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    Natalya vs. McCool - McCool wins.

    Bryan vs. Morrison vs. Miz - Bryan wins. This may be the beginning of a feud between Bryan & Morrison. There has been speculation that WWE officials want Morrison back as a heel. This will probably be the night Miz may cash-in during post-match of the WWE title.

    Cena vs. Barrett - Barrett wins. This match has been decided for awhile as Cena is expected to lose tonight to let the storyline continue through WWE Bragging Rights & will end at Survivor Series.

    Kane vs. Undertaker - Kane wins. WWE isn't going to give the title to Taker (or at least not yet.) I'm sure there is going to be a match between these two at WWE Bragging Rights but the storyline will come to an end in a Buried Alive Match at Survivor Series which WWE has been rumbling about for awhile.

    Orton vs. Sheamus - Orton wins. Orton isn't going to be losing the title anytime soon let alone the feud between them will end tonight. Some have speculated Triple H returning tonight...No! Triple H will return at Survivor Series (that's been the plan). As for The Miz? Miz may cash-in tonight but he will be the first MITB winner to fail on the cash-in which will then create a storyline between Orton & The Miz. WWE isn't going to make Orton fall to Miz especially on a cash-in as WWE is slowly making Randy Orton the "it" guy.

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    Miz will probably make history as the 1st guy to cash in the MITB and fail to win.

    Legendary status anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by IPEEINTHESHOWER View Post
    Please allow me to give my infinite wisdom on this matter. As for the diva's match, i would rather get my balls flattened with a hammer than watch that abortion of a match. Not really but you get my point. Today is a very special day for me and for the one of my favorite wrestlers that is truly awesome. I'm talking about the MIZ and today is the day he finally cashes in the money in the bank and becomes our new wwe champion. Orton has RKO'ed him in the past and tonight its payback time for the MIZ. The Miz can cut an awesome promo and his in ring abilities although i wouldn't call them awesome his improvement in the ring is nothing short of awesome. Im about to board the plane headed to Dallas in a few minutes so I have to keep this short. The last time I was at the American Airlines Center it was rockin' and I hope its the same tonight. Not only am i looking forward to the the MIZ becoming champion tonight I cant wait to get some of that Texas BBQ and chili in my belly. I will be at ringside but i'm on the other side of the hard camera so i'm not sure how much i will be seen on the ppv. If you do have a chance and look around you might be able to see me, im the white guy with an Ohio State shirt on double-fisted with two beers in my hands and a smile on my face. U MAD???
    Hmmmmm, you may have something there. Cashing in MITB - there's a big chance of it happening.

    But it was foolish to give away your location IPITS!!! See you after the show, lol


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