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    Brutality 7.12.12

    Terry Murdock: Welcome ladies and gentle to this special edition of Brutality, we had some small issues last week that prevented us from bringing you all some amazing tag tam action.

    Nick Newman: But not this week, we are back and better than ever.

    Robert Goodman: We have one hell of a show for you all this week.

    Luke Douglas: However we kick things off as the EWNCW Blacklist Champions, The Jesting Madness look to speak up next.

    Grind and Carlin emerge to the usual chorus of boos, Carlin with a huge grin on his face and Grind with a sort of smile. The monster is carrying the belt on his shoulder, and brings the vintage barb wire bat. Carlin wears the belt on his waist, and he’s very extrovert in his celebration. He looks straight into the camera and says: “We did it… again!”.

    They both go down the ramp and Carlin imitates Hogan playing the guitar and putting his hand on his ear to hear the crowd boo. They finally enter the ring and Carlin asks for a mic:

    Carlin: Curious, last time we were here in this ring you were cheering us like mad!

    Crowd boos loudly

    Carlin: I’ve got to tell you the truth; it was nice to receive some cheers every now and then. So, allow me to get some cheers for us, right?

    Fans still don’t like it

    Carlin: You know something? We’ve just had an amazing PPV, Pain for Treasure, and the match that definitely stole the show, was the ladder match for the EWNCW Blacklist championship!

    Crowd cheers

    Carlin: We come from a show that is named Brutality, and both the Shadows of Madness and the Jesting Madness proved that the name was not chosen in vain!

    Crowd keeps cheering

    Carlin: And, just in case anybody forgot it, the four of us proved once again which company has the tag team wrestling in the world!

    The fans still love this

    Carlin: However, and here’s where the cheering stops, after a grueling match, we retained this magnificent belts.

    Obvious boos are obvious

    Carlin: Hey, boo us, but not the belts, right?

    Crowd ignores Carlin

    Carlin: We came out here and said that we were going to do anything to retain, and we are men that keep their words, as you can see. We said that the Shadows of Madness weren’t the men, and won’t be the men as long as we are around!

    Crowd boos like mad

    Carlin: Hey, isn’t it true? We said that and we proved it, so why booing the truth? You prefer lies?

    Crowd is still booing

    Carlin: Well, it seems you prefer lies. Anyway, I have some questions. What happens now that we burnt Abel’s mask? Will he go crazier? Will he just keep crying? Will the Children…

    Carlin is cut off

    Slayde: I'll tell you what will happen. Abel here will make sure you miserable lives come to an end, just as you tried to take mine when you choked me during our Ladder Match.

    Problem was we actually believed like the last time, you'd actually give a fight, an honest fight but to resort to burning Abel's mask and trying end my life just showed how far off we were and it ultimately led to our defeat, we wont deny that.

    Now we see clearly and know what must be done to take that which is rightfully ours. We must end you. There is no other way around it. It will be a dark in EWNCW History because for the first time someone will not be making out of their PPV with their life or in our case lives untarnished. We will commit the cruelest act known to man and then some for we strike in the shadows and consume you in ever lasting madness to walk out of Rise from Ashes as the new EWNCW Blacklist Champions. We will rot the souls of you wicked cowards and succumb to the darkness within us to accomplish what should've been so long ago. Is that not right, Abel?

    Abel: You are correct Orion. You see my dear friend here has done everything in his power to control my rage, he has pleaded with me to ignore The Children...

    Now however, no.. The Children have been right all along, I should have ripped off your faces for stealing my mask! No one has the right to steal my mask, but than you made it worse... You went and burned my mask and anger The Children to know end!

    No longer will I hold back.. After you actions in our last match.. I will personally make sure that The Children's dark and disturbed fantasies come true as not only retribution for myself, but for Orion as well.

    You ask what happens now that I no longer posses a mask.. The answer is not something you want to know.. However you will indeed find out! Do you know what happens went an animal that is krep sheltered finally breaks free? It destroys everything in sight! And I am a newly freed beast! Blood will spill, bones will break, flesh will fall! The Children will be satisfied!

    Slayde: Now give us one more shot and we will make sure you live to regret it till the end of days.

    Carlin: Well, you want a title shot? In the words of Syrio Forel: Not today!

    Crowd boos and Shadows of Madness seem ready to attack

    Carlin: Let me finish, please! However, there’s still a chance. You know, we want to give opportunities to every deserving team, we know you are, but there are others. So, if you want to earn the shot, you have to face a deserving team. They are none other than the EWNCW Intercontinental champions, The Sexiest Alpha Males! So, get outta here and get ready for the match.

    Terry Murdock: Wow.

    Nick Newman: Now that's how establish yourselves. You choose how these stupid Shadows of Madness have to earn their shot.

    Robert Goodman: They will go to any lengths to make sure they win tonight.

    Luke Douglas: Indeed, but when we see return we'll see The Crimson Samurais face The Sky High Bastard in a No DQ Match.

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    Henry Watson: This match is set for one fall. On there way to the ring at this time, Takashi Ito and Yuji Otani, they are The Crimson Samurais!!!

    Crimson Samurais come to the ring to a great deal of cheers as they head to the ring.

    Nick Newman: These guys are fucking boring, they think they can deliver a better show than The Sky High Bastards.

    Terry Murdock: Are you high? They are sensational high flyers.

    Henry Watson: and their opponents, the team of Toxic and Bazooka, The Sky High Bastards.

    The Sky High Bastards walk to the ring to a sea of boos.

    Robert Goodman: Cocky bastards, they've done nothing but act superior since they got here.

    Luke Douglas: Can you blame them? Any team should want to act that way when they are good.

    Finish: Both teams went the pinfall at the same time after Takashi Ito landed the The Kiss of Death (Superkick) on Toxic while Bazooka nailed a Shining Wizard on Yuji Otani in a match that was filled with chair shots and kendo stick shots.

    Both teams are outraged at the outcome and engage in a massive brawl until Grant makes his way out.

    Grant: You all need to step back now or face being suspended.

    Both teams continue to brawl ignoring Grant.

    Grant: Very well, you both are suspended until further notice and when you come back we will settle this rivalry one way or another.

    Now, *snaps fingers* Security get them out of my ring.

    Security comes in and separates both teams.

    Nick Newman: The Boss is back, that's the cutthroat attitude he was known for back in the day and am glad to see he wont take anymore shit from anyone.

    Terry Murdock: Seems that way. Now folks, we have to take a quick commercial break.

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    The lights go green and red as Payne and Torcher make their way to the ring. Blood is seen dripping from their lips as they stand in the ring smiling.

    Payne: We would have been out here sooner but we were having a little snack. Anyways me and my dear brother Torcher are out here to demand a title shot for the Grand Championships! We want another shot.

    Torcher: Now Mr. Grant you could say no but do you really want to say no to us? I have always wondered how boss juice tastes. Do the right thing and give us a shot. Otherwise you may need a blood transfusion! HAHAAHAHA

    Payne: Torcher! Are you really saying you'd feed on our boss?

    Torcher: Yes..

    Payne: Excellent Hahahahahaha Now give us our shot!!!!

    The Brotherhood of Brutality head out to the ring and ask for mics.

    Charisma: We've had enough. Enough of you freaks, enough of being overlooked and enough of not having gold. That's why we deserve that shot more than you ever will.

    Hawkins: He's right, we came so close to becoming the new EWNCW Grand Champions that we know if we get one more shot at them that we can and will defeat The Blacklist Royalty.

    Dynasty of Perfection's music hits and the Duo of Perfection comes out to a chorus of boos, which seem to effect them little. Ethan looks towards Shawn who points at The Brotherhood of Brutality and laughs, than he can loudly be heard wondering who let the freaks out of their cages

    Ethan: Whoa there guys! I think you all are a bit wrong here. You see The Grand Championships those title have been abused and misused being put on nobodies and nothings, but that is going to change when myself and Shawn become the first ever Brutality Grand PERFECT Champions!

    Ethan raises his arms up high much to the displeasure of the audience and the teams in the ring, Shawn grabs the mic and just stares down the crowd

    Shawn: Shut up please.. Ethan, you're right. We will be the first PERFECT Champions here in EWNCW, and it really doesn't matter if we have to beat the Brotherhood of Jobilty or Cirque de Wackjobs! We will get our title shot and we will beat the current Champions, wait who the hell are the champions?

    Shawn looks at Ethan who shrugs

    Shawn: See! The Champions are held by nobodies! That is why we don't know who holds them..

    Crowd chants "You F****D up!" loudly

    Shawn: No, we didn't we just don't care about nobodies.. Anyways we will beat whoever we need to, to become the next Grand Champions!

    Ethan: And can't nobody stop us!

    Lucas Grant's theme interrupts and he heads out to the stage with a mic in hand.

    Grant: I like what I'm seeing and all teams have valid reasons as to why you should be next in line to face The Blacklist Royalty, so here's what I'm gonna do.

    Up next, you three will face each other in a triple threat match with the winners earning the right to be called the #1 contenders and will face The Blacklist Royalty for the EWNCW Grand Championships at Rise from the AShes.

    Good luck to you all next week gentlemen.

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    Henry Watson: This match is set for one fall and it is a triple threat tag tam match to determine the #1 contender's to the EWNCW Grand Championships. In the ring at this time, Payne and Torcher..........Cirque de Freak!!!

    Cirque de Freak pump themselves up for the match headbutting each other an the crowd loves it.

    Nick Newman: Bunch of freaks.

    Terry Murdock: You willing to tell them that to their faces? ...... I didn't think so.

    Henry Watson: The second team in this contest is the team of James Charisma and Cooper Hawkins, The Brotherhood of Brutality.

    The Brotherhood of Brutality look set for action in the ring

    Robert Goodman: They were so close the last time they fought for the gold. I bet they can do it.

    Luke Douglas: We'll see if they can get that chance here tonight.

    Henry Watson: and their final opponents, Ethan Knight and Shawn Azenia, The Dynasty of Perfection.

    Dynasty of Perfection belittle the crowd before getting ready for the match in the ring.

    Terry Murdock: They are the wildcard in this match. They have the most to gain.

    Luke Douglas: That they do, let's see who wants it more. A shot at the EWNCW Grand Championships is on the line.

    Finish: Payne is the legal man along with Ethan Knight and James Charisma. Knight plants Charisma with the Perfect Drop (Samoan Drop) forcing Charisma to roll out of the ring in pain as his partner checks on him. Payne waits no longer and kicks Knight in the gut picks him up and delivers the Freak on a Leash (F-5) to secure the win.

    Henry Watson: The winners of this match, Cirque de Freak!!!

    Nick Newman: Cirque de Freak wins and look make it right for their loss at Pain for Treasure. I doubt they can.

    Robert Goodman: The Blacklist Royalty will surely enjoy the chance to face them.

    The Blacklist Royalty's theme hits and they walk out on stage applauding in a mocking manner the win of Cirque de Freak's Payne and Torcher before raising the EWNCW Championships up high and having a stare with their challengers as we go to commercial.

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    The lights dim and Mixed Emotions come out with nothing but smiles and mics in their hands.

    Pride: Now we are here and we brought us some weapons of mass destruction!

    Sorrow: Those are just mics.

    Pride: No these are pipe bombs and tonight, we are here to address what happened on the first episode of Brutality and want to make a proposal to Bloodstone Empire that will make our rematch just like an opera.

    Sorrow: And that's bigger, better and flashier. But before we begin, Bloodstone Empire get out here so we can get this over with.

    Bloodstone Empire walk out to a loud cheer to the fans. They shake some hands before hitting to ring.

    Benjamin: Alright you two it's time we settle this. We beat you guys at Pain for Treasure but people are still saying we got lucky.

    Samuel: It's time we settle this once and for all. And since you two are out here and we are both out here, how about we settle this right here right now!

    Crowds goes crazy

    Benjamin: Someone get a ref down here now!

    Pride and Sorrow start to laugh

    Pride: Not sure if you hit your head, but we clearly had that won. But no matter because that match did nothing and the next time we face, it will be our last.

    Sorrow: What he means is, we are about to have what we call at an opera, a finale and tonight is not the setting for it.

    Pride: How about Rise to Ashes, the perfect venue and a better crowd...

    *The fans begin booing loudly

    Pride: As I was saying, the perfect venue and the perfect crowd to witness our dramatic climax to our masterpiece.

    Sorrow: But this time, let's up the ante a little, we don't want any confusion when we win, so how about an iron man match so we can prove how superior our soulful, artistic style is to your pityful sideshow act.

    Sam: So what I'm hearing is you think you won and we know we won but we both want a rematch? Sounds like a no brainer to me! I have no problem beating your ass, how bout you cuz?

    Ben: Now Sammy, you know I love a good fight but it seems the opera boys don't want to fight tonight.

    *Crowd boos*

    Sam: Benny, who says we need their permission to kick their asses.

    Ben: Good point.

    Ben and Sam fly at Sorrow and Pride as the four men start brawling before security soon comes in to break them up and Grant appears on stage.

    Grant: Great idea guys but I'm the only who makes the matches here and don't you forget so I will make that official and put you both in action tonight as Mixed Emotions will face Trollin' and The Bloodstone Empire will face Paparazzi Confidential up next.

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    Henry Watson: This match is set for one fall. Already in the ring at this time Samuel and Benjamin Bloodstone, The Bloodstone Empire!!!

    Bloodstone Empire pose for the fans and await their opponents in the ring.

    Robert Goodman: They are for action and you know their hearts are pumping after that brawl with Mixed Emotions.

    Terry Murdock: That should be compared to their match at Rise from the Ashes.

    Henry Watson: And their opponents, the team of Rodney Hamm and Mr. Iconic, they are Paparazzi Confidential.

    Paparazzi Confidential walk to the ring posing for the Paparazzi who accompany them to the ring.

    Luke Douglas: Now that's entering the ring in style.

    Nick Newman: Indeed, they deserve the attention. They'll get even more when they win here tonight.

    Finish: Mr. Hamm is the legal man along with Samuel Bloodstone. Hamm is rocked with a big dropkick by Samuel and looks to make the tag to save himself but Mr. Iconic is posing for the Paparazzi allowing Benjamin to enter the ring and The Bloodstone Empire connect The Blood Flow as Hamm receive a punch to the face that sends him to the canvas to receive a Standing Moonsault from Benjamin followed up by a Shooting Star Press from Samuel to give them the win.

    Henry Watson: The winners of this match, Bloodstone Empire!!!

    Nick Newman: Pint sized idiots got lucky.

    Terry Murdock:Paparazzi Confidential cost themselves the win here tonight. Now we have to take a quick commercial break.

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    Grant is in his office when Rodney Hamm and Mr. Iconic burst in and demand another match to prove their earlier was a fluke.

    Grant: All right. You wanna prove you're not losers? You'll face Free From Poison up next. Now leave before I make you leave.

    Back in the arena

    Henry Watson: This match is set for one fall. On there way to the ring at this time, Ayden Cayne and Jayden Knight, they are.....Free From Poison!!!

    Free From Poison come to the ring lapping the hands of the fans at ringside before they entr the ring and pose for the fans.

    Nick Newman: These guys are just fake, this whole Straight Edge mumbo jumbo is a load of baloney

    Robert Goodman: Says who? These guys haven;t been seen drinking, smoking or anything since they got here. They just just thrive on competition.

    Henry Watson: and their opponents, the team of Rodney Hamm and Mr. Iconic and they are............Paparazzi Confidential.

    Luke Douglas: They wanted a second chance and there they have it, let;s see if they can make the most of it.

    Terry Murdock: Indeed, thoguh Free From Poison will not be an easy team to beat.

    Paparazzi Confidential walk to the ring with few Paparazzi this time around to avoid a repeat of earlier events.

    Finish: Mr. Iconic is the legal man along with Jayden Knight. Mr. Iconic is in control of Jayden landing a neckbreaker that leaves Knight laying in the ring and looks to make the tag but Rodney is at ringside signing autographs leaving enough time for Jayden to recover hit an enziguri that leaves Mr. Iconic rocking before Jayden sets him up on his shoulder and awaits for Aiden to go to the top and hit a front flip neckbreaker as Jayden come down with an electric chair drop called Intense Detox for the win.

    Henry Watson: The winners of this match, Free From Poison!!!

    Nick Newman: Damn it, once again these guys get lucky.

    Free From Poison celebrate in the ring until The Coke Boyz come out and begin to brawl with the men until Saiosyn enters the ring and helps chase The Coke Boyz away.

    Terry Murdock: They cost themselves the win again but that's not important seems The Coke Boyz still want a piece of Free From Poison. For now we must take a commercial break but when we return its time for The Shadows of Madness vs The Sexiest Alpha Males.

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    Camera cuts back and we can see the Sexiest Alpha Males gloating about their new belts

    Tenorio: You know what, guys? I think these belts right here makes us even sexier than we are, if that’s possible.

    The three of them laugh

    Tenorio: The point is, now we have a great chance tonight. Those Shadows of Madness are no Twisted and Slither, they are much better, maybe they failed to get the big belts, but they gave a hell of a show in the last two PPV’s. This is damned serious, and I don’t want to waste this chance we have. So, who’s gonna step in for the match? I’m freaking ready and willing to!

    T-Thunda: Dem Shadows of Madness didn't win dem belts, but the sure as hell came close playa! I want in in dis match!! Ain't nobody gonna show up the Sexiest Alpha Males!! And 'The Pimp' here wants to make sure that we get got good tonight!!

    He turns to The Big Chief and puts a hand on his shoulder

    T-Thunda: So you can take the night off man but I know, dat the Big Chief don't take no nights off!! So because I am 'The Pimp', I went ahead and got you some goooood fine ass girls here to keep you company!!

    Some girls come into the shot and huddle around Big Chief. One even goes to his Long Schlong area, and his eyes widen and a 'kid in a sweet shop' smile comes across his face as he blushes*

    T-Thunda: BUT, don't get greedy, because after we win here, we want some of dis too!! But for now ladies, excuse us while we take care of some business!!

    T-Thunda and Tenorio go out as Big Chief continues to be huddled by the girls

    Back in the arena

    Henry Watson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. The Shadows of Madness must win this to become the #1 contender's to the EWNCW Blacklist Championships. On there way to the ring at this time, Orion Slayde and Abel, The Shadows of Madness!!!

    The Shadows of Madness come to the ring with an intent look in their eye as they know what is on the line of they win.

    Terry Murdock: That's the look they had the first they came here and it led to their success.

    Luke Douglas: A lot's changed since then, The Jesting Madness are now the team to beat.

    Nick Newman: Damn right and they will be champions for a very long time.

    Robert Goodman: I don't know I got a good feeling about The Shadows of Madness tonight.

    Henry Watson - and their opponents, the team of Miguel Tenorio and T-Thunda, they are the EWNCW Intercontinental Champions...The Sexiest Alpha Males!!!

    The Sexiest Alpha Males walk to the ring to the cheers and desperate pleas of women wanting to sleep with them while the men of course boo them without them as they enter the ring.

    Nick Newman: Now that's a quality tag team right there, they won the gold at Pain for Treasure because they are just that good.

    Terry Murdock: Did you forget they cheated? I did not

    Robert Goodman: I'm sure these fans haven't either and look forward to seeing Cirque de Freak regain the gold.

    Luke Douglas: That will have to wait because the focus of The Sexiest Alpha tonight lies with defeating The Shadows of Madness. Let's see if they can.

    Craig Stevens is the referee for this match as he goes towards Miguel Tenorio and Abel checking their boots and calls for the bell (ding, ding, ding) and Miguel Tenorio quickly hits Abel with an elbow to the face and gets knocked onto the ground before Miguel Tenorio attacks Abel through a series of kicks before Abel catches his leg and hits it with a left punch dealt with great force that forces Tenorio to stumble and stumble to his knees.

    Luke Douglas: Miguel Tenorio has been brought to his knees after a solid and powerful punch from Abel, if this is ho this has started I can't imagine how it will be finished!

    Miguel Tenorio now punches Abel who has recovered and is in a kneeling position as well delivering blows to Tenorio as well as both men raise from the canvas all the while trading lefts and rights until Abel gets the edge and executes a big clothesline that sends Tenorio reeling back to his own corner where T-Thunda tags himself in as Slayde asks for the tag from Abel and receives it. Slayde and T-Thunda square off and begin a elbow and collar tie up where Slayde drives T-Thunda back into the ropes before tries to separate them and T-Thunda delivers a thumb to eye that sends Slayde stumbling before he poses for the ladies in the crowd.

    Terry Murdock: T-Thunda makes time for his ladies no matter but is this a wise move against The Shadows of Madness.

    T-Thunda looks to strike Slayde with a big right hand but Slayde ducks under and delivers a big missile dropkick that sends T-Thunda crashing down into the mat before securing T-Thunda on the floor with an arm lock which he applies with great pressure as the ref asks T-Thunda if he wants to quit.

    Nick Newman: Come on ref! Don't be stupid! T-Thunda is not give up so easily!

    T-Thunda hits Slayde with the back of his head but Slayde doesn't release the hold an continues applying pressure as the ref asks T-Thunda if he wants to quit but the sound of the ladies cheering him on seems to fuel T-Thunda into a comeback here reaches his feet while still in Slayde's grasp and punches him squarely in the face before pushing towards to ropes off which he rebounds and T-Thunda awaits him to connect a clothesline but Slayde ducks and rebounds off the ropes again but T-Thunda had the same idea and both meet in the center knocking each other out in the center of the ring as the ref begins his mandaory 10 and both partners beg to be tagged in.

    Terry Murdock: It's anyone's match now.

    Craig Stevens starts the count....1....2.....3..........4......5....T-Thunda and Slayde begin to reach their.....6....feet and.....tag in their respective partners as Abel and Tenorio explode on to the ring to fans delight and brawl in the ring.

    Robert Goodman: This is how wrestling should be!

    Nick Newman: Blood is sure to be all over the ring if this keeps up.

    Abel gets the edge delivers a kick to gut of Tenorio before grabbing the back of his head and drives Tenorio to the mat where Abel repeatedly plants his face again and again till blood pours from Tenorio's face. Abel is seen with a sinister smile on his face before T-Thunda enters the ring to break up the action but Slayde enters the ring himself and begins to brawl with T-Thunda forcing them both to the outside.

    Terry Murdock: What will happen now?

    Abel is up and calls for the end as he yells: For the Children!!!! and connects an AbelSlam and covers Tenorio....1.......2.....from the crowd we see someone jump the barricade and it Big Chief Long Schlong who drags the referee out of the ring and punches him in the face.

    Nick Newman: YES!!!! All of The Sexiest Alpha Males are here, now finish off The Shadows of Madness.

    Abel is visibly pissed and goes after Long Schlong who circles the ring and enters it soon after with Abel following suit where he grabs the leg of Long Schlong showing a wicked smile as Long Schlong hop in the ring but Tenorio is up and delivers a low blow and as Big Chief now grabs Abel from behind as best he can and sets him up in a Full nelson face buster before Tenorio can land a Jumping reverse STO to complete their double team move, we see the former EWNCW Intercontinental Champions Twisted and Slither of Cirque de Freak head to the ring and break up The Sexiest Alpha Males plans and proceed to brawl Big Chief and Tenorio before T-Thunda looks to join in but Slayde follows him and continues his brawl with T-Thunda causing total chaos in the ring.

    Luke Douglas: What will end this?

    Abel is still recovering from the low blow he recyeved before Slither sprays Big Chief's face with red juice and that sends him to the outside, Twisted headbutts Tenorio and causes to fall in the ring before they tell Slayde they will handle T-Thunda and do so by forcing him out of the ring. as Tenorio reaches his feet Abel has recovered and grabs him in position for the Abel Slam but holds for Slayde and together they complete The Nightmare in the Shadows before Slayde goes to the outside and drags the referee into the ring.

    Nick Newman: Not like this!!!

    The referee makes his count...........1................................. .2.........................................3!!!!!! !!!!!!

    Henry Watson: The winners of this match, and now the #1 contender's to EWNCW Blacklist Championships.....The Shadows of Madness!!!

    Luke Douglas: Wow, what total anarchy happened in this match but The Shadows of Madness

    Robert Goodman: The Jesting Madness vs Shadows of Madness III should be the greatest match this world will ever see.

    Post match we see The Sexiest Alpha Males retreat as The Shadows of Madness celebrate in the ring while Slither and Twisted look on with intent at The Sexiest Alpha Males who raise their titles up high as the show comes to a close.

    Terry Murdock: Things are far from over between The Sexiest Alpha Males and Cirque de Freak.

    Nick Newman: They should be, these freaks lost and they won. They need to deal with that. For now we must take a quick commercial break.

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    Backstage we see Cirque de Freak's Slither and Twisted a bit winded.

    Lily Morgan walks up to them and asks: Why did you guys help The Shadows of Madness win their match not moments ago?

    Before they can answer though, Slayde's voice interjects as he alongside Abel walk into the scene-

    Slayde: They didn't help us Lily. They just made it be known they are not yet finished wth The Sexiest Alpha Males and they would not allow their cheating ways to continue, is that not right?

    Slither and Twisted are a bit confused but then nod

    Slither: That would indeed be correct... We have yet to finish with them.. We still need to drain them of their juices.

    Slither and Twisted grin

    Slayde: We know you will, I know very well you and Abel here share a common bond in being in the McClean Hospital and therefore know that what you say you will do, you can do. We'd like to thank you for the assist in tonight's win nonetheless. Without your aid we would not be able to ensure the suffering The Jesting Madness will receive at Rise from the Ashes, just like you will likely make The Sexiest Alpha Males suffer when you use your rematch clause. Well....Abel, don't you have a few words to say to your brethren so to speak?

    Abel stares at Slither and Twisted who stare back

    Abel: You two...

    Slither: Yes.. nothing more need be said Jason.

    Twisted: As they say, it is better when the patients run things, is it not?

    Abel: Indeed, The Children wish you luck...

    Grant enters the fray

    Grant: Funny you mention luck cause they will certainly because I will allow my talents to run about doing what they please.

    Tonight, you Cirque de Freak members will face The Jesting Madness in a non title match as the main event of the evening. So enjoy this spotlight for if you try to do as you please ever again, I'll have no problem handing you all some pink slips and the boot out of my company.

    That will be all, gentlemen.

    Slither and Twisted look towards each other than back at Grant with a look that can only be described as crazed and hunger

    Abel: Grant, it is in your best interest to leave before I assist these two in the skinning of you and the draining of your bodily fluids...

    Grant: You ever threaten me again, I'll make sure you are the ones left laying in pools of your own blood. Never forget, I am the Grant Standard and I am not to be fucked with.

    Grant walks away

    Slayde: Enough of that, all of you. Slither, Twisted maybe you should get ready for your match later tonight and don't worry about The Sexiest Alpha Males, who I got a feeling will want to make sure you lose because we got your back tonight. Just make sure you savor the red juice The Jesting Madness has to offer, you may never get another chance like this to do so.

    Both teams walk away as Lily Morgan thanks everyone for their time.

    Back in the arena.

    Henry Watson: This match is set for one fall. On there way to the ring at this time, Herp Aderp and Derp Derpington, they are Trollin!!!

    Trollin' come to the ring and the fans love as they chant: Let's go, Trollin'

    Nick Newman: These guys have been a joke since day one, I still can't believe they ever competed in championship match.

    Terry Murdock: The fans loved and true to their name they trolled into that title shot but they look to win tonight to solidify themselves as more than just that teams who trolls.

    Henry Watson: and their opponents, the team of Pride and Sorrow, Mixed Emotions.

    Mixed Emotions walk to the ring with intensity in their eyes.

    Robert Goodman: A great team, that has made quite the impact alongsideThe Bloodstone Empire since their debut.

    Luke Douglas: Indeed and a win here tonight will give them great momentum.

    Finish: Herp Aderp and Sorrow are the legal men. Herp Aderp nails the Troll Cutter out of nowhere and goes for the win....1..........2..........Pride enters the ring and breaks up the pin. Derp Derpington tires to enter the ring but receives a big boot from Pride before Sorrow grabs Herp Aderp in a Vertebreaker position and Pride heads up top to perform a Diving Foot Stomp which they call The Night at the Opera.

    Henry Watson: The winners of this match, Mixed Emotions!!!

    Luke Douglas: What a devastating move.

    Robert Goodman: If they use that against The Bloodstone Empire, they could be done for. We are going to take a quick commercial and be right back folks.

    S.E. Zero is now Luizero. Look him up

  10. #740

    The Spotlight is On

    Criz Dimension taps the mic: Ahem, Ahem Good People who should appreciate and praise,They Who Hold GREAT symboligy... The New Assault ProGRAM The WorldWide Internet Champions In.Your.Presence!

    Sean Dimension: We Are Here to Talk History, Great Matters in History

    Criz Dimension: Shall I Start the proceedings.. **crowd boo's*.. Dominance.

    Dominance is The only thing New assault program can do, without telling a lie you all know Damn Well How Welll We have Dominated since the start of Blacklist W.A. all The Way to Brutality E W N c W!...Its All We know and Nothing less is our capability. There's No Stopping us Now, For That Reason we have gooten our Recognition.And , People Recognize This, That's Why We got picked to Face Atomic Blast. And That's Why We Beat Atomic Blast. Because of Sheer Dominance!

    Sean Dimension: ....Oh Now Its TiMe to Me to Speak upon The Night We Won The Titles, You All Had that stupid awe look across your faces. Yea That What Just Happened look. And I Seen Some with The Up n Down Jump for Joy Look.. Knowing that The ProGraM is Truly in Full Effect!!!..Matter of TIMMMMEEE . Everything is Coldly Calculated.. So Matter of TiMe , Since then. Everyone who has wanted there shot and faced us, have gotten shot down and failed in a turmoil of there own embarrassment. We Don't just kick your Ass.. We Beat you down till I See your body lifeless.

    Criz Dimension: We Are Dimensions , That's. What sets The Teams Here, The People Here, and Everyone else around the world apart from The Dimensions. When We Want to Do Something We Do it. When We want Something ,We take it. And when we Have IT!..we Have It for a Very, Verry Long Time




    Grant's music hits

    Grant appears on the titantron.

    Grant: Boys, how far you've come from back in the day where we had quite the adventures with the EWNCW Intercontinental Championships. Good times. Though that's not why I'm here, I'm here because I wanna see you boys in action against a team who has been dying to prove their loss at Pain for Treasure will not define them.

    So up next you guys will face The Dogs of War.

    Henry Watson: This match is set for one fall. Already in the ring at this time, the team of Sean an Criz Dimension, they are the current EWNCW Internet Champions.....The New Assault Program!!!

    New Assault Program flash the gold to a mass of boos in the ring.

    Nick Newman: They are insanely good and that's why no matter what I see them winning against team they face.

    Robert Goodman: You cannot deny this team is notdestined for success but evern the best team meet their demise one day.

    Henry Watson: and their opponents, Markus Hailstrum and Rocco, The Dogs of War!!!

    The Dogs of War come to the ring and salute for the fans who chant: U.S.A!!! repeteadly.

    Terry Murdock: They gave their all but lost at Pain for Treasure and look to win here tonight to redeem that loss.

    Luke Douglas: Let's hope they can, The New Assault Program looks set to destroy them here tonight.

    Finish: The New Assault Program effectively take out Rocco with Assaulted 1 as Criz slingshots him into Sean who hits a Clothesline from Hell before double teaming Markus and connecting with the Assaulted 2 as Criz now slingshots Markus into Sean who connects a WMD Punch for the win.

    Henry Watson: The winners of this match, The New Assault Program!!!

    Terry Murdock: What a dominating win from The New Assault Program

    Nick Newman: Anything less from them would be an insult. Now the wait is and the main event is coming up next as Cirque de Freak's Slither and Twisted face the EWNCW Blacklist Champions, The Jesting Madness.

    Final Commercial
    S.E. Zero is now Luizero. Look him up


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