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    Top Stars of The Nu Attitude Era.

    I believe we are slowly on our way to a new era, I may be very much wrong and this could just be a temporary thing going on in the WWE but if it isn’t then I’d like to believe this new era will somehow be a mix of PG Era, Post War, Golden Age, New Generation and Attitude Era.

    In my opinion I believe these guys should be the high carders in this new era, and I’ll explain why.

    Cm Punk – The next Stone Cold (no explanation needed).

    HHH – The next Mr. McMahon (no explanation needed)

    Randy Orton – The next Stone Cold II… and here’s why! Remember in early 2009 people were comparing Randy to Austin because of him rebelling against HHH and McMahons? I believe Orton can be the next Austin. He has to be a tweener and not a baby face and he has great mic skills. For those who think Orton sucks on mic, you probably either just started watching WWE or are just ignorant. Orton needs to get his character to be more edgy, rebellious and cunning… he needs to be a mix of the heel viper (2008-2009) and the legend killer (2003-2006). Just imagine that gimmick along with this lively mic skills from his mid card days, turn him tweener and he you have a big star. Also his moveset is limited, Orton is much better wrestler than what we see on TV, he can pull of some great stuff, even some high flying stuff as seen in his earlier days, let him do that too. I can guarantee Orton can be the next Austin if they let him blend his character. I know that CM Punk will already be similar to Austin, but Orton’s character will be different than Punk, he wont shoot at others but instead be cocky and arrogant. Besides imagine if they had two Stone Cold’s in 1998? Imagine the money the company would get.

    Cody Rhodes – I like his gimmick, he should keep it but needs a wardrobe change, his attire is bland. I think his character would probably evolve to something like Mordecai/Early Unmasked Kane but not the same thing.

    Sheamus – The next Ultimate Warrior but obviously without the crazy ass promos and other stuff but you get the idea. I think he would make a great heel being dominant, and then also a great face.

    Andy – the tough enough winner, he should be next Bradshaw but with some changes. A calm laid back guy who likes to have fun, play cards, video games, drink. But when he gets pissed off he is a whole different thing, silent rage. He stands up for those who get bullied and also pushes others around who try to brainwash him into doing something. He would make a good face that people can get behind. As a heel, the silent rage character would probably be something like Test/Batista/Nash.

    Daniel Bryan – the next kurt angle. He could go the goofy Kurt Angle way like 2000 or the serious ass kicking baby face Kurt Angle of 2003. Should play heel for some time and then go face.

    Jeremiah – He can be that fun loving guy that makes everyone laugh and entertains. Some one who the fans really get behind and enjoy watching him, he is naturally funny. The next Eddie Guerrero, gimmick wise. Should definitely play face, but needs to polish his wrestling skills first.

    Alberto Del Rio – I like him the way he is, but could use some improvements, definitely a huge star. Keep him heel and turn him face when he gets stale.

    John Cena – The next Hollywood Hogan, let him go heel but with a new gimmick, maybe a more serious version of the word life gimmick.

    Zack Ryder – the next too cool?

    The Miz – the next William regal, thinking he Is always right and insulting the crowd, teaching the crowd what is the right thing to do. Heel.

    That’s 12 top stars, then you have the other guys who will later on be top stars or remain mid carders:

    Heath Slater, David Otunga, Yoshi Tatsu – the next mean street posse

    Morrison & Kofi – the next hardy boys. Weak mic skills prevent them from being high carders, but maybe they could be a great tag team?

    Mason Ryan – the next batista

    Michael Cole – face commentator, the next Jim Ross
    JBL – heel commentator, the next Jerry Lawler
    Josh Matthews – the next Jonathan Coachman, face but then turns heel, he would be awesome at this.

    The Usos & Mark Henry – the next too cool & rikishi

    Jack Swagger – just a big bully, the next brock lensar??? Heels

    Others probably mixed in somewhere...

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    Attitude era is over, stop comparing the present with the past, make a new era!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Y2Jryder View Post
    Attitude era is over, stop comparing the present with the past, make a new era!
    This. ^^^^^

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    At the sane time we should bring the F back in the name and go back to the raw is war theme.... Well hellon second thought that doesn't sound terrible at all. But who wants to be a "next so and so" why not build them up to be the first! To be the new measuring stick! This ain't back to te future! Quit living in the past!

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    ^^^^^ This. While I am sure it is flattering to some wrestlers to be compared to someone from the past. Those of us who are old enough to have lived through the entire Attitude era it would be like watching a rerun if everyone is trying to be someone else. What made Stone Cold, The Rock, and now John Cena and CM Punk so great is that they aren't trying to be anybody but themselves.
    Quote Originally Posted by KJ PUNK View Post
    I'll third that. Angelina looks like a heroin addict. Her skin is more leathery than Hogans.
    Quote Originally Posted by Poot-Hair View Post
    I've said it before and I'll say it again; Instead of Chyna concentrating on getting back into wrestling she needs to concentrate on getting that 8 inch she-bean that she has hanging between her legs removed...

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    [QUOTE by Y2Jryder
    Attitude era is over, stop comparing the present with the past, make a new era![/QUOTE]

    Gotta agree. I loved the Attitude era. while there will always be similar gimmicks and people that remind you of guys in the past. you need to look at the future and enjoy the past for what it was.

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    what new era are we talking about the era of delusional fans who long for the pg era to die ?

    The real Bryan Danielson chant ...


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    Quote Originally Posted by blink View Post
    This ain't back to te future! Quit living in the past!
    Maybe it would be easier for more fans to do this if the present didn't suck so damn much...

    Quote Originally Posted by jordan1995 View Post
    what new era are we talking about the era of delusional fans who long for the pg era to die ?
    Says the guy with Tommy Dreamer going through a flamming table as his sig
    The IWC is to TNA what the Republicans are to Obama: No matter how much good they soon as they're shown to be less than perfect, the other claims that they just can't get anything right.

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    Haha Get The F Out!!!
    Right to Un-censor!

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    If people start comparing these past months to the Attitude era, I might even start believing the original attitude was all about name- calling, lack of wrestling and one swear word per month,


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