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    BWA Sanctuary 1/28/12

    Robert Godmen: Hello everone. We are ready to present was is sure to be a stellar show for you all in attendance and all you watching at home. I am Robert Godmen and with me as always is Nick Newman.

    Nick Newman: Thats right, Robert with great action including Slither taking on Mick of The Daddy Boyz as well The New Assault Program taking on The Good Ole' Boys tonight's show is sure to be fantastic one.

    But before the show can continue, we will hear from BWA Owner Lucas Grant, so lets take to the ring now to hear what he has to say.

    LG: Well, I have to say Sanctuary has been my pride and joy but recently I've been doubting wether you people appreciate it like I do.

    This is a message to everyone seeing this at this moment, I feel like you don't give a damn but I know what The Grant Standard's mind is capable of and things will change here one way or another.

    Starting tonight, I want to set up 3 additional matches so listen up in the back aside from tonight's scheduled matches we will High Voltage team up with Lethal Injection to take on the BWA Champions Two of a Kind and The Militia in tonight's main event.

    Also God's Grace will face the BWA Grand Champions The Dark Empire while The Dogs of War face The Gates of Christ later tonight.

    Now get this through your narrow minded skulls, as long I am standing and breathing no one not even that imbecile Hamilton will take away that which I made a pinnacle in the wrestling world and thats The Blacklist Wrestling Alliance. Those who think otherwise are welcome to me wrong but when they fail and they will they'll know why The Grant Standard IS THE Standard to live by.

    *Grant drops the mic and heads backstage*

    NN: Wow...thats a personal message to those who were willing to hear and understand it clearly and I believe for many of us here and those watching it came through loud and clear.

    RG: That it did. However the show must go on so we will take a quick commercial break and when we come it will be Slither vs Mick Daddy so be sure to come right back folks.

    Commercial Break
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    RG: Welcome back folks, we are now ready to start the show with some singles action.

    NN: Thats it will be one half the BWA Intercontinental Champions Slither of Freak Inc. vs Mick of The Daddy Boyz, let go to Lily Morgan who will introduce them now.

    LM: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first weighing in at 250 pounds representing The Daddy Boyz, please welcome Mick Daddy.

    NN: A great team that finally get an opportunity to earn some gold in the BWA at Valentine's Day Destruction. His team will need all the momentum they can get before hand so a win here tonight will be a great thing for The Daddy Boyz.

    LM: And his opponent weighing in at 244 pounds, he is one half of the BWA Intercontinental Champions representing Freak Inc., Slither!!!!

    RG: The long time reigning champions Freak Inc. looks to extend their reign and have what is sure to be an outstanding match with The Daddy Boyz at Valentine's Day Destruction.

    *Bell rings*

    Slither vs. Mick Daddy

    (Ignore post match)

    LM: Here is your winner Mick Daddy.

    NN: Mick Daddy gets the win tonight giving The Daddy Boyz a strong wave of momentum but whats this, Mack Daddy is on his way to the ring with a mic in hand lets hear what they have to say.

    Mack: Wow, does this town suck. Last time we were here we got booted from the card for demanding more money per appearance,and speaking of money I think its about time the authority around here actually get their heads out there asses and realize we are money and deserve a title shot, since we got here all we've done is beat people up and there is nobody who can do anything about it.

    So Freak inc., you think you guys can beat us seriously, ....Twisted be ready for when Big Mack puts you in the bear hug you will cry in pain and we will beat up whats left of you and at Valentine's Day Destruction we will become the NEW BWA Intercontinental Champions.

    *Passes the mic to Mick*

    Mick: Where we come from a freak is someone who is good in bed, so what are you trying to say? You want a good time or want to go to bed with someone or something?

    Well its for certain that on Valentine's Day Destruction there will be no love but plenty of destruction hahaha we play rough !!!

    RG: A strong statement form The Daddy Boyz, they feel this will be their and it will start at Valentine's Day Destruction but now please be sure to stay tuned for more action as we take a commercial break.

    Commercial Break
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    Thumbs up

    RG: We're back but before we continue, we've gotten word that the BWA Champions Two of a Kind are making out to the ring as they have requested time to speak their minds.

    *Two of a Kind's theme plays and the crowd boos heavily as Paul Conrad and Kid Wonder walk down the ramp missing a few things.....?*

    Conrad: Every week we come out here and everyweek you abuse us and we ask you several times to shut up and you idiots don't abide so this week we are changing it up

    Wonder: Thats right no more fucking around...... SHUT UP!!!

    *Crowd chants: You Suck*

    Wonder: This week we are not only going to disrespect High Voltage yet again, We are going to disrespect the Future No 1 contenders for our BWA titles, Gods Grace. Gods Grace is a mighty team and a team that we respect a lot and after GodMoney retired from tag team wrestling, we have always considered Gods Grace our biggest threat.

    Now it isnt official yet that they are the No 1 Contenders to our BWA Championships but all they will have to do is show up and the Gates of Christ will be Locked up permanently. You will also notice something else, we haven't walked out with our tag team titles.... Thats because we have hired a couple of celebrities to hand us our belts please welcome to our stage.........

    Conrad: Jennifer Lopez and Bruno Mars

    *Crowd looks to the ramp but no Lopez or Mars*

    Conrad: Ladies and Gentleman Jennifer Lopez and Bruno Mars.

    *Still Nothing*

    Wonder: Where the Hell is Lopez and Mars?

    *As Wonder calls out Lopez and Mars a backstage camera shows Lopez and Mars making out with the EWA and AWF world Tag TEam belts in picture to which Lopez Remarks: Dont worry guys we are engaged.*

    Conrad: Wonder, you know what you have just done...? You have just started Mar-Pez

    *Crowd laughs in hysterics then Chants you started Mar-Pez duh duh da duh duh*

    Wonder: Its ok Conrad because i have a plan B

    Conrad: Whats that, Wonder?

    Wonder: I decided that High Voltage could never take our belts so I decided to be nice and hand them our belts so they could be BWA Champions for a day, thats right ladies and Gentleman High Voltage...

    *High Voltage's theme plays but a couple of jobbers come out in their gear with the BWA title belts on their waist as they enter the ring.*

    Jobber 1: We love BWA, We love Sanctuary, we love the Fans, We love the ramps, we love the stage but most importantly we love these belts

    Wonder: Seriously if you made love to our belts well kick your arse

    Jobber 2: Hey Two Of A Kind, you are a good team but if you give us 27 chances at your championships I'm sure that one day well beat you and be the rightful....

    Conrad: Who Gives a shit? First Mar-Pez make love to our titles and now High Voltage, Wonder... our titles were pure, No one had ever held any of our titles before.

    Wonder: Sorry Paul, I didn't mean to...

    Jobber 1: You should be taking us more seriously and not ignoring.... *BANG* Conrad hits his Crusher on Jobber No 1 then Wonder immediately follows by the KIDnapped on Jobber 2.

    Wonder: Morons

    Bruno Mars Song Plays and here comes the slightly depressed superstar, who comes out sobbing speaks: Hey guys sorry for before.....

    Wonder: What happened?

    Mars: She dumped me guys (sob sob sob) she broke of the arrrggghhhh!!!

    *Conrad hits his finisher on Mars, grabs all three titles now and stares down Wonder as he leaves the ring*

    *A shocked Wonder stares for a moment then pulls out a little black book and writes something down before laying it on Bruno Mars' chest.*

    Wonder: Here's a Six figure check for your greatest performance yet. Wonder starts singing: Hey Bruno, I think I just KIDnapped you!!

    *The crowds boos in disapproval as Wonder grabs his 3 titles and heads to the back*

    RG: What the fuck was that?.Two of a Kind just made a mockery of High Voltage as well as a heart broken Bruno Mars and for what?.

    NN: They're Two of a Kind they don't need a reason whatever they please especially as the BWA Champions, but enough of that we now continue the action as The Gates of Christ face The Dogs of War as Lily Morgan introduces them now.

    LM: This contest is scheduled for one fall introducing first weighing in at a combined of 588 pounds, they are the team of Michael Gates and Gabriel Christ, they are The Gates of Christ.

    RG: This team needs to show they got what it takes to be the best and beat God's Grace at their Blacklist Steel Cage match at Valentine's Day Destruction.

    LM: And their opponent weighing in at a combined weight of 494 pounds they are the team of Markus Hailstrum and Keith Andrews, they are The Dogs of War.

    NN: They failed to regain the BWA Grand Championships last week but that does not take away from this team scoring a win here tonight.

    The Gates of Christ vs. The Dogs of War

    LM: Here are your winners The Dogs of War.

    NN: A great win for The Dogs of War, they could see back in the title hunt soon.

    RG: Thats right, but The Gates of Christ have one more chance to regain some momentum next week. Now we must take a quick commercial break.

    Commercial Break
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    RG: Welcome back everyone and we are set to see The New Assault Program take on The Good Ole' Boys.

    NN: What a match that will be and now Lily Morgan introduces them next.

    LM: This match is set for one fall introducing first weighing in at a combined weight of 425 pounds, they are Shoeshine Dave and Oil Slick Bill, The Good Ole' Boys.

    RG: This team has been in a bit of a funk lately and Grant has noticed, stating he feel The New Assault will provide a great challenge they need to get back on track.

    LM: And their opponents weighing in at combined weight of 510 pounds being accompanied to the ring by Ano Doom they are the team of Sean and CriZ Dimension, The New Assault Program.

    NN: They have been rejuvenated with the addition of Ano Doom to their ranks lets see if their winning ways continue.

    *Bell Rings*

    The Good Ole' Boys vs. The New Assault Program

    LM: Here are your winners The New Assault Program

    NN: Chalk up another win for The N.A.P., this team is on fire.

    RG: That they are, Nick. Be sure to come back as we must take a commercial break now.

    Commercial Break
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    *Richard Dolan is backstage and is awaiting The New Assault Program who arrive backstage shortly after their match*

    RD: There you are, I just gotta ask real quick: Did The Good Ole' Boys stand a chance against you?

    CriZ: The Good Ole Boys.... Good for nuthin old, never had or will have a chance.

    Sean: They are washed up now and won't have any further success...The New Assault ProGraM is Value...Some Achieve This Here...and Some Are Just Going to Get Destroyed by The Sent Force Ano DooM...The New Assault PrOGraM is in Full Progress.. Damn goolbys..Code For Good ole Boys..time to Delete These ImbEcils.

    RD: Thank you for your time gentlemen.

    RG: Interesting words from The New Assault Program, this may only be the beginning of something more with The Good Ole' Boys.

    NN: But we take a look at the final match before our scheduled main event as God's Grace take on The Dark Empire. Lily Morgan introduces them now.

    LM: This contest is set for one fall introducing first at a combined weight of pounds the team of HolyJose and Azrael, they are God's Grace.

    NN: The BWA Champions themselves believe this will the winning team of the Blacklist Steel Cage match at Valentine's Day Destruction, a win tonight can give them a huge boost in momentum towards accomplishing that goal.

    LM: And their opponent weighing in at a combined weight of pounds they are the BWA Grand Champions the team of The Prophecy and Ragnarok, they are The Dark Empire.

    RG: After winning and retaining the BWA Grand Championships last week, one can only assume they look to get another win here tonight.

    *Bell Rings*

    God's Grace vs. The Dark Empire

    LM: Here are your winners God's Grace

    NN:What a great win for God's Grace, they are certainly looking the favorites to win at Valentine's Day Destruction.

    RG: I can only it now Two of a Kind vs God's Grace for the BWA Championships, what a match that would be. Dont worry we'll be right back as we take our final commercial break now.

    Final Commercial Break
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    RG: The time is now and we are ready for our main event...hold on Grant has made a last minute change and has made this an elimination 8 man tag team match.

    NN: That should make this an even better main event, now Lily Morgan will introduce the main event.

    LM: Ladies and gentlemen, this is your scheduled main event of the evening and it is scheduled for one fall introducing first at a combined weight of 896 pounds the teams of Lethal Injection (Shawn Azenia and Malcolm Cage) and High Voltage (Gillz and Ryan Wells).

    RG: A union that is sure to send the fans into a frenzy as they love both of these teams, lets see if they can make them even happier with a win here tonight.

    LM: And their opponents weighing in at a combined weight of 886 pounds they are the weighing in at a combined of pounds, they are the teams of The Militia (Jayden Knight and Saiosyn) and the BWA Champions Two of a Kind (''Mad Dog'' Paul Conrad and Kid Wonder).

    NN: They must work together to overwhelm the teams they face tonight and it looks like Jayden is wasting not time and he goes on the attack of Azenia.

    Two of a Kind and The Militia vs. High Voltage and Lethal Injection

    LM: Here are your winners High Voltage and Lethal Injection.

    NN: Its Wells who is able to overcome the odds and get a huge win over Kid Wonder, if he and Gillz can repeat this scenario at Valentine's Day Destruction we could be looking at our new BWA Champions.

    RG: Two of a Kind have it clear they will not be dethroned so you know they will go to any lengths to secure their place as BWA Champions; Thank you all for watching Sanctuary and we'll see you all next week.
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    The biggest BWA show EVER!

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