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    Gimmick for Justin Gabriel

    I was bored last night when I thought of this, and had no idea where to put it on these here forums. This is my first thread creation here. o.o

    Justin, is known as a Dark Angel across some of the forums, due to his actions during the Nexus Debut.

    'But the the emotionless look on his face before hitting the move, while perched on the turnbuckle, and afterward, on his knees staring at the fallen WWE Champion, was so striking and memorable, so unexpected from such a cheerful guy, that it earned him the nickname of "Dark Angel" on several forums.'

    Basing it off that, and his last name, I'd give him something of an Angel Gimmick. And get him some talking lessons, or get a wrestler to work with him on it(Miz, Punk[Justin would have been good in this gimmick, working for Punk during the time he looked like Jesus], Cena, Jericho).

    I'd name his finishers:

    450: Dark Angel or Seraphim.

    Teach him the

    Shooting Star Press, or any other highly impressive move from the top: Call it Dark Angel or Seraphim. Before he uses it, he stands up on the turnbuckle and pushes his upper body out like he's being taken into the light, and then uses it.

    Superkick, Irish Whip, into another Superkick: Call it City Of Angels. He, as described, SK's(around half power, enough to stun), them, grabs them quickly, and throws them to the ropes, when they are returning, full on Superkick. Transitioned into Dark Angel or Seraphim.

    Assuming he is already religious, he could pray after victories, either in the middle of the ring, or on top of the turnbuckle.

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    Reminds me of the "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels. Still a good fit for Gabriel.

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    with a last name like Gabriel, this fits him perfectly, if only creative actually read these things.
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    good idea man. I'd love to see this happen, although I don't think it will. he'll probably end up basically "gimmickless" and contend for a mid card title

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    you're obsessed with angels aren't you?

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    He'll probably end up gimmickless and end up on Superstars where he teams with Trent Baretta in non title tag team title matches.

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    The guy has a very heavy South African accent so some people might not get it. Same as well Jack Swagger is rarely used in a serious gimmick.

    Good idea though and i love the Fallen Angel gimmick

    - Eve's arse atleast now we can look forward to Divas matches.
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    You know what, I'm going to go with you on this. I'm currently having a hard time liking Justin, but see some great potential. I would maybe change somethings slightly. I wouldn't have him use the name Dark Angel, just because it uses the term Angel. I'm sure some people wouldn't like that (I personally don't care). Maybe give him the tag "The Saint". I like having his 450 called Seraphim. I would call his SuperKick combo "The Fallen". Maybe have him look over the crowd and then look up before hitting the SuperKicks. Maybe if he did the Shooting Star Press he could put his arms out at his sides like you said "Being taken by the light" to give it that "holy" vibe.

    I'm fine with him not talking a whole lot with this gimmick. He's just there to do what's good and right. I don't want a person who is preaching the entire time. Unless he's heel, then by all means, preach away. He would have worked great with the long haired SES Punk.
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    just mentioning his name in FCW was justin angel

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    Quote Originally Posted by KingOrton View Post
    Reminds me of the "Fallen Angel" Christopher Daniels. Still a good fit for Gabriel.
    Reason enough not to do it tbh.
    Not removing until these happen... or until I get bored of them...

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    One request fullfilled.


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