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    BWA SuperShow 02/05/12

    The New BWA Theme Song!

    The Boss is here!

    *Grant's music is blasted to through the arena, the crowd boos and chants: ''You sold out'' as he enters the ring and asks for a mic. Soon in the center of the ring Grant looks to address the crowd both in attendance and at home*

    Grant: Welcome one and all to the Blacklist Wrestling Alliance.

    *Crowd boos heavily*

    Grant: Now before you go and think, excuse me I forgot you neandarthals dont know how to think *smirks* carrying on, many of you here and those watching at home feel I sold out after the announcement that the BWA was now a part of EWNCW but let me remind you all of the words I spoke not too long ago when I stated that under my control the BWA would not die and through this I have guaranteed that very goal. I did not sale my company, we are in a merger. For those who dont understand which I'm gussing is quite a lot of you, it means we are becoming an extension of the juggernaut known as EWNCW while remaining true to our ideals of pure tag team wresling and while we are a part of EWNCW I still own this comany and will ensure it soars to heights never before thought possible.

    This announcement has clearly not gone over well with few talents and sadly a lot of them have been and after tonight's BWA Supershow will be none existant in the BWA. That being said, through a generous act of partnership myself and EWNCW have that which we lost we gain back that much as new teams will be under contract here in BWA including The Sky High Bastards, The Force of Greatness, Domination and even The Sexiest Alpha Males.

    Now with one show we revert back to one roster, giving way to my next announcement: As teams go so will championships. Thats right we will unite 4 titles tonight as La Mafia Mejicana defend the European Champions against the Intercontinental Champions Frk Inc. but more important it will make for our main event iof the evening as The BWA World Champions The Nightmare Madness will face the BWA Champions Two of a Kind to become the Undispted BWA World Champions. Now also tonight the BWA Grand Championships will be defended against a team of my choosing and that team will be....oh why ruin the surprise, you will see later tonight and tonight we celebrate a new championship being dubbed The BWA Internet Champiosnhips being that you the ones will online and choose the challengers you want to see take on the champions to be crowned in a massive 8 team 3 round tournament involving teams both old and new so expect great things from teams that are hungry for gold.

    Now the challengers for some of the titles in play may wonder what about our shot, particularly those teams involved in the BWA World and BWA champions respectively so to those teams I say to you that I and only I will choose who will face the Undispted BWA World Champions at Valentine's Day Destruction and that announcement will take later tonight.

    Aditionally we have a special bout for you all as Domination will take on the debuting team of Jesting Madness.

    Now lets kick off the new BWA with a bang and look towards the bright future BWA will have in the year 2012.

    *Fans give a mixed reaction of cheers and boos as Grant exits the ring and heads to the back.*

    *Alex Bomb and Nick Fusion are backstage getting ready for the BWA Internet Championship tournament, Bomb checking himself out in the mirror whilst Fusion counts the scars on his fists from years of fighting.*

    Bomb: Dude, have you ever seen a sexier man alive than this piece of ass right here?

    *Fusion looks over at Bomb and narrows his eyes, shaking his head slowly, preferring to remain serious and focused at the task ahead. Bomb gives himself a thumbs up in the mirror and turns around with a wide smile on his face.*

    Bomb: You gotta lighten up big man! Learn to have some fun once in a while! I'm telling ya, you're nothing like your sister, she knows how to have a good time man...

    *Fusion stands up, glaring with bad intentions towards Bomb who holds his hands up with an innocent grin on his face*

    Bomb: Woah woah woah! Calm down there bud, you know i'm only playing, I've never touched your sister.. your mother however..

    *Fusion shakes his head again, a crack of a smile escaping from his lips as he finds the joke funny.*

    Bomb: There we go, that's what I like to see, the beast has a heart! Know what else I like to see? Gold. And tonight, we've got the chance to go out there and grab ourselves somethin' shiny, and like the magpies that we are, we're collectin'.

    *Fusion nods slowly in agreement, sitting back down he rubs his hands together and begins taping himself up.*

    Bomb: Screw La Mafia Mejicana, they figured out who was gunning for their titles and they bolted for the doors, probably pissed their pants at the sight of you wiping out their cousins. Whatever anyway, Atomic Blast, the BWA Internet Champs, got a ring to it huh? Finish taping fella, we've got some work to do.

    *Bomb adjusts his hair once again in the mirror and nods approvingly before heading for the door, elaving Fusion to finish getting ready.*

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    HW: The Following Contest is a quarter finales match for the BWA Internet Championship and is set for one fall! Make their way to the ring at a combined weight of 425lbs the team of Oil Slick Bill and Shoeshine Dave, The Good Ole' Boys

    LD: Here we go with the first match of the night. Eight teams will compete for the brand new. Personally I hope an original wins

    TM: I have to agree with you there. No disrespect to the new teams but our originals deserve to wear that gold.

    HW: And their opponents! Making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 510lbs the team of Nick Fusion and Alex "Atom" Bomb, They are Atomic Blast!

    TM: And here comes a great team. I believe these guys have a huge chance.

    LD: My money is on New Assualt Program, just watch!

    HW: And here are your winners Atomic Blast!

    LD: Well i'd rather them than those hicks.

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    HW: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first the team of The Sky High Bastards!

    TM: One of the new teams joining BWA, they're high flying abilities will make them an exciting team to see and perhaps take them all the way to become the new BWA Internet Champions.

    LD: Oh they'll be one of my favorites to win, they will do anything to get the win unlike the losers teams you usually pick.

    HW: And their opponents The Upstarts!

    LD: I dont think this team will do much here in BWA even in this tournament, they just suck.

    *Bell rings*

    (Ignore JBL)

    Hw: Here re your winners The Upstarts

    TM: A great win for The Upstarts but the Sky High Bastards attack them in a fit of rage that may cause The Upstarts' chance of winning decrease inmensely.

    LD: Dmn right they did, these Bastards should've won tonight and I hope The Upstarts lose later tonight.

    TM: How can you say that? I know you're a prick but you have to remain objective and unbiased.

    LD: I dont think so, I can say whatever I want because I can now shut the fuck up and get ready for the next match.

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    HW: The following contest is set for one fall and it is for the BWA Grand Championships, introducing first the BWA Grand Champions, The Dark Empire.

    TM: The Grand Champions and Ultimate Opportunity contract holders have made quite the impact since their debut in BWA, lets see if that impact continues tonight.

    LD: You know they will, why would even suggest it wouldnt? The Dark Empire are one the best teams BWA has today and they'll show why tonight.

    HW: And their opponents.....*Grant's music interrupts*

    Grant: I'll take it from here, now let me introduce to you all........The Collective!!!!

    LD: What the f..!!

    TM: Hey, shut your mouth. This is a great addition to the BWA roster and to get a shot at the Grand Chmpionships here tonight is just Wow!

    The Dark Empire vs The Collective

    *Bell rings*

    Hw: Here re your winners and NEW!!! BWA Grand Champions The Collective.

    LD: Oh for fucks sake why? Damn it, now The Collective are our new BWA Grand Champions. That blows.

    TM: I disagree, with a new BWA it was only to be expected that new champions would be crowned tonight and The Collective are one of them. What a great way to debut.

    *Grant's music hits and he heads out mic in hand*

    Grant: Congratulations to our new champions The Collective, but thats not why I am here. I'm here because as stated earlier this evening many teams would be leaving BWA after tonight and one of them is The Dark Empire, now.....*snaps fingers*

    *A security team hits the ring and restraints Ragnarok and The Prophecy as Grant enters the ring*

    GRant: Since you are no longer members of my company, your rematch clause if you ever had any is revoked as well these....*Grant takes The Ultimate Opportunity contracts in possession of Ragnarok, who looks rabid at the actions of Grant but Grant slaps him across the face*

    Grant: You look at me that way again it will be the last thing you do, now these contracts will be under my possession until a course of action that I feel is best to reinstitute them back into play arises. Now....*snaps fingers*

    *The security team lets The Dark Empire go*

    Grant: I'll trust you gentlemen can see your way out, unless you need guidance from my elite security behind you. It was a pleasure having you work in the BWA but now your time has come and I wish you best in your future endeavors

    *The Dark Empire look pissed at what has transpires but agree to exit the ring and head to the back one final time as Grant stands in the ring surrounded by his security team holding The Ultimate Opportunity Contracts with a cocky grin on his face*

    LD: Holy shit, we lost The Dark Empire. This cant be. This must be a nightmare.

    TM: YOu're not dreaming partner, this is reality The Dark Empire is out of BWA and with them gone the future of the Ultimate Opportunity Contracts is left in question, what will Grant do? Guess we will have to wit to find put but now we cant wait any longer we must take a quick commercial so be sure to come right back folks.

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    TM: Welcome back folks we are set to see another tournament match as The New Assault Program take on The Daddy Boyz.

    LD: The best match of the card, either team is gonna be a gret choice to become the brand new BWA Internet Champions.

    HW: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing first The Daddy Boyz!

    TM: They have a great opportunity to be dual champions if they win tonight's tournament and defeat Freak Inc at Valentine's Day Destruction if they win later tonight.

    LD: This team is gonna go far in BWA, thats a guarantee and it cn begin tonight.

    HW: And their opponents The New Assault Program!

    LD: One of my favorites to see on the former Sanctuary show; *Sees Murdoch giving him weird look* What? I tend to be up to date with what my favorite are up to and though they dont have Ano Doom with them tonight, I know The N.A.P. will do whatever they have to do to get the win here tonight.

    TM: We'll see about that, they have a great deal ahead of them if they win here tonight.

    The New Assault Program vs The Daddy Boyz

    *Bell rings*

    Hw: Here are your winners The New Assult Program

    LD: Thats how you do it. They made sure the ref in their favor and they got the job done, they advance in the tournamet. *Stnds up and applauds*

    TM: Through underhanded tactics, yes they do advance. Lets hope the same scene doesnt happen again later tonight.

    LD: So wht if it happens it means The N.A.P. will be that much closer to being the new BWA Internet Champions, I sight I most definitely want to see.

    TM: Then you need glasses to see tht clearly they arent the ideal choice to represent BWA as champions or did you forget the Intercontinental Championships fiasco they were involved a few moths ago. Anyways lets move on and see the next match.

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    HW: The following match is set for one fall! Introducing first, The Force of Gretness!

    LD: Another worthless team joins BWA, man we got screwed in this merger. This team isn't even fit to participate in the tournament for the BW Internet Championships tonight.

    TM: What are you smoking? The Force of Greatness is one the best teams EWNCW has to offer, they've been a mess over there but here they have a chance to become great once by becoming our new BWA Internet Champions. I think they can be fine champions

    HW: And their opponents Psycho Circus!

    TM: A fine team in my opinion. They dont really have the best attitude or fan supoort but that doesnt mean they cant do well in this tournament tonight.

    LD: Are you insane, Psycho Circus will be the new champions after tonight. I just know it.

    Hw: Here are your winners The Force of Gretness

    TM: fter a costly mistake by Psycho circus The Force of Greatness show great teamwork and pick a win to dvnce in the tournament.

    LD: Hooray for you, the teams that are suppoused to win have lost. This is a travesty, an outrage I tell you.

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    HW: The following is a Unification Match set for one fall! Making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 494lbs, They are the BWA Intercontienental Champions! The team of Slither and Twisted, Freak Inc.!

    LD: Dear God let these freaks lose!

    TM: You really want to say that out load with them so close?

    LD: What the hell are they gonna do?

    TM: You got more guts than me.

    LD: Everyone already knew that you idiot. La Mafia Mejicana has this match won!

    HW: And their opponents, At a combined weight of 481lbs, They are the BWA European Champions, The team of Vaquero and Mr. Santiago La Mafia Mejicana!

    TM: They Will have their work cut out for them here tonight. Its really hard to get inside the minds of the freaks, not that any normal human would want to.

    LD: La Mafia Mejicana has this match. The Freaks won't be able to intimidate these guys!

    LD: NO! Damn it we are stuck with those lunatics as our champions!

    TM: Uh Luke you may wanna..

    LD: This isn't right! I demand a rematch

    *Twisted looks over at Luke with a demonic look on his face*

    LD: Umm i'll be quite.

    TM: Good idea.

    *Slither grabs a pair of mics*

    S: So now BWA is apart of EWNCW? Hmm this means more bodies and more red juice!

    T: Indeed dear brother! Such a shame those mejicana fellas left in such a hurry, i bet their red juice would have tasted exotic!

    S: We have a new goal. To taste the red juice of every team on this roster.

    T: No one is safe anymore. * Both Men begin to laugh like maniacs as they leave the ring*

    LD: I will stay away from them for the rest of my life!

    TM: Agreed!

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    HW: The Following Contest is a semi finales match for the BWA Internet Championship and is set for one Fall! Making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 510 lbs the teams of Nick Fusion and Adam "Atom" Bomb, they are Atomic Blast!

    TM: They were successful earlier tonight and seem to be extremely focused!

    LD: They have no chance what so ever. They are going against a far superior team!

    TM: I swear you go against me for fun.

    LD: Not my fault you always root for the wrong team.

    HW: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 510 lbs, The team of Sean and Cris Demension, New Assault Program!

    LD: You are looking at our new champs! No doubt in my mind.

    TM: *Looks at him sarcasticly* Oh yes you are so right.

    LD: Glad to see you figured it out!

    *Terry stares at him baffled*

    LD: How is this possible?

    TM: I thought you always picked the right team Luke?

    LD: No something is right, they must be hurt. Ya thats it. I demand they get a shot at those titles next week!

    TM: Ya sure. We'll be back.

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    HW: The following contest is set for one fall! Making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 500lbs the team of William Carlin and Grind Bastard, They are Jesting Madness!

    TM: Here comes the number one contenders for the EWNCW Tag Team Championship! They seems to be in great condition.

    LD: I like these guys, such a shame they are competeing for that title instead of a real world title like ours.

    TM: Thats true, if you want to be a top team you gotta hold the BWA World Championship.

    *Crowd boos heavily. During several seconds, nothing can be seen, until the figure of Grind Bastard emerges, barb wire baseball bat in hand. He stands in the left side of the shot, to allow space for Carlin, who emerges next. There’s the classic brofist, then they both raise their arms, and when they shake them down, Tongues of fire emerge in front of them. Light go on and they both proceed down the ramp, while the crowd still boos them. As soon as they enter the ring, Carlin asks for a mic*

    WC: Finally. It’s taken a lot of time, but here we are! The Jesting Madness a have arrived to BWA!

    *Crowd keeps booing*^

    WC: I’ve gotta tell you the truth, I was intrigued of how a tag team only fed would work, but the shows have been awesome, so it was clear in my mind, Jesting Madness should go to BWA!

    *This gets a kind of mixed reaction, since the fans like the praising, but they hate JM being there*

    WC: So, there were contacts with BWA bosses, and after several weeks, we’re here, and it feels great!

    *Fans not sure how to react*

    WC: It does, because here’s another company to conquer and dominate for the Madness!

    *Finally, something the fans can react to, with loud booing*

    WC: It is a pity, though, that we didn’t came before the merging with EWNCW, we could have been the best tag team in two companies instead of one, but this scenario gives us a different chance, being the first dual tag champs after the merging!

    *Crowd boos and chants: “in your dreams”*

    WC: So, here’s a message for all the members of the BWA: like we are taking the EWNCW belts from Domination, we’re going to get the BWA belts, or the BWA World Tag Team belts, the name of The Jesting Madness will be placed in them, and we’re gonna become the greatest tag team in the company!

    *Crowd keeps booing*

    WC: No matter if we have to face The Air Saints, or the New Assault Program, Atomic Blast, High Voltage, Freak Inc, The Dogs of War, God’s Grace, or the Cross Nation Killers, all of them will battle with us, and all of them will fall prey of my superior technique and Grind’s brute, relentless force!

    *More booing from the crowd*

    WC: So, if there’s any team that wants the honor to the first one taken down by The Jesting Madness, come now to the ring if you have a pair!

    HW: And their opponets, at a combined weight of 302 kilos, They are the EWNCW Tag Team Champions, The team of Domination!

    TM: Another great team from EWNCW!

    LD: They are good but thats a pair of chumps next to our world champs!

    (Ignore Taker, Austin and Paul)

    TM: What a fantastic match!

    LD: I have to agree with you, which makes me sick. They both put on a hell of a show.

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    HW: The following contest is set for one fall! Introducing firsr The Upstarts!

    TM: They had a great start in tonight tournament, luck could very well be on their side in this match tonight.

    LD: After the betdown they receive by The Sky High Bastards I doubt they can give a decent match let alone wint he tournment thats how much this team sucks.

    HW: And their opponents The Force of Greatness!

    LD: Another team that thinks they can a name for them in BWA. They should know when to quit and thats now and leave BWA.

    TM: Oh shut the fuck up, we are going through changes for the better here in BWA and The Force of Greatness are a fantastic team that could be a great asset to BWA as the BWA Internet Champions. So be professional and just enjoy the match however best you can.

    Hw: Here are your winners The Force of Greatness

    TM: They move on to the finals and will face Atomic Blast to determine the brand new BWA Internet Championships. What a fantastic match up.

    LD: I can only hope a BWA team wins the championship and not these losers from EWNCW. That may be the one good thing to come out of this tournament.


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