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    BWA Damnation 9/21/11

    TM: Hello folks and welcome to another BWA Damnation! We are just shy of two weeks away from Sanitarium! Tonight we will see all five teams from The Elimination Chamber in action! Two of A Kind take on High Voltage, while Old School Outlaws take on Kings of Karnage and Cross Nation Killers take on La Mafia mejicana!

    LD: Terry, you only mentioned a few of tonight's amazing matches! We have Nightmare Madness taking on God's Grace, Straight Edge facing off against Il Cattivo and The Dark Empire taking on Lethal Injection in a rematch! Tonight will deffinietly be a good one!

    TM: Luke, speaking of Straight Edge, I hope we hear from Straight Edge's opponents from ths past Friday! Krysys sure has a lot of explaining to do after atacking Axxel Sonn last week!

    LD: Explaing? I think it's pretty obvious what happened, Axxel couldn't hack it as a Tag Team Wrestler and he was holding Krysys back! Well as it turns out Axxel has left BWA and ran back home to AWF! Yea a place where even he can shine!

    Ring Announcer Henry Weston: Ladies and Gentleman, please welcome, The Master of Straight Edge, Krystian Krysys!

    *Krysys makes his way out to a chorus of boos from the crowd*

    TM: This is the second time a wrestler has turned on his partner and drove him out of BWA!

    KK: A lot of you are probably wondering why I attacked Axxel last week, well it is becasue he is weak! He couldn't follow the righteous path of Straight Edge and because of that we lost! Our team was weak becasue he gave in to his demons and they swallowed him whole! Only three men here in the BWA truly understand me and how my life works and they are...

    Straight Edge

    JK: We welcome you in to this fine establishment dear brother! For you are Master and we bow before you!

    AC: All Hail Straight Edge and All Hail Krysys!

    SN: Tonight we will prove to you all the power that comes from Straight Edge!

    *Cameras fade to black*
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    TM: Welcome back and its time to start of the night with our first match!

    HW: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following is set for one fall! Introducing first, the team of Shawn Azenia and Malcom Cage, Lethal Injection!

    TM: Here comes the men who will face of for the BWA Intercontinental Championship at Sanitarium, and you know they are looking t sht up the critics who say they are not worthy!

    LD: Well, that would be me! I don't get why Hamilton would book them in the match, Two of A Kind should facing the champs alone!

    HW: And their opponents, the team of The Prophecy and Ragnarock, they are The Dark Empire!

    LD: These guys are awesome! They should be in the Elimnation Chamber, not Old School Outlaws or High Voltage!

    TM: Well you can blame the fans Luke, they voted and Dark Empire was not voted in!

    (The Dark Empire/Paul Burchill and Stu Sanders vs Lethal Injection/Bourne and Skyfire)

    LD: Ha! They didn't like winning by DQ! Dark Empire set a message to the locker room! They want gold!

    TM: Yea they did, but at what cost to Cage and Azenia?

    LD: Who cares Terry? This is how things are done!

    TM: Ladies and Gentlemen welcome back! We still have some intense matches tonight and our next match will off the charts!

    LD: Of course! K.O.K is in action!

    TM: *Snickers* Can you please call them by the full name?

    LD: Christ! You're like a child!

    HW: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following is set for one fall! Introducing first, the team of Rich Cranium and Jack Kaiser, they are Kings of Karnage!

    *K.O.K make their way to the ring as the crowd boos heavily*

    JK: Hey! Shut up! *Laughs a bit* Well tonight we take on the supposed Outlaws, and tonight we will show why at Sanitarium K.O.K will become champions! Now I heard from the grapevine that CNK member Daymian Bloodstone was defending the titles

    *Jack and Rich look at each other and begin to laugh*

    JK: Really? That dwarf thinks he has what it takes? We all know the reason he is a "Champion" is because of McCoy! Sanitarium will prove that and Rich will be victrious, and than the BWA World Championship will be around the royal waists of Kings! What do you think Rich?

    RC: I think the dwarf better start eating his vegetables, that's what I think! Bloodstone, you may get the best of those 4 other guys but once you get in my way, your going to get a taste of my Shining Wizard! Once that bell rings, play time is over boys! So you got two weeks to shine those belts up nice and pretty for your new BWA World Champions, the Kings of Karnage!!

    HW: And introducing their opponents, "Awesome" Adam Dawson and "Savry" Stan Avery, they are Old School Outlaws!

    (K.O.K/KOW vs Old School Outlaws/El Generico and Colt Cabana)

    TM: What a win!
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    TM: Welcome back folks and we are moving righ along here as we have Straight Edge taking on Il Cattivo!

    LD: Another joke of a match? Geez who writes this stuff?

    HW: Ladies and gentelmen, the following is set for one fall! Introducing first, the team of Roberto and Uliose Pamich, they are Il Cattivo!

    TM: The Crowd loves these guys! And who can blame them?

    LD: The crowd loves losers? Go figure...

    HW: And their opponents, the team of Jayden Knight and Krystian Krysys, they are Straight Edge!

    LD: Now these guys are who the crowd should be cheering! Not those pathetic pieces of trash in the ring!

    TM: Way to talk about the BWA Talent!

    (Straight Edge/Dark City Fight Club vs Il Cattivo/Dagon and Sinn Bohdi)

    TM: Well Straight Edge wins this one!

    LD: Adding Krysys was the best move they could make! Krysys will save us all! All Hail Straight Edge!

    TM: Oh shut the hell up!

    *Alex Hamilton is on the TitanTron as we return*

    AH: So it has come to my attention that people are wondering if the Nightmare Madness/Old School Outlaws match and the God's Grace/La Mafia mejicana match are still going to happen at Sanitarium since members from both matches are in The Elimination Chamber, lets me end the speculation now! YES! Both matches will happen! There its done, lets get on with the show!

    HW: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following is set for one fall! Introducing first, Jason "The Puerto Rican Nightmare" Alexander and "The Mad One" Abel, they are Nightmare Madness!

    *Nightmare Madness make their way to the ring as Abel grabs a mic*

    Abel: Bullshit! You fans refuse to vote us in the title match because you know what will happen if we are given a title match! CNK, High Voltage, K.O.K, Two of A Kind, it makes no difference! We would destroy them all!

    Jason: No Abel, we embrace it. We need nothing from these people, including their votes.

    We will in our scheduled rematch against The Old School Outlaws and face whoever wins the Elimination Chamber match at Sanitarium.

    Abel: Tonight we destroy the opponents and Sanitarium we destroy Old School Outlaws!

    Jason: Indeed my friend, we will make the reign of terror that only The Nightmare Madness can produce continues tonight and at Sanitarium, when we massacre the competition and later move on to become the BWA World Champions.

    HW: Introducing their oponents, the team of HolyJose and Azreal, they are God's Grace!

    (Nightmare Madness/Orton and Batista vs God's Grace/Edge and Jericho)

    TM: Wow! What a showing by these monsters!

    LD: The only monster in that ring is Abel! Jason is the man keeping that beast in check! He destroyed Azreal! I love it

    TM: Do you have a heart at all Luke? Wait don't answer that!
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    TM: Welcome back, the BWA World Champs are in action next taking on La Mafia mejicana!

    LD: This is Bull! Why are CNK in action but not the true champions New Assault Program?

    TM: True Champions....? Never mind forget it

    HW: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following is set for one fall! Introducing first the team of Javier Santiago and Vaquero, they are La Mafia mejicana!

    LD: Vaquero! Man this guy is a beast! Did you see him beat Abel this past Friday? Awesome!

    TM: Wait, I thought you liked Abel?

    LD: Huh? Shut up Terry! Don't try and confuse me!

    HW: And their opponents, the team of Billy McCoy and Daymian Bloodstone, they are the BWA World Champions, Cross Nation Killers!

    TM: The champs look focused here tonight!

    LD: And after seeing what Vaquero is capable of they need to be!

    (CNK/Angel and Logan Vs La Mafia mejicana/The Dudebusters Ignore prematch and skip to 1:00 also ignore after match)

    TM: CNK has done it! Thats why

    LD: They got lucky! We all know The Pint Size Jobber won't last in the Chamber!

    *Billy grabs a mic*

    BM: BWA at Sanatarium in case you were wondering CNK Will walk out of the Elimination Chamber as BWA World Champions and The Chamber as BWA World Champions and The member of CNK Heading into the Chamber will be The Pint Size Rocker Daymian Bloodstone *Crowed Irrupts* and 5 other guys are going to be taken on the ride of there life. to say this man is a Human Highlight Reel is understatment the stuff he does in this ring blows the minds of all of BWA's Loyal Fans each and every week and when Daymian leaves The Chamber with CNK's World Titles you will all know that Better is Bigger and that Cross Nation Killers are the Best Team in BWA!! Nation Killers are the Best Team in BWA!!

    DB: It means a lot that you have that much confidence in me. At Sanitarium five guys step in the ring with me, the kamikazi warrior, the pint size rocker and I know you five think my size will play a role in the match and well you're right. Think of me as a monkey in a cage. I'll have no problem using the chamber as an obstacle course. I'm gonna fly around the ring and beat everyone and I will be the one leaving with the title. Oh and Rich, i'm making it my personal mission to eliminate you. Cause BETTER IS BIGGER!
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    TM: Welcome back and it is Main Event time! These two teams have been going back and fourth for awhile so it will be very interesting!

    LD: Two of A Kind is my pick bitchs!

    TM: Language!

    HW: Ladies and Gentlemen, the following is sent for one fall! Introducing first the team of Ryan Wells and Gillz, High Voltage!

    TM: Here comes the men who are considered the favorite by some to win in The Elimination Chamber!

    LD: I still don't think so.. They haven't impressed me enough!

    HW: And their opponents! The team of Kid Wonder and "Mad Dog" Paul Conrad, Two of A Kind!

    LD: These guys are the future! I call it now they will become BWA Undisputed Champions at Sanitarium!

    TM: That's gonna be quite difficult in my opinion!

    (High Voltage/The Empire Vs Two of A Kind/Colon and Perez)

    LD: I knew it! The Self-Proclaimed AWF Tag Team Champions are proving why they will be the real BWA Undisputed Champions after Sanitarium!

    TM: Well we still have a bit to go before that happens! But anyways Goodnight folks!
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