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    BWA Sanctuary 12/3/11

    Robert Godmen: Good evening everybody, we're just 24+ hours away from the closeout PPV of the year Decadence in December and tonight's Sanctuary is sure to get overly excited for that; I am Robert Godmen and with me is Nick Newman.

    Nick Newman: I couldnt have said it better Robert, hours away from seeing some of the most exciting matches BWA has had to offer including High Voltage vs Dark Empire, The New Assault Proigram vs Freak Inc. and one the biggest feuds in BWA finally meeting one on one so to speak as The Nightmare Madness face The Cross Nation Killers. One can only imagine how these matches will impact BWA heading into the year 2012, I for one cant wait and it seems like The New Assault Program cant wait either as they make their way to the ring now with mics in hand. Lets hear what they have to say.

    Criz Dimension: I Hear A lot of People talking about possibility and chances, Chances? Our Chance, In The First Place When Some Speak On Chances, wE aRe Not The Team That Word Could Pertain to...Chance Means Maybe...We Are Gonna Smash These Fools From Post to Post and leave them flat on the Mat Is a Guarantee. No Chance About it, Freak Inc. iS goiN tO geT An Ass Kickin!

    Sean Dimension: What else is there to prove ,Why We Are The New Assault ProGrAM and will continue to assign ourselves to complete Dominating the competition squashing the Roster and Eventually EVERY damn Title in BWA...Intercontinental Titles = Our Property

    Criz Dimension: This with Freak Inc. Is Just the cake batter, we still gotta bake and Top it off with Frostin and that's More Championships...Which Brings me On to Santuary,The Greatest Show Run by ordinary man on earth and the wonderful ways of Life a person could take, taking steps towards a unique, Bright and New Future.

    (Walks Around the Ring and speaks towards the crowd shouting)

    He Understands The ProGraM ,he understands the Better OutCome and What it Takes to Have The Best Product in Wrestling History,History is being made and the PlatForm is Santuary RUN BY THE RIGHTEOUS IRON FIST OF LUCAS GRANT!!!

    *Stands on Commentary Table*

    I Recommend you study his Work Hamilton to Become Legend, aS he is in the making and you....You....Your just jobbing out on the job.

    Sean Dimension: Just Quit Hamilton!

    CriZ Dimension : That's a Great suggestion, The People Know it ,Toooooo and coMe SuNday it wilL haPPeN.

    *Toss Mic, Argues with a Fan*

    *Roaring Boos are heard as CriZ gives the crowd middle fingers in the air as they exit the ring and head backstage*

    RG: This team really know how to get the crowd to disgust not only their actions but their words as well and they can win on Sunday they will reagin..well not regain but reclaim the title of being BWA's Intercontinental Champions.

    NN: Freak Inc. is sure to pull out all the stops to ensure that doesnt happen and they can finally carry the titles they should be holding over a month ago speaking of which they will be in action next.

    RG: Against The Daddy Boyz as Lily Morgan will introduce them now.

    LM: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first already in the ring at this time weighing in at a combined weight of 500 pounds they are Mick and Mack Daddy, they are The Daddy Boyz.

    NN: One of the newer tag teams in BWA, if they can manage a win over the reigning Intercontinental Champions you know their future will look bright here in BWA.

    LM: And their opponents at combined weight of 494 pounds they are the BWA Intercontinental Champions they are the team of Slither and Twisted, Freak Inc

    RG: Freak Inc. are ready to inflict some pain and spill the red juice they and the crowd just seem to love and look to do the same tomorrow.

    *Bell rings*

    Freak Inc. vs. The Daddy Boyz

    LM: Here are your winners Freak Inc.

    NN: The champs win here tonight and it looks like Twisted is asking for a mic.

    Twisted: Hmmm a win tonight and then soon we get to be locked away in a metal cell with New Assault Program, Oh dear brother we will have so much fun!

    Slither: They call this match Hell in a Cell, but to us it is just another day. The New Assault Program know not what they have gotten themselves into and by the end of the night the canvas will painted red with their juice.

    Twisted: Such a delightful idea dear brother, this metal cage will prove quite useful in ripping their flesh open. I won't be able to help myself when the juices are flowing.

    Slither: Open them up and drink them dry, after tomorrow The New Assault Program will be no more.

    Twisted: YES! And we shall finally have our belts back!

    RG: -Shudders- All this red juice is kinda grossing me out *holds back vomit* lets just take a quick commercial break, be sure to come back folks.

    Commercial break
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    RG: We're back ladies and gentlemen, we hope to keep your excitements goping as we'll see Death International take on The Good Ole' Boys now these 2 teams in votes to enter the Ultimate Opportunity Match this Sunday so this match will decide which of them will compete in that match at Decadence in December.

    NN: With stakes that high these have to give it their all to win tonight, Lily Morgan is going to introduce them now.

    LM: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first weighing in at a combined weight of 425 pounds the team of Oil Slick Bill and Shoeshine Dave, they are The Good Ole' Boys.

    NN: The country boys who've warmed their way in to the heart of the crowd but show they can kick some ass if they need tp and tonight they'll have to.

    LM: and their opponents at a combined weight of 547 pounds the team of Ano doom and Alex Kidd, they are Death International.

    RG: A new team that made an amazing debut not long ago and hope to continue their success tonight.

    *Bell Rings*

    The Good Ole' Boys vs. Death International

    LM: Here are your winners The Good Ole' Boys.

    RG: They won and will compete in The Ultimate Opportunity Match this Sunday, they just might win it.

    NN: Against 5 other teams fighting for guaranteed titles matches, they better be rerady to swat and bleed if they want to win, we now take a small commercial break.

    Commercial Break
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    We begin backstage where The Prophecy is sitting on a throne of skulls, with the menacing Raganrok cutting an imposing shadow over him.

    "High Voltage, hmm you still are not aware of your impending destruction. You see other than the fact that I despise the two of you, I have other reasons for wanting to leave your pathetic bodies lying motionless in a pool of your own blood. You see other than causing physical and emotional pain to all those who dare oppose me, I am a man with higher purpose, I am a man with normal desires...the desires to be a champion"

    The Prophecy lifts a glass of red wine and takes a sip.

    "For some reason High Voltage, where I see you as a parasites, nothing more than pathetic little worms crawling around the BWA locker room, there are those who see you as the best. Although I whole hearedly disagree with their ignorant way of thinking, it does bring up an interesting thought. Knocking you two off, will by proxy make us The Dark Empire, look superior and gold worthy. So to put it in simple, lamens terms. When Ragnarok and myself cripple your worthless lives and end your meaningless existence, we will be worthy to challenge for the BWA championships we both crave and deserve. So with that being said, The Dark Empire will leave you all with a thought...imagine a world where darkness ruled...where people lives in fear...where nobody was safe and everyone was an enemy...imagine a world where we were the BWA champions".

    NN: Wow what a terrifying message from The Dark Empire to High Voltage, this rivalry has been a sight to see and one cant help but wonder how far they'll go this Sunday when to meet in the ring.

    RG: Thats true but now we must continue the action and see God's Grace face Two of a Kind as Lily Morgan will introduce them next.

    LM: Introducing at this time as this contest is set for one fall, introducing first at a combined weight of 460 pounds they the team of Kid Wonder and Paul Conrad, Two of a Kind.

    RG: This team won last week impressing many people but they need to impress Lucas Grant most of all if they wanna be a part of the tournament to determine the inagural BWA Champions, they look to do that tonight.

    LM: and their opponents weighing in at a combined weight of 585 pounds, they are the team of HolyJose and Azrael God's Grace.

    NN: After back to back losses to The Gates of Christ last week they look to win tonight to gain some much needed momentum.

    *Bell Rings*

    God's Grace vs. Two of a Kind

    LM: Here are your winners Two of a Kind.

    NN: Gabriel Christ provided the opportunity for Two of a Kind to pick up the win tonight.

    RG: Anything they can do to get into the head of God's Grace before Decadence in December is a good thing for The Gates of Christ; lets what they do with this, this Sunday as we take a quick commercial break.

    Commercial Break
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    NN: Welcome back and we take backstage to Richard Dolan who is with The Gates of Christ fresh off costing God's Grace the win tonight.

    RD: Thank you boys, I am with The Gates of Christ and the only I have to ask is whyu do you keep getting in the holy path of God's Grace?

    *Michael Gates angrily takes the mic from Dolan's hand*

    MG: God's Grace we have shown you that we are in fact the holy father's chosen children not you. We have dominated you two weeks in a row because it is what he wants. You are not close to our holy father but in fact the devil's favorite sinners

    GC: Come Decadence in December we will rid this place of your sinful ways and prove to the entire world that it is his will that we destroy you.

    MG: You call your selves God's Grace but you have no holy rights. You are nothing in his eyes, just mud on the bottom of his boot. Our holy father commands us to destroy you, to condemn you to the fiery pits of hell for all eternity.

    GC: It is our destiny to cleanse this world of sinners such as your selves. Jose and Azrael we will smite you down with his wrath.

    MC: For as he commands it, so it shall be.

    RG: What strong words from The Gates of Christ their confident they can defeat God's Grace this Sunday.

    NN: That they but now we press on and we'll see The New Assault Program take on Lethal Injection; Lily Morgan takes the stage and introduces them now.

    LM: The following contest is set for one fall introducing first at a combined weight of 388 pounds they are Malcom Cage and Shawn Azenia, Lethal Injection.

    RG: They look to keep the momentum of last week's win alive as they head into Decadence in December to face Two of a Kind.

    LM: And their opponents at a combined weight of 510 pounds they are the team of Sean and Criz Dimension, The New Assault Program.

    NN: They started tonight's show and gave a great promo, let's see if they can get the win tonght.

    *Bell Rings*

    The New assault Program vs. Lethal Injection

    LM: Here are your winners Lethal Injection.

    NN: What a win for Lethal Injection after Slither prevented CriZ Dimension from cheating.

    RG: That was a fanstastic match before our main event as High Voltage faces Straight Edge right after we take our final commercial break.

    Final Commercial Break
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    NN: We’re ready for the main event so lets get to the action.

    RG: Lily Morgan will introduce the main event now.

    LM: Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of your scheduled main events of the evening and it is scheduled for one fall introducing first at a combined weight of 426 pounds they are the team of Jayden Knight and Saiosyn, Straight Edge.

    RG: They look to best the BWA Grand Champions The Dogts of War and get the gold this Sunday and its looks that they've asked for a mic lets hear what they have to say.

    *Jayden and Aiden walk out to a chorus of boos and even some fans throwing beer bottles*

    JK: *picks up the bottle* Really? Pathetic drunks.. In 24 hours we meet those stupid dogs in the ring and we take the BWA Grand Championship home with us! Now it doesn't matter who is competing, whether it be me or Aiden or Saiosyn or Krysys, the end result will be the same.

    AC: And that result will be us holding the titles over the lifeless bodies of the mutts! All hail Straight Edge!

    LM: And their opponent weighing in at a combined weight of 508 pounds they are the team of Gillz and Ryan Wells, High Voltage.

    NN: With a win here tonight the momentum they'll carry should boost their chances of defeating The Dark Empire but with the speed of gillz and the power of Wells one cant overlook their chances of winning one bit.

    *Bell Rings*

    Straight Edge vs. High Voltage

    LM: Here are your winners Straight Edge.

    NN: This win will surely will give a tremendous confidence boost against the champs this Sunday

    RG: That it should, we could be looking at the next BWA Grand Champions in the ring right now; well that's all the time we have for you all this week, thank you for watching Sanctuary.
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    Hiiii! Fillers bitch!

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    Again with the fillers!

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    srellif ybab

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    Alpha Revolution is

    A FILLER!!!

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    Decadence In December is next!


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