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    Nick Newman: Hello one and all to EWNCW's Brutality, home to the bet tag team action in the world.

    Terry Murdock : That's right, Nick and boy do we a show a show for you all tonight, but the man who will elaborate on that is the Boss.....Lucas Grant!!!!

    Grant appears on stage to a great reaction from the crowd before heading to the ring where a mic awaits him on the steel ring steps, picking it up and entering the ring ready to speak

    Grant: Ah, it's good to be back in this ring.

    Crowd cheers

    Grant: Now I'd like to congratulate God's Grace in their win last week. They've been with us since practically day one and now they stand as the best tag team in the world, something to be very proud of. I'll speak more on that in a minute.

    This Brutality will see some great action as The Bloodstone Empire will take on Fuegos Artificiales tonight, and champions vs champions clash as Mixed Emotions will face Free From Poison.

    Now God's Grace, has asked for -

    The fans boo the appearance of the former EWNCW Tag Team champions, who waste no time in shenanigans. Carlin is grabbing a mic and they don’t go down the ramp.

    Carlin: Cut the music!

    Fans boo and chant “You lost the belts!”

    Carlin: Thank you, we didn’t realize we lost the belts if you didn’t tell us!

    Fans boo even more.

    Carlin: Mr. Grant, I’m sorry to interrupt, but we couldn’t resist the urge. You see, there are plans you made for tonight, but those plans don’t include us. I hear God’s Grace has asked for something, and we’re out here to ask for something too. You know, we haven’t been here since day one, but we have busted our asses for this show since the day we arrived, and I think we earned the right to have a small demand. No ice cream bars, no limos, no “I am the only one wearing a shirt color because I am the only one who can raise funds for breast cancer awareness”, and no shit. Something pretty simple: we want our rematch, and we want it tonight! So, Mr. Grant, would you grant our little demand?

    Grant looks towards Jesting Madness, stern and determined in his following words

    Grant: Oh believe me, gentlemen...well gentleman and beast, that I would love nothing more than to give you that which you request but tonight is not the night that will happen.

    Crowd boos Grant

    Grant: Now, now, settle down. I didn't say it wouldn't happen. Because at Bred for Combat Jesting Madness will have the chance to compete for the EWNCW Blacklist Championships against God's Grace. However tonight God's Grace has asked for the opportunity to celebrate their win here tonight and I can't see why that shouldn't happen so it will go on as scheduled.

    That being said, since you look eager for competition. I know a couple guys in the back who are always looking for competition juice!!!

    Crowd cheers excitedly

    Grant: So tonight, you will face Cirque de Freak's Slither and Twisted in the main event. I know they are just ready to show the world, how strong the thirst for Red Juice is. Good luck tonight gentlemen.....again, well gentleman and beast.

    Jesting Madness lock eyes with Grant who is pleased at the main event he's just made.

    Nick Newman: the Boss has spoken, but pitting Jesting Madness against those circus freak rejects as our main event? I wish we'd had gotten something better.

    Terry Murdock: you wanna tell The Boss that, Nick?

    Nick Newman:....

    [COLOR=#008000]Terry Murdock: Thought so, no when we return, The Aerial Asassins will be in action against The Coke Boyz.
    S.E. Zero is now Luizero. Look him up


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