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    BWA Damnation 11/23/11 THE DRAFT!!!

    TM: Hello folks, and welcome to BWA Damnation, and more importantly welcome to The Draft!

    LD: Tonight we will see where everyone ends up, will it be here at Damnation, or over to Sanctuary?

    TM: It's an exciting night and one that is sure to have a lot of people on edge! One question that everyon has been asking is what about the titles? Thats a good question and one that Mr. Hamilton will be answering later tonight! We now turn our attention to Henry Watson, who will explain how The Draft will work here tonight.

    HW: Ladies and Gentlemen, I will now explain the rules for BWA's first ever Draft!

    *Crowd erupts*

    HW: Now the rules are simple, each contestant will represent a brand, whether it be Damnation or Sanctuary. The brand has been predetermined by Mr. Hamilton and Mr. Grant! The winning team will recieve 2 draft picks, which consist of 2 man teams! Tonight we will have 5 matches and draft 10 teams the rest will be drafted in a supplemental draft immediately following the show!

    *Bell rings*

    HW: The following is a singles match, at is set for one fall! Introducing first as a representive of Damnation! Weighing in at 290lbs, he is a member of Atomic Blast, Nick Fusion!

    TM: So it looks like we are officially starting this! I feel very confident in Atom Bomb representing the Damnation brand!

    LD: I would've rather had his partner, that man is a beast! Just remember what he did to Rich Cranium last week!

    TM: Yea... Thats something I would not have been proud of.

    HW: And his opponent, he is a represenitive of Sanctuary! Weighing in at 246lb, he is the lone member of The Kings of Karange, Jack Kaiser!

    TM: Kaiser is definitely looking for revenge tonight! He is beyond angry at what happened to the man who brought him into BWA

    LD: Kick his ass Kaiser!

    (Jack Kaiser/ Randy Orton VS Nick Fusion/Scott Steiner Test/??? Ignore Stacey

    TM: Who was that?

    LD: I don't know but he helped Kaiser get the win which mean Sanctuary get the draft picks

    Drafted To Sanctuary
    Freak Inc.
    The Dogs of War Keith Andrews and Markus Hailstrom

    TM: What!? The Dogs of War Have been seperated!

    LD: Calm down, there are still plenty of drafts, who's to say the other members don't get drafted? The big concern should be that Freak Inc are now official members of Sanctuay's exclusive roster! We don't have Intercontinental Champions anymore!

    *Freak Inc and Keith Andrews and Markus Hailstrom are seen heading to the Sanctuary lockers*

    HW: The following is a submissions match! Introducing first, representing Sanctuary, weighing in at 179lbs, he is a member of The Nightmare Madness, Jason Alexander!

    TM: We are getting a prelude to Decadence In December! This should be good!

    LD: What if CNK get drafted to Sanctuary! We won't have World Champions either!

    HW: And his opponent, representing Damnation, weighing in at 275lbs, He is a member of CNK and 1/2 of The BWA World Champions, Billy McCoy!

    TM: McCoy is a submission specialist! I would be surprised if he lost here tonight! Hello Damnation Drafts!

    (Jason Alexander/Brandon Collins VS Billy McCoy/BJ Turner)

    TM: McCoy wins but Jason had to prove that he could make McCoy tap!

    LD: That was awesome, I mean did you hear McCoy scream? Man that was amazing!

    TM: Well, Damnation now gets 2 Draft Picks, who will it be?

    Drafted To Damnation
    Nightmare Madness
    The Dogs of War Axxel Sonn and Rocco The Street Soldier

    TM: Wow! What a pick, but that means that The Dogs are in fact seprated!

    LD: This is turning out to be an interesting night!

    Commercial Break

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    *Cameras show Nick Fusion walking to the back, he is attacked by the mystery man who helped Kaiser earlier. Kaiser runs over and strikes Fusion with a chair across the back*

    JK: Whats wrong Fusion? Are you hurt? Good, I plan on destroying you just like you destroyed Rich! And I called in the big guns to help me, Former EWNCW Ignition Champions Kingstrem!

    *The two continue their assault, repeatedly striking Fusion with chairs before Alex Bomb runs to make the save*

    JK: *Running* This ain't over, not by a long shot!

    TM: So Kaiser has gotten Kingstrem to help in his revenge, it appears The Kings of Karnage are still here in BWA!

    LD: Good, I love it! Kingstrem is an awesome talent and I only see good thngs for my boys in the K.O.K!

    TM: *Smirks*

    HW: The following is set for one fall! Introducing first, representing Damnation, at a combined weight of 496lbs, they are 1/2 of The BWA Grand Champions, Axxel Sonn and Rocco The Street Soldier, The Dogs of War!

    TM: This should be interesting! I for one am loking forward to seeing how Axxel and Rocco work together as a loan team. Without Keith and Markus.

    LD: They will fail, we both know it!

    HW: And their oppoenents, representing Sanctuary at a combined weight of 418lbs, The Master of Straight Edge, Krystian Krysys and Saiosyn, they are Straight Edge!

    TM: We know that Straight Edge and The Dogs of War will face off at Decadence In December for the BWA Grand Championship, won't we don't know is what type of match it will be.

    LD: With The Dogs already seperated I am curious to know where the belts will end up!

    (Dogs of War/Daniel Bryan and Sin Cara VS Staright Edge/Rhodes and DiBiase)

    TM: The Dogs of War do it! We get another draft pick!

    Drafted To Damnation
    Straight Edge Krysys and Saiosyn

    TM: It has happened again! The other 4 man team is split! will Straight Edge stay together when the draft is done?

    LD: We have 2 more matches to find out!

    TM: Not to mention that we have the Supplemental Draft following Damnation!

    HW: Ladies and Gentlemen, please turn your attention to the TitanTron, Mr. Hamilton has something to say.

    AH: Thank you Henry, now I hope you all are enjoying the Draft here tonight. Now the main question tonight has been the titles. We have seen CNK drafted here to Damnation, and the Intercontinental Championship and Grand Championship over to Sanctuary. I will now answer the questions. First, I will talk about the BWA Grand Championship. This title is non-exlusive, meaning it can and will be defended on both Damnation and Sanctuary.

    *Crowd pops to this news*

    AH: Good, I am glad you like the news. Now lets talk Damnation. We are currently without a second titles for the teams to fight for, and that needs to be fixed. Luckily I predicted that something like this would happen if a Draft ever occured so I had steps in place to even everything out. Next week we will see 2 teams that I have already selceted fight for the new BWA European Championship!

    *Crowd pops loudlys and chats European*

    AH: Good, everyone is happy for Damnation. But now we move on to... Sanctuary, or as its now being called The Lucas Grant Extravaganza. They are without a top title, and again I saw this coming. I do not know how Grant will do this but, Sanctuary will now be home to the newly created BWA Championship!

    *Crowd errupts*

    AH: Thank you now lets get back to the show.

    TM: Big news from Mr. Hamilton!

    LD: Blockbuster! So Damnation has the BWA World Championship and BWA European Championship, while Sanctuary is home to the BWA Championship and BWA Intercontinental Championship, and both brands will share the BWA Grand Championship. Awesome!

    *Bell rings*

    HW: The following is set for one fall, introducing first representing Damnation, at a combined weight of 481lbs, Javier Santiago and Vaquero, La Mafia Mejicana!

    TM: The second to last match and I am eager to have it start!

    LD: With La Mafia Mejicana representing us, there is no way we can loss!

    HW: And representing Sanctuary, at a combined weight of 460lbs, Kid Wonder and Mad Dog Paul Conrad, Two of A Kind!

    TM: Wow! What a match this should be!

    LD: My hopes have sank a bit...

    (La Mafia Mejicana/APA VS Two of A Kind/E&C)

    TM: Well La Mafia Mejicana wins via a DQ, but they have left the ring to attack Two of A Kind!

    Drafted To Damnation
    Il Cattivo
    La Mafia Mejicana

    TM: Awesome!

    LD: La Mafia Mejicana I can deal with, Il Cattivo?

    Commercial Break

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    TM: Welcome back! It's Main Event Time!

    HW: The following is set for one fall, and is for the BWA Intercontinental Championship! Introducing first, reprsenting Damnation, at a combined weight of 510lbs, the team of Sean and Criz Dimension, The New Assault Program!

    TM: What a blockbuster Main Event! If New Assault Program win and are drafted here, than we would have 3 belts!

    LD: That would be something!

    HW: And their opponents, representing Sanctuary, at a combined weight of 494lbs, the team of Slither and Twisted, the BWA Intercontinental Champions, Freak Inc!

    LD: Lets talk about this past Sanctuary, when Freak Inc lost the belts!

    TM: The decision was reversed after it was made evident that The Gates of Christ had cheated to win the match, after that the match was restarted and Freak Inc won and retained the belts.

    LD: Bullshit, the decision was reversed because Hamilton wanted it to!

    HW: Ladies and Gentlemen, I have just recieved word from Mr. Grant, and this match will now be a Tables Match!

    TM & LD: What!?

    (Freak Inc./Brothers of Destruction VS New Assault Program/The Dudleyz Sara/Freak Inc's Doctor DDP/???)

    TM: That guy! He was one of the guys who assaulted Slither prior to his match at In Justice With Mercy!

    LD: Well they almost sent the doc through a damn table *Laughs*

    TM: Well Freak Inc win so they retain and get the final draft picks

    Drafted To Sanctuary
    New Assault Program
    Two of A Kind

    TM: The fued will continue on Sanctuary!!

    LD: I loved the matches between Freak Inc and The New Assaut Program, good to know it won't end, even if they aren't happening here.

    TM: Well folks that does it for us, be sure to check out The Supplemental Draft! Good night!

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    Show will be up within the next 20 mins.
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