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    your fired vince

    Big bombed drop vince was released of his duties thoughts comments ... i smell story line but could be wrong

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    I think the "vince fired" angle is 50/50 true. Vince is not just gonna pack up his bags and go home tomorrow. But if it is true, then I think its the start of a transitional phase to HHH. IMO, Vince getting fired tonight on raw was the wwe attempt to start to get the wwe universe use to the idea of seeing someone else out there besides vince calling the shots. Now that I think about it, Cena actually refered to this I think a week ago about McMahon not being the same brass McMahon as he use to be and telling Vince that maybe he should "pack it up old man". I actually like the idea of HHH taking Vince's role on camera. I could see him making the product a little more edgier and dare I say introduce a new "attitude era"?....

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    I think Vince is stepping down to a less vigorous role... He's in his 70s and looks great for his age... but I'm sure he had been under the knife and botox as well...
    But anyway yeah I believe it part storyline/real life.... In reality it about time for Vince to step back and let others within his family run the business be it Triple H and Stephanie, but I do think he still realistically Chairman yet .... But I don't think his on character gone yet... Who knows maybe Vince might be the Anon GM?????
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    Wow, so apparently Vince stepping down may be 100% true. Except on camera he had to be fired because it would make more sense story line wise. If that's the case, then thank you Vince for all your blood, sweat, and tears it took to make the WWE into the best damn entertainment company in the world. We'll miss your Vince!

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    Personally, I think Vince is not the kind of guy to step down, he probably will keep going till he dies.

    However, what I do believe is that HHH is firing the character that is Vince McMahon, and for HHH to replace him.
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    Under the ring before big show tears it down.
    this means a change of power behind the scenes aswell guys
    but vince will still play a role in all of it
    a minor role now from what he used to be.
    the chairman of the board now for the wwe universe is triple H and same goes for the real deals backstage.

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    Vince will stay in an advisory kind of role, but by the looks of it Triple H will be running day to day operations. Hopefully it will lead to some freshness in the WWE, Vince has lost touch with this generation, he doesn't know what we want.


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