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    BWA Damnation 10/25/11

    TM: Ladies and Gentlemen! Welcome to BWA Damnation and tonight we have some huge matches including a Champions VS Champions match!

    LD: I really am looking forward to that match, and I am wondering about the mental state of Slither and Twisted.

    HW: Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome the owner and CEO of BWA, Mr.Hamilton!

    *Alex walks out and shakes his head*

    TM: Well the boss is here and you know he is annoyed about the recent situation with New Assault Program and the Intercontinental Championship Belts.

    LD: Wait did you say boss? Lucas Grant is the boss! I like him much better than Hamilton. He doesn't caters to the idiot fans like Hamilton does! And as far as the belts go, I feel strongly that New Assault Program were wrongly stripped!

    TM: How exactly were they wronged? Please tell me! New Assault Program were given a warning about there actions! They knew the consequences and they still decided to attack the people anyways!

    AH: Well tonight... Tonight we have a problem that needs to be solved. You see last week I suspended and stripped The New Assault Program of the BWA Intercontinental Championship. Upon hearing this news they decided to hightail it with the belts. Now I gave the a warning, that they needed to be here tonight to surrender the titles and if they do not show I will and I do mean WILL fire them. So Sean, Criz, get your f***ing ass's out here. NOW!

    *Alex waits for a few minutes*

    AH: Come on! Get out here now! Now!

    Lugas Grant is here!

    TM: Well he wanted The New Assault Program but instead he got the Co-Owner of BWA Lucas Grant!

    LD: Ohh this should be interesting!

    LG:: Well Alex, it seems you can't even make decisions on your own regarding the important issues like the missing BWA Intercontinental Championships much less have the talent respect you enough to come to you otherwise you would've known that The New Assault Program are not in the building.

    Given you're so busy, wasting not only mine but these fans' time I'll go ahead and do your job for you announce 2 fatal four ways for tonight.

    Tonight we will see Paul Conrad VS Azrael VS Shawn Azenia VS Jason Alexander and Kid Wonder VS HolyJose VS Malcom Cage VS Abel.

    Now we will address The New Assault Program together later tonight when they communicate with us via satelite.

    *Walks away with a smirk on his face as fans boo him for disrespecting Alex Hamilton*

    Commercial Break


    TM: Welcome back and moments ago Lugas Grant made 2 huge matches!

    LD: That's Mr.Grant to you buddy! He is already improving things around here and I for one am loving it!

    TM: Really? Why, what has he improved so far?

    LD *Silence*

    TM: Exactly!

    HW: The following is set for one fall, introducing first, weighing in at 295lbs, representing The Dogs of War, he is The Street Soldier, Rocco!

    TM: And the Street Soldier is looking to stick a nail in the coffin that is Straight Edge! At In Justice With Mercy Rocco and The Dogs of War look to take out Staright Edge and become BWA Grand Champions!

    LD: Well they have a huge task a head of them!

    HW: And introducing his opponent, weighing in at 190lbs, represnting Straight Edge, Saiosyn!

    TM: Before The Dogs of War can become BWA Grand Championships Rocco needs to get through Saiosyn!

    LD: Saiosyn is the speed man of Straight Edge! Rocco will need to keep his guard up!

    (Rocco/Sheamus VS Saiosyn/Justin Gabriel)

    TM: Rocco picks up the win! What an impressive victory for The Street Soldier!

    LD: Yea yea, I'll admit it, Rocco was impressive here, but this is only one member of Staright Edge! Rocco better be ready for the others!

    *A car arrives, covered in dents, as Slither and Twisted step out*

    S: Twisted! We have arrived here at BWA!! You couldn't get us here faster?

    T: It's not MY fault the car YOU stole was TOO SLOW!

    S: It looked fast... Anyways we must find New Assault Program and take our titles!

    T: And taste their red juice?

    S: Of course! We will let the red juice pour on OUR BWA Intercontinental Championship Belts! *Grins*

    T: But what if the mean men in those ugly white coats are here? I don't want to go back...

    S: Than we will bite them and feed on their red juice! Now come let us go!

    *Crew member approaches*

    CM: Uhh... You guys... uhh you should probably know that umm... well New Assault Program aren't here....

    T: What!? What!? NO!!! *Attacks the crew member and bites him*

    S: How does he taste?

    T: Like chicken! *Licks lips*

    S: *Laughs*

    Commercial Break
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    TM: Welcome back and Freak Inc are not please that New Assault Program are not here tonight, and unfortunantely they took it out on a crew member...

    LD: They need to get back to the damn loonybin!

    HW: The following is set for one fall! Introducing first, weighing in at 220lbs, representing The Kings of Karnage, Rich Cranium!

    TM: As much as I hate what Rich has become he is not doubt one of the best in BWA!

    LD: And his partner Jack Kaiser is a major up an comer!

    HW: And introducing his opponent, weighing in at 235lbs, representing The Good Ole' Boys, Oil Slick Bill!

    LD: This guy is a joke! I have yet to be impressed with any of his matches!

    TM: Wow, so critical of our stars huh?

    (Rich/Kurt Angle VS Oil Slick Bill/HBK

    TM: Oh my God! What a match! Bill brought his game but in the end is just wasn't enough!

    LD: Wow!I knew Rich would do it! This match was gold simply because of Rich!

    TM: Are you blind or just stupid?

    LD: Neither, I just think Rich made the match!

    Commercial Break
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    HW: The following is set for one fall! Introducing first at a combined weight of 508lbs, Gillz and Ryan "The Freak" Wells, they are High Voltage!

    *Gillz and Ryan enter the ring*

    Now now everyone dont get to amped up
    oh hell we all know what you wanna see
    *Crowd Cheers*
    Thats High Voltage kicking ass day in day out busting ouur asses to send you home happy
    Now as we know an annoyance came our way last week

    Dark Empire You awoke a beast when you beat us down after the match
    Now you call us out!
    You two must be insane if you want in the ring with the most dominant tag team to date
    but well play along
    i mean its your funeral
    At In Justice With Mercy you two will feel whats its like when you awake two beasts

    Now to be hone we expect you to be somewhat of a challenge
    Who are we kidding
    we will walk all over you two in that ring,
    but ill leave you people now
    Just know this you two,
    you can hide behind you smoke and mirrors and jump us from behind all you want
    but at In Justice With Mercy
    there is no escape, so be ready to taste defeat at the hands of High Voltage

    HW: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 481lbs, Javier Santiago and Vaquero, they are La Mafia Mejicana!

    TM: This looks to be a great match as we start things off

    (High Voltage/Cena and Batista VS La Mafia Mejicana/Booker T and Finlay)

    TM: High Voltage are victorious here tonight!

    *CNK are shown backstage getting ready*

    TM: The Champs are in action later tonight but right now we continue things with Il Cattivo taking on The Dark Empire!

    HW: The following is set for one fall! Introducing first, at a combined weight of 345lbs, the team of Roberto and Uliose Pamich, they are Il Cattivo!

    TM: The Pamich brothers have really stepped their game up in recent weeks and are starting to prove they belong in BWA!

    LD: Still losers to me

    HW: And introducing their opponents, at a combined weight of 580lbs, the team of The Prophecy and Ragnarok, The Dark Empire!

    (Il Cattivo/MCMG VS Dark Empire/Team 3D)

    TM: Il Cattivo continue their role here and seem happy!

    LD: Sooner or Later there luck will run out!

    Commercial Break
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    TM: Welcome back, I am being told that Sean and Criz Dimension have somehow contacted up via satellite and requested time to talk

    *Criz Dimension is seen holding his Intercontinental Title over the shoulder and just looks at the camera for a few seconds

    Yadda,Yadda,Yadda I Hear All The Talkin Let me tell you this Who Is The Better Overall Tag Team in Your World
    The New Assault ProGraM
    Who The F_#K are The One's to Make History and do it in Dominating Fashion
    The New Assault ProGraM

    Let's be Real and make logical sense ...Freak InC. ,Just saying that, doesn't make any sense and for them to have Titles
    They are default Champs and don't count
    How Can they
    If Your Looking at The Best Holding the straps

    And these ,aren't going anywhere but with me whereever I Go..Not to Anyone else especially BWA Management

    I Laugh as I know BWA IS JUST AFRAID BECAUSE OF MOMENTUM, Our Momentum
    The Fire has been Lit and The Fuse is Still Sparking to The BomB getting ready to set Off
    Once we have reached a certain peak of sheer Violence
    A Dimension Form of Sheer VIOLENCE
    We Cannot Be Stopped not Even From The World Title Holders themselves,
    ...Yes I Said Title Holders ,Holding them and babysitting them for us until We are ready to pick them up


    Sean Dimension: We Areeee The Past, Now! and Future Forever Intercontinental (Gets Real Angry and grabs the camera , camera guys start yelling please please don't cuts off.

    *Alex Hamilton comes out to no music*

    AH: That's it! I have had it! Sean, Criz, I warned you that there consequences for your actions, you can't just do what ever the hell you please! This is a business and will be run as such, my decisions, typically are not personal, but right you better believe this is personal! You think you can do what ever you want in my company? Hell no! So here is how it is gonna go down, I asked that you show up and hand over the titles and you choose not to do so, instead you demand that I put you back in the fatal 4 way, and strip Freak Inc? Ohh no, none of that is happening! Sean and Criz Dimension, I hope you are watching because guess what!? You Fucks are FIRED!

    *Alex drops the mic, livid as he yells that its over*

    *Lucas Grant comes out with a mic in hand*

    LG: No they're not. See I agree with them, I feel they should not be subject to your irrational desicions and should have the opportunity to keep the belts they hold phisically so I will allow them to continue to be a part of the scheduled fatal 4 way match at In Justice with Mercy.

    *Crowd boos*

    I know you fans hate my desicion but I will not let Mr. Hamilton here dictate how this, not his nor mine but OUR company should be run and wether he or any of you like The New Assault Program are here to stay as long as I hav something to say about it.

    *Walks backstage as Alex Hamilton is blowing a fuse in the ring towards Lucas Grant's desicion*

    *Freak Inc begin to destoy the locker room after hearing The New Assault Programs speech as we head to commercial*


    TM: Welcome back and Slither and Twisted have finally calmed down after destroying the locker room and most of backstage! They are livid!

    LD: CNK better be ready tonight!

    HW: The following is the first FATAL 4 WAY! Set for one fall, introducing first weighing in at 280lbs, representing Two of A Kind, he is "Mad Dog" Paul Conrad!

    TM: This is the first of 2 Fatal 4 Ways and a win for Conrad will deffinietly help in boosting the confidence of his partner Kid Wonder!

    LD: That is true, and I for one want him to win!

    HW: And his opponents, first, weighing in at 300lbs, representing God's Grace Azrael!

    TM: Azrael needs this win to prove God's Grace has a legit chance against Nightmare Madness and CNK at In Justice With Mercy!

    HW: Introducing next, weighing in at 188lbs, representing Lethal Injection, he is The Comeback Kid, Shawn Azenia!

    TM: Here comes the Comeback Kid, ready to make a splash here tonight!

    LD: It's doubtful, but hey stranger things have happened, like you getting laid.

    HW:: And Introducing last, weighing in at 179lbs, representing Nightmare Madness, he is The Puerto Rican Nightmare, Jason Alexander!

    TM: Alexander needs a big win if he hopes to keep his title hopes alive!

    (Paul Conrad/Orton VS Azrael/Cena VS Shawn Azenia/HBK VS Jason Alexander/Edge Ignore Title)

    TM: Azrael wins!

    LD: What a fluke! If Azenia had the energy he would have won it!

    TM: I completly agree, but he didn't! Either way this was an amazing match!

    Commercial Break
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    TM: Welcome back and lets jump right in to it

    HW: The following is set for one fall, introducing first, weighing in at 294lbs, representing The Gates of Christ, Gabriel Christ!

    TM: The Gates of Christ have targeted Truth and Justice for some reason and tonight Gabriel looks to make an example out of Robbie Truth!

    LD: You know how this will end! *Laughs* I love it!

    HW: And introducing his opponent, weighing in at 202lbs, representing Truth and Justice, Robbie Truth!

    TM: Robbie is still hurting from the ambush last week!

    (Gabriel Christ/Mordecai VS Robbie Truth/Hardcore Holly)

    TM: Gabriel is successful yet again!

    Commercial Break
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    TM: Welcome back and we are running low on time and still have 2 huge matches!

    HW: The following FATAL 4 WAY is set for one fall! Introducing first weighing in at 185lbs, representing Two of A Kind, Kid Wonder!

    TM: This fatal 4 way has a lot of work to do if they hope to live up to the match from earlier tonight!

    HW: Introducing his opponents first, weighing in at 285lbs, representing God's Grace, HolyJose!

    TM: If HolyJose can pick up a win than God's Grace will have cleaned up tonight!

    LD: I don't think so!

    HW: Introducing next, weighing in at 200lbs, representing Lethal Injection, Malcom Cage!

    TM: Gotta love Cage! This should be great for him!

    HW: And introducing last, weighing in at 410lbs, representing Nightmare Madness, he is The Mad One, Abel!

    TM: This man is a beast! Standing 7ft and 410lbs! He is a giant and by far scares me the most!

    LD: He is a Monster and after In Justice With Mercy he will be one half of the BWA World Champions!

    (Abel/Sheamus VS HolyJose/Cena VS Kid Wonder/Edge VS Malcom Cage/Orton Ignore title)

    TM: Abel wins an impressive match, but did it live up to the match from earlier?

    LD: It was epic! Enough said

    TM: Well we are taking our final commercial tonight, when we return it's the main event!
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    TM: It's time for our Champions VS Champions Main Event!

    HW: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following is your main event! Introducing first, at a combined weight of 494lbs, they are the NEW BWA Intercontinental Champions, Slither and Twisted, Freak Inc!

    *Slither and Twisted walk to the ring, the entire time Twisted is hitting himself with an imaginary title*

    HW: And their opponents, at a combined weight of 429lbs, they are the BWA World Champions, Billy McCoy and The KamiKaze Warrior, Daymian Bloodstone, they are Cross Nation Killers!

    TM: CNK need to be on guard as Freak Inc are out of their minds with rage!

    LD: This is dangerous for the champions!

    (Freak Inc/Marufuji & Aoki VS CNK/Harada & Kotoge Ignore Belts

    TM: Freak Inc win here as their rage gave them the edge!

    *Freak Inc hurry and leave through the crowd as men in white lab coats run out and try to catch them as the cameras fade*
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    S.E. Zero is now Luizero. Look him up

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    S.E. Zero is now Luizero. Look him up

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    S.E. Zero is now Luizero. Look him up


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