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    The John Cena and CM Punk Entrances at Money In The Bank 2011

    Despite the fantastic match John Cena and CM Punk had last night, that is not the only thing I will remember from this PPV. One of the things I will remember from the main event match was the entrances. I got goosebumps when the crowd went absolutely apeshit for CM Punk, rekindling an attitude era like atmosphere. I also couldn't believe how badly Cena got boo'd in his entrance, it was WORST than his reception at One Night Stand. Granted, One Night Stand had the better chants against Cena, but the boos were more powerful than the ONS ones, IMO. It was amazing.

    What are your thoughts on the entrances?
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    It was spine tingling!! And I was chanting for Punk equally as loud as if I were in the stadium with those Chicago fans!!
    The ovation Cena got, is the best thing I've heard in a LONG time.
    God bless Chicago!!
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    This is my first time seeing it.


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    I was waiting for them to throw back his hat and shirt. That would've topped it off. i was waiting for more chants than "you can't wrestle."
    But overall you could feel the electricity in that place. Chicago made that PPV epic.
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    The only other entrance i can compare to Punk's last night was Triple H's return in 2002, got major goosebumps!
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    It was insane! The best crowd in years. They made it a very special night

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    I loved hearing punk like this, haven't heard a chher this big for him since he cashed in his 1st MITB on Edge. However the booing reminded me of the one great thing I miss... Heel Rapper John Cena! Any1 else miss him?

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    It was great hearing Chicago boooo the crap out of Cena hopefully he learns from this which I doubt he will becuase if Cena doesn't show what he did last night in probably the best match in a long time he's gonna keep hearing that for a long time. Thank You Chicago for making this epic, Summerslam coming to LA baby my people's have to compete with that

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    It's awesome how there was a huge roar when Punks music hit.. just amazing but I had already marked out for Daniel Bryans win....

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    It would have been really intersting to see what could have happened if cena had won cleanly, i bet that a riot would have taken place haha


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