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    Nick Newman: Hello everyone to the closeout show of EWNCW's Brutality as we near Bred for Combat.

    Terry Murdock: We got quite the blockbuster show and to kick this final episode of Brutality of 2012..we have received word that a special challenge was made and approved by Grant so for your viewing pleausre we're going to see Hot Wasabi face the current EWNCW Blacklist Champions, God's Grace.

    Lily Morgan: The following contest is scheduled for one fall and it is your opening match of the evening, introducing first the team Malcolm Adonis and Kyojin....Hot Wasabi!!!!!

    Adonis comes out covered in oil and wearing a kamikaze headband to the delight of the ladies and laughter of the crowd while Kyojin come out stern and serious but receives the love of the crowd no less, as they head to the ring and get set for for action.

    Nick Newman: These two are a laughing stock, Adonis isn't even taking this opportunity to face the champs seriously, Kyojin is.

    Terry Murdock: I wouldn't be too sure of that Adonis tends to focus on what matters once the bell rings. This could very well upset the champs and be next in line for the gold soon.

    Lily Morgan: and their opponents the team of HolyJose and Azrael, they the current EWNCW Blacklist Champions.....God's Grace!!!!

    God's Grace is welcomed by a huge, huge ovation as they head to the ring titles in hand, entering the ring soon after and raising the titles high to the roar of the crowd before they turn to see Hot Wasabi in the ring.

    Terry Murock: Intensity is in the air as the two square off.

    Nick Newman: Damn right now let's do this.

    God's Grace (Head Cheese) vs. Hot Wasabi (Hardy Boyz)

    (Start at 3:00, End 7:10)

    Terry Murdock: Wow!! Did you see Kyojin launch himself over the top rope?! It was like he was shot out of a cannon!

    Nick Newman: Yeah, yeah ... It was impressive, but he won't win the match if he is still out there by the count of ten!

    Kyojin is back to his feet on the outside while Azrael is still on the ground after being landed on. Adonis is on the apron, trash talking Jose on the other side of the ring. Adonis gets into the ring, then Jose does and the two charge each other and duke it out in the center of the ring!

    Adonis! Jose! Adonis! Jose! Adonis! Jose! Adonis! Adonis! ADONIS!

    Adonis gets the final shot in, and then throws Jose into the ropes towards Kyojin! Kyojin pulls the rope down and sends Jose over the top rope and right onto Azrael! Kyojin makes his way to the turnbuckle and climbs to the top, and then he dives down onto the two men on the floor below with a crossbody!

    Terry Murdock: Wow, Kyojin is putting it all on the line tonight!

    Nick Newman: Hes going to end up losing because of it.

    Kyojin struggles to his feet and rolls back into the ring to recover. The referee is up to eight on the count, and then Azrael manages to roll into the ring. Azrael gets to his feet as Kyojin goes for a kick, but Azrael catches Kyojin's leg and pushes him away. Kyojin goes for a clothesline but Azrael catches his arm and brings him down with an arm drag! Azrael dives down onto the downed Kyojin and begins laying hard rights into his head over and over again until the ref finally pulls him off! Jose is back onto the apron now and calls to Azrael. Azrael grabs Kyojin by the hair and drags him to Jose and tags him in. Azrael holds Kyojin tight and then Jose kicks him hard in the gut. Jose picks Kyojin up from his feet, and then tosses him into the ropes, then catches him with a suplex when he rebounds!

    Jose picks Kyojin back up to his feet and drags him over to Azrael and tags him in. Jose throws Kyojin to Azrael, and Azrael lifts him onto the air for the Gates of Hell. Azrael brings Kyojin down, and then Jose connects with the Fall from Grace! Adonis charges the ring and drops Jose with a spinebuster! Azrael goes to clothesline Adonis, but Adonis ducks and lifts Azrael into the air for the Malcolm XXX, but Azrael manages to slide down Adonis's back, and then he tosses him over the top rope! Azrael covers Kyojin!

    One! Two! Three!

    Lily Morgan Morgan: Here are your winners God's Grace!!!

    Nick Newman: What a way to kick off the show.

    Terry Murdock: The champs gain great momentum heading into Bred for Combat so this could be a determining factor as to whether they will will remain champs or not. Hot Wasabi put on a hell of a performance though and with that we'll be right back after this commercial break.
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    *The Dream plays over the speakers and the crowd gets fired up, than Heroes plays and out come the Hardcore Champions, looking none to jolly during the holiday season*

    Jayden: So, 2012 is coming to and end, and unlike 2011, we are ending on a good note. As the EWNCW Hardcore Champions. Now, you'd think that would be enough to put smiles on our faces, right? Wrong. You see we have a thorn in our sides that just won't go away... Black Blooded.

    *The crowd boos*

    Saiosyn: Ya see, these guys think they should have our belts, they think they are more Hardcore than us, more brutal, more savage... And the truth is, they might have been at one time. But through this little feud, which even spilled over into our Team Combat Championship Match in TWE, we have learned that in order to truly live up to the moniker of "Hardcore Champions, we need to shed what little bit of humanity we have left.

    Aiden: And we have done that, so Mr. Black, Mr.Blood, when we meet in this ring again. It won't be that same team as before, no. The team you step in the ring with will be chaotic, destructive, disturbed, and slightly obsessed with painting this canvas with your blood!

    *The crowd cheers*

    Aiden: Know this, Free From Poison is looking forward to bringing in the new year with a battle, and when the clock strikes midnight, the only bell ringing will be the ring bell hen it is announced that Free From Poison has defeated Black Blooded and retain OUR Hardcore Championships!!

    Terry Murdock: The champs have spoken and they are highly motivated to go to Bred for Combat as and continue to be champs.

    Nick Newman: They're facing Black Blooded. They are guaranteed to lose the titles soon. Nuff' said. Now wehen we return we'llThe Force of Greatness *Pffftttt* vs The Aerial Assassins.
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    Lily Morgan: The following contest is set for one fall, introducing the team Takashi Ito and Yuji Otani...they are...The Aerial Assassins.

    The boos are intense as Otani and Ito head to the ring, looking to get on with the action.

    Terry Murdock: Once crowd favorites now they only focus on what they want to do.

    Nick Newman: As well they should. Being a fan favorite only holds someone bak from doing what it takes to get the job done. They are doing just and will do that against The Force of Greatness.

    Lily Morgan: And their opponents,,,the team of Tai Nights and Matt Elder.....The Force of Greatness!!!

    Elder and Nights are recipients of great love from the fans here tonight as they head to the ring and looking ready for a fight.

    Nick Newman: What a waste of a tag team are these two, they really get the picture that they aren't what they used to be and quite they are just not needed in Brutality.

    Terry Murdock: That's your opinion. Facts are they can still have a go at it, they'll decide when they've had enough. Now let's get ot the ation.

    Start at 4:54 - Stop at 8:20

    Force of Greatness (Demolition) vs Aerial Assassins (Tenryu and Kitao) (Ignore who's face/heel and Mr. Fuji)

    Terry Murdock: Big time backbreaker from Elder to Ito!!!

    Elder goes for the cover.....1.....2.....-

    Otani breaks up the pin and stomps away at the head of Elder before Tai enters the ring and begins to land punch after punch on Otani, Ito is back up in the ring and brawls with Elder.


    The crowd is literally torn as to who to root for.

    Nick Newman: Come on. Don't these people know that The Force of Greatness are a bunch of has been and The Aerial Assassins are the future.

    Tai and Otnai now continue their brawl on the outside as Elder and Ito continue in the ring. Ito pushes Elder and tries to connect with The Kiss of Death (superkick) but Elder catches it and has Ito in dismay as to what he can do as the crowd cheers.

    Terry Murdock: Now this could be a real turning if Elder can capitalize.

    Ito however knows to risk and sprays Elder with the green mist right in front of the referee, who calls for the bell and declares the match over in ruling a DQ in for The Force of Greatness.

    Lily Morgan: Here are your winners via Disqualification....The Force of Greatness.

    Ito now attacks Elder before Nights makes the save and Ito helps Otani up to his feet and they to the head as The Force of Greatness looks on from the ring as we take a commercial break.
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    Terry Murdock: Now The Force of Greatness headed backstage but we've received word that they'll be back out shortly since they've requested it. I wonder what they'll have to say.

    Nick Newman: Oh great like it wasn't enough with them wasting precious air time in a match now we gotta hear them out? I hate my job sometimes.

    Terry Murdock: They're just going to give what is more than likely their response to words Hot Wasabi had to say about them last Brutality.

    Matt “The Force” Elder comes approaches the top of ramp, not wearing his usual cargo trousers and vest but instead sporting sparkling golden shorts, a towel draped over his shoulders which are dripping with baby oil. Tai Nights follows Elder down the ramp shaking his head disapproving every step of the way. As They enter the ring Elder motions for a microphone whilst Tai looks at him in a fuming manner.

    Matt Elder: “Tai what is your problem man? You’ve been off with me since we had the que to make our entrance.....whats going on?”

    Tai grabs another mic

    Tai: “When we decided to do this little skit I told you I will make it extra special, you remember?”

    Elder: “Yeah Bruv how could I forget you got me all excited, like this?”

    Elder starts Gyrating his hips in awkward manner to mimic Malcolm Adonis and the wolf whistles from the female fans echo around the arena.

    Tai: “Well to make it special I snuck into Hot Wassaaaaps dressing room and stole you a little present, I left it in your locker. I then meet you at the gorilla position and you’re not wearing it!!!”

    Elder: “Ahhh I’m with you man, but theres no need to be so touchy about it I got it here look”

    ***Elder reaches down the front of his shorts and pulls out Adonis’s bandana, holding it at arms length a turning it up as he shows it to the crowd***

    Elder: “Is this what your talking about?”

    Tai: “Thats the 1 but I certainly wont be touching that now its been wrapped around your waxed nutsack. Now I think you all deserve to know why The Force is dressed up like barbies lover Ken. See We’ve been told that imitation is the biggest form of flattery, much like when Malcolm Meatball head decided to don the officials shirt to end our match a couple of weeks back.”

    Crowd breaks out in a meatball chant

    Elder: “ Thats right Tai, see we’ve been looking back at the footage from our match and I noticed the way you kept looking at the ref, there was a certain look of love in your telling glare but then Tai brought me back to reality.

    How could the self proclaimed ladies man of EWNCW Malcolm Meatba......I mean Adonis long for the touch of a man, I mean the women go wild when he starts to flex and move his well oiled body, so we formed a plan.”

    Tai: “See, the more we thought of Adonis the more we wondered how much of a ladies man he actually was, we got to thinking of what his chat up lines are, how he would romance his women but these must be top secret, I mean come on he doesn’t let his wrong time of the month sidekick bitch Kyojin in on any of his secrets. So we did what anybody in our position would do, we waited outside there house!!!!

    We waited outside until we found what we was looking for. An unusual amount of men came and went out of the apartment”

    Elder talks over Tai

    Elder: “Not the we have a problem with same sex relationships”

    Tai: “No Force of course we don’t....Anyways after 4 nights of camped outside there apartment we finally saw a women leave....And what a fine piece she was. As she waited for a taxi The Force made his move”

    Elder: “I saw my chance and I took it, I approached the young blonde and straight away she recognised me and asked for my autograph, Being the kind guy that I am accepted on 1 condition that we can ask her a few questions......Her is video footage of what she had to say about Hot Wasabi”

    The crowd erupts with laughter.

    Elder and Tai Nights drop the mic and start a “LADYBOY LADYBOY LADYBOY” chant throughout the arena

    Nick Newman: This is the best they could come up with? They really are washed up.

    Terry Murdock: Looks like they're not quite finished.

    Elder and Tai continue to mock Hot Wasabi before Lucas Grant appears on the Titantron with an irate look in his eye.

    Grant: and Hot Wasabi wanna talk trash to one another and act like children? Do you know how many complaints I received after the Adonis pelvic thrusts he made on the last Brutality because they wanted to get a message clear across to you, just as you are doing right now to them with this nonsense about same sex relationships and a woman who's a "man". Do you know the shit storm that's going to come raining down on me because of your imbecile actions?

    Well then if you bicker like kids, I guarantee you'll settle this bickering you have between you like men in the ring at Bred for Combat. Now go make fools of yourselves, outside of my ring.

    Terry Murdock: Now we know that Hot Wasabi and The Force of Greatness will face one another at Bred for Combat, the Boss is not happy at all with what's gone between them and will give them the opportunity to settle this through in ring action.

    Nick Newman: Hot Wasabi better prove these bozos got no place in Brutality. Right nw we're going to take a quick commercial break.
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    Nick Newman: And we're back and set for a big 8 man tag match that is sure to make that whole Force of Greatness shindig be erased from existence of people's minds, especially mine.

    Terry Murdock: What is it with you? You don;t The Force of Greatness, The Bloodstone Empire and a few other teams. You're supposed to be impartial and give a fair opinion.

    Nick Newman: I say what ever the hell I want because it makes for good television especially with you alongside me, I'd be better off doing this alone any day.

    Terry Murdock: You just might get that wish someday but not tonight, let's just call the match.

    Lily Morgan: The following contest is an 8 man tag match set for one fall introducing first the teams of Black Blooded and the EWNCW Grand Champions Mixed Emotions.

    The boos are without end as the 4 men head to the ring and are ready to face their opponents.

    Nick Newman: They're going to win this. Calling it right now. These 2 teams are the future of Brutality.

    Terry Murdock: Don't get too cocky there. They're not facing just any teams on Brutality, they are facing the Hardcore and Intercontinental Champions so they are going to be in for a fight.

    Lily Morgan: and their opponents Jayden Knight and Saiosyn representing the EWNCW Hardcore Champions Free From Poison and Miguel Tenorio and T-Thunda representing the EWNCW Intercontinental Champions, The Sexiest Alpha Males!!!

    The crowd comes alive as the 4 men raise their championships up high as they head to the ring and look set to take on their rivals.

    Terry Murdock: Now we're set to begin this huge 8 man tag match.

    Nick Newman: Quit your yapping and let's get this going.

    FFP and SAM (Sheamus, AirBoom and Gabriel) vs BB and ME (Barrett, Christian, Otunga and McGillicutty)

    Start at 0:28 - Stop at 4:32

    Knight is the legal man and charge towards Sorrow connecting with a big time picture perfect missile dropkick driving Sorrow into the mat and Knight goes for the cover....1........2......- Sorrow kicks out.

    Nick Newman: That was too close for comfort.

    Mr. Black now enters the ring, picking up Knight and chokeslamming him with great force. Tenorio is up on the top rope as Mr. Black around and....

    Terry Murdock: Moon sault from Tenorio on to Mr. Black!!!! Wow!!!

    Pride comes from out of nowhere and connect the Curtain Call (RKO) on Tenorio before being surprised himself with backstabber from T-Thunda.

    Nick Newman: Those knees to the back will take any man down.

    Mr. Blood is now in the ring and kicks T-Thunda in the gut setting him up for The Blood Drop (Pedigree) but Saio is not far behind connecting with a huge Superkick that knocks Mr. Blood before quickly heading up the ropes and to the roar ofthe crowd connects The Straight Edge 2 (Saisoyn jumps off the ropes and does a front flip before driving his knees into Mr. Blood's chest)

    Terry Murdock: What else can be done? These guys have been hitting everything on one another.

    Sorrow is up and kicks Saio in the head before setting him up for and connecting The Imbroglio (Vertabreaker). Sorrow has not forgotten Knight is the legal men and covers Knight.


    Lily Morgan: Here are your winners the teams of Black Blooded and Mixed Emotions!!!!

    Nick Newman: YES!!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!!

    Terry Murdock: Daniel Bryan, is that you?

    Nick stares daggers towards Terry

    Terry Murdock: Now, we'll continue the show after this quick commercial break.
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    *The camera cuts backstage to show Esteban, Julio and Alexis - the Mexican Nightmares in a locker room, which causes the crowd to jeer*

    Rodriguez: Last show homes, we sent a message to those Bloodstone... idiots! We proved we can make them scream in pain, they were suffering, and amigo, it was fun. Until that is, those,,, impostors attacked us unprovoked! We were shocked, hermano's hurting hermano's. Mexicans hurting fellow Mexicans. We are from the greatest country on Earth, we don't fight each other, unless needs be.

    *Rodriguez and Montoya exchange glances, before nodding at De La Rosa*

    Montoya: And last Brutality, fellow Mexicans attacks us? We were outraged, and now we will prove to Paco and Taco just what we are capable of. That is, when we defeat the Bloodstone twinks. We are going to prove to those how my Juilo-Plex is dangerous! We proved, how my hermano's South-Of-The-Border-Lock can make you scream!

    De La Rosa: And tonight, you fake Mexicans better not get involved in our business, or else, well, let's wait and see

    *Alexis winks at the camera, before it cuts to the arena*

    Nick Newman: I really do hope they destroy those ant called Bloodstones.

    Terry Murdock: It must be in hell inside your head.

    Nick Newman: At times.

    Terry Murdock: Anyways we are are joined by Fuegos Artificales' Paco and Taco Torres. Anything you;d like say fellas?

    Paco: Hola.

    Taco: That means hi. Now on to the match.

    Lily Morgan: The following contest is set for one fall, introducing the team of Benjamin and Samuel Bloodstone...they are...The Bloodstone Empire.

    The crowd welcomes The Bloodstones with great cheers and whistles as they head to the ring at high speed and poe for the fans before awaiting their opponents.

    Terry Murdock: This should be quite the match. these two have rivals for a bit and look to settle the score soon.

    Taco: Should be fun to see.

    Nick Newman: Fun? Ha. It's the Bloodstones, a bonfide circus act in action, it wiill be fun all right to laugh at them when they lose.

    Lily Morgan: And their opponents.....being accompanied to the ring by Alexis De La Rosa, they are the team of Julio Montoya and Esteban Rodriguez.....they are...The Mexican Nightmanres!!!

    The 3 comes out together, and slowly makes their way down to the ring, soaking in the crowd's boos. They get on the apron, and the males flip over the ropes, pulling down the second rope at the same time, which allows Alexis to enter before locking eyes with The Bloodstones.

    Nick Newman: Now that's a quality tag team and I see big things in their future.

    Paco: We are good tag team as well.

    Terry Murdock: Indeed, now let's kick off this match right now.

    Bloodstone Empire (Londrick) vs Mexican Nightmares (Mexicools)

    Start at 2:14 - Stop at 6:28

    Sam is still clutching at his throat after being slammed against the ropes and turns around into the Montoya DDT (Jumping DDT)

    Nick Newman: Oh yeah it's over!!! Pin that shrimp!!

    Montoya covers.....1......2....-

    Sam barely kicks out at 2 and the crowd is trying to cheer him on.

    Taco: Very resilient, ese vato.

    Julio now picks up Sam and calls for the end but am pushes him away with great force and head to his corner looking for the tag but is met with no partner as he is outside still feeling the effects of being slammed into the ring post outside. Montoya recovers and is soon joined by Rodriguez.

    Sam is distraught but looks to keep fighting as he charges towards Montoya but a kick to the gut sets him up for Montoya to connect the Julio-Plex (Regal-Plex) as Rodriguez is on the top rope....

    Terry Murdock: This could be it....

    Rodriguez leaps off the ropes and connects the Magical Mexican Maneuver (Houston Hangover)

    Nick Newman: That's The Greatest Tag Move That Ever Lived!!!

    Paco: Really? -Looks at Taco- Podemos hacer mucho mejor (We can do much better).

    Montoya covers as Rodriguez exits the ring....1............2.............3!!!!

    Lily Morgan: Here are your winners....The Mexican Nightmares!!!!

    Rodriguez continues to assault Ben on the outside but Taco is not having any of it and gets up begins to trade shots with Rodriguez before Montoya looks to make the save but Paco Torres too joins in on the action. Sam is up and helps Ben to his feet and though dazed sees the brawl going on and they decide to join in. All three team are going at it until security breaks them up and Grant once again appears on the Titantron.

    Grant: All right for weeks I've seen you all face each other in different variables as to what one on one matches you might have but now it's clear you all want to fight each other at the same time so I'll allow you to do just that at Bred for Combat in a triple threat tag team match. Now security get them out of there.

    Security does just that, separating the teams as they all exchange harsh words.

    Terry Murdock: Another match added to Bred for Combat for Brutality. Things are shaping up to be quite exciting.

    Nick Newman: As interesting as they can be anyways, now when we return we'll hear from Mixed Emotions and shortly after our main event...Jesting Madness vs The New Assault Program will take place. Be sure to come right back , folks, you wont wanna miss this.
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    *Pride and Sorrow come out holding their EWNCW Grand Championships and their presence is met with a chorus of boos as they make their way into the ring, where they are handed mics and Pride looks to be the first to speak.*

    Pride: At Bred for Combat, we will go, we will see, and we will conquer! We're telling everyone right here and now we are going to raise the bar on tag team wrestling and that is exactly what we are going to do. Those fools Tenorio and Thunda think they can just go on vacation and come back with everything the way they left it but what they failed to keep up with when they were gone is how much of a threat we have become on Brutality.

    Sorrow: Bloodstone Empire and Blacklist Royalty both learned that the hard way just like you and now we are set to become the first team in history to simultaneously hold two sets of tag titles at once because the teams we face let pride get in the way. This my fellow patrons is fuel for the New Renaissance.

    Pride: Agreed brother, we said we would bring back revive the arts and take them to new heights just like the Italian Renaissance and we will keep that promise and even go above it. Like my brother said, we will make tag team history by holding both the Grand and Intercontinental titles at the same time and we will not stop there because Da Vinci did not stop with the Mona Lisa, Wagner did not stop with Flight of the Valkyries, and Mozart did not stop with the magic flute. We will become better not because we need to be better, but because we want to put on shows that surpass our current work.

    Sorrow: Now that my fellow patrons, is what art truly is. Not one lasting piece associated to your name, but a whole catalog of classics that will be appreciated for years to come. Like us or not, we are the present and the future of Brutality. We proved it here tonight and we'll prove it again at Bred for Combat.

    Mixed Emotions put on their signature masks and with titles in hand exit the ring as the crowd boos them profusely.

    Nick Newman: I have no doubt they will, they will make history at Bred for Combat and you can bet they won't stop there.

    Terry Murdock: We'll see at Bred for Combat. Now when we return it's main event time as Jesting Madness takes on The New Assault Program.
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    Nick Newman: We are back and ready to present to you the Main Event, so let;s go to Lily Morgan for the introductions.

    Lily Morgan: The following contest is your Brutality Main Event of the evening and it is set for one fall, introducing the team Sean and Criz Dimension...they are...The New Assault Program.

    The New Assault Program head out to the ring to a mass of boos, before entering the ring and decide among themselves who will start the match.

    Terry Murdock: They cost Jesting madness, the win last Brutality and paid the price for it, looks we'll see if they can get some payback here tonight.

    Nick Newman: Of course they will, they're Dimensions.

    Lily Morgan: And their opponents.....the team of Grind Bastard and William Carlin.....The Jesting Madness!!!

    Crowd is excited to see Jesting Madness though some boo are clearly heard throughout the crowd as they enter the ring and look towaste no time getting ready for action.

    Nick Newman: I like that, wasting no time.

    Terry Murdock: Then let's do the same, Jesting Madness vs New Assault Program starts now.

    Jesting Madness (Raven and Abyss) vs New Assault Program (Styles and Hardy) (Ignore face-heel)

    Start at 2:24 - Stop at 6:24

    Nick Newman: What a clothesline from Carlin to Sean Dimension.

    Terry Murdock: You got that right.

    But Sean is one to get back up quickly, only to receive another clothesline from Carlin and the crowd loves it!!

    Nick Newman: Come on Dimension, live up to your name!!!

    Carlin picks up Sean and tries to connect The Chaos Theory Suplex but Sean fights out headbutting Carlin hard enough to loosen the hold and also daze Sean Dimension who stumbles to one knee before quickly making a much need tag to his brother Criz, who storms the ring and hits Carlin a gorgeous dropkick that leaves the crowd going...Ooooohhhhhh!!!

    Criz is quick to make the cover.....1.........2.....-Carlin kicks out.

    Terry Murdock: What a dropkick from Criz Dimension that almost won his team the match right there, you can really see the fire in their eyes tonight.

    Criz argues with the ref that the count was not fast enough as Carlin gets to his feet. Criz now tries to blinside Carlin with The Criz Cutter (Ace Cutter) but Carlin sees it and performs a backdody drop that sends Criz hig into the air and crah down hard to the mat. Carlin now smartly makes the tag to Grind.

    Nick Newman: Uh oh

    Terry Murdock: Uh oh is right for Criz Dimension.

    Grind hits the ring and stalks Criz as he gets up but Sean Dimension enters the ring looking to attack Grind Bastard only to receive a kick in the gut and be set up for the Ultrakrusher (Package Piledriver), however...

    Nick Newman: Criz is up and he looks pissed!!

    Criz charges towards Grind and connects a huge Running Big Boot to the face of Grind forcing him to release the hold on his brother and they both begin their assault on Grind as the ref counts and tells Sean to exit the irng, his pleas unaswered as he reaches the 5 count as Carlin now joins in the action in the ring to help his partner and a brawl ensues as the ref rules this match a no contest.

    Terry Murdock: No contest?!! Damn..but wait...

    Cirque de Freak come in from the back and attack The New Assault Program before God's Grace too makes it to the ring and begin to trade shots with The Jesting Madness. Both rivalries coming to a boiling point as the crowd loves the action. Grant however personally makes his way to the ring mic in hand. Enters the ring and simply states: ENOUGH!!!

    All teams seize their actions their momentarily

    Grant: Thank you!!!, Now if you're gonna behave like animals, you should be put in action as animals. Cirque de Freak and New Assault Program, I've seen you these past few weeks and know you have the potential and desire to beat the crap out of one another and go for the gold, otherwise why insert yourself in the business of what The Jesting Madness and God's Grace have? So I'll tell you what at Bred for Combat you'll fight in a No DQ' #1 contender's match for the EWNCW Blacklist Championships.

    Crowd cheers excitedly as New Assault Program and Cirque de freak stare down.

    Grant: That being said, the EWNCW Blacklist Championship match will be a match simple in concept and great in dealing out pain and the kind of action one would expect for those who are actually bred for combat. I'm gonna make your match -points toward God's Grace and Jesting Madness- a Tables, Ladders and Chairs match. That should be enough to make you put on a show these fans will never forget.

    Now should you want to continue beating the snot out of each other and I know you do. Go right ahead, my business here is done.

    Almost as if on command all teams come to a head and continue brawling as the show closes out.

    Nick Newman: The Boss has spoken a #1 contender's match and TLC match added to Bred for Combat, I for one cannot wait for the PPV now.

    Terry Murdock: We won't have to. Bred for Combat is going tobe soon an you can bet it's gonna kick off the year with a bang!!! That's all the time we have this year. We'll see you all in 2013!!!
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    Time for some of Brutality.
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    I want to heavily apologize for the show taking so long to post, feeling uninspired to write a bit plus going at this show alone hasn't been easy but I hope that changes within the next few weels and the next show goes up real soon after this one.
    S.E. Zero is now Luizero. Look him up


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