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    Quote Originally Posted by The Brown One View Post
    Why does everyone compare Punk to Austin? I know theres similarities but seriously-the Attitude Era ended YEARS ago. Punk is his own man.
    On topic: It's likely that after this "Triple H taking over" storyline is over, he will take over from Vince, due to Vince's old age-hes 65, correct me if I'm wrong. I'd like to see a father and son rivalry here.
    ppl will compare wrestlers these days to the old ones.
    youre just gonna have to get over it.
    its like that in any sport.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bodom View Post
    Logic has no place in pro wrestling.

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    God I hope he does away with this stupid as hell anonymous gm thing, holy hell has it ever more than run it's course.

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    I dont know if they are actualy doing this as a storyline or was it just a one night deal. if you think about it, this would be the end of CM PUNK storyline but is there a new beginning?! i guess we will just gonna have to wait and find out. and if there was a follow up, then iam sure CM PUNK will be included in it some time in the future.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldust22 View Post
    theres one about bringing Undertaker in for wrestlemania but thats it,

    You might get the Clique running things since Nash and HBK are still connected to WWE or you might get the McMahon siblings back demanding ownership. To be honest there is alot of ways they could take HHH taking over we still arent sure if Triple H is face or heel just yet.

    My guess would be Triple H makes himself champion and cheats anyway he can to keep the belt finally losing it to either John Cena or Randy Orton
    Heel H you can't go wrong

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    Quote Originally Posted by the-rocks-stunner View Post
    Heel H you can't go wrong
    Exactly HHH can play heel as well as anybody else but as a face hes good but just no where near as Legendary as he is when hes a heel

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    Anyone else think trips should've dropped the "you're fired" on vince instead of the sappy "sorry, I love you pops"? Personally I felt the entire segment was weak, especially coming off the heals of a great tourmament that was about to reach it's climax. i'm curious to see the direction they're taking, give mysterio one more run or put the belt back on the miz and let him run wirh it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Goldust22 View Post
    Cant see Vince returning to TV for along time he has been hinting at retirement for years now. Plus CM Punk hates Vince so dosent really make sense as to why they would team together.
    Because even Punk said himself that it would be bad for HHH and Steph to run the company.


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