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    Quote Originally Posted by zapphoman View Post
    omg!! It's barcena!!!
    Kids and cougars love him!

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    I Like sheamus as Face hes got a Kind of Charm that endears him to the Audience maybe he can get a Good Match for Mark Henry at SummerSlam?

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    Sheamus is like the boy next door.

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    I will never forget you, CBot. You will always be my one true love.

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    Quote Originally Posted by IrkenInvader View Post
    So you saw that too.

    ''Ricardo Rodriguez is the best character on WWE TV.''

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    Quote Originally Posted by IrkenInvader View Post
    xD Widdle Sheamus looks so lost and angry.

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    Sheamus is freaking awesome! Just had to throw that out there

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    I'm delighted with his recent Face turn. He's definately one of my current favourite guys on the Smackdown roster.

    Oh, and he actually used to work in the same office as my aunt !

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    Sheamus is class and he should become one of the best because hes got all the right abilities, he's got brilliant moves such as the crucifix powerbomb and the cloverleaf except he hardly ever does them.
    He's is very tough and strong and he has beaten randy ortan which is impressive.
    The only thing that he could do better is if he was a tanned american so then he could be a proper favourite by the fans


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