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    BWA Damnation 12/21/2011

    http://<a href="</a>

    TM: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to Damnation! We are just over 2 weeks away from Day of Sin! And last week Lucas Grant announced that CNK would face Nightmare Madness in a 3 Stages of Hell match, and not only that but this will be their final comfrontation no matter who wins it!

    LD: CNK truly believe that they will win and gave up their rematch clause for this match, which in my mind was really fullish! Nightmare Madness will walk out of Day of Sin as the new BWA World Champions!

    TM: Well tonight CNK and Nightmare Madness will be in action as CNK faces The Managers, who have been on a roll lately and Nightmare Madness will face The Brothers Stone!

    LD: A match that should be a cake walk for Abel and Jason Alexander!

    TM: I wouldn't be so sure, Mark and Jakob have been struggling a bit, but I see them breaking out soon! They will be Champions in 2012 mark my words!

    LD: If that happens you can kick me in the damn nuts!

    HW: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the owner and CEO of BWA, Lucas Grant!

    *Lucas enters the ring with a mic in hand ready to address the fans as they boo him*

    LG: Thank you for the warm welcome. *smirks*

    Now on to more pressing matters now last week I shocked both champions and challengers with the match of my choice to truly accentuate the intensity of this long time feud and that it will truly come to an end at Day of Sin one way or another and what better way to do it than a 3 Stages of Hell match. An idea that truly shows why The Grant Standard is the standard to live by here in the Blacklist Wrestling Alliance.

    A singles, cage and ladder will be the matches that The Nightmare Madness and the BWA World Champions, The Cross Nation Killers will go through to prove themselves the better team and have the right to call themselves BWA World Champions.

    Now tonight both teams will be action while next week a few select teams will be a part of a small tournament to determine new #1 contenders for the BWA European Championships. That's all you worthless nobodies deserve to know as far I'm concerned, now I won't let any of you waste anymore of my time so let's get Damnation started.

    *Lucas Grant exits the ring to the roar of the fans' boos*

    *Bell Rings*

    HW: The following contest is set for one fall, introducing first, at a combined weight of 345lbs, the team of Roberto and Uliose Pamich, they are Il Cattivo!

    TM: The Pamich brothers picked up a big win last week against Former Straight Edge Memeber Krysys and Saiosyn, after the remains of Straight Edge distracted them.

    LD: Yea, and instead of being pissed off and attacking them, Krysys and Saiosyn shook their damn hands! What the hell is that about?

    HW: ANd introducing their opponents, at a combined weight of 481lbs, they are the BWA European Champions, Javier Santiago and Vaquero, La Mafia Mejicana!

    TM: Right now La Mafia Mejicana has their eyes set on the best of 7 series but next week they will have their eyes on the tourny to see who exactly they face at Day of Sin!

    LD: Talk about last minute booking..

    (La Mafia Mejicana/Michael Elgin and Derek Wylde VS Il Cattivo/AJ Styles and Joe Doering)

    *Stop Watching 2nd video at 7:09*



    TM: Oh and Roberto just barely kicks out!

    LD: Impossible he was out cold!

    *Vaquero grabs Roberto and sets him up for Javier to give him yet another SuperKick*

    Ref: Come on! Get out!




    *Uliose runs and Shoulderblocks Javier*

    TM: The ref has lost control of this match!

    *Vaquero powerslams Roberto and covers him*




    *Uliose breaks it up as Javier tackles him again*






    Ok ring the damn bell! This match is a draw!

    TM: A draw!?

    LD: Damnit why could Uliose just accept defeat!?

    HW: This Match ends in a draw!

    *Javier and Santiago look pissed and begin attacking Roberto and Uliose, Javier orders for Vaquero to grab a chair*

    TM: What the hell are they going to do?

    LD: They are sending a damn message! Hahaha

    *Vaquero begins swinging the chair against Uliose and Javier stomps the head of Roberto*

    TM: This is uncalled for!

    LD: This is how it is done!

    TM: Here comes backup! But for who?

    *Krysys and Saiosyn runs down the ramps carrying steel pipes, Vaquero and Javier swings but Krysys and and Saiosyn duck underneath and swing the pipes hitting both men in the back. As they turn around Krysys and Saiosyn hit them with a Spear*

    TM: That was unexpected but I am glad they helped out.

    LD: No! If anything they should have joined in on the beating!

    *Krysys and Saiosyn offer their hands to Roberto and Uliose*

    *Roberto starts to put out his hand as uliose blocks it subtlely*

    **a bit of a pause then uliose speaks**

    Uliose: I dont remember us asking you guys to help us out tonight we had that brawl under control, we are not weak like others percieve us

    The Air Saints are about to say something when uliose puts his hands on the mic

    Uliose: dont say a word, you are just like the amnericans *crowd says what* always interfering where you are not wanted, we didnt need your help and we dont want your 'HELP' in future. come on roberto lets go!

    Roberto seems a little confused by what transpired but gives the air saints a sympathetic look and goes with his brother

    Commercial break

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    *Bell Rings*

    HW: The following is set for one fall! Introducing first, at a combined weight of 462lbs, Mark and Jakob, The Brothers Stone!

    TM: A win for these guys would definitely help them earn a possible title shot.

    LD: Hahaha, they would need a damn miracle to win tonight!

    HW: And introducing their opponents, at a combined weight of 589lbs, the team of Jason Alexander and Abel, Nightmare Madness!

    (Nightmare Madness/Giant Bernard and Tomko VS The Brothers Stone/Togi Makabe and Toru Yano)

    Abel: Do you see the destruction we are capable of? The Brothers Stone were a sacrafice for all of you to see what we can do. At Day of Sin we will be the new World Champions!

    JA: It will finally be time for the gold to be where it rightfully belongs and thats around the waists of THE best tag team in BWA and at Day of Sin we will be your BWA World Champions.

    There will be no stopping the darkness we will cast upon the Blacklist Wrestling Alliance as the nightmare you'll live in becomes a reality when the madness consumes you.

    *Lucas Grant is seen in his office signing documents when his personal cell phone rings*

    LG: I thought I told to never call this line again unless it was an emergency.

    *Mumbled speech can heard from the other end of the line before Grant responds*

    LG: Is this what I pay you for? You make that doesn't happens because trust me if he does come back you will be out a job, that I can guarantee you.

    *Grant hangs up and smashes his phone against the wall*

    LG: I can't let this happen. I won't, even I have to do this the only way I know how...*Grant soon has a evil look in his eye that matches the evil grin thats on his face*

    *Camera cuts away to the announcers*

    TM: What was that all about?

    LD: No clue but he seemed pissed!

    *Bell Rings*

    HW: The Following contest is a singles match and is set for one fall! Introducing first weighing in at 243lbs, representing Skyline he is Skyfall!

    TM: A few weeks ago we saw Skyrise in action in a losing effort, can Skyfall pick up a win tonight? We will have to see.

    HW: And his opponent, weighing in at 230lbs, Blacklist Royalty Prince Alex Foyt!

    LD: I like this guy, he is trying something that no one has thought! Climbing the ranks in a tag team fed by himself!

    (Skyfall/Chris Battle VS Prince Alex Foyt/Tommaso Ciampa)

    TM: Foyt wins this one!

    LD: Of course
    Commercial Break

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    TM: Welcome back and up next it is match 4 in The Best of 7 Series and a win here for Atomic Blast would really give them an advantage as they currently have 2 wins while The Young and Reckless has only 1.

    LD: Yea, but the 2nd win was via a DQ when Jack Kaiser got intentionally DQ'd and sent a message!

    TM: Well they cannot afford to do that here tonight.

    *Bell Rings*

    HW: The following is the fourth match in The Best of 7 Series! Introducing first at a combined weight of 510lbs, Nick Fusion and Alex "Atom" Bomb, they are Atomic Blast!

    TM: Still a bit brusied and sore they are looking for pay back after last week!

    LD: Why? They have 2 wins now because of it! Be grateful!

    HW: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 486lbs, Jack Kaiser and King Strem, they are The Young and Reckless!

    LD: These guys know what they want and they know how to get it! Last week was proof of that!

    TM: No, last week was proof that they are weak and cowards!

    (Young and Reckless/Cody Rhodes and Christian VS Atomic Blast/Randy Orton and Sheamus)

    TM: Well the score is now 2-2 and next week they will be in action twice!

    LD: Which means next week Young and Reckless will win this stupid series and move on to better things!

    Commercial Break

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    *Bell Rings*

    HW: The following contest is set for one fall Introducing first at a combined weight of 429lbs, they are the BWA World Champions, Billy McCoy and Daymian Bloodstone , they are Cross Nation Killers!

    TM: And CNK have been unstoppable for the last few months, beating everyone from GodMoney to God's Grace and Nightmare Madness! But they will face the ultimate test in The 3 Stages of Hell Match at Day of Sin!

    LD: While they have been unstoppable in the past all things must end and in 2 weeks their reign as Champions ends!

    *CNK comes out from the crowd shaking hands with the fans before grabbing mics and entering the ring*

    DB: CNK are here! For the past few days everyone has asked us what we think about our 3 stages of hell match at Day of Sin against Nightmare Madness and to be honest we're pumped! This match is going to push as to be our best not once but at least twice in one night. We will prove once and for all we are better than NM.

    DB: Now we come to the match at hand againts The Managers. Honestly I have no clue who they are but me and McCoy are always up for a challenge.

    HW: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 397lbs, the team of Broc Flucker and Dave Sullivan, they are The Managers!

    TM: Last week they earned the right to face The Dogs of War for the BWA Grand Championship, and it is being reported that a team from Sanctuary will also recieve a shot!

    LD: Well I don't know who the team is but I am confident in The Managers abilities!

    (CNK/MCMG VS The Managers/The American Wolves)

    TM: CNK pick up the win here tonight and celebrate a hard fought win! Thank you for joining us here for Damnation, we will see you next week! Goodnight folks!

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    KRYSYS!!!!!! Why do you leave so much space for fillers!!!!
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    Holiday Filler
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    Merry Xmas everyone sorry for the late show.
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