid we can assume is blood. They get in the ring and spit the red liquid out at the crowd*

    Twisted: The blood gods have smile upon us! You see me and my dear brother Slither have been holding these titles for quite awhile. People have come and they have been stopped. Me and my dear brother can't be beaten. Not as long as we stay together and continue to drink the red juice! It is our source for true strength.

    Slither: Indeed brother! look what it did for our new found brothers Payne and Torcher! Before they were blind loyalist who followed that joker around. Now they have embraced the freak inside them and tasted the greatest thing ever. Now they are great and have found a family. But Back o our championships. I'm quite happy with our reign and I don't see it ending anytime soon.

    Twisted: Very true. There is no one on the roster who has what it takes to defeats two people like us. You would have to be down right mad! No I think we are in the clear right now...

    *The Sexiest Alpha Males trio head out and go down the ramp while the ladies scream with delight, while male fans boo. They pimp ladies all around, and Miguel Tenorio looks particularly on the dancing mood. But when they enter the ring, they give the fans their serious face, as they confront Twisted and Slither. They get mics and Big Chief starts things off”:

    Big Chief: Let me get this clear. You may be the longest reigning champs on Brutality, but you are also the biggest jerks around. No one out there likes you. Unlike us, the most charismatic, sexy and irresistible stable ever! The ladies love us and want to see us as champions! So, here and now, Big Chief Long Schlong demands satisfaction, and a shot at those belts!

    *T-Thunda takes the mic from the Big Chief as he prepares to have his say*

    T-Thunda: Dats right!!

    I don't know how you managed it, but you are the longest reigning champs on Brutality!! But let's look at some fact right here. Ain't neither of you entertaining. Ain't neither of you interesting. Ain't neither of you know how to party. And ain't nobody here like you!!

    So ya'll wanna know the conclusion I come to with all of that information in mind? The fact that you are the longest reigning champs around here is a CON...spirrrraCY!!

    *The crowd laugh and cheer as T-Thunda makes a crazy face and nods while the rest of the people in the ring just look at him in a confused manner*

    T-Thunda: YEAH!! I know dat you got help keeping those titles!! I know you got little Jimmy helping you out!! Well little Jimmy ain't gonna help you no more!!

    *Thunda slams the mic down and seemingly goes to kick something just to the left of Slither, but there's nothing there. He then drops to his knees and starts raining punches down on thin air, as if he were delivering mounted punches to an opponent. He then gets up and kicks the non-existent person towards the edge of the ring, and out, as Big Chief tries to calm him down. He eventually picks the mic up again, and is clearly distressed.*

    T-Thunda: YOU SEE!! You see what you made me do?! You made 'The Pimp' mad!! You made me kick little Jimmy's ass!! So I suggest that you start stepping up, and give us a shot at dem titles, and see if you can beat us WITHOUT little Jimmy helping you out!!

    *Miguel steps up and puts a hand on T-Thunda’s shoulder*

    Tenorio: Easy, easy, my friend. We all know little Jimmy is there, but remember, the Bloody Mary twins here have other backup, in form of Payne and Torcher, so we’ll better watch our backs!

    *Another crazy face by T-Thunda, and Twisted and slither give Miguel a vicious stare*

    Tenorio: Let’s face it, these two here can’t stand a chance against us, not inside the ring, not outside it. They are not a tenth as talented as the three of us are, and they’ll need his henchmen if they want to defeat us, and I’ll assure that neither Payne, nor Torcher, nor Little Jimmy will be a difference maker when they face us in the ring. And boy, with the faces they have, no woman will ever approach them, not even if these two are willing to pay the girls!

    *Ladies scream and some people laugh*

    Tenorio: About you two, Dracula wannabes, you are the longest reigning champions here, but because you haven’t faced such a talented team as we are. It is time for the Sexiest Alpha Males to hold gold, and mark my words, we will get it and you too won’t be able to have your rematch, because we are beating your bloody asses to pulp. YOU BETCHA!!!

    Robert Goodman: What a match that could be, I can't wait to see it.

    Luke Douglas: While we for that it's time for the main event everyone and that will take place right after this commercial break.
    S.E. Zero is now Luizero. Look him up


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