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    Georges St-Pierre Vs Anderson Silva.

    After seeing Anderson Silva (27-4) fight against Chael Sonnen (24-11) at UFC 117 and watching him get completely controlled on the ground for 4 and a half rounds and knowing what Georges St-Pierre (20-2) can do to people with his ground game would Silva even have a chance against GSP?

    Would GSP be able to finish the fight with Anderson or suffer the same fate as Sonnen?

    But there is also the question would St-Pierre be able to handle Anderson's stand up?

    St-Pierre is pretty good on his feet but not even close to what Anderson can do.

    We did see Chael Sonnen dominate on the stand up against Anderson but we also have to remember that Anderson had a rib injury going into that fight.

    Did it effect his performance? Imo I think it did greatly but who knows.

    So the question is who would win and how?

    You know it's going to happen, maybe not soon but it will.

    Cast your vote at the top and leave your comment/prediction.

    I predict Winner: GSP via Sub 3rd round.

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    Anderson has already said that he won't move down in weight class and GSP likely won't move up. It would be a hell of a fight to be sure. Two of the best in MMA duking it out. It's a shame that MMA fans won't be able to see it (?).

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    You never know in MMA anything can happen.

    Lets just cross our fingers and hope it happens.

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    I am Brazilian but I think that GSP won that fight.

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    GSP vs Silva wld be a great fight.. But it wld be no contest GSP wld take him by decision bc he wld dominate Silva.. Silva is a good fighter but no match for GSP!!

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    GSP all the way.
    I will never forget you, CBot. You will always be my one true love.

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    GSP but I think it would be a tough fight for him.
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    You're all wrong! Silva!

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    Anderson Silva - KO - Round 2 - Because GSP while good on the ground cannot let his guard down as he so frequently does in his stand up game. Silva should be able to wear down the takedown storm of GSP while at the same time letting GSP wear himself down in Round 1, thus creating openings in GSP's stand up in Round 2. Silva should be able to capitalize on these openings and land his shots frequently and accurately. I don't think GSP has the chin to weather this type of striking power or storm Silva can deliver.

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    There is a reason why GSP has no interests in moving to 185. Silva would box him up and have him tapping to strikes again a la Serra.

    Chael Sonnen is a juiced up pig. UFC is a bush league promotion which allows doping. In a real organization like PRIDE Silva was defeated by cans.


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