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    I personally have never liked luchador style matches. I don't like sin cara at all. But then again it's hard to believe any luchador (Rey-Sin Cara- Mil Mascaras) just to name a few can pull off many of their moves without substancial help from their opponent. Case in point - the Hurricanrana is a move that can never work on its own, it has to have the cooperation of both competeters in order to make it look good. The fast paced action can be fun to watch if done properly, but with the bigger guys it just looks dumb. Comparing Sin Cara's moves against bigger more accomplished wrestlers to that of an ipad/ipod to a neanderthal is just ridiculous. If Cara would actually learn to do some moves other than botching or some sort of circus trampoline act he might go farther. And I agree that he could have years to accomplish this if the wwe don't release him first, maybe send him to developmental to work on his in ring skills. I have never seen his old stuff, but if it's anything like what we have witnessed in the wwe then I did'nt miss anything.


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