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    BWA Sanctuary 10/30/11

    Robert Godmen: We welcome you all to Sanctuary, I’m Robert Godmen and alongside me is Nick Newman.

    Nick Newman: Great intro Robert, ladies and gentlemen have we got a show for you all this week, coming off a great Damnation where power struggles seemed to arise concerning the BWA Intercontinental as Alex Hamilton ‘’fired’’ The New Assault Program only to have Lucas Grant reverse his decision.

    RG: Now that will make for some interesting situations here in BWA that’s for sure.

    NN: Mr. Grant has made it clear he will be here to stay but enough of that we got us some exciting tag team action coming up as Truth and Justice face The Dark Empire, Lily Morgan will introduce them now.

    LM: Ladies and Gentleman this match is set for one fall, introducing first at a combined weight of 462 pounds the team of Robbie Truth and Daymian Justice, they are Truth and Justice.

    NN: This team has been lurking in the shadows so to speak and with their match against The Gates of Christ coming up, they better get some momentum here tonight.

    LM: and their opponents at a combined weight of 580 pounds the team of the Prophecy and Ragnarok, they are The Dark Empire.

    RG: The Dark Empire look to show a win here will secure a win for them, at In Justice with Mercy against High Voltage.

    *Bell rings*

    The Dark Empire vs. Truth and Justice

    (Please ignore that it’s a title match but keep in mind the titles contribute to the finish so imagine the belts as a small object like a ring bell being used instead )

    LM: Here are your winners via DQ Truth and Justice

    RG: The Dark Empire may have lost but they sent a message that they are not taking losing to a team like Truth and Justice cleanly, it would make look like a joke.

    NN: That’s the truth, but a win for Truth and Justice a DQ win is still a win, we’ll see how they fare of this as we take our first commercial break.

    Commercial break
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    RG: Welcome back, we now go backstage where Richard Dolan is with newly acquired team for BWA The Dogs of War.

    RD: Thank you Rob, I am here standing next Axxel Sonn and Keith Andrews 2 of the four members in the team or rather said stable named The Dogs of War, may I ask why you chose that name?

    KA: Certainly, we are all former members of the branches the U.S. Armed Forces be it the Navy, U.S. Army, etc.; Through circumstances out of control we were forced out in one way or another from active duty and when we decided on what to do with our lives much like Axxel here we decided to enter the world of professional wrestling and as close friends that we all are when Axxel asked us to join BWA we gladly accepted.

    AS: That’s right; Krystian Krysys and Straight Edge thought they got rid of me a little over a month ago but now with Keith, Markus and Rocco by my side, Straight Edge will learn never to mess with The Dogs of War.

    *Krysys and Jayden walk by*

    Krysys: Is that so? Then prove it.

    *As both teams approach each other tensions are high but Keith and Axxel don’t notice Saiosyn and Adien and they attack them from behind and Straight Edge begin a beatdown before Markus and Rocco join in and make the save and have a small brawl in the back. As security tries to break them up we go back to the arena to Nick and Robert*

    NN: Wow these really have it in for each other and with one more Sanctuary before In Justice with Mercy one can only wonder what else these teams will do to one another.

    RG: Indeed Nick but now we must continue with our next match up will so we go to Lily Morgan.

    LM: The following contest is scheduled for one fall, introducing first weighing in at a combined weight of 425 pounds they are Oil Slick Bill and Shoeshine Dave, The Good Ole’ Boys.

    NN: A team that has quickly made their mark with the crowd as they are a true fan favorite team and look to please the crowd by defeating The Kings of Karnage at In Justice with Mercy.

    LM: and their opponents weighing in at a combined weight of 481 pounds, they are Javier Santiago and Vaquero, La Mafia Mejicana.

    RG: A team that looks to prove a series of defeats last week at hands of Ill Cattivo were just pure luck at In Justice with Mercy.

    *Bell Rings*

    The Good Ole’ Boys vs. La Mafia Mejicana

    LM: Here are your winners The Good Ole’ Boys

    RG: A fantastic win for The Good Ole Boys and the fans are loving it.

    NN: That they are and now we take a quick commercial break.

    Commercial Break
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    *We return to see Lucas Grant walking backstage but is stopped by The New Assault Program*

    LG: Well, well how can I help you boys?

    Criz Dimension: (wearing a New BWA Wish...GranT-ed!..Tshirt)

    You Know we Would Like To Thank yoU Lucas Grant foR not only in beIng a geNius in The Wrestling Business But in LiFe itself a Great Standout of A Man ...

    Lucas Grant Thank very Much and I appreciate the Fine Line of Work You Coordinate on the daily Basis

    You Sir Are The Man....The Man That Runs This Place with a Clear conscience as You

    Know know know, you hold Moral Values and Judgement unlike Alex Hamilton

    But that is a pasT case and your Judgement is One I shall Hold as The Better intellect

    To Distinguish Right from wrong You Sir have The Support Of The New Assault ProGraM and For The Fatal 4 way Decision

    ...We...Thank You and have Come to Like How The Lucas Grant Accolade on BWA! Has Commenced

    Yes Sir....We Give Our Forever Reminder Of Devestation Support To You...

    LG: Thank you, see while I have a say in what happens in BWA, things will be handled correctly and not based off emotions as Hamilton has so irrationally been doing for weeks now including against you two.

    *Cameras pan over to Alex Hamilton, who is accompanied by Freak Inc*

    AH: Slither, Twisted, as I promised you're face to face with The New Assault Program is there anything you'd like to say and not do...yet to them?

    Slither: Oh yes indeed! We want out belts! We feel so naked without them... Such a crime it is to have Champions without the gold! *Bashes his own face in to the wall*

    AH: Whoa! Slither calm down! I am working on getting the belts from New Assault Program! They will be in the fatal four way, if you retain than you will get your belts.

    Twisted: IF!? Did you say IF we retain!? How dare you make the accusation that we won't win! That is outrageous! Dispiclable! *Begins punching himself*

    Slither: We will retain! We will retain! We will retain!

    *A group of doctors rush up to Slither and Twisted and try to subdue them, but are overpowered as Freak Inc bite their faces*


    *HEY!!! Two of a Kind are seen approaching Lucas Grant backstage*

    Conrad: I am sick of the way you Alex Hamilton are running this show letting these freaks of nature to be champions, seriously neither the near anal probers nor the looney bin should be champions, Kid... this is a joke.

    Wonder: Relax Conrad sometimes you need tact, not brute force and that’s why though we dislike The New Assault Program, we see how Hamilton is losing his grip on this company and Lucas Grant knows what’s good for business if you know what I mean... and that’s why we have decided to PAY Lucas Grant here a little visit and show that he too has our support.

    LG: Well Alex, the numbers don’t lie and it seems like people do in fact like the way I run things.

    *Lethal Injection soon joins in*

    Shawn Azenia: Ya know, we don't have a problem with the way Mr. Hamilton is running things, what we have a problem with is you!

    Malcom Cage: Right, you come here and instantly begins to change things, when no one was complaining before, except those who didn't get everything handed to them!

    AH: Now the score is tied at 2 teams a piece, Lucas and they too like the way I run things here in BWA.

    LG: Do you think I’m blind or as stupid as you are, I can clearly see that Alex, so lets see if we can agree on this; next week all 4 teams here should face each other in an 8 man tag team match as The New Assault Program and Two of a Kind face Freak Inc. and Lethal Injection.

    AH: Fine, New Assault's in ring suspension will be up by then! Oh and if My team wins New Assault Program MUST hand over the BWA Intercontinental Championship belts!

    LG: Fine, we'll see you next week.

    RG: What a match we have in store for next week, Sanctuary is getting better than ever.

    NN: That’s right we now take a small commercial break but when we return we’ll see High Voltage face The Gates of Christ.

    Commercial Break.
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    NN: We welcome you back and bring the action straight to you as Lily Morgan introduces our next matchup.

    LM: This contest is set for one fall, introducing first at a combined weight of 508 pounds, the team of Ryan ‘’The Freak ‘’ Wells and Gillz they are High Voltage

    RG: They are looking to get a big win to show they are one the premiere teams to beat especially against The Dark Empire at In Justice with Mercy.

    LM: and their opponents at a combined weight of 588 pounds the team of Michael Gates and Gabriel Christ, they are The Gates of Christ.

    NN: A team that has looked to impress and have great success in BWA, a win over High Voltage can certainly put them on the right track towards success.

    *Bell Rings*

    High Voltage vs. The Gates of Christ

    LM: Here are your winners High Voltage

    RG: An outstanding win for a team that has had great fan support on their side lately.

    NN: They look to the same at In Justice with Mercy but we now take a quick commercial.

    Commercial Break
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    NN: We’re back and only one match away from our huge main event as Abel, HolyJose and Daymian Bloodstone clash in a huge triple threat match later tonight.

    RG: But now we get ready to see Ill Cattivo face the Kings of Karnage as Lily Morgan introduces them now.

    LM: The following contest is set for one fall introducing first at a combined weight of 345 pounds they are Roberto and Uliose Pamich, Ill Cattivo.

    RG: A team that certainly looks to the small winning streak they had last week, but against the Kings of Karnage that may prove to be most difficult.

    LM: And their opponents at a combined weight of 466 pounds they are Rich Cranium and Jack Kaiser, The Kings of Karnage.

    NN: The K.o.K. has certainly made a fan out of me, they can’t lose tonight I just know it.

    *Bell Rings*

    The Kings of Karnage vs. Ill Cattivo

    LM: Here are your winners The Kings of Karnage.

    NN: What a great win for The K.o.K but Rich Cranium is asking for a microphone, let’s hear what he has to say.

    RC: What you just witnessed what nothing compared to what The Good Ole’ Boys will experience at the hands of The K.o.K. *He passes the mic to Kaiser*

    JK: That’s right, The K.o.K. is the biggest and most powerful force in BWA and nothing or anyone will stop us.

    *The Good Ole’ Boys come out*

    SD: Is that so? The K.o.K. are lifeless as I’m sure their actual you know whats are , they claim to be the best in BWA but until they've beaten The Good Ole’ Boys that title is worthless. *Passes the mic to Oil Slick Bill*

    OSB: You got that right partner, and at In Justice with Mercy we’ll clean your clocks and show the world The Good Ole’ Boys are the best BWA has to offer and move on to become BWA World Champions one day.

    RC: Come here and show us what you’re truly made of, why wait till at Justice with Mercy when we can settle this now?

    *The Good Ole’ Boys accept the challenge and make their way towards but security runs out and prevents either team from facing each other*

    NN: What a sight. This feud has certainly gotten intense lately.

    RG: Maybe we’ll get to see what these teams can do at In Justice with Mercy but now we now take our final commercial break and get ready for our main event, so be sure to come back folks.

    Final Commercial Break
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    RG: We’re back and ready for the main event as three members of the teams God’s Grace, Nightmare Madness and the champions The Cross Nation Killers face off in triple threat action.

    NN: Lily Morgan now introduces the teams in this our main event.

    LM: Ladies and gentlemen, this is one of your scheduled main events of the evening and it is scheduled for one fall introducing first weighing in at 154 pounds, he is one half of the BWA World Champions representing The Cross Nation Killers, Daymian Bloodstone

    RG: Of the big win Billy McCoy had last week, the other half of the world champs looks to repeat the feat and showcase The Cross Nation Killers as the top team in BWA.

    LM: Introducing his opponent weighing in at 285 pounds representing God’s Grace, HolyJose

    NN: Another man looking to win to get some win momentum heading into In Justice with Mercy.

    LM: And their opponent weighing in at 410 pounds, representing The Nightmare Madness, Abel

    RG: Abel has plenty to gain from this matchup, as he and Jason Alexander look to finally become champions at In Justice with Mercy.

    *Bell Rings*

    Abel vs. HolyJose vs. Daymian Bloodstone

    LM: Here is your winner HolyJose

    RG: God’s Grace showed why they are indeed a favorite to win at In Justice with Mercy.

    NN: We’re seeing last week’s competitors Jason Alexander, Billy McCoy and Azreal join their respective partners in the ring as the teams have a final face off.

    RG: Next week should be a great show as I’ve just gotten word that Lucas Grant will allow all teams currently in the ring to have their final promos before In Justice with Mercy, so tune in next week to hear what these teams have to say to one another.

    NN: That’s all the time we have for you all this week, thank you for watching Sanctuary and good night.
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    Be sure to check out Rage and Inferno!

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    This is my first time writing to show so let me know what you think! Damnation is Next


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