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    BWA Sanctuary 9/16/11

    Robert Godmen: Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to BWA Sanctuary! I'm Rob Godmen alongside me is Nick Newman!

    Nick Newman: As you can see Sanctuary will continue even with the BWA’s recent technical difficulties, that being said let’s get ready our opening contest as Straight Edge faces off and Krysys and Axxel!

    RG: Here comes Straight Edge

    NN: Krysys and Axxel are now making their way to the ring.

    Straight Edge VS Krysys and Axxel

    Skip to 1:00 to begin the tag team match and ignore that Morrison and Truth are face and all content after 8:09

    Winner: Straight Edge

    RG: Krysys is insane he just turned on Axxel by attacking him viciously after a very embarrassing defeat at the hands of Straight Edge.

    NN: You’re right Robert, that was certainly unexpected but that just goes to show anything can happen here in BWA as we go to our first commercial break

    Commercial break
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    SG: We welcome you back to BWA Sanctuary.

    NN: Now we’re ready for our second match up of the night as God’s Grace takes on the Dark Empire

    NN: The fans do seem to love God’s Grace

    RG: The Dark Empire have been looking to establish themselves as a dominating tag team, lets see if they accomplish that goal against the team of God’s Grace.

    God's Grace VS The Dark Empire

    Winners: God's Grace

    NN: What a win by God’s Grace here tonight.

    RG: They are making good headway and could likely be the next contender’s for The New
    Assault Program or The Cross Nation Killers after Sanitarium.

    NN: Of course both teams must retain both the World and Intercontinental Championships at Sanitarium and given the level of competition each has to face the odds of that happening are very slim especially for the CNK given the Elimination Chamber they will be in at Sanitarium.

    RG: True, but if the champs are going down they won’t go down without a fight. We’re gonna take a quick commercial break but we’ll right back with more action here on Sanctuary.

    Commercial Break
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    RG: Well we're back and here comes former BWA World Champion Rich Cranium and it looks he has something to say.

    *Rich goes into the ring and grabs a mic*

    RC: This week I am in a singles match to prove why the Kings of Karnage are the best tag team EVER! The fact that we kick ass in singles competition as well as a team! I don't need to prove it but I will because I can! Now, since I value your support, I decided to get a few of you some presents!

    *Rich gets out of the ring and starts handing out signs to people at ringside that read, "We Want K.O.K.", then gets back in ring*

    What are you doing? Don't throw those signs down! Didn't your parents teach you that littering is bad? C'mon, you know you love to see the K.O.K in action!

    Anyways, after Sanitarium, the titles will be around the waists of the Kings of Karnage! Now let's get this party started and BRING OUT MY OPPONENT!

    NN: Strong words from Rich Cranium and here comes his opponent Azenia.

    Rich Cranium VS Shawn Azenia

    Winner: Rich Cranium

    RG: Rich Cranium just massacred Shawn Azenia, before making him tap out.

    NN: This new darker Rich Cranium certainly is a force to be reckoned with, we’ll be right back to Sanctuary after this quick commercial break.

    Commercial Break
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    RG: Welcome back folk folks, the final touches are getting ready for a clash between 2 astonishing teams as Two of a Kind go one on one against the BWA World Champions, The Cross Nation Killers.

    NN: Here are Two of a Kind right now.

    PC: Alex I got to hand it to you, boss you sure know how to really give teams what they want and still walk out here with your smug smile and fake suit. We demand a world title match at Sanitarium and you leave your power in the hands of these insignificant people in the crowd to vote for who they think should win

    KW: hold up there Conrad the audience may actually be smarter than Alex over here people they said yes we want Two of a Kind to be in that match. But then Alex you decide to put us in a intercontinental title shot last week and what happened? Once again we were screwed and then get this to top all of this you acknowledge us as being screwed so how do you fix this? By putting us in TWO title matches at sanitarium. Kudos to you Hamilton, kudos to you boss.

    PC: But this is where your plan goes up shits creek Alex because Two Of A Kind are going to win both title fights at sanitarium and when we do boss we ask one favor don’t make defend them both in the same night capiche compadre

    NN: What a bold promo from Two of a Kind.

    RG: Here come the champs, The Cross Nation Killers

    Two of a Kind VS CNK

    (Please reverse the roles here the MCMG are heel and British Invasion face ok )

    Winners: CNK

    RG: What a fantastic showing from the BWA World Champions, The CNK

    NN: It certainly was but stayed tuned folks, we’ll be right back after this commercial break.

    Commercial Break
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    NN: We're back ladies and gentlemen, here are Freak Inc.

    RG: Followed by the BWA Intercontinental Champions The New Assault Program

    Freak Inc. VS New Assault Program

    Winners: Freak Inc.

    NN: Those freaks got a big win here against our BWA Intercontinental Champions.

    RG: This is it people we have our final commercial break coming up and then our main event as The Old School Outlaws take on High Voltage.

    Final Commercial Break
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    RG: It's time for the main event in Sanctuary, are you ready Nick?

    NN: Hell yeah, but what's this High Voltage is on their way out here, lets here what they have to say.

    *Crowd Boos as Gillz gets into the ring followed by Ryan*

    Gillz: Oh, will you people shut up. You are watching greatness evolve right in front of you, yet you continue to boo it.

    But not anymore because after only 2 weeks we are main eventing and I mean why shouldn’t we be, we are the most dominant tag team in wrestling to date and to have us out of the scene would be just plain stupid.

    Why would the greatest wrestler right now, Gillz and the hottest up and coming superstar not be in the main events. Now you may boo us about it but you’re gonna have to get used to seeing us in the main event for a very, very long time.

    Now we will see you people tonight, and you will see us with raised hands as we dominate the opposition

    *Drops Mic*

    NN: Strong words from this team that has their sights set on become BWA World Champions on Sanitarium.

    RG: But The Old School Outlaws look to accomplish the same and a win here tonight would give either team a lot of momntum heading into the PPV.

    High Voltage VS Old School Outlaws

    *The audio maybe 1-2 seconds ahead of the action in the ring close to the end, sorry for that.*

    Winners: Old School Outlaws

    NN: The fans have been sent home happy after that win from The OSO.

    RG: Well, thats all the time we have for you all this week'be sure to tune in next time to BWA's Sanctuary.

    Good night everyone.

    Hope you all enjoyed the show
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    Damnation is up after this ad..


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