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    Terry Murdock: Ladies and gentlemen, we welcome you to EWNCW Brutality! We have a new theme, new champions and a fantastic show for all of you to enjoy!

    Nick Newman:And we'll kick things off with the EWNCW Blacklist Champions, The Jesting Madness!

    *When the Swedish band Soilwork starts to sound all around the arena, the fans react with a chorus of boos for the EWNCW Blacklist Champions. Grind and Carlin waste no time in appearing with the belts lifted over their heads. Carlin is seen a bit banged up after two hellacious matches at No Guts, No Glory, but still smiling. He looks at the camera and says: “We did it. Again.” Grind also seems banged up, but the monster doesn't seem to care. They proceed down the ramp, with Carlin enjoying himself and Grind in his usual “I-don't-seem-to-care” manner, but the big man is smiling. They enter the ring, and while Carlin asks for a mic, Grind produces the Twittah machine and types something, after putting the belt on his shoulder. He then puts the machine in front of the camera lens and the message reads: Who are the tag team champions?

    *The monster points at his partner who yells:*

    Carlin: We are the tag team champions!!!

    *Grind repeats the antics, showing the message to Carlin. Carlin obliges:*

    Carlin: We are the tag team champions!!!

    *Grind laughs, and extends his fist to Carlin, who brofists and goes on*

    Carlin: For six months, since the 5th of May, 201 days, your EWNCW Blacklist champions have been the same. Yes none other than Grind and me, The Jesting Madness.

    *Boos from crowd*

    Carlin: And we are not counting the 60 days reign we had as the final EWNCW tag team champions, that would make us champs for eight months and 261 days. But anyway, enough dates, let's remember what happened last Sunday at No Guts, No Glory.

    *More boos*

    Carlin: For the last few months, we've been in a hot rivalry against God's Grace. Both teams were title hungry and both teams wanted to cement a legacy. If they won, they would have been tag champions in the two biggest companies, being the first and only team to do that. If we won, we would continue our streak, one worthy of the biggest names in the industry like GodMoney. I know they've been 4 times tag team champions and we have been only twice, but you won deny that our two consecutive runs have been as epic as theirs, that's for sure. They put tag team wrestling on top of the wrestling business together with Force of Greatness, and we've done the same with the Shadows of Madness first and God's Grace now! I don't care if we have been champs longer than them or not, we kept the flame burning and we will do it in the future, like it, or not!!!

    *This gets some mixed reaction as some fans recognize the truth of the words, but most people still hate this. *

    Carlin: A clash like that couldn't have been contested in a normal match. Therefore, this was a Falls Count Anywhere match. And here's a truth you can't disagree with: Neither them nor us failed to deliver, didn't we?

    *The crowd has to agree and cheers*

    Carlin: That's what I like for the crowds at EWNCW. They may hate us, but never deny they enjoy the efforts of both us and our rivals. And talking about efforts, those guys of God's Grace, they ain't no pussies. They ain't no Little Jimmy's playing the tough guys, they are no wannabes trying to play with the big guys, they are the big guys! You know we never deny our opponents when they prove themselves to be worthy, and yeah, guys, God's grace are worthy.

    *Obviously, the good words for the crowd's favorites are received with a pop. *

    Carlin: So, at No Guts, no Glory, both teams clashed to win the gold. And let me remind you something, both Jose and I had two brutal, grueling singles matches that same night. We were battered, bloodied and bruised, but we still went out there and give our best, because this *lifts the belt * is the biggest tag team accolade in the world of wrestling, and if you want to hold it, you have to give the best you have, even if it costs you your own life!

    *Carlin's on fire!*

    Carlin: So, we gave you everything we had. I threw Jose down the stairs, Grind gave Azrael the biggest Swanton Bomb ever, and all of you enjoyed that... Except the fact that I hit HJ with the Chaos Theory suplex, baby, and retained the gold.

    *Boos return*

    Carlin. And you know what? We loved this. We gave another show stealing match and retained. The sensation of being the champs again is incomparable. We simply love it. And we want to keep it going for as long as we can. But we know this won't last forever, so, we are here to have a big celebration!

    *God's Grace walk out to a massive pop from the crowd*

    HolyJose: Carlin Carlin Carlin. What a match we had a No Guts, No Glory. Let's just say I'm avoiding stairs as much as I can for the next few months. But that's besides the point you see it's obvious both teams weren't at 100% at No Guts, No Glory. I had a match with the Prophecy and he narrowly beat me while you Carlin had a match with the now retired Kayden James. So we both battled it out in singles competition and then we met in the main event of the evening. We closed out the show at No Guts, No Glory and what a main event it was.

    *Crowd Cheers*

    HolyJose: We put one hell of a match but you see I'm not satisfied. Two losses in one night. It's demoralizing you know. It's not the first time and it probably won't be the last but it gets me thinking. Thinking of what I could have done better. So I'm not out here asking if you want a rematch Carlin. No I am here to demand a rematch!

    *Crowd Cheers*

    HolyJose: Because the way I see it. We're 1-1. We're tied and we need that tie breaking match. So tonight we're using our final ultimate opportunity contract to face you one more time. Now see I was debating whether I should just attack you guys and wait for you guys to be at less than 100% but see that's not how God's Grace is winning. So tonight one more match. God's Grace vs. Jesting Madness for the EWNCW Blacklist Championships!

    *HJ’s proposal is crowd approved!*

    Carlin: The way I see it, we are one nil. But it doesn’t matter. You want a challenge? You’ve got it! So, ladies and gentleman, both here and at home, get ready because tonight the EWNCW Blacklist Championships are on the line, God’s Grace vs Jesting Madness one more time! You in?

    *Roar of approval!*

    *Grant appears on the titantron to a warm welcome from the crowd*

    Grant: I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    *Crowd cheers*

    Grant: You guys wanna give it another go? Let's do it but let's make it special.......tonight the main event will be Jesting Madness vs God's Grace 3 for the EWNCW Blacklist Championships in a Hardcore Match!!!

    Good luck gentlemen and may the better team prevail.

    *Crowd goes nuts at the announcement as both stare down with smirks on their faces*

    Terry Murdock: What a blockbuster announcement from The Boss, Lucas Grant. The EWNCW Blacklist Championships will be defended tonight!!!

    Nick Newman: That's just one of many things you expect from tonight. We'll be right back after this commercial break folks.
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