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    HW: The Following Contest is set for one fall! Making their way to the ring the team of Zach Silver and Paul Bradley, they are The Dawn of Destruction.

    NN: They were able to make it to the Ultimate Opportunity Contracts Tournament Finals and win it all to hold those contracts ensuring them championship matches of their choosing whenever they may choose to use them putting every champion on their sights.

    RG: Its a scary thought knowing they might seize any opportunity they so choose against any of our fine champions and call themselves champions here in BWA but we need not worry for that tonight as they are set to face The Militia here tonight.

    HW: And their opponents! the team of Jayden Knight and Aiden Cayne, they are The Militia.

    RG: They had a very interesting meeting earlier with The Dogs of War and The Air Saints as it appears the have banded together for the time being and Straight Edge is reformed.

    NN: We shall see if they play an integral part in BWA standing tall once all is said and done at War is the Answer but tonight they must focus on The Dawn of Destruction.

    The Dawn of Destruction (Members Only) vs The Militia (Mass Destruction)

    *Bell Rings*

    (Pause 12:40/Ignore Championships)

    HW: And here are your winners The Dawn of Destruction.

    RG: The Dawn of Destruction showed why they were the better men at St. Patrick's Day Massacre. But wait....

    *God's Grace theme blasts through the arena to the crowd's delight as HolyJose and Azrael appear on the ramp with mics in hand*

    HolyJose: Azrael do you think The Dawn of Destruction are tired?

    Azrael: Not really unless you mean they are tired of running from us.

    HolyJose: I'm sick and tired of this! Every single time we are on a damn roll. We are close to winning a big opportunity...we miss it. No more. It's our time to take our rightful spot.

    Azrael: We are the perfect team in BWA but you're right every time we miss the top. I think a change is in order. A change in us.

    HolyJose: Clearly we haven't given 100%,well I guess we need to shift into turbo. Now you The Dawn of Destruction you may have gotten the best of us but let's see if lightning can strike twice.

    Azrael: You won fair and square but we deserve one more opportunity to make our stand for BWA. You guys vs us at War is the Answer with the Ultimate Opportunity Contracts on the line.

    HolyJose: No more holding back. No more dropping the ball. Come at War is the Answer. We claim our Ultimate Opportunity!

    *Grant's theme is soon and he appears on the titantron*

    Grant: Gentlemen I too believe you can do BWA proud and can do better if given a chance, so your prayers have been answered so to speak and at War is the Answer it will be God's Grace vs The Dawn of Destruction in a rematch for the BWA Ultimate Opportunity Contracts. So gentlemen get ready for....WAR!!!!

    NN: Oh my god what a match up we have just heard the contracts are on the line once again and God's Grace have a chance to redeem themselves for their loss at St. Patrick's Day Massacre. They might not get another chance so they truly have to go to War to defeat The Dawn of Destruction. We hate to do this folks but we must take a quick commercial break.

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    HW: The Following Contest is set for one fall! Making their way to the ring the team of Candyman and Nyron, they are Conquest.

    NN: They failed to defeat The Cross Nation Killers at St. Patrick's Day Massacre so you know they're looking to win big here tonight.

    RG: They face a great challenge in the returning Daddy Boyz thats for sure.

    HW: And their opponents! the team of Mick and Mack, The Daddy Boyz.

    RG: They return to us tonight after the concussion Mack Daddy received not too long ago here in BWA.

    NN: Well they look better than ever here tonight so lets get straight into the action.

    The Daddy Boyz (Team SHAG) vs Conquest (Styles and Daniels)

    *Bell Rings*

    HW: And here are your winners Conquest.

    NN: Well that certainly was an interesting matchup where ay one point Mack was so pumped up to be back he hip tossed his opponents, the referee even his own partner tonight.

    RG: But even that radical surge of energy, conquest was the better team tonight and gave EWNCW a much needed win. We must continue the action though so stay tuned folks.

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    HW: Ladies and gentlemen this is your Main Event of the evening scheduled for one fall and it is for the BWA World Championships!!!! Making their way to the ring they are the challengers the team of Gillz and Ryan Wells, they are...HIGH VOLTAGE!!!

    NN: They were defeated on St. Patrick's Day Massacre after Gillz received a devastating con-chair-to of the top of the cage which led to the victory of The Shadows of Madness our new BWA World Champions.

    RG: They look to avenge that loss and regain the gold.

    HW: And their opponents! they are the current reigning and defending BWA World Champions the team of Abel and Orion Slayde, The Shadows of Madness!!!!

    RG: Our champions sure look amazing with those new championship belts that were revealed earlier tonight. I cant imagine on any other team right now.

    NN: Me neither so lets our champions retain the gold after they defeat High Voltage yet again.

    High Voltage(Jericho and Christian) vs The Shadows of Madness (Kane and Rob Van Dam)

    BWA World Championship Match

    *Bell rings*

    (Pause 10:28)

    HW: And here are your winners via DQ and still BWA World Champions, The Shadows of Madness.

    RG: Oh what the hell...High Voltage doesn't even care about the gold anymore, they just get revenge by attempting to hit a con-chair-to on Abel.

    *Wells and Gillz line up the chairs and attempt a con-chair-to but Abel is quick to avoid this and as the chairs collide the impact leaves Gillz and Wells temporarily motionless something Abel quickly sees and delivers a Double Chokeslam to his opponents but he goes on a rampage and rips out the turnbuckles and even throwing the steel steps around the ring before he demolishes a fan barricade until Slayde arrives just in time and secures Abel's mask on him soothing the demonic giant enough for them to receive their respective BWA World Championship belts and head to the back as Gillz and Wells are seen recovering in the ring and they shout: ''This is far from over.''*

    NN: My god, Abel snapped and if it wasn't for Slayde securing that mask on time, I believe many fans in attendance would've felt the wrath of Abel much to their dismay.

    LD: Well what the fuck did you expect?, Slayde said it himself a few weeks ago that the mask is the only keeping a dark and twistedly demented soul from being unleashed into the world.

    TM: Lucky for us he got there in time. Guess we may need to keep a closer on BWA World Champions as will High Voltage by they said mere moments ago. We know that War may indeed be the Answer if things keep heating the way they have tonight but we're afraid that all the time we have for you this week but be sure to come right back here next for more of BWA's Supershow. Good night everyone.

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    Fillers away!!!!!!!!!
    S.E. Zero is now Luizero. Look him up

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    If you love efeds and haven't seen or joined EWNCW, something is very wrong with you.
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    Also check out and join EWNCW's sister feds BWA and Alpha Revolution. You wont regret it.
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    Viva los Fillers!!!!
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    Brutality is totally going to live up to its name, it is going to be a brutal show.
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    One more to go, we really hope you enjoy the show.
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    The show will be up in a few show so stay tuned as Brutality premieres......NEXT!!!!
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