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    BWA Damnation 1/26/12

    TM: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome to another edition of BWA Damnation! We are live here in Fort Worth, Texas!

    LD: We have an amazing show for you tonight as we grow close to Valentine's Day Destruction.

    And here comes the boss

    LG: I'll keep this short and sweet so i can get as far away from you hill bilies as possible. Next week we will see The Young and Reckless take on the Dogs of War and AirSaints in a triple threat match to determine who will face Dark Empire for the BWA Grand Championship. Tonight Young and Reckless will take on the AirSaints and that match is next. Also do to last weeks match between Billy McCoy and Roberto Pamich I am making tonights match with Bloodstone and Uliose a falls count anywhere no dq match. McCoy and Roberto are both still banned from the arena. Now lets get this show over with, i feel myself coming down with red neck fever.

    HW: The following match is set for one fall! Making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 486lbs The Young and Reckless!

    LD: And this is who will face Dark Empire at Valentine's Day Destruction! No doubt they will beat those dogs and those so called saints.

    TM: I wouldn't count either of those teams out Luke.

    LD: Well I would so suck it you dumbass!

    HW: And their opponents at a combined weight of 418lbs, The AirSaints!

    TD: They have a great chance of becoming number one contenders for the Grand Championship!

    LD: Ya and i have great chance at running BWA, Idiot.

    What the hell it's Ragnarok!

    LD: A one half of the Grand Champions is here scouting the comptition!

    TM: This could play a huge factor in this match!

    (The Young and Reckless/Edge and Christian VS AirSaints/Chris Jericho&Shelton Benjamin Tomko/Ragnarok Benoit/Axxel Sonn)

    LD: Bodies are everywhere! Axxel came out here to send a message but in the end Ragnarok stands strong.

    TM: Next week all hell will break lose!

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    HW: The following match is set for one fall! Making their way to the ring at a combined weight of 456lbs they are Skyline!

    TM: These guys need to get the win here tonight.

    LD: They are decent but Broc and Dave will once again dominate these jobbers!

    HW: And their opponents at a combined weight of 397lbs they are The Managers!

    LD: These guys are by far one of the best teams here in BWA and tonight they will continue their winning ways!

    TM: There is no doubt that they are infact a great team but their attitudes could you a tune up

    (The Managers/Edge and Christian VS Skyline/The Hardys)

    TM: And the match ends in a double count out!

    LD: These teams are beating the hell out of each other!

    *Broc gets a chair and cracks Skyrise in the head before hitting a DDT on the chair. Dave rams Skyfall's head into the ring post.*

    LD: Hell yes! Getting down right lethal with the jobbers!

    TM: They are indeed proving that they are Hardcore. We'll be back folks

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    HW: The falling match is set for one fall! Making their weight of 510 lbs they are Atomic Blast!

    TM: And here comes future champions in Atomic Blast! These guys are amazing!

    LD: Yes they are but they have their hands full with La Mafia Mejicana

    HW: And their opponents at a combined weight of 481lbs they are the BWA European Champions La Mafia Mejicana!

    LD: These guys look better everytime i see them!

    TM: There is no doubt they are an excellent team, but they were close to losing the titles to The Brothers Stone last week

    LD: Thank God Mr.Grant fixed that mistake!

    (Atomic Blast/Christopher Daniels and AJ Styles VS La Mafia Mejicana/AMW) Ignore Gail Kim and Championships.

    *The Brother's Stone run into the ring and begin beating down La Mafia Mejicana, Atomic Blast watches but refuses to join in. Mexican Uprising runs down to the ring and begin trading blows with The Brothers Stone before Atomic Blast joins in and all four teams are beating each other down.*

    TM: All hell has broken lose here in the ring. Each team wants a shot at the Europen Titles!

    LD: Someone better do something quick!

    * Lucas Grant appears on screen*

    LG: Stop this bullshit right now! * They all look at the screen* Good, sense you four have decided to break into anarchy here is what is going to happen. Next Week we will see one member from Atomic Blast team with one member from The Brothers Stone to take on One member of La Mafia Mejican and one member of Mexican Uprising. Also At the PPV we will see a fatal four match between one member of each team. Now the winner of that match will determine what kind of match he other 4 will be in for the title. Also the winner will have the option to take his partner's place at any time during the match. Good luck to you four, now get the fuck out of my ring!

    TM: My God i have never heard of such a way to fight for a title. Such a unique way.

    LD: No, this isn't fair it will give one team a huge advantage!

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    HW: The falling is a 2 on 1 handicap match set for one fall! Making his way to the ring weighing in at 230lbs, He is Blacklist Royalty Prince Alex Foyt!

    LD: Tell me how it's fair to have this one man go against two men like Nightmare Madness?

    TM: Well he wants to compete in a Tag Team Wrestling promotion so he has to deal.

    HW: And his opponents at a combined weight of 589lbs They are Nightmare Madness!

    LD: This is so wrong it makes me sick!

    TM: I believe Foyt is getting what he deserves! He shouldn't even be allowed to compete for the World Titles but he bribed Grant!

    LD: There is no proof that ever happened!

    (Prince Alex Foyt/Edge VS Nightmare Madness/HHH and Cena) Ignore Lita

    TM: Well thats jutice for you.

    LD: How the hell is that Justice? He got his ass kicked by two men. Justice will be at te PPV when he beats Alexander to becoming the first singles Champion in BWA history!

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    HW: The following match is a Falls Count Anywhere No Disqualification Match set for one fall. Making his weight to the ring weighing 174lbs Uliose Pamich!

    LD: Hell yes my money is on this man right here! Him and his brother have shown everyone that they are a force to be reckon with here in BWA and he's about to pound the crap out of the the pint size moron Bloodstone!

    TM: I think you're selling Bloodstone short, no pun intended. He is after all a former World Champion.

    LD: Everyone knows that Billy carries CNK and last week he got destroyed by Il Cattivo and tonight the same thing will happen to Bloodstone!

    TM: Well both Billy ad Roberto are banned from the arena but after last week who knows what will happen.

    HW: And his opponent, weighing 154lbs The KamiKazi Warrior Daymian Bloodstone!

    TM: Here is my pick to win it here tonight!

    LD: You really think this spot monkey has what it takes?

    TM: Indeed i do Luke, he is a great wrestler ad has a lot from McCoy.

    LD: Nothing McCoy teaches him will be good enough!

    * Both men pace around the ring before tying up. Uliose put Bloodstone in a headlock and goes for a takedown. He begins stomping on Bloodstone's ribs repeatedly. He picks Bloodstone up by the head and clubs him in the back. He goes to punch Bloodstone in the face but it is caught and Bloodstone unloads on Uliose before hitting a DDT. He than slides out of the ring and grabs a chair.*

    LD: What the hell is he doing with a chair!

    TM: No rules Luke.

    *Daymian begins smacking Uliose in the back over and over again. He unfolds the chair and wraps it around Uliose's right ankle and then stomps on it as Uliose screams in agony*

    LD: He is ankle has to be broken!

    TM: Daymian is on fire!

    *Bloodstone picks Uliose up but gets a thumb to the eye. He than grabs the chair and smacks Bloodstone square in the head. He goes outside and grabs the ring bell. He gets Daymian to his knees and cracks him in the back with the bell knocling Bloodstone to the mat. Just then a man in a Mario outfit hops the barricade and enters the ring clothelining Uliose*

    LD: Who the hell is that!

    TM: Looks like Super Mario.

    *The man picks up Bloodstone. The two talk before going over and stomping on Uliose together*

    LD: That is cheating!

    TM: How the hell do you cheat in a match with no rules?

    LD: I don't care what you say this is wrong

    *The man takes of his costume and it's revealed to be Billy McCoy. McCoy locks in a sharpshooter as Bloodstone locks in a cross face*

    TM: Looks like payback is indeed a bitch!

    LD: McCoy isn't suppose to be here!

    TM: Neither was Uliose last week. All is fair in love and war!

    *Out form under the ring is Roberto who hits McCoy with a big boot to the face. Bloodstone gets up and two begin trading blows. McCoy grabs the ring bell and hits Roberto in the back while Daymian hits a shining wizard. Roberto and Uliose roll out the ring and run towards the back as CNK follows. Bloodstone and McCoy enter the parking lot and are met with steel pipes to the abdomen.Uliose and Roberto grab Bloodstone and suplex him on to the hood or Grant's car*

    LD: Grant is not gonna be happy about that

    TM: Is this even a match now?

    *Uliose grabs McCoy and slams him through the window of Grant's car busting him open. They grab him and put him in the trunk of Grant's car along with Bloodstone*

    Uliose: You ready to finish this?

    Roberto: Hell yes!

    *They put the car in drive and push it out. They get into another car and crash it into the back of Grant's car where CNK is at, smashing the car into the wall*

    Roberto: Lets get the hell out of here.

    Uliose: One more thing.

    *They line their car up with Grant's car and smash into it once more smashing the trunk before fleeing the arena*

    LD: Oh my God.CNK has to be dead in there.

    TM: We need to get a medic to them at once.

    *The screen fades to black just as medics appear on scene*

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