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    Has the RAW GM been revealed?!?

    Assuming WWE has been planning on putting HHH in charge (storyline wise) for a while now, having him be the GM anonymously would give him time to gain experience in charge...

    So far that i can remember HHH hasnt been in the ring at the same time as the GM chimes in... I could be very wrong but its not like WWE has ever cared about being consistant with their storylines outside of a few months...

    Anyways, I think it would be a good way to finally end this mystery because its about time...

    What do you guys think???

    Quote Originally Posted by Royce View Post
    I'm gonna go with an attempted cash in by ADR which is forced by vince... As he is coming down to the ring Punk jumps the barricade and runs through the crowd with his newly won title and is protected by colt and and his other chicago buddies... as the PPV goes off air Punk is at the top of the stairs waving goodbye with the WWE title in hand....

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