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    BWA Sanctuary 1/28/12

    Robert Godmen: Hello everone. We are ready to present was is sure to be a stellar show for you all in attendance and all you watching at home. I am Robert Godmen and with me as always is Nick Newman.

    Nick Newman: Thats right, Robert with great action including Slither taking on Mick of The Daddy Boyz as well The New Assault Program taking on The Good Ole' Boys tonight's show is sure to be fantastic one.

    But before the show can continue, we will hear from BWA Owner Lucas Grant, so lets take to the ring now to hear what he has to say.

    LG: Well, I have to say Sanctuary has been my pride and joy but recently I've been doubting wether you people appreciate it like I do.

    This is a message to everyone seeing this at this moment, I feel like you don't give a damn but I know what The Grant Standard's mind is capable of and things will change here one way or another.

    Starting tonight, I want to set up 3 additional matches so listen up in the back aside from tonight's scheduled matches we will High Voltage team up with Lethal Injection to take on the BWA Champions Two of a Kind and The Militia in tonight's main event.

    Also God's Grace will face the BWA Grand Champions The Dark Empire while The Dogs of War face The Gates of Christ later tonight.

    Now get this through your narrow minded skulls, as long I am standing and breathing no one not even that imbecile Hamilton will take away that which I made a pinnacle in the wrestling world and thats The Blacklist Wrestling Alliance. Those who think otherwise are welcome to me wrong but when they fail and they will they'll know why The Grant Standard IS THE Standard to live by.

    *Grant drops the mic and heads backstage*

    NN: Wow...thats a personal message to those who were willing to hear and understand it clearly and I believe for many of us here and those watching it came through loud and clear.

    RG: That it did. However the show must go on so we will take a quick commercial break and when we come it will be Slither vs Mick Daddy so be sure to come right back folks.

    Commercial Break
    S.E. Zero is now Luizero. Look him up


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