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    Idea's for WWE Title

    This is my first post so if it's in the wrong spot, I apologize. But, I just had an idea on where they could go with the WWE Title. I don't know if it's been suggested before, but does anybody else think it could be a rehash of the Shawn/Razor angle from 1995 with two title holders. I'm also thinking there may be a twist with a McMahon heel turn. Here's my thoughts....

    McMahon opens Raw tonight saying that C.M. Punk has laft with the WWE title, leaving us with no champion. Out comes Cena to a roar of boos from the crowd. McMahon tells him he has a lot of nerve showing his face and proceeds to fire him. Then Vince announces a tournament leading in to Summeslam for a the NEW WWE championship, unveiling the new title. As the weeks go on, Cena is shown outside of every arena protesting and trying to get people to rally support to get him rehired. (He doesn't have weekly run ins and front row seats every week like with the stupid Nexus failure. Maybe have Vince ban him from the building.) Finally one night, Cena shows up and is confronted by McMahon, only to present him with a letter from Linda McMahon reinstating Cena as a member of the Raw roster. Mr. Mcmahon tells him he has to prove himself and win his spot back. Vince sets up Cena vs a random number of people in a handicap match. Cena lucks out and not only wins the match but a spot on the roster and a place in the finals of the title tournament.

    Summerslam- The semi finals are set up as Cena vs Del Rio (since it's been rumored anyways) and R-Truth vs John Morrison. Cena wins and moves in to the finals main event. During the Morrison/Truth match they both beat the hell out of each other. Finally the referee has no choice but to throw the match out leaving the main event up in the air. Vince comes out and says not to worry. He's been thinking backstage and has a replacement for Cena's challenger, but won't announce it till he's ready. Main event time rolls around and Cena comes out and calls out Vince and the mystery opponent. Suddenly Punk's music hits and CM Punk strolls out on the stage with the WWE Title in hand. Followed by a smiling Vince McMahon. Punk says it doesn't make much sense having a WWE Title match without the REAL WWE champion. Cena and Punk give us a brilliant 35 minute match that finally ends with Punk hitting the GTS thanks to a distraction from Mr Mcmahon. Vince joins Punk in the ring and presents him the titles and raises his hand to close Summerslam.

    Raw the following night- Raw opens with CM Punk and Vince McMahon in the ring holding the WWE Titles and a microphone. Vince cuts a vicious promo on Cena.
    Vince- "John, you want to know why I did this? You all want to know why?! I gave everything for John Cena. I sold out. I changed my WRESTLING company, to an entertainment company so that John Cena and all of his adoring children audience could be happy. I gave everything so that Cena could be the face of my company, and what did he do to pay me back? He let me down. He let my company down. You lost and let someone leave with our belt. You did nothing about it. Not only that, but you talk down to me every week leading up to Money in the Bank. John, you aren't who I want representing my company. You aren't the WRESTLER I want to be the face of the WWE. But you know who is? This man, the true champion, CM Punk! Oh, and as far as this garbage is concerned (Vince holds up the spinner belt) It is just that. GARBAGE. I'm sick of seeing my company represented by such trash. It looks like a toy! But no more! (Vince throws down the spinner) This belt, worn by our champion is the WWE championship. This is the next in the lineage of the most prestigious championship in wrestling, not that John Cena crap!" Vince hands the mic to Punk.
    Punk- " John, you seemed surprised to see me last night. In fact, everyone seemed surprised to see me. Oh, that's right! You people didn't hear the good news. You remember all that stuff about how CM Punk was refusing to sign a new contract, well what you don't know is right after Money in the Bank, I got a call from one Vincent Kennedy McMahon all but begging me to come back. We ended up coming to an agreement on everything I wanted, including a little time to rest. Time to take a break, until I felt I was ready to come back. And when I saw Cena about to win MY title, I knew it was time. So I showed up to beat John Cena yet again and prove why I am the champion of world WRESTLING entertainment. Because I am the best WRESTLER in the world. And this belt proves it!"

    This leads in to a long and lengthy feud between Punk/McMahon and John Cena. It brings WRESTLING back in to the WWE. Gives them an edgy feud they have been lacking for so long. And puts a very different twist on a feud with John Cena.

    Sorry I went on so long, just have a lot of thoughts to get out. I know it's kind of a long shot, but what does everybody think?

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    New here too but I think this could be used as a blog on the site. Just saying

    Back on topic, nice idea but I think if Cena would return early, he should turn heel. Then again, I'm kidding myself to think that.

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    Yeah I don't think they'll ever turn him. At least this way they can add a different twist to it, and actually make SuperCena seem vincible.

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    Theres been rumors I guess of a new WWE championship design so maybe this is a way to bring a new WWE title into the scene and forget about the Cena one.

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    Welcome dude!

    It started as a great idea, then we went into the classic "Sports Entertainment/Wrestling" hope, which won't happen.

    Say, if McMahon's reasoning was he just hated Cena, and was proven right that Punk was better, then Cena could be seen more as vincible that way.
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    Yeah the "wrestling/entertainment thing" isn't a huge deal to me. I just thought it could add a little more to it.

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    SuperCena will only be away for more training, he is finding the ways of superburying, and destroying buildings with simple moves. SuperCena's ultimate transformation is UltraCenaMania. He wears bright yellow and red colors, and nothing can stop him. Soon, we will see UltraCenaMania, and his mentor, Mr. America. They will bury every career in their path, and become the biggest thing in rasslin', because rasslin' matters to them.

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    Yea i think this should maybe have been a blog but good for your first post.

    Couple of things, Morrison is out untill atleast Oct-ish, and i cant think of a match that has ended the way you said about Morrison/Truth, could someon remind me or enlighten me

    I think we all want a Punk/Vince/Cena feud, but dont see it happening, well not with Punk anyways,
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    The only match I can think of like Morrison/Truth anytime recently is Sabu/Mysterio from One Night Stand 2006. Both went through a table and the ref said neither could continue.

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