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    Nick Newman: Hello one and all to EWNCW's Brutality, home to the bet tag team action in the world.

    Terry Murdock : That's right, Nick and boy do we a show a show for you all tonight, but the man who will elaborate on that is the Boss.....Lucas Grant!!!!

    Grant appears on stage to a great reaction from the crowd before heading to the ring where a mic awaits him on the steel ring steps, picking it up and entering the ring ready to speak

    Grant: Ah, it's good to be back in this ring.

    Crowd cheers

    Grant: Now I'd like to congratulate God's Grace in their win last week. They've been with us since practically day one and now they stand as the best tag team in the world, something to be very proud of. I'll speak more on that in a minute.

    This Brutality will see some great action as The Bloodstone Empire will take on Fuegos Artificiales tonight, and champions vs champions clash as Mixed Emotions will face Free From Poison.

    Now God's Grace, has asked for -

    The fans boo the appearance of the former EWNCW Tag Team champions, who waste no time in shenanigans. Carlin is grabbing a mic and they don’t go down the ramp.

    Carlin: Cut the music!

    Fans boo and chant “You lost the belts!”

    Carlin: Thank you, we didn’t realize we lost the belts if you didn’t tell us!

    Fans boo even more.

    Carlin: Mr. Grant, I’m sorry to interrupt, but we couldn’t resist the urge. You see, there are plans you made for tonight, but those plans don’t include us. I hear God’s Grace has asked for something, and we’re out here to ask for something too. You know, we haven’t been here since day one, but we have busted our asses for this show since the day we arrived, and I think we earned the right to have a small demand. No ice cream bars, no limos, no “I am the only one wearing a shirt color because I am the only one who can raise funds for breast cancer awareness”, and no shit. Something pretty simple: we want our rematch, and we want it tonight! So, Mr. Grant, would you grant our little demand?

    Grant looks towards Jesting Madness, stern and determined in his following words

    Grant: Oh believe me, gentlemen...well gentleman and beast, that I would love nothing more than to give you that which you request but tonight is not the night that will happen.

    Crowd boos Grant

    Grant: Now, now, settle down. I didn't say it wouldn't happen. Because at Bred for Combat Jesting Madness will have the chance to compete for the EWNCW Blacklist Championships against God's Grace. However tonight God's Grace has asked for the opportunity to celebrate their win here tonight and I can't see why that shouldn't happen so it will go on as scheduled.

    That being said, since you look eager for competition. I know a couple guys in the back who are always looking for competition juice!!!

    Crowd cheers excitedly

    Grant: So tonight, you will face Cirque de Freak's Slither and Twisted in the main event. I know they are just ready to show the world, how strong the thirst for Red Juice is. Good luck tonight gentlemen.....again, well gentleman and beast.

    Jesting Madness lock eyes with Grant who is pleased at the main event he's just made.

    Nick Newman: the Boss has spoken, but pitting Jesting Madness against those circus freak rejects as our main event? I wish we'd had gotten something better.

    Terry Murdock: you wanna tell The Boss that, Nick?

    Nick Newman:....

    [COLOR=#008000]Terry Murdock: Thought so, no when we return, The Aerial Asassins will be in action against The Coke Boyz.
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    Lily Morgan: This following contest is your opening contest contest of the evening and it is set for one fall. Introducing first, the team of G. Demonic and V. Diamondz.....they are.....The Coke Boyz!!!!!

    The Coke Boyz come out to the stage to mixed reaction as fans missed them delivering free samples of drugs, which they do as they throws small bags of ecstasy to the crowd on their way to the ring.

    Nick Newman: You gotta love these guys, so generous.

    Terry Murdock: What did they give you for you to be so blind that they are making people addicts to drugs for no good reason? Maybe you really high to think so highly of them.

    Lily Morgan: And their opponents, they are the team of Takashi Ito and Yuji Otani....The Aerial Assasssins!!!!

    The Aerial Assassins are met with a mass of boos as they enter the enter quickly and look set on winning tonight.

    Terry Murdock: I still can't believe how they just turned their backs to the fans like that.

    Nick Newman: Forget the fans, they do nothing but weigh you down when doing what you want when you want i so much better.

    Aerial Assassins (Team Dragon Gate) vs Coke Boyz (Filth and Fury)

    Start at 0:59 - Stop at 2:51

    Nick Newman:What a dropkick to side of the skull to V. Diamondz from Ito off the double team with Okani.

    Ito now picks up V. Diamondz driving him to the nearest corner kicking away at his sternum as Otani exit the ring and G. Demonic tries to motivate his partner to power through and make the tag.

    He does so blocking the incoming kick Ito has to offer before driving him back and V. Diamondz leaps to his partner making the hot tag and G. Demonic is actually taken back for a moment due to cheers from the fans as he enters the ring ready to lay waste to Ito but that momentary distraction leaves him open for Ito to connect The Kiss of Death (Superkick).

    Terry Murdock: Holy shit, Ito took Demonic's head with that kick.

    The crowd immediately boos Ito as he goes for the cover

    ....................Diamondz break up the pin.

    Nick Newman: No!!! That match should've been over right there.

    Otani quickly enters the ring taking on Diamondz as the ref tries to get them out of the ring Demonic begins to rise to his feet before being sprayed directly in the eyes by green mist courtesy of Ito. Demonic rolls around pain shooting in his eyes and the ref finally taking out Diamondz and Otani out of the ring, makes the cover......

    1..............2....................2.696968797... ........3!!!!!!

    Lily Morgan: Here are your winners....The Aerial Assassins.

    Nick Newman: Great thinking by The Aerial Assassins, I'm starting to like them more and more.

    Terry Murdock: They again have to resort to using the mist to win and you like them? What is wrong with you? Anyhow, we'll continue after this quick commercial break.
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    Lily Morgan: This following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first, the team of Paco and Taco Torres.....Fuegos Artificiales!!!!!

    Nick Newman: They actually surprised a lot of people ith their performance against The Mexican Nightmares on the last Brutality. I still think they are a bunch of losers.

    Terry Murdock: Lets see how they fare against The Bloodstone Empire here tonight.

    Lily Morgan: And their opponents, they are the team of Benjamin and Samuel Bloodstone....they are....The Bloodstone Empire!!!!

    Terry Murdock: They've had something to the wrestling and to themselves that can be the best tag team out despite their size. Something you've been critical of since the CNK days with Daymian Bloodstone.

    Nick Newman:
    Oh great, leprechauns do come two of them!!! Yeah, I rip on their size, it's quite fun, you should try it sometime.

    Bloodstone Empire (Rey/Cara) vs. Fuegos Artificiales (Primo/Epico)
    Mexican Nightmares has joined the announcers.
    (Start 2:20, End 5:00)

    Benjamin hits Paco with a hurricarana, sending him flying out of the ring while Samuel grabs Taco and rolls him back into the ring from the apron. Samuel stands Taco up and whips him into the ropes, and then meets him with an enziguri when he rebounds back into Samuel!

    Nick Newman: This is unfair! That midget has an advantage because Taco can't reach him!

    Terry Murdock: Are you serious? They are practiclly the same size!

    Montoya: Wow, you two chicas are really annoying, has anyone told you that?

    Samuel grabs Taco by the arm and drags him over to his corner and tags in Benjamin. Benjamin springboards over the top rope and hits an elbow drop onto Taco's chest! Benjamin gets back up and kicks Taco in the side, and then drags him into the center of the ring where he then applies a sleeper hold, but Taco blocks Benjamin's arm from coming down. After a few moments, Taco manages to push Benjamin away, and then hits him with a drop kick! Taco rushes over to Paco to go for a tag, but he hasn't made it to the apron yet!

    Terry Murdock: No body is home!!

    Nick Newman: COME ON, PACO! RUN RUN RUN!!

    Rodriguez: Would you two gringos shut the hell up!?

    Paco is running to the apron but by time he gets there, Benjamin takes Taco down from behind! Taco reaches up to Paco and is just a finger tip away ... And he gets it! Benjamin hits Paco with a few hits, but then Paco kicks him in the gut and tosses him to the ropes, but Benjamin dives and tags in Samuel! Samuel springboards off the ropes and lands on Paco with an awesome lionsault! Samuel goes for the cover!

    One! Two! Taco breaks it up! Paco rolls away from Samuel as he gets back to his feet. Samuel charges Paco, but Paco trips him up, making Samuel bounce his head off of the turnbuckle! Paco picks Samuel up and leans him against the turnbuckle, and then charges at him, hitting a massive knee to the head and then bringing him down with a bulldog! Paco gets back to his feet and paces around Samuel, and then climbs the turnbuckle, stalking Samuel ... And then he dives from the top with the Artiss of Barris ..

    Samuel gets his knees up!! Paco rolls around in the ring and then Samuel dives over to Benjamin and gets the hot tag! Benjamin charges at Taco and knocks him off the apron, and then Benjamin climbs a turnbuckle, pointing at Samuel, then at Paco! Samuel nods his head, and then climbs a turnbuckle as well! Samuel comes flying from the top with a frog splah and lands on Paco, then Samuel rolls out of the way while Benjamin comes flying down with a 450 splash, and he connects! Benjamin covers Paco!

    One! Two! THREE!

    Lily Morgan: Here are your winners.....The Bloodstone Empire!!!

    Terry Murdock: Impressive victory by ..

    Nick Newman: Hey!! Where are you two going?!

    The Mexican Nightmares leave the table and slide into the ring and start to beat down the Bloodstones! Rodriguez locks in the South of the Border-Lock onto Samuel while Montoya picks Benjamin up and drops him with the Juilo-Plex! Montoya makes his way to Samuel and locks in a Boston crab while Rodriguez holds the South of the Boarder-Lock!

    The two apply pressure, but then Taco and Paco slide back into the ring and take out the Mexican Nightmares! They kick at the Mexican Nightmares until they roll out of the ring and run up the ramp, and then then Taco picks up Samuel while Paco picks up Benjamin. The four men shake hands as we cut to commercial.
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    The New Assault Program are Being Boo'd Heavily as they head to the ring.

    Criz: Cut The Music Since The New Assault ProGraM is Here and The Last Thing anybody would want is Not to Listen Close and Pay Attention. In Doing So , Do As Your Told By The Program and Cut .The .Mus-si-c.

    Sean: DID YOU SEE CIRque De f---(interrupted by Xpac-like Heat ) ..Shut Up Crowd, Shut your Damn Mouth's Audience ,We are Fed up and Over our Current Status. Its TiMe , our Time to Continue to iniatiate the Pain and Punishment Dimensions dO!

    Criz: Guns Have Nothing on Our Ammunition, and as in Matter of Fact, I Want Fear in The Air. When We Smirk, Think About The Sinister image. Think about Slither, and think about Twisted.

    Show us that Rewind

    ***Footage of NAP attacking Crique De Freak and smashing them with chairs/Emt's rushing down to the ring giving attendance***

    Criz and Sean Find it hysterical

    Criz: Terry Murdock and Nick Newman are Correct.. Murdock Said N.A.P. has Snapped. Newman said ,maybe its the start of a newly revigored New Assault ProGram.

    *Points to the commentator's*

    You Both know you said and For Good Reason, I Dare you speak otherwise and I'll Send Big Sean Dimension over there right now and make you repeat it.

    *Sean Dimension Walks a few steps closer there way ,just staring Down*

    Sean: *raises mic now* You See Exactly the Reason why we did The Destroying , its not because they are who they are..Noo..Its be cause they are in our way and we just can't take a blockade. This isn't Fumes, This is Fire burning Bridges, Going in our route, Paving our Path and Damage All Behind us.

    Criz: and how we smashed those Fools, as I watched Twisted twitching and shaking compulsing and laughed, I noticed how much more we have to be this way.

    Sean: And if I Can Do it again, the way Diffrent I would do is just Clock Slither a few more time's because his screams sound funnier then his partner's.

    *Criz starts laughing*

    Criz: *wipes one laughter tear* My Gawd, If You think ..if you Doubt us..Please Dont Moron's ..Because The ProGram is Back in Full Effect, and We are Ready to Have Extra EMT's Ready for the Rest of The Tag Team in Every Division.

    No One is Safe

    Sean: NO TEAM IS SAFE!!!!

    *Starts Arguments with Fan's before a fan runs in trying to attack them but Sean stops him in his tracks with a punch to the jaw before Criz begins stomping the fan out and flings back into th crowd before they leave*

    Terry Murdock: What is NAP thinking attacking a fan like that. These guys are despicable.

    Nick Newman:'s great isn't it? I've been a fan of NAP for a long time and that right there is the reason, they don't hit form no one, even fans. Now quit your bitching because we're taking a commercial an when we return we'll hear from "Hot Wasabi". I hate my job sometimes.!!!
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    Terry Murdock: We're back ladies and gentlemen and promised here are Malcolm Adonis and Kyojin, unofficially known as Hot Wasabi.

    Sexual Healing rings out around the arena to a fairly decent pop from the fans in attendance. Malcolm Adonis strides out from the back, towel draped over his shoulder, golden trunks and boots glinting in the stage lights and a Japanese Rising Sun bandanna wrapped around his forehead. He douses himself with a bottle of baby oil he has in his hand and proceeds to rub himself down, all the while gyrating and receiving wolf whistles from the ladies in the crowd. He plays up for the crowd for a few more moments before his music is abruptly cut off by..

    As the music switches, Kyojin walks out from the back shaking his head at Adonis who has offered him the bottle of baby oil. He stares at his partner for a moment, looking at him in a puzzled manner before pointing at the bandanna and shaking his head again. Adonis holds his arms out as if to play innocent, but Kyojin doesn't buy it and turns towards the ring and storms ahead of his partner. Malcolm follows and the two climb into the ring and each grab a microphone from a nearby announcer. Adonis speaks first.

    Adonis: So that's a no on the bandanna then? Ahaa, naw you know i'm just playin' with you son. Lets get down to business, last week y'all witnessed the birth of what may well turn out to be the next big team here on Brutality.. as well as already bein' the sexiest. Last week, myself and my boy here came on out and issued an open challenge to any raggedy ass team in the back there. See what we wanted to do, was come in here and send a message, to all of you watchin', and all of the guys in the back that Hot Wasabi was here for one reason.. and one reason only. To turn our individual successes as singles stars, into success as the hottest new tag team in the business.

    Kyojin mouths 'We're not called Hot Wasabi' at Adonis who just smiles back at him and points at the back of his trunks which reads 'Hot Wasabi'.

    Adonis: And safe to say the sexiest man alive Malcolm Adonis, and the man who may well be the most dangerous man in professional wrestling today, Kyojin, gave a pretty good account of themselves. Our challenge was answered by none other than the Force of Greatness, one of the most legendary teams in these parts. The match was an epic.. people were talkin' all about it on social media.. but the thing that stood out the most.. the thing that stuck in peoples minds.. wasn't how the match ended.. it was how damn fine Malcolm Adonis looked in a referee shirt!

    The women in the crowd begin to scream loudly as Kyojin approaches the ropes and asks for a microphone. He receives one and backs up to the middle of the ring.

    Kyojin: Forgive me Malcolm, but they were actually talking about the fact that neither us nor The Force of Greatness won that match last week- the question remains whether we or The Force of Greatness are better but I think you do have a point.

    The point you have is very simple, we were going to win that match, and even though you’re not a real referee, as soon as you put that referee’s shirt on and counted the three, we proved that we would have been the victors. Not The Force of Greatness, or any other team that seems to think they can hack it with Kyojin and Malcolm Adonis.

    Malcolm Adonis: Hot Wasabi!

    Kyojin: We’re not called Hot Wasabi!

    The fans pop and laugh as Kyojin looks angry at Malcolm’s calm grin. Kyojin takes a deep breath and continues to speak.

    Kyojin: Now last week, when The Force of Greatness answered our challenge, I believe their exact words were if we needed to believe they were the real deal, we should go ask GodMoney- well I didn’t see the need for that, I thought we proved we were the real deal when we kicked their ass, albeit without a victory.

    EWNCW’s developmental fed, TWE has something called Proving Grounds and last week’s match between us and The Force of Greatness could qualify for one of those. We both had something to prove. We had to prove we could hack it as a tag team, they had to prove they still had it. And the fact is, we proved ours, by disproving theirs.

    We can hack it as a tag team, and we’re going to be the future of this brand. You heard it here first.

    Adonis nods along in agreement, even offering an applause to his tag team partner before raising the microphone again.

    Adonis: The man makes a good point, like he said.. last week we were on our way to puttin' one of the biggest teams in EWNCW history in the ground. Malcolm pullin' on that referee jersey was a good laugh, but the hurtin' we put on those punks was no laughin' matter, hell I even hear Tai Nights wife was tryin' to get a hold of Malcolm after I proved I was more man than he'll ever be, if you know what I mean.

    Malcolm grins as he receives some more wolf whistles from the women in the arena, he looks down towards his groin and nods approvingly.

    Adonis: So let that be a message to every damn team in the back who thinks they gonna be able to hang with the future greatest tag team in the history of professional wrestling, Malcolm Adonis ain't just a pretty face. And my tag team partner right here, he might look like a sushi chef.. but you better believe this sucka knows more ways to knock a man out cold with chop sticks than Malcolm had women in his bed last night.. so that's at least seven!

    Adonis starts laughing and thrusting his hips towards Kyojin as he looks at him, he bends over an invisible woman before pulling the 'spanking' action and mouthing 'Tai Nights wife'.

    Terry Murdock: We'd like to apologize to all the viewers at home for that last act of indiscretion from Adonis.

    Nick Newman: Why apologize? It's not like it'll erase the gruesome sight from their mind. I know that shit will haunt till the end of days. -shudders- We'll be right back with more action after this quick commercial break.
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    Lily Morgan: This following contest is a champions vs champions match set for one fall. Introducing first, the team of Jayden Knight and Saiosyn...they are the EWNCW Hardcore Champions....Free From Poison!!!!

    Nick Newman: Bunch of idiots, why'd they have to regain the gold they carry after The Mexican Nightmares were much better champions?

    Terry Murdock: Because it comes with being Hardcore Champions, you have to be ready for anything at anytime, they've been take punishment and dish it out to stand today as champions.

    Lily Morgan: And their opponents, they are the team of Pride and Sorrow....they are the EWNCW Grand Champions....Mixed Emotions!!!!

    Terry Murdock: They've been quite impressive. Love or hate them, they have been a team to look out for.

    Nick Newman: Damn right they ahve and at Bred for Combat, they'll go down in history as the very first dual champions in Brutality. Can't wait for that.

    Mixed Emotions (Punk/Rey) vs. Free From Poison[Knight/Saiosyn] (Edge/Chavo) (Start 4:33, End 7:11)

    When Knight pulls Saiosyn away from the turnbuckle, Sorrow slams his knee into the turnbuckle and then crashes over the top rope and slams violently down onto the floor below! The ref is busy with Knight, telling him to stay in his corner, so Saiosyn takes advantage and continues to bring elbows down onto Sorrow's skull before the ref finally begins to count!

    Terry Murdock: How sneaky! Those two will do anything to win this one I guess.

    Nick Newman: Hey, you've gotta do what you've gotta do, don't bitch!

    Saiosyn picks Sorrow up and struggles to roll his massive frame into the ring. Saiosyn slides in and then tags in Knight. Knight stalks Sorrow, and then when Sorrow gets to his feet, Knight charges him and goes for a big boot, but Sorrow catches Knight and brings him down with a massive choke slam! Both men are down now, reaching for their partners! Knight tags in Saiosyn while Sorrow tags in Pride! Pride uses the ropes and springboards into the ring, dropping Saiosyn with a massive springboard DDT! Pride gets back to his feet, runs at the ropes, and then springboards off of them again but this time lands on Saiosyn with a crossbody! Pride covers Saiosyn!

    One! Two! No!

    Saiosyn kicks out! Pride jumps to his feet and stomps onto Saiosyn a few times before driving his knee down onto his face! Pride gets back to his feet, and then drags Saiosyn to the ropes. Pride props himself onto the middle rope and starts to bounce up and down, gaining momentum, and then springboards from the middle rope, but Saiosyn rolls out of the way! Pride lands on his feet while Saiosyn gets back to his feet! The two begin trading blows!



    The lights go out! The sound of motorcycles can be heard! After a brief moment, the lights come back on and Black Blooded are in the ring! Mr. Black grabs Saiosyn by the throat, and takes him out with a nasty chokeslam! The referee calls for the bell!

    Terry Murdock: What the hell?! What are they doing?!

    Nick Newman: Making a statement! Free From Poison has won here tonight, but they aren't standing tall!

    Knight charges into the ring but eats a big boot from Mr. Blood! Pride hits Black in the back with his elbow, but Black just turns around and drops Pride with the Black Death Drop! Sorrow attacks Blood from behind, getting the upper hand for a second, but then Blood kicks him in the gut and hits the Blood Drop!

    Black Blooded stands tall over Free From Poison and Mixed Emotions, laughing at their work as we cut to commercial!
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    Lily Morgan: This following contest is set for one fall. Introducing first, being accompanied to the ring by Vivica, the team of Mr. Black and Mr. Blood.....they are.....Black Blooded!!!!!

    Black Blooded head to the ring in their motorcycles, revving the engines loudly as they circle the ring before parking their bikes and entering the ring to a mass of boos.

    Nick Newman: Why do the fans boo such a great badass team? It's jealousy. Gotta be, they can be as good as Black Blooded are or get the women that they get such as Vivica. It's the only explanation.

    Terry Murdock: The only one? Or the one the "mighty" Nick Newman can think of?

    Lily Morgan: And their opponents, they are the team of Big Chief Long Schlong and 'The Spanish Love Machine' Miguel Tenorio.....they are the EWNCW Intercontinental Champions.......The Sexiest Alpha Males

    The fans welcome the Sexiest Alpha Males surprisingly with cheers from both the females in the crowd and the males as they head to the ring lifting their championships high in the air.

    Terry Murdock: Great to see the champions flaunt the gold. A proud accomplishment to be a champion in Brutality.

    Nick Newman: Yeah, Black Blooded will know what feels like when they kick Free From Poison's asses soon.

    Black Blooded wastes no time grabbing The Sexiest Alpha Males and lifting to the air before slamming them across the turnbuckles nearest to them and begin to pound on Tenorio and The Big Chief.

    Black Blooded (Taker and Kane) vs SAM (Edge and Christian) Ignore who's face/heel.

    Start at 4:09 - 7:23

    Nick Newman: My god what a Chokeslam to The Big Chief, Black Blooded pretty much have this match in the bag right there.

    Black Blooded look to end things with as Mr Black goes for The Black Death Drop (Implant Buster) on The Big Chief and Mr Blood goes for The Blood Drop (Pedigree) on Tenorio but it's Free From Poison who now enter the ring....

    Terry Murdock: It's Payback time!!!

    Black Blooded begin to trade blows with Free From Poison as Knight and Syn go after Mr. Black while Cayne fights off Mr. Blood and in the chaos of it all Mixed Emotions has also entered the fray and begin to attack The Sexiest Alpha Males before T-Thunda comes in to make the save and all hell has broken loose.

    All four teams are in the ring trading shots left and right until a security team comes in from out of nowhere to break up the fight with Grant not too far behind them....

    Grant: All right, you wanna ruin my show with this brawl of yours...well you got another thing coming. I'll let you tear each others heads off on the Next Brutality, when we have ourselves an 8 man tag match that Free From Poison alongside The Sexiest Alpha Males taking on Mixed Emotion and Black Blooded.

    Now security, get these teams out of my ring.

    Security forces Mixed Emotions out of the ring, while Black Blooded push the security away and exit the ring as they lock eyes with Free From Poison and T-Thunda checks on his partners.

    Nick Newman: Wow what a brawl we witnessed and a match announced by Grant. Cant wait to see that cause it's obvious Mixed Emotions and Blak Blodded will win that match. No question.

    Terry Murdock: That we'll have to see. We'll be right back and when we return, our main event as Cirque de Freak face The Jesting Madness.
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    Slither and Twisted slowly make their way around the backstage area, they are both bleeding profoundly from their heads, but are grinning an evil grin.

    Slither: The New Assault Program talk about how they are a newly revamped New Assault Program, how attacking us has changed them..

    Twisted: But the truth of the matter is, what they really did was unleash a terror unlike anything they have ever seen. They have made yourselves our target and we will not rest until the skin is pulled from their bones and their blood is swallowed in our throats!

    Slither: Kill, kill, kill, kill, kill, kill!! That is what is running through our heads! Day and night 24/7! Does anyone understand what they have done!? They have awaken a need to feed that up until now has been seen only but a little! There is a never ending thirst that we will now not be able to quench until we feed from them!?

    Twisted: Tonight though, we have a different quest! Jesting Madness will be the first to face this newly tormented team! Grind, William, you two will serve as as an example of what Crique de Freak truly is capable of!

    Slither: Tonight.... The world will cry and Jesting Madness will bleed.

    Nick Newman: I really hope Jesting Madness put these guys down, through such a beating that never have to appear on Brutality again.

    Lily Morgan: he following contest is set for one and it is your Brutality Main Event of the evening!!!! Introducing first the team of Twisted and Slither.....they are Cirque de Freak!!!!!!

    They appear on stage their blood still pouring from their heads as they and the fans scream for Red Juice!!!!

    Nick Newman: It's sick as fuck that these fans, too clamor for Red Juice. Just go to show freaks support freaks.

    Terry Murdock: Stop hating on them, just you can't handle the sight of blood as they o. These guys have a complex history, you gotta be understanding that they went through a lot to crave the red juice. You may not have to like it but at least you understand.

    Lily Morgan: And their opponents they are the team of William Carlin and Grind Bastard, The Jesting Madness!!!!

    Carlin appears on stage, soon joined by an irate Grind Bastard who with with speed enter the ring followed by Carlin to a mixed reaction from the crowd.

    Terry Murdock: The former champions are pissed to have been denied their chance to face God's Grace tonight but if there was ever a team that help them take some of that frustration through in ring action it's Cirque de Freak.

    Nick Newman: Let's just get on with this. Jesting Madness better win here tonight.

    Jesting Madness (Kane and Taker) vs Cirque de Freak (Dudleyz)

    Start at 2:14 - Stop at 5:42

    Terry Murdock: Slither and Twisted have taken it to Grind Bastard. He tried to deliver a double chokeslam and instead wound up receiving a double suplex to turn the tide of this match around.

    Cirque de Freak continue their assault on Grind Bastard by stomping away at his face and chest before the ref asks Slither to exit the ring, who does so as Twisted continues pounding away for quite a long time at the head of Grind, screaming for the red juice to flow.

    Nick Newman: Fucking lunatics, I tell you.

    Carlin has seen enough, entering the ring and punching Twisted right in the face driving him back as he begins to bleed from the nose, few droplets entering his mouth and the look on Twisted's face when it happened......psychotic!!!

    Twisted charges away at Carlin but Carlin side steps him and locks his arms around Twisted's waist driving him back to connect The Chaos Theory Suplex but Twisted, much to his name twists out at the end landing on his feet looking to continue attacking Carlin but Grind kicks him in the gut, locking his arms between his legs and connects the Skullkrusher (Package Piledriver) and goes for the cover.....



    ........Slither enters the ring looking to break up the pin but is stopped from doing so not by Carlin but by.....

    The NEW ASSAULT PROGRAM!!!!.....

    as Sean and Criz hit the ring and begin to attack Slither forcing the ref to call for the bell and end this match via DQ.

    Lily Morgan: Here are your winners as a result of a disqualification....Cirque de Freak!!!

    Carlin and Grind are not happy at all at NAP's interference. Grind pulls Criz by the hair and turns him around to put him in position and swiftly connect with the Widowmaker on Criz!!!

    Sean stops his attack on Slither seeing his partner laid out only to shove Carlin back, who after looking at Grind Bastard know what to do....

    The Beheading (simultaneous Enzuigiri by Grind and Superkick from Carlin on Sean Dimension!!!!!)

    Carlin and Grind now exit the ring still visibly angry as NAP and Cirque de Freak are all laid out in the ring.

    Nick Newman: Wow...I like NAP but they should've known better than get in the way of a Jesting Madness victory in order to attack those freaks.

    Terry Murdock: That's right, Nick. Jesting Madness is ready to lay waste to anyone right now, so on has to wonder what, they'll do to God' Grace on their celebration in just a few moments. We'll find out after this quick commercial break.
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  9. #829

    God’s Grace’s theme blares out through the arena as HolyJose and Azrael walk out to a huge standing ovation. HolyJose proudly displaying the EWNCW Blacklist Championship around his waist while Azrael wears his over his shoulder. They make their way down the ring which is decorated with a table of drinks, nonalcoholic of course, and some food. They walk down the ring and high five the fans and even invite some of the fans to join them in the ring to celebrate. Parents and their kids enter the ring and are enjoying a good time. HolyJose walks on over and asks for a mic

    The crowd still cheering

    HolyJose: Ahem

    The crowd cheering loudly


    The crowd erupts

    HolyJose: For months we bided our time and for months we rose through the ranks. Fought hard and in the end we fought and main evented No Guts, No Glory and we lost.

    Crowd Boos

    HolyJose: Carlin and I both went through hellish matches but Carlin and Grind we’re determined to retain. We’ll give them that. Now fast forward to last Brutality we were the focused ones. We cashed in our final opportunity and we made it count. In the end we became the EWNCW Blacklist Champions!

    Huge pop from the crowd

    HolyJose: We’ve been here since the days of BWA and this was our first shot at the gold. This championship holds a lineage. From teams such as Shadows of Madness, Nightmare Madness, yes even Jesting Madness. Good lord there this is madness!

    Azrael picks up the mic and pretends to kick a fan in the chest

    Azrael: NO THIS IS BRUTALITY!!!!!

    Crowd laughs along with HolyJose laughing

    HolyJose: As I was saying *laughing* Not only those teams but teams such as the Cross Nation Killers and even the legendary GodMoney! Now it is safe to say we God’s Grace have been handed this opportunity to carry the gold around and keep the linage it has and make it even greater. We are the first team to hold tag team championships in both JBW and EWNCW. But now most importantly, this is our first WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP! See I’ve been striving to be the best and achieve my dream and that’s not only be the best tag team iCn the world which we will prove by carrying these championships for a long time but also win a world title and here it is around my waist.

    Now only one goal left and that’s win a singles world title. Now here we are celebrating our victory but we all know winning is one thing but retaining is much harder. We as a team have decided to prove to the world and become one of the most famous teams in eWN e-fedding Tag Team History by being fighting champions and taking on all comers. Be it young and rising stars or veterans who have yet to receive a shot at the gold. It doesn’t matter who it is we will go up against them and most importantly we will win. We are a new era we are YOUR EWNCW BLACKLIST CHAMPIONS GOD’S GRACE!

    A roar of disapproval explodes in the arena when Like the Average Stalker starts, and fans do not hesitate on mocking the former EWNCW Blacklist champions when Grind Bastard and William Carlin appear on top of the ramp with a dead serious expression in their faces, and obviously, without the belts. The don’t waste any time and run down the ramp, slide into the ring and straightforward go nose to nose with God’s Grace. They stay like that for some seconds before Carlin goes back and ask for a mic:

    Carlin: Sorry to interrupt your party, but remember you did the same to us on the last edition of Brutality, so as old school gentlemen, we return the courtesy tonight.

    Crowd boos Carlin mocking the concept of being a gentleman

    Carlin: It is curious that you speak about a new era, and still you are going to do the same we have been doing for months! Amazing!

    Crowd boos and HJ and Azrael seem displeased

    Carlin: You know I’m not lying. Just let me show you a bit of footage from Monday Night Rage, specifically the one that followed Glory to the Brave, where we were crowned EWNCW Tag Team champions:

    Footage appears on the Titantron

    WC: But what is a tag team if they don’t have great opponents? How can we claim that we are the best without any decent challenge? Fortunately enough, we have a strong tag team division here in EWNCW, and let’s not forget that the land of Tag team wrestling, BWA, has joined forces with us. So there’s plenty of competition, and we’ve got a message for them all.

    *Crowd boos, but not as much*

    WC: First of all: Domination! You’ve been worthy champs and a tough team to defeat, so we expect you to invoke your rematch clause soon, but remember that we already defeated you, and we will do it again, for sure!

    *Boos reach their previous level of noise*

    WC: And for the rest of you, you are welcomed to come and try to get this belts from us, but remember, World Demise is upon you, and the sooner you come to fight us, the sooner it will reach you!
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  10. #830
    Carlin: Sounds pretty much the same you’ve just said, only eight months earlier. And let me ask you something. Did we keep our word? No, don’t answer, that’s a rhetorical question. We all know the answer. We kept it. We welcomed everyone; we gave everyone their chance, first Domination, then the Shadows of Madness, then you two. Did we ever duck a challenge? No. Did we ever hide or run from another team? No. We’ve always been in your face, no shenanigans, no bullshit. And during eight months, counting our reign as EWNCW Tag Team champions, they’ve come to challenges us, and they have fallen. Until last Brutality. And still, you want to enter a new era by doing the same we did, except pandering the crowd, right?

    Crowd boos this last statement

    Carlin: For eight months we’ve elevated the tag team scene, six of them here on Brutality making the show worthy of its name. So, what we are asking now it’s pretty simple. You challenged us twice; we gladly gave you the chance. Now it’s time for us to challenge you by invoking our rematch clause. It doesn’t seem that we are having that tonight, because you are not taking a lesson from Darren “Mr. No Days Off” Young, but still, we want that rematch. Yes or no?

    JM go nose to nose again with the champs

    HolyJose smiles and gives a small laugh

    HolyJose: No you’ve never ducked from any challenge but here is the difference between you two and us. Those fans are the reason we’re here. Yes you brought glory to this championship, to this brand but you neglected the fans for your own selfish reasoning’s. The reason our new era will differ from your eight months is quite simple Carlin. We do this for the fans without we are nothing. Every goddamn match we put on is to entertain these fans who spend their hard earned money to watch us compete. You want your rematch at Bred for Combat? You’ve got it! We’re not backing down from any of this. See this fans celebrating with us? The victory at the last Brutality wasn’t just for us, they witnessed it and were apart of it and at Bred for Combat we’ll repeat the same results!

    Carlin picks up the mic

    Carlin: Let me quote a famous member of the wrestling community: Hold on a second, playa! How can you say we have neglected the fans? I mean, we gave them all they pay for. They want us to fight, to bleed, to bust our asses, to give them epic promos... Well, that's me, Grind doesn't but we already know why. They want entertainment? We provide entertainment. What else do they want? Beer for the men, cotton candy for the kids and oral sex for the women? That is not part of the deal. If men want a beer, they go to the pub, if kids want some cotton candy, they go to the circus, or Disneyland or whatever the hell. And well, the ladies have the Sexiest Alpha Males for sexual favors. Besides, Jose, you'll agree with me that most probably, all the ladies here won't willingly offer their private parts to Grind, don't you think?

    Crowd is disgusted and lets Carlin know

    Carlin: Yeah, I don't think so, sounds nasty. And I think Grind has come to terms with that and doesn't seem to care. But still, that ain't our mission. But you know what? We actually care for the fans, believe me or not. We do. You know why?

    HolyJose and Azrael shake their heads

    Carlin: Simple. They need us, and we provide.

    Fans chant “We don't need you”

    Carlin: Oh, no, no, no, no. You need us. Let me explain why. You need the nasty, disgusting motherfuckers to remind you that the world is not the My Little Pony-Jabroni land. Outside here, there are bad people, psychos, corrupted politicians, and other scum. And all of those win. Not always, but many times. They prevail, like we prevailed for six months. Not always the goodhearted fellas win. And imagine how boring this will be if we all were catering the fans like in the land of lollipops and rainbows. Imagine that?

    Carlin clears his throat and starts speaking in a loud, childish voice:

    Carlin: Oh, fellas, I love you, you are our BFF's, yeah we need to fight but don't worry, I won't hurt you, and if I do, I'll tend your scars and blah, blah, blah...

    Back to normal. There is some laughter but boos dominate

    Carlin: And how people will choose their favs? It'll be like: “Oh, here's this nice guy, isn't he nice? But that other fella is nice too, treats me fine, licks my wife because I'm too macho to do it, buys candy to the kids and he's not a pedo. I like him too”. No, they need us to let them choose between you. We say the shit, we get booed, and then you come out to tell them what they want to hear and feel happy and safe. Because you know, we say the truth even if it hurts. We remind them of their own dark side. They are envious of us, that have no restrictions, that let their dark side loose. They want to do it too, but they can't. So, they vent their frustrations on us. And when the good fellas come top save the day, they pop harder for the good kids. You get good applause because first they have to endure what we have to tell them, all that they don't like. So don't tell me we neglect the fans, cut that shit, right?

    Fans boo Carlin louder.

    Carlin: And that proves my point. If they didn't care about us, they'll just stay silent. But they don't. We provide what they want. Have the balls and a fucking good reasoning to deny that.

    Jesting Madness look annoyed they were interrupted as Grant appears in titantron...

    Grant: They don't.

    Looks directly at God's Grace. They know he speaks the truth.

    Grant: Neither do I. See I've been to proud say Brutality has seen some of the best tag teams come and go, making little or a crater of an impact. You two being of the latter example. So there is no need to pander on about caring for the fan since I know like me they care about the action inside the ring.

    That being said. I've already made your match at Bred for Combat official, earlier in the evening but since you want to please the fans so much.....

    Well, I'll decide how on our next Brutality. In which as per your actions earlier tonight Jesting Madness, you will face The New Assault Program and God's Grace will also be action against Cirque de Freak on our next Brutality. Now behave while a brilliant mind like mine ponders what kind of match is meant to test you like I know it can. You'll be hearing from me soon.

    -Titantron cuts to black-

    Jesting Madness and God's Grace continue to argue intensely in the ring...

    Nick Newman: Talk about a way to finish the show, we know Jesting Madness vs God's Grace will occur at Bred for Combat, yet we don't know how...and the creative mastermind that created the infamous Gates of Hell match, what can we expect from Grant?

    Terry Murdock: That we shall know soon enough. That's all the time we have for you, we wish all a good evening. Be sure to tune in to the next of EWNCW's Brutality.
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