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    Thoughts On Survivor Series Poster

    It seems that WWE has given up the result of HIAC bc Nexus is the only focus of the poster. What's confusing about it tho is 3 fold.

    1. Where is John Cena?
    2. Why is Darren Young on the poster if he was kicked out of the faction weeks ago?
    3. Can Skip Sheffield possibly return by Survivor Series?

    I think its easy to explain all 3.

    1. I think that WWE is gonna pull off the Kurt Angle/Jeff Hardy ending. Cena and Barrett are gonna pin each the same time. Do to a draw, noone wins. John Cena stays John Cena and the Nexus stay the Nexus. Although I personally do not enjoy this outcome (as I feel that it is time for Cena to go heel), I don't think that WWE wants to make Cena a heel bc they don't have a marketing machine like him waiting in the wings. John Cena makes WWE more money than any other star in the WWE at this point...and money rules the storylines.
    2. I expect Darren Young to possibly interfere in the HIAC match. While he is technically not a member of Nexus, it is also Cena's fault that Young is no longer in Nexus. This will be motivation enuff for Darren Young to get involved and since he is not a member of Nexus, the rule does not apply to him for the instant defeat. (Cena will of course go into SuperCena mode and take out Darren Young b4 Barrett gets the upperhand and the match continues. I would try to predict the ending of the match...but it can go a lot of different ways.)
    3. It is possible that Skip Sheffield could possibly be back by Survivor Series. Maybe not in a wrestling capacity just yet. But I can see him coming down and being a cheerleader and possibly using the crutches he will need, and he will need them for a while.

    What do everyone else think? I'm not really sure how many different ways WWE can justify the poster. Especially with the matches that they set up this weekend.


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