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    Its That One Creepy

    T1CG: Hello everyone!! Welcome to the show!! I am known as That One Creepy Guy because thats what everyone calls me, I dont mind it.. I really love e-fed wrestling and today I decided to bring the show worldwide.. Today's guests are JBW superstars TheJman and MassDinero!!! We'll be doing the infamous Speed Shoots but this time its with the actual superstars and not their action figures!! Yay!! But before we get to any interviews or our music video moment, I have to start off the show with the "Creepy Guy Of The Week" award.. You know us Creepy Men need to stick together.. And im trying to create some kind of glue substance that could accomplish that but im off topic.. Here is today's "Creepy Guy Of The Week" winner:

    T1CG: *clapping frantically* Yes!! Brava Brava!! Now that was quite creepy, it reminds me of the movie Benjamin Button, what a curious case that was.. *clasps hands together* Now on to our first interview segment that we record off site, and today's interview is in downtown Miami, Florida, where we bumped into JBW former Warfare tag champion, TheJman.. Roll the tape!!

    *Downtown Miami is the background and we have an excited T1CG with TheJman*

    T1CG: Hello everyone, it's That One Creepy Guy again!! Im excited to have JBW Warfare superstar TheJman, on today's show with us.. How are you J-man or is it just TheJman or J or The man called Mandrake gingeroot or..

    TheJman: Call me Jman you freaky bastard

    T1CG: Quite rough and grizzly.. I love it.. So my first question would have to be, if you and I were the last people alive but at the same time you were Leonardo Da Vinci and I was of course me.. Would you paint me as the Mona Lisa??

    TheJman: Listen man, I've chosen to spend my night off doing this fucking shoot interview so lets go!

    T1CG: *pouts* Oh Fooey!! Fine.. Fine.. Well for those who don't know this..

    TheJman: I think everybody watching this knows what a speed shoot is....ten topics, rapid fire, blahblahblah. Let's get to it!

    T1CG: *looks at TheJman with a creepy stare* TheDag is your first topic..

    TheJman: Creepy guy when I first met him but became better as we moved on. He wasn't all that passionate about this business in my opinion.

    T1CG: Maybe not passionate about the business but he was definitely passionate of being creepy.. And I love it.. Warfare??

    TheJman: A show filled with some of the best in the world at what they do. I think this whole FSA versus SuperNova storyline is the only thing wrong with the show. It's not the booking that bothers me, it's that guys like Trips 88 and Stinger 187 get more ring time than Manabu Nahara or The Prophecy

    T1CG: *smiles at TheJman* The balls of change sure taste salty dont they?? Five Star Attraction

    TheJman: Manabu, Snair, and Beerstein are good workers and good promo guys but the other two just have scripts handed to them. The idea of 'bu as GM could be something great because of his promo ability.

    T1CG: I see, they get handed scripts like the great american actor Corey Feldman, yeah you remember Goonies, I know you do.. But I digress Mayhem is the next topic at hand..

    TheJman: Best show on televison. Chainsaw is 2nd the most compelling guy in the business right now behind Punk, K-jammin is a fantastic heel, and V-3 do more behind the scenes than any wrestlers I've ever met.

    T1CG: Yeah I have Chainsaw, K-Jammin and all of V3 in action figure form.. They really love tea time.. I have the other efed toys too like your next topic the EWNCW..

    TheJman: I have respect for a bunch of guys in that company but management has been known to make some guys unhappy. Hell, that's why Manabu left.

    T1CG: *starts clapping* What a zinger!! Thats why Manabu left haha I love it!! But how do you feel aboutThe Prophecy??

    TheJman: Great worker, great heel, awesome promo guy. I'll be rooting for him Sunday at MoA.

    T1CG: I'll be Mandrake Gingerooting for him too.. Your next topic is something I've always wanted to know.. What do you think That One Creepy Guy's left man boob..

    TheJman: WHAT?!

    T1CG: You heard me!! Answer!! This is a speed shoot not a speed bump..

    TheJman: It belongs to the creepiest sonuvabitch I've ever met. Seriously man, you're fuckin' wierd....

    T1CG: Love it!! The next topic is Supernova..

    TheJman: Once TDA leaves the only bright spot in that group will be Jose.... ahhh, you know what, Advico will be good too; he's got that old school lucha style before that divison got watered down by Vinnie Mac.

    T1CG: I have a bright spot for Holy Jose too.. In my trousers.. No really I have my Holy Jose underoos on and there's a bright spot right here from a bleach stain..

    TheJman: I dont really care about your bleach stain or any of this creepy shit, what's the next topic?

    T1CG: *sneers at TheJman* WWTNA Mark...

    TheJman: He's overworked. He has this lawsuit thing going on, 3 shows to oversee, a bunch of unmotivated guys in the back, and an impending storyline with the other company. All that leads me to not criticize the guy too much when he does fuck up.

    T1CG: Sounds quite a bit boring to me if I may so myself.. Criticism is the reason I have my name and I love it.. Now your final topic will seem kind of familiar *points at his creepy face and nods head with a creepy smile* Kevin Matthews

    TheJman: I'll never forgive him for leaving JBW before we got off the ground but he and Shuriken are doing great stuff in EWNCW right now. A lot of the ideas for that angle come from those two.

    T1CG: Some people say I look like Kevin Matthews.. It probably explains why I never get any attention from the opposite sex.. *sighs* That's ok, I live with my grandmother and I see her naked all the time.. So it all evens out *smiles real big*

    TheJman: Interview is over you creepy sonbitch.. Im out of here.. *turns around and walks away* What the fuck did I just subject myself to?

    T1CG: Well there we have it people, TheJman from JBW Warfare on Tuesday nights.. Now back to myself and the live audience at the studio..

    T1CG: Well thank you That One Creepy Guy.. I must say that you were looking mighty dashing in that interview.. Everyone loves nude under a bath towel.. So coming up next we are going to have our music video moment and today's artist Dubble O Beez from Young Sau's group Monkey Beezness and his video about tattoos.. I have always wanted to tattoo a vagina somewhere on myself but then I would be scared about getting pregnant and all that jazz, so let's just get to the video..
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    T1CG: Im appauled out of all those tattoos there were no Gargomel from the Smurfs tattoos.. They cant be that bad and tough if they dont have Gargomel.. *makes a bitter face and shakes it off with a smile, it was kinda creepy too*Well we're gonna go ahead and bring down the main guest of tonight's show, JBW Superstar Ma$$Dinero.. And how are your arms doing today Mr. Dinero?? I heard you had to swim through traffic to get to the show..

    Mass: Wait. We're doing the show down here in your grannies basement? What did I sign up for? *coughs* Man, it's fucking dusty down here! *Coughs* how's about getting Grandma to come and wave a feather duster around here, a guy could catch something nasty being in this filth-pit! And what? I didn't really fucking swim here you pleb!

    T1CG: Aww its not so bad Mr. Dinero, the audience here is amazing, now isnt it people??

    Mass: Audience? It's like a dolls hospital down here! Look at all these teddy bears and barbie dolls, are you, like, some sort of peado or something?... Look, all I'm here for is to do this stupid shoot thing and go.

    T1CG: *Sour look on face* Well.. Uh let's get to the shoot list then.. You know how this works right??

    Mass: Just because K-Jasmine insists on calling me a retard, doesn't mean I am one. Hurry the cuck up!

    T1CG: Well to the audience members here that dont know.. Whenever we have a guest from the professional wrestling business, we like to continue the tradition of the infamous shoot interviews.. But we basically have a speed shoot, we give him a list of ten topics and he tells it like it is all in a little nutshell.. I like to think of it as a walnut shell that's broke in half but still with the dignified walnut history that walnuts are known to have..

    Mass: You have got to be the weirdest fuck I've ever met in my life. Man, I'm breaking out in hives *scratches arms*

    T1CG: Sorry Mr. Dinero, Well here's your first topic.. K-Jammin

    Mass: ARE YOU CUCKING STUPID!! Why would you bring that little mugs name up first? Are purposely trying to wind me up, Bruv? Look creepy guy, if that is your real name, I don't know what you know about me, but I hate time wasters, and that little waste man has made a career out of time wasting.... Wembley was meant to be our time to put on the greatest match our generation has ever seen, but his obsession with me has cost us, and more importantly me, a lot of Scrilla.. Dickhead!... And plus, Katie gives shit blowjobs.

    T1CG: Oh cheeky.. So Katie gives blowjobs to logs of shit?? I love it!! I have a home made Mr Hanky doll from South Park floating in my bathtub and he would love to meet this Katie.. Next topic is The Eye..

    Mass: Ohh, you are really winding me up! The Eye? V3's sworn enemies? V3 were created with the sole purpose of ridding the world of those political bastards! Their leader, Iron Ape, is the biggest peice of shit on the planet, and now Dubs has done gone given him even more power, that flash fucker is gonna be a nightmare to work for. Don't get me started on that murdering bastard Chainsaw either! Him and his freaky deaky minions, or apostles, or horsemen, or whatever they call themselves, can suck the sweat off of Ma$$Dinero's left bollock if they think they will ever win this war! What are my thoughts on The Eye? They buried me alive. What the fuck do you think I think of them... Knob!

    T1CG: Sil-

    Mass: Plus, the fact that they now have a member of creative on their team, well, it only adds to the whole "them against us" conspiracy theory that V3 have been preaching from day one!

    T1CG: Silver Cena?

    Mass: A let down. Dude bailed on me because Snair called him a bad word *imitates Silver Cena and sticks out bottom lip* boo hoo!! Now he's playing second, or prolly third or fourth fiddle to Kevin "The Virgin" Mathews... Hahaha!! The best thing that ever happened to Mass was Silv leaving JBW. Fact.... Cuck Filver Sena!

    T1CG: *Big smile* I know Kevin The Virgin Matthews!! He's in my weekly Masturbation addiction programs.. Small world isnt it?? My Hairline is the next topic..

    Mass: Shut the cuck up you smelly, sore ridden, crusty lipped cunt! Ask me a proper question!

    T1CG: I said my hairline, now don't ruin the game.. I think I have the most attractive male pattern baldness if i'd like to say so myself..

    Mass: Your hairline is great. It leaves more room for me to do this *slaps the creepy guys forehead*.. Now get on with this shit!

    T1CG: Oww *rubs forehead*..... Splendid!! Ive always wanted my hairline to start behind my ears and my eyebrows to be on the top of my head.. Quite amazing yes, well the next topic is Hip hop music..

    Mass: I hate the name hip hop! It sounds like a kiddies dance step! Now, rap? Well, that's another story! I've been rapping longer than I've been wresting, and there's not a man alive who can challenge me on the mic! Many have tried, you you pathetic looking cretin, but every one of them have failed!

    T1CG: Funny, I didnt know rap music was the same as hip hop.. I always thought hip hop was music for bunny lovers.. I always find Eminems in my easter baskets each year.. Oh well.. Monarchy Of Aggression??

    Mass: I've gone from the main event to being off the card entirely, so I guess I'll have to buy a ticket now... If there's only cheap seats left I'm gonna cut someone!

    T1CG: MoA is sold out

    Mass: How the cuck would you know, you muggy little weirdo? Even if they are I'm only joking about buying a ticket... Dubs will hook me up with front row seats, anyway.

    T1CG: Well my Uncle Stinky Fingers, invited me over to watch Monarchy Of Aggression in the attic this Sunday.. Im quite excited, its a theme party called "Monarchy of Incest" and im bringing the audience with me.. *hops out of chair and high fives his Holy Jose action figure then returns to the seat* Quite exciting.. Next topic is Warfare..

    Mass: What the fuck did you just do?

    T1CG: Warfare?

    Mass: *gives an evil stare to T1CG, before continuing* That place hasnt been the same since I left! Did you see me last week? Man, I OWNED that show! My boy Dubs is doing a great job there though... Although his head must still be ringing after Manapoomps hit him with that chair.

    T1CG: Hahaha Manapoomps, I love it.. V3??

    Mass: The best thing in e-fed wrestling today.

    T1CG: How about the best tag team in e-fed wrestling today, The Aristocrats??

    Mass: One and a half men turned one focused individual who is going to be just as successful in the singles ranks as he was in the doubles division.

    T1CG: Half man, is one of them half man half macaroni salad?? I always knew the macaroni salad would try and breed with us humans.. So sneaky those macaronis are when they are around mayonaisse *shaking head*.. Well last but not least the final topic, the man who made Ma$$Dinero and I hope you give him the word to come down to my show one day as a guest.. Mr. Robert DeNiro..

    Mass: Rob Dinero's not my dad, you prick! Where are you getting your info?

    T1CG: Well, if he's not your father then why did my toothbrush tell me that.. It never lies to me...

    Mass: Cuck this! I'm off! Take your toothbrush and your stupid fluffy toys and die, peadophile Pete. If I see you again I will kick the shit out of you.

    T1CG: That's not nice!

    Mass: I'll show you what's not nice, you sick looking wankstain *grabs a pink fluffy bunny and drops an elbow on it and throws it into the "audience" knocking them all over*

    T1CG: Noooooo!! The humanity!! Cut the cameras, the audience needs paramedic attention.. *begins to weep over the pink fluffy bunny*

    Camera guy Uncle Stinky Fingers: Wrap up the show, just wrap up the show..

    T1CG: Fine.. Thank you TheJman and Mass Dinero for coming on the show. This poor bunny *sobs*.. The next show we have JBW's St George and EWNCW's Solla Maofoai.. See you guys sleeping when I walk by your homes and go inside them at night or on the next show that comes on whenever I damn please.. Till next time


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    @ sammy

    Just read That one creepy guy... Fookin lmao mate!

    The picture of him makes me lol everytime I see it. The vid of the guy was so funny too. I loved Jman's and Mass' interviews and thought they were hilarious. Lol at TKB bits.

    I'm really glad that you've introduced this to the thread, along with the JBW commercials mate. The effort is really appreciated. Also to Jman and KD for whitty responses - lol at Eminens in my Easter basket!

    Well I'm up next. Better get something to you bruv!


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    Awesome dude. Pure awesome. I have an idea you may be interested in. When i get me laptop sorted ill pm ya with it
    Quote Originally Posted by Robstar View Post
    Did you just troll me? That's so not cool man!

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    Creepy, but funny stuff pmsl. Well done bro.

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    I really appreciate the comments fellas.. Looking forward to the idea Matt.. Im actually going to try to incorporate 3 guests on each show now..


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    Lets hope i get the call/pm
    EWNCW - Gillz:
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    T1CG: Hello everyone!! Welcome to the show!! This is our second episode in syndication but our 1034th episode ever made.. YAY!! Of course I am known as That One Creepy Guy because thats what everyone calls me, I dont mind it.. And for those that don't know, I love E-fed wrestling, I really do.. Now today's guests are JBW Mayhem superstar St George and my favorite creepy guy from EWNCW Solla Mafoai!!! The speed shoots are in effect, ten topics, ten answers, plus awkward smiles and wandering eyes by me, of course.. Yay!! Oh yes, today's interviews will both be on location but im here to host it live here with the audience!! Yay!! *runs around the basement and high fives his Marcus Beerstein poster then runs back to his chair, then gives the poster a double take.. He runs back and licks the right corner of the poster* I really do love right corners, very attractive indeed YUM.. hehehe.. Now it's time I start off the show with the "Creepy Guy Of The Week" award.. Creepy is as Creepy does but no one loves the smell of asshole on a finger tip like me *winks at camera*.. Here is today's "Creepy Guy Of The Week" winner:

    T1CG: Oh yes, sneaking kisses from little girls are quite creepy indeed.. If I were the gameshow host I wouldve bit the children on their earlobes followed by some hot breath whispering across the freshly damp juvenile lobe.. Yes yes now enough of teasing myself as I only have Grandmother and Uncle Stinky Fingers' lobes around, we've got to get to our first interview on location and its at the Queen's Legs in the East End of London.. Our guest is no other than JBW Mayhem Superstar, St George!! *claps like a retarded seal* ROLL THE TAPE!!!

    *We are at a pub in the East End of London.. St George has got the Nelson Mandela's in and is smoking a melvin at the bar with T1CG sitting right next to him, oh and boy is he excited..*

    T1CG: Hello Hello everyone!! Its That One Creepy Guy again!! Im at the Queens Legs in the East End where the cockney all began!! I also received a phone number from a 14 year old girl outside.. I hope she loves the sounds of creepy men breathing on her phone line at 3am.. No one does sex offender better than me but thats not why we're here.. We have St George from JBW Mayhem and I must say thanks for coming on the show..

    St George: Man, you're one easter bunny butchers hooking julius china. Lets get on with this can we, I gotta a cadbury swirl to pick up Christian Slater...

    T1CG: *looks at St George with a blank stare* Fine.. Fine.. If Unicorns were still alive and their horns on their heads were actutally penises how would they put on their condoms to protect themselves from Unicorn STDs??

    St George: You zsa zsa? People say they find it hard to understand me. Just ask the questions hampton...

    T1CG: I can see that you don't care about the unicorn penis horns but someone has to *points to himself*.. Your first topic is V3

    St George: Siaki & Mass are my best chinas. Together we've formed a pen pong alliance which can destroy anybody... just ask Chainsaw and The Eye. Siaks trousers arent falling down anyomore as he's got his belt back... hahaha! No seriously, Siaks as champ and me and Mass tearing the mickey mouse down week in week out. V3 rule!

    T1CG: I would love to tear Mickey Mouse down myself anyways.. I love his speaking voice and lifting up a tail to insert into some tail sounds pretty hot and tempting but of course he is a cartoon and I am human so this love can never be *frowns*.. We shall just get to your next topic, Eric Bischoff..

    St George: I had a respect for Derek, but that has now all gone. He started some Brad with me manhole cover Theo, but at MOA that was all settled. He is now no longer part of The Eye. Whilst I roll on with V3.

    T1CG: Manholes, what an amazing word, I love womenholes too.. They bleed each month which I can say is an AMAZING feat because sadly my penis doesnt bleed unless im strangling it with some floss or masturbating with sandpaper *winks at camera*!! Warfare will be your next topic..

    St George: Its a great show with top stars. The FSA seem to be running things over there. Anytime they want to come to our Mickey mouse for a Mayhem knuckle sandwich they're welcome!

    T1CG: Oh that Mickey!! He's welcome to come to my show for a cockmeat sandwich anytime!! EWNCW??

    St George: Who?... hahaha! They were the first and original Fed, but the Jabe has overtaken them and left them in Lala land. No seriously, they got some decent boys over there, doing some great work. They also have a few Hampton Wicks too. I'm sure business will start to pick up eventually.

    T1CG: Yes I like EWNCW.. Im a big fan of Tommy Thunder, and I really want him to give him a gift from my box of mystery.. Maybe one day this can happen *sighs*.. The next topic is one that every creepy guy across the world wants to know.. Have you seen Silverlace naked??

    St George: You zsa zsa? Kiss my bottle n glass... *slaps T1CG* next question

    T1CG: Fine.. Fine.. I love the pain anyways, sometimes I peel the skin off my ass.. Well first i dig and scratch till the skin is able to peel.. The blood stains on the back of my shirts are quite amazing but let me get off myself.. Your next topic is Manabu

    St George: Mana-who? hahaha! I jest, I jest. Manabu, or should I say Mr Nanahara. Great wrestler, great leader, we shall see how good he is at being the new GM.

    T1CG: I hope GM means Great Masturbator because I know I can strip him of that title, or even strip him of his clothing to boot hahaha... Chainsaw??

    St George: Don't even get me started on that back n front! Lets just say he's got everything coming to him soon. Payback for Theo will be sweet!

    T1CG: I love it!! Cockney is a lot greater than I thought, its slang from England.. I was a little disappointed that it had nothing to do with cocks being on knees but I love how it sounds.. Bottle and Glass, Back and Front, quite jolly words for someone so threatening in stature.. Well what about Roman Flare??

    St George: No comment

    T1CG: Why no comment?

    St George: Dont want to talk about him *lights another Melvin and looks at watch*

    T1CG: Well i'll comment then, Roman, I would love for you to come to the studio and meet our live audience.. I even modified your action figure to not have any trousers on.. You're like a Ken doll down there *giggles*.. Next is The Sleeper

    St George: He's a good friend of mine behind the cameras. His latest promo was one of the best Ive seen in a while. Cant believe he lost the TV title!

    T1CG: My smile..

    St George: Listen china, Im not gonna listen to anymore of your Brad Pitt anymore. I'm out of Melvins and the shop is calling my name... I'm outta here. *gets out of the barstool, walks away and leaves the bar*

    T1CG: My, my, my, he was quite the guest wasn't he?? Thank you St George for letting me know that even the thought of my creepy smile can make even the toughest guy leave the room.. *laughs very awkwardly while clapping his hands together* Yes, well thanks everyone im gonna leave this pub and bring it back to the studio..

    Barkeep: Listen mate you won't be nothing back till I see some money.. You haven't paid the tab yet and your boy George has been drinking all day and night..

    T1CG: Do you guys take lollipops for payment?? I keep them by the thousands, I love to give them out at playgrounds and outside of elementary schools..

    Barkeep: Its your lucky day mate, I do take lollipops..

    T1CG: Yes.. Everyone is a sucker for suckers hehehe.. Back to me at the studio..

    *we return back to the basement full of toys and T1CG*

    T1CG: Oh I love when a pun ends a segment.. But who isnt a sucker for suckers.. St George left for a fag but he forgot there was one sitting at the bar interviewing him *blushes*.. Did I just say that??? Of course I did, Im That One Creepy Guy remember?? Well next up is our Music Video Moment.. It comes from North Korea and it has to do with children that play the guitar.. Watch the hand action and head movements in the children its quite erotic, I must say..

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    T1CG: I wish I could show you the videos of how they make those children practice in North Korea but its illegal in most of the countries my show comes on.. Just imagine this visual, there's whips and torture methods when a chord is played incorrectly or a head movement is off set *eyes get big in a very creepy manner* the tears are quite lovely if I might say so myself.. Speaking about all this torture, let's go to the Torture Chamber Compound that's owned by our main guest, Solla Mafoai.. ROLL THE TAPE!!

    *T1CG is sitting down next to Solla Mafoai inside the Torture Chamber Compound.. There are people being tortured in the background and in front of Solla and T1CG there is a man being stretched on a torture rack screaming in pain*

    T1CG: Why hello everyone its That One Creepy Guy again!! I am really excited to be here at Solla's Torture Chamber Compound, this is so amazing.. The pain, the agony, sounds of bones crunching and cracking are quite wonderful.. The only place I can torture people are in my basement and this just cuts the cake.. Solla I truly admire you..

    Solla: Yeah, Yeah, Be very careful at what you say little man, if you dont want to wind up in one of these rooms being transformed into something that you have no control over. You're in my domain watch your tongue.

    T1CG: I love it!! I might have to take you up on that offer.. *looks at the camera man* Uncle Stinky Fingers make sure you record that later on when that happens..

    Solla: Grabs Creepy guys arm, sniffs it, and licks it....mmm "Your flesh has just the right texture, just the proper aroma, and if you dont want me checking your blood, I suggest we get this interview in gear NOW!!

    T1CG: *Smiles creepily at Solla* I really like you.. And dying at your hand would definitely be a way id like to go, it would have to be slow and painful with Tiny Tim music playing but lets get on to this speed shoot segment.. But first please tell everyone who you are my handsome Albino hero..

    Solla: I am Solla Mafoai, Your worst fucking nightmare, your deepest fears, your scariest thoughts, You want all those gone...then The Collective has a spot for you, as you can hear in the back rooms....there are many recruits that are losing their fears right now.

    T1CG: So upfront.. I love it!! Fears lost, and limbs cut off, it makes my heart flutter... Your first topic is The Collective

    Solla:My Collective is a gathering of misfits and outcasts that society deemed as inappropriate and unsafe to be walking among the normals, but being in The Collective has made them acceptable by that same group of people that have made them outcasts, with one hitch, the shoe is on the other foot and The Collective are now the ones destroying those lives.

    T1CG: Destroying lives like a husband's secretary at work when his wife finds out he's putting cookies in her cookie jar.. Oh yes quite endearing this is.. Your next topic is Gillz

    Solla: Gillz is a two bit hood, that is going to get the beating of a lifetime, whether its at the hands of me or one of my minions. I have no respect for the likes of Gillz, but once he is conformed and brought over to the Collective then things will be very different and rewarding for him.

    T1CG: I say slice some slits in his neck so he can really have gills.. Then you put him in a fish tank, and I of course will make him give me a gill-job underwater.. Yes, I can picture it now.. But im off topic, Shuriken Blade

    Solla: Shuriken is a mediocre at best performer, He still has alot to learn about "The Sickness" and we are waiting for the right time to strike and show him the error of his ways by not siding with The Collective.

    T1CG: I agree with most things you say, this is the only thing I disagree with.. All ninjas are sick, they wear masks over their mouths because they all have the flu.. Its too polite for me, I say spread the disease if you have one, especially if its transmitted sexually.. I mean what are they created for anyways?? *shrugs* Let's just get to The Force Of Greatness

    Solla: They are biding their time as far as Im concerned. They have already felt my wrath in one fight, but that was only the tip of the needle, I have so much more Sickness for them to experience. Our "Sickness" has no limits.

    T1CG: No limits to sickness, I would love for you to trademark that and use it for promoting chemical warfare.. Think about it, "Anthrax, our sickness has no limits" or "Smallpox, our sickness has no limits".. What do you feel about JBW

    Solla: What else can I say, about JBW except they are the competition, I have nothing but respect for competiton, when its fair, and everyone knows, NOONE has been fair to me, The same people that cheer all those goody two shoes fan loving jackasses, are the same people that have made me the way I am today, They have made fun of me because of my Albinoism, they made fun of me because Im different, And for that they have all payed the ultimate price, Hell my parents even called me names, now they are no longer living, I took matters into my own hands, and now I make anyone who makes fun of me, suffer very very dearly. Just ask that prostitute I tossed out a 2nd story window in Cleveland Ohio what happens when you make fun of Solla.

    T1CG: I would never make "fun" of you sir.. I admire you, I would only make "fun" with you.. Think about all the kidnapped servicemen we would have service us.. *eyes wander in a daydream state then returns to normal* The EWNCW World Championship, what does this mean to you??

    Solla: It is only a matter of time before I rip limbs from the body of the champion, and make that title mine once and for all, I am biding my time, and when that time is right....The Sickness will fall upon him, and Solla will reign supreme over all of EWNCW

    T1CG: Yes!! Yes!! Reign supreme over the world.. I reign supreme over cream on cupcakes, which the cream is my sperm and the cupcakes are things that I give out at Halloween to trick or treaters.. Oh goody!! And here's a goody topic, Kevin Matthews

    Solla: Kevin Matthews, is just another victim, he just does not know it yet, The Collective will collect him, and make him one of us. If he will not come wllingly, then He will be taken by force and not be given a choice.

    T1CG: Take it by force, make him cry.. And tell him that it was from me because he doesnt want to respond to his twin in life *points at himself*.. Solla, my king.. What do you feel about my creepy smile

    Solla: I have an injection that the Surgeon General can give you that will make it much worse than what it is now....dont ever question me with these stupid topics, ill turn your creepy smile into hamburger meat

    T1CG: I bet I would taste quite delicious too, I would recommend a Jamaican Jerk marinade.. Quite tasty indeed.. The next topic is Godmoney..

    Solla: Tag Team champions, who are only borrowing those titles that rightfully belong to The Surgeon General and Captain Howdy.

    T1CG: Got to love the charisma in this man.. You could lead a man to a rape case like lemmings are lead off cliffs.. Lead me to a cliff dear Solla.. Ill fall for you, I promise.. But lets end it with our commonality, the topic is Torture

    Solla: Torture is a very relaxing thing, it makes me feel at peace with the world, it has a very calming effect on me and everyone that comes in contact with it. *Solla puts a chloroform cloth over T1CG's face and he passes out.. He then walks toward the camera man, chloroforms him and the camera goes down with the camera man* Now back to the studio audience *laughs maniacally and then the camera fades back to T1CG at the studio*

    T1CG: *creepy giddy smile on his face* You dont want to know how I got back from there *giggles*.. Let's just say I have been branded with a hot iron on my inner thigh and it looks quite nice because it says property of The Collective and I love it!! I want to thank JBW's St George and EWNCW's Solla Mafoai for coming on today's show.. Next episode we'll have possibly JBW Warfare GM and former EWNCW World Heavyweight champion Manabu Nanahara, the current EWNCW champion Kevin Matthews and a mystery guest!! Now I must go up to the attic and whip myself with a double dong dildo, im trying to recreate the albino man's part from The Da Vinci Code.. Oh I really love those Albinos.. See ya soon!!
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    All guests said to be appearing on upcoming shows are subject to change depending on the situation..
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