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Thread: Your Fave 5

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    Your Fave 5

    Over the past couple of weeks, I've been hearing Booker T talk about his Fave 5 and who's in it. I thought it would make for an interesting topic. If you were to pick your Fave 5s from Raw and Smackdown, who would they be. I think we'll add in a Fave 2 for the divas on each brand as well. We'll make it current superstars only (since CM Punks status is unknown, we will allow him) Here would be mine in no particular order.


    CM Punk - Great wrestler. Great on the mic. Bringing something to the table that hasn't been seen before. Punk is the hottest thing in wrestling right now and is finally giving the IWC something to celebrate.

    Dolph Ziggler - I think Ziggler's feud with Edge proved to everyone that he can go in the ring. He has the looks, skills, and charisma to be a great champion someday.

    John Morrison - The man is a human highlight reel. Say what you will about how he carries himself backstage. When John Morrison is on my TV, I'm paying attention.

    The Miz - While not the best wrestler in the ring, The Miz is golden on the mic, and you can tell he works his ass off to try to be the best in the business.

    R-Truth If I would have looked through this roster 2 months ago, Drew McIntyre would have taken the final spot. Truth has always had the wrestling ability, but now he's also hilarious, which makes him a joy to watch.

    Raw Divas

    Beth Phoenix - She can actually wrestle. Enough said.

    Maryse - I have no idea why she is hardly used. She IMO is by far the hottest current diva (I don't get Kelly Kelly's hype). She also has a great character and decent ring work. Please put her on my TV so I can actually pay attention to a diva's match.


    Christian - Christian is a great talent. He is money on the mic and in the ring. A favorite of mine since way back during the E and C days, and the reason I first started watching TNA.

    Daniel Bryan - I admittedly didn't really see Daniel Bryan (Bryan Danielson) until he got in the WWE. Since then, I have gone back and watched some of his old work, and also his current work. He is awesome in the ring. I hope they build up his main event push slowly and make him a contender for years.

    Kane - He hasn't been great for a long time, but simply because he was one of my favorites when I was growing up, Kane makes this list.

    Cody Rhodes - I am loving the demented Cody Rhodes gimmick with the paper bags. This guy is definitely solid on the mic and in the ring. I also think that the CrossRhodes is one of the coolest looking finishers in the E.

    Randy Orton - Probably get some heat for this one, but I've been an Orton fan since his Evolution days. Sure, he's gotten a little stale over the past year or so, but he can still put on great matches as seen with this whole series with Christian.

    Smackdown Divas

    Natalya - I realize she was pushed earlier in the year and it didn't work out too good, but I think with a heel turn and monster diva type role, she could do very well.

    Kaitlyn - She can't wrestle very well, but as seen on NXT, she does have a great personality. Plus she's pretty hot. I think with some work she could have a lot of potential.

    Well, there are my picks. Who do you guys pick?

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    Zack Ryder is my fav 5 WOO WOO WOO

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    gotta love the way chicago was with Punk. I say it should be Punk vs. Rock best of 3.

    One in Chicago.

    One in Miami.

    One in MSG.

    edit: uhh but on topic.

    1. CM Punk

    2. Alberto Del Rio

    3. Cody Rhodes

    4. Christian

    5. Ziggler
    super saturday mornings man wake watch
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    though there aren't any head hits but better
    than the shitty shows on otherwise called
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    real ratings because brother everyone everywhere
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    Quote Originally Posted by Y2Jryder View Post
    Zack Ryder is my fav 5 WOO WOO WOO
    I thought about him, but as we don't get to see him very much, I decided against it. Here's hoping that in a month or two that will change.

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    CM Punk- The guy is the best in the world. One of the most underutilised talents in the WWE ever. Should have been the top heel since about 2009. Will go down in IWC, if not pro wrestling, history.

    Alex Riley- I really am starting to like this kid. He's good in the ring and can really give out a believable beating. Plus, he's not bad on the mic and his character seems to be evolving well.

    Dolph Ziggler- I don't like the fact that they've thrown this guy back into the mid-card. I feel he has the potential to fight for the WWE Championship, as proved with Edge and the World Heavyweight Championship.

    Alberto Del Rio- I think he's one of the best newcomers to come through in a long time. He won a Royal Rumble and a MITB in the same year, and hardly anybody is surprised. His character is spot on, he is great in the ring and good on the mic too.

    R-Truth- His heel turn was an absolute godsend for a character that had gotten boring. He can be relied upon to provide some comedy, the whole scared of heights/spiders thing made me LOL last week on Raw, as well as when he got the small ladder last night before the Raw MITB match. Plus, his character has the borderline psychopath edge to it.


    Cody Rhodes- Now CM Punk is the WWE Champion and getting the recognition he deserves, Rhodes is the most underutilised talent in the WWE. He needs a main event push.

    Daniel Bryan- So good in the ring. Needs work on the mic and his character too, but his wrestling ability is quality. About time WWE showed some belief with him by putting the MITB briefcase on him.

    Christian- Never liked him until his return onto ECW. He is good in the ring, as well as on the mic. Deserves a longish championship run, although I preferred him as a face. Would have loved to see him feud with Cody Rhodes.

    Wade Barrett- Give this guy a main event push! Smackdown is short of main event talent with only Orton, Sheamus & Christian there right now and believable. Barrett is great on the mic, as well as good in the ring. He needs that chance to be at the top of a brand. Plus, he's British!

    Justin Gabriel- I've been impressed with this guy since the Nexus debut. He is good in ring and I feel he needs a chance at the ICT Championship now.


    Natalya- Overall the best Diva in ring in the entire WWE. She needs the Divas Championship.

    Layla- I think she's ridiculously hot. Not sure about in ring but wow she's good to look at.

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    CM Punk

    John Cena

    Zack Ryder


    Dolf Ziggler


    Daniel Bryan


    Randy Orton

    Cody Rhodes

    Wade Barrett


    Beth Phoenix



    Gail Kim

    Eve Torres
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    1. CM Punk
    2. Alberto Del Rio
    3. John Cena ( Sorry guys )
    4. Christian
    5. Justin Gabriel ( Started to impress me )
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    1.Cody Rhodes
    3.CM Punk
    5.Dolph Ziggler

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    1: CM Punk
    2: Miz
    3: Daniel Bryan
    4: John Cena
    5: Wade Barrett
    Not removing until these happen... or until I get bored of them...

    - Zack Ryder holds his first LIVE Z True Long Island Stories on RAW
    - Cm Punk, Claudio Castagnoli, Chris Hero and Colt Cabana are all signed to form C4
    - More to come as I think of them

    One request fullfilled.

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    Raw -

    CM Punk (Am I allowed to say that now?)
    The Miz
    Dolph Ziggler

    Smackdown -

    Daniel Bryan
    Wade Barett

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