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    What if WWE were to become WWF again?

    The time old question, what if WWE were to change back to WWF, and the repercussions of doing so

    As a kid I loved watching wrestling; it was my weekly fix, which would have me completely excited for the whole of the week.
    I missed WWF by a mere 2 weeks, and I kick myself in the rear thinking of the great opportunity I missed out on, by not watching it, in its prime. I would see regular flashbacks on say smackdown by Marc Lloyd [or loyd, cant quite remember :P] then I would see my favourite wrestlers fighting it off to be number one. [The flashbacks would be of the previous year's ppv]

    This really got me thinking on how a single letter change could really affect my entire view on wrestling. As most of you will probably agree, the quality of wrestling in the "WWF" days much tops the in-ring competition of today. What if WWE changed to WWF again, could it mentally trick us into believing wrestling is better again?
    I think yeah, maybe it could. I immediately associate the prime of wrestling within the WWF days, and to see a crappy WWE logo [in bold], covering on of the most notorious and famous logos around, really kills the mood of watching those classic matches in my personal opinion.

    So I ask you guys, would you like to see a change from the WWE to WWF logo,
    What would it mean for you if they did?
    What would you expect to see if they did? and finally
    Who would you like to see return if they did?

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