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    BWA Sanctuary 11/26/11

    Robert Godmen: Hello everyone, we hope you had a great Thanksgiving Day this past Thursday but if you're still hungry for some great tag team action, then Sanctuary is the place to satisfy that craving; I am Robert Godmen and alongside as always is Nick Newman.

    Nick Newman: Thank you Robert and we start things off on the aftermath of The Draft this week on Damnation and we got some very exciting some of which we’ll see in action here tonight, like The BWA Intercontinental Champions Freak Inc. and their long time rivals The New Assault Program as well as God’s Grace among many other talents but now we direct your attention to Lucas Grant who is already in the ring ready to speak on this his show.

    LG: Welcome to the already better and more exciting Sanctuary.

    *Crowd gives a mixed reaction*

    LG: Now that The Draft is finally over let’s get to the business at hand our closing PPV of the year Decadence in December, with it being right around the corner we have some matches that will be added to the card right now from them we’ll be selected the future contenders to the new BWA Championships. I want to see which can best represent my brand I will be watching all contestants in the already scheduled matches we have so far like the Dark Empire vs. High Voltage match as well the newly added Gates of Christ vs. God’s Grace match and Two of a Kind vs. Lethal Injection matches.

    Some of these teams will perform double duty as they will also participate in The Ultimate Opportunity Match at Decadence in December so to every team here in Sanctuary you’ll have twice the opportunities to leave a lasting impression if you want to be considered a true contender in this my brand and soon to be company after I defeat Alex Hamilton and take control of BWA as it was meant to be so long ago.

    But enough of that….we'll get to the action in a few so get ready to see The Dogs of War take on Two of a Kind.

    *Lucas Grant exits the ring to a mixed reaction from the crowd*

    RG: What an announcement from Grant, teams will really to make an impression if they want to become BWA Champions.

    NN: You certainly got that right Robert, but we will worry about that later right now we take a quick commercial break before we see The Dogs of War take on Two of a Kind.

    Commercial Break
    S.E. Zero is now Luizero. Look him up


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