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    This whole HHH thing.

    How do you think this is going to play out? I haven't really come up with any ideas yet. I'm interested in it though. Sorry if there has already been a post on this topic.

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    theres one about bringing Undertaker in for wrestlemania but thats it,

    You might get the Clique running things since Nash and HBK are still connected to WWE or you might get the McMahon siblings back demanding ownership. To be honest there is alot of ways they could take HHH taking over we still arent sure if Triple H is face or heel just yet.

    My guess would be Triple H makes himself champion and cheats anyway he can to keep the belt finally losing it to either John Cena or Randy Orton

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    i think he should be heel, so a face punk and mcmahon can claim the company back at next years mania

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    Quote Originally Posted by helmsley View Post
    i think he should be heel, so a face punk and mcmahon can claim the company back at next years mania
    Cant see Vince returning to TV for along time he has been hinting at retirement for years now. Plus CM Punk hates Vince so dosent really make sense as to why they would team together.

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    I'd like to see HHH be like when Austin was co-GM and stunned anyone who blinked in the ring. But I doubt this very muchly.
    Probably making him heel and doing what heel GMs and vince did.

    I just hope it actually is leading to something.
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    There's so many ways that this could go!!

    I can see a scenario where Vince tries to turn Steph against HHH, saying that he wants a pur McMahon running the company. This could even be a chance to get Shane back in!! But that's just wishful thinking unfortunately.

    We could simply see A Vince vs HHH feud for power of the company, with a similar storyline to what we had with Shane vs Vince years ago.

    I DON'T see Undertaker being involved with this storyline whatsoever.

    A Clique reunion? Unlikely, but why not, since HHH is now in charge, HBK is still up for occasional appearances, Nash is on a legends contract and Waltman has apparently been going round with Nash and HHH scouting talent for WWE recently.

    So many different ways for this to play out, and I for one can't wait to see where they go!!
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    i believe they will do somewhat the same with this as they did with Austin and Vince.
    cm punk is that heel type who gets alot of pop and reaction like a face does.
    just like austin did.
    it would be perfect if they did this.
    it would basically write itself.
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    Why does everyone compare Punk to Austin? I know theres similarities but seriously-the Attitude Era ended YEARS ago. Punk is his own man.
    On topic: It's likely that after this "Triple H taking over" storyline is over, he will take over from Vince, due to Vince's old age-hes 65, correct me if I'm wrong. I'd like to see a father and son rivalry here.

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    A HHH/Cena feud is innevitable. I think he will be a main on screen like Vince was back in the late 90's and the naughties, I also think and hope he will get rid of th GM this week or soon and take control of Raw
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    i was just thinking the same thing almost. what about the anonymus raw gm. the gm has be rather quiet as of late. not interupting as much and what not. So it's got me thinking could the intertwine with the whole story too somehow.


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