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    Under the ring before big show tears it down.

    What's there left for kane? ._.

    So he looses against orton 2 weeks ago before money in the bank and then orton settles an example towards christian by hitting kane with a chair several times, now on this week kane cuts a promo saying he's all evil and mighy that he will awaken and ohhhh boy he MAD but during the street fight kane looses to orton and then kane extends his hand for a handshake? WTF? and he participates on the SD money in the bank and has the least action throghout the match and looses.
    and kane lost against mark henry before money in the bank and now kane is assaulted by henry yet again
    kane is not being used properly, the last good rivalry he had was with taker on late 2010 but now and even before that kane has been very stale boring and underutilized, it is to believe he will soon be gone from the wwe kane just lose it he's not the devil's favorite demon he's not the big red machine anymore he's the giant gentle angel
    he's boring he's getting old he's just sucking on the wwe's last scraps he just wants the cash and stay on tv for more midcard or jobbing in main events, kane is just a waste of space nowadays in my opinion.

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    I know what you mean,
    Kane personally has been my favourite character since I first started watching WWE, and I hate the fact he is jobbing to guys half his size. The fact he's now called the big red monster is totally demeaning as Mark Henry is living more up to that name [subtracting the "red" part].
    I really miss the whole path of destruction Kane had at the removal of his mask in 2003, as it showed a new side to Kane from this whole good side he had been portraying for some time. The Kane vs Kane storyline [a mere reflection of the undertaker-undertaker feud in the early 90s] was also quite creative. But yeah I feel he is being misused, but I read somewhere its because he wants to. He said somewhere that he would prefer to push the superstars of the future than take the limelight, which you can present with such wrestlers as the big show etc

    I'm not saying he's boring, because the money in the bank match was pretty epic, him doing the doomsday device was awesome.
    He's still got juice in him, you'll see!

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    I miss mute, masked Kane What happened to him anyway?

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    1 last run as masked kane wouldnt mind

    The real Bryan Danielson chant ...


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    Leave the mask off. It's old news. I wouldn't exactly call it jobbing to LOSE (not loose lol) to orton. Ya know, one of the big 2. And I thought the street fight with orton was a very entertaining match. I loved damn near every minute of it. I don't have a clue as to why hed shake ortons hand but hopefully with Henry attacking him it'll start him back to being the ultra violent psychotic Kane that ran rough shot over everyone. Another world title push for Kane please!

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    His match with Orton was very good.It's a shame he had to put over Henry because he's much more talented then him.At this point,I would like to see him form a tag team with someone or turn heel.He's done just about every thing possible in WWE but still has the promo skill to be a heel monster.As for forming a tag team,It can bulk up the division and keep him from being a jobber again.I would paticularly like to see him to team with a young wrestler.

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    I think Kane is not a waste of space,instead of lazying around and move like a tree log Kane still can wrestle in a decent match doing clothesline off the top rope or low dropkick.Kane is one of the wrestler came from attitude era and a veteran,he is not taking alot of tv time as well.

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    Feud with Abyss perhaps??

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    yeah assume they might have soemthing planned but what do you expect his just there things cant expect him to always be a top superstar..he will soon retire

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    According to WWE doctor Michael Sampson, Kane suffered a fractured fibula, which will keep him out of the ring for at least three months.
    Dont know if its true or not,but it's a sad news nonethless.


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