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    Natalya vs. McCool - McCool wins.

    Bryan vs. Morrison vs. Miz - Bryan wins. This may be the beginning of a feud between Bryan & Morrison. There has been speculation that WWE officials want Morrison back as a heel. This will probably be the night Miz may cash-in during post-match of the WWE title.

    Cena vs. Barrett - Barrett wins. This match has been decided for awhile as Cena is expected to lose tonight to let the storyline continue through WWE Bragging Rights & will end at Survivor Series.

    Kane vs. Undertaker - Kane wins. WWE isn't going to give the title to Taker (or at least not yet.) I'm sure there is going to be a match between these two at WWE Bragging Rights but the storyline will come to an end in a Buried Alive Match at Survivor Series which WWE has been rumbling about for awhile.

    Orton vs. Sheamus - Orton wins. Orton isn't going to be losing the title anytime soon let alone the feud between them will end tonight. Some have speculated Triple H returning tonight...No! Triple H will return at Survivor Series (that's been the plan). As for The Miz? Miz may cash-in tonight but he will be the first MITB winner to fail on the cash-in which will then create a storyline between Orton & The Miz. WWE isn't going to make Orton fall to Miz especially on a cash-in as WWE is slowly making Randy Orton the "it" guy.


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