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    Hey Folks,
    I just wanted to open the flood gates to people's idea's to save the Feud between Punk and Cena- with idea's floating towards future developments too to keep things fresh..

    (I was really disappointed with the direction of RAW from tonight, and I have a funny feeling the wrestlers didn't seem enthralled in the playout either..)

    My thoughts..
    1. Tonights RAW to decide to the true 'champion'- Triple H should have dropped/mentioned a new belt! People would have popped for that bombshell..

    2. CM Punk needs to break Kayfabe (properly) again.. Go after Cena's gimmick, mention how people get buried by Triple H's and those other people.. Refer to Gimmicks and all that jazz. I was hoping Punk would have gone after Triple H's involvement in the Cliq and how he buried heaps of wrestlers and basically became the mafia of pro-wrestling for years while being quite awful at the sametime (bring up the rich guy gimmick that flopped in the 90's).. Get him to rip on Cena's 5 move knowledge..

    3. Cena needs to get some attitude about this- get him mad or something like that- I kinda liked him talking mean tonight it was something a little more substance then his smart ass talk..

    4. CM Punk needs support from somewhere for him to keep on top.. My idea would be to bring Mick Foley in as Raw GM (he doesn't need to be revealed as the anon gm..) Get him to side with CM Punk about how wrestling is going down the toilet and people aren't rewarding good hard workers.. Get Foley to butt heads with H.. But more importantly look at an angle that would have Mick Foley mention how he came from TNA and that it was a heap, while he saw hope in guys like CM Punk and had to get on a winning horse..

    5. New stable of people- Get guys like Seth Rollins and a few ROH guys in to support.. Bryan as well.. Get them on each brand as well..

    Also just as a side- this entire two championship is horrible because of major logic holes...

    Firstly, CM Punk is back in the WWE- therefore he brings the Championship back-> Cena is still entitled to his re-match for it at Summerslam... Which is basically happening anyway (so why bother with two championships???) Why doesn't he do his self righteous thing and say he wants to earn the belt the honest way and drops his belt?? This is needlessly complicated because Punk wasn't gone long enough for them to need to crown a new champion- if he came back next week or at Summerslam, I can understand the angle for the two belts thing- but he was gone a week!

    Anyway thoughts and the like are more then welcome! Excuse my typo's and the like

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    I'd tell them to stop booking this shit on the fly.
    I'd rather have nothing than have a lie.

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    Why does everyone's idea of saving a feud seem to involve creating a stable?

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    I'd fire the creative team and bring in some fresh young minds to really shake things up.

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    1) I'd first tell Cena to stop trying to copy Punk's promos. It looks lame & makes Cena look inferior when they want him to be the more dominant guy.

    2) If you're going to make a match for the undisputed championship then do it right! Cena's belt that he won a couple weeks ago shouldn't have looked like Punk's. It should've been a new design then after Summerslam they drop one & use one of the titles & maybe have Punk call Cena's belt unworthy & doesn't mean anything so it becomes a new title or return of an older title like Euro or Cruiser or make it a tv title.

    3) Involve Rey Mysterio more. Make him PISSED at Triple H & PISSED at John Cena until he becomes heel. Lift the bans on some moves for him alone so he can be a proper rebel of the company by using "banned" moves & complain about his contract & about how he is disrespected although he sells second most in the company. It has really gotten under my skin how so far they've just had Rey seem "ok" with the fact that he got screwed out of the championship so the company could return to the status quo.

    4) Chris Jericho wants to face CM Punk at Wrestlemania so have Punk continue to name drop him & continue to have Jericho bash Punk in small public outlets until Jericho has "had enough" (returned) & reveals himself as RAW GM. This keeps alive Punk's revolt against authority while building to a Wrestlemania match properly. Have Punk as champion until this point, where Jericho can keep screwing over Punk before the big unveil

    Finally, everyone knows Colt Cabana is back with the company after his dark match with Wade Barrett this past week. I'm sure he'll join Punk soon. I'm not sure at what capacity he'll be used but hopefully more than just a lacky & I'm sure it will be more than that since Punk has some control on his character right now.

    Some might be asking "what about Cena & Trips" Triple H would obviously be working with Chris Jericho against Punk. Cena would be the one benefitting from Punk being screwed which sets up beef between Triple H & Cena that will lead to Wrestlemania & create The Rock Vs. Cena for the WWE Championship with Triple H as guest referee. Would be interesting concerning Trips & Rocks former problems they had with eachother on yv (as in fake storyline problems) & now Triple H will be having beef with Cena. Maybe end it with Cena on top. Trips pedigree's Cena to continue the storyline, tries to get The Rock but its reversed for the Rock Bottom & People's Elbow because they aren't going to burry The Rock at all & especially not at Wrestlemania.

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