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    Why I Think Cena Will Be "FIRED/TURNED" At MITB!

    Okay 1st off everyone chill lol. I know he's the poster boy of WWE, I know he never says I Quit or loses cleanly and all that hot garbage. I've heard so many reasons as to why Cena will never lose it could make me puke, seriously, but please hear me out.

    I know Raw is storyline and everything is pre-chosen, so in staying with that did nobody else realize the way McMahon was looking at Cena after Cena told Punk how much he hated Vince, and how he's sick of kissing his ass and all that noise? McMahon seemed to be storyline very surprised by what he said. If you noticed Vince had a look on his face as if his jaw dropped 30 feet upon hearing Cena badmouth him.

    We have also heard a lot lately that Cena has a lot of lingering minor injuries that he never seems to have time to cope with and deal with.

    Also realize that there is still like 9 plus months until Mania so it's not like if he is storyline fired that he wouldn't somehow be back well b4 then after healing up his injuries or what not. So based on those 3 reasons that is why I think that not only is this the perfect opportunity to have him fired, so he can heal up, it's also a perfect opportunity to turn him heel.

    They could very easily have an angle here with Vince where he either screws over Cena or turns on him or does something that gets Cena pissed off and have em lose and say the fans are who caused this or Vince cares more about Punk than him or something along those lines. I know that both of these things happening are going to be hard for ppl to believe it's gonna happen, but with the recent strange occurrences it really wouldn't surprise me.

    How huge would it be if Cena either turns heel, gets storyline fired, or perhaps both! I would greatly appreciate hearing everyone's take on this matter and if you might have similar thoughts or if you think I'm crazy for thinking this, but either way I want to hear what YOU have got to say so leave those comments guys and gals and of course Thank You!

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    As I said on another thread, WWE could make this HUGE, if it turns out that Punk's actually been persuaded into stickin' around for even just another few months.
    Cuz I said so!

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    This is indeed a good opportunity to turn Cena heel. But why would they do that, when he's still HUGELY POPULAR with the fans, albeit he has his fair share of haters. I don't think they would fuck that up by turning Cena.

    Also, although most people will be behind the Rock, rather than Cena come Wrestlemania 28, after that, people will go back to worshipping Cena. The WWE wouldn't want to screw that up by making Cena a heel.

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    Agreed - it's a perfect opportunity fot Cena to turn heel.

    But I believe, as I've always believed since the announcement of their match at the next 'Mania, is that this year will be the last year (not ever, obviously) that John Cena will be face.

    With WWE slowly becoming more edgier since The Rock's "return", but still maintaining PG, I believe that after their proposed match at Wrestlemania - which I believe The Rock will win, whether it's for the WWE Title or not - that John Cena will FINALLY (no pun intended) turn Heel.

    What will happen, in my opinion, is that John Cena will lose to CM Punk come Sunday. Vince McMahon will come down to the ring and fire John Cena, only to be met with a kick to the face by Punk, then AA by John Cena. Cena and Punk then shake hands and Cena let's Punk have his moment with his hometown crowd. As Punk cuts another great promo, he is attacked by Raw Money in the Bank winner Alberto Del Rio. Del Rio defeats Punk to win the WWE Championship, instantly making him a mega-heel. Vince awakes with an evil smile on his face. PPV over in shocking fashion.

    After this, the proposed Cena vs. Del Rio Summerslam main event will happen which will kick start a great feud between them. Ultimately, John Cena wins the WWE Championship back and takes is to 'Mania with him - but this will be Cena's LAST face run with the WWE Championship.

    As I said, with WWE becoming more edgier, I think WWE is extremely slowly preparing fans for a possible Cena heel turn.
    So, come 'Mania, The Rock vs. John Cena for the WWE Championship. Fans, as expected, cheer the HELL outta the Rock, and most Boo for John Cena. (Let's face it, it's going to happen)

    The Rock wins the match and his 7th World Title. At the end of the match, John Cena shakes the Rock's hand and celebrates with him...then gives him the AA and just walks out.

    On Raw, the next night. Cena cuts his first ever heel promo in years about how he is sick of all the fans not accepting him as the future of the company and that he expected everyone to get behind him as 'Mania the previous night - But instead all the fans went back to the past - namely the Rock. John Cena then says "Screw Hustle. Screw Loyalty. Screw Respect. Screw the WWE Universe" - instant heel turn, and WWE becomes EPIC again!

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    ^Nice scenario you got there. Although, I highly doubt it will go down like that. If it does, I'll personally fly to your town and bow down to you :P

    Cena still has a few years left in him to rake in the money for Vince. Vince will milk his ultimate cash cow until it is dry. This means that Cena will be a face and continue to be the WWE's poster boy until he retires-which I think will be sooner than expected, due to nagging pain.

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    I completely agree with having Cena "fired". He needs some time off to mend his wounds. Here's what I would like to have happen:

    Punk wins MITB. McMahon fires Cena. On the Raw following MITB McMahon declares a tournament for the vacated NEW WWE Championship. The tournament will span take place the weeks prior to SummerSlam. SummerSlam comes and you have Del Rio and (any other popular wrestler). Just before the main event you have Stephanie/Business HHH walk out. They declare that they've rehired Cena under a special contract and since he was the last champion he is entitled to a rematch. Cena is added to the match to make it a triple threat.

    This would give Cena a full month off and still have the Del Rio match at SummerSlam. This could create a storyline with Cena rebelling against the boss, making him the "underdog" again. I would have Cena lose the match. He would then have a Title Match at the Royal Rumble and win it. That same night Punk makes his return, wins the rumble and declares he's facing Cena at Wrestlemania. Punk can use his belt to declare he's the best, while Cena does the same with his. Now we have a Triple threat match at Wrestlemania. This match would decide who the one, TRUE champion is.

    That's what I would like to see happen. But I feel MITB will end with Punk winning, Del Rio cashing in on Punk, and Cena not being fired because the title never left.
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    cena heel =
    cena (story line fired) =

    yes yes yes

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    If Cena screws Vince he would be heel. Vince is the heel in the story. Only to turn Cena heel if Cena and Vince pulls a screw job on Punk. Or if Cena looses and MIIB winner cashes in and Cena gives Punk the AA to make sure he doesn't leave.

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    i totally agree with you tshizzy34, i mean it is an awesome opportunity, probably more so than when cena joined Nexus, because of Vince. I hope to see a screwjob where cena gets screwed, the crowd love it because-
    1. Cena is very unpopular with quite a few of us.
    2. Punks hometown.
    Cena could then return as a heel , saying how the wwe universe turned their back on him after everything hes given them, would be awesome

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    Wow I have heard some great opinions out there from you guys, thank you for them all I do appreciate the feedback. It seems like the general opinion is that Cena will probably lose this weekend at MITB, but the exact outcome isn't quite certain yet. I do think that something will happen involving Del Rio and his briefcase, but if he doesn't win the Ladder Match for the case, then I really wouldn't know what to think anymore lol. I really hope that somehow Punk stays, I don't care how it has to happen I just want his entertainment to continue to amuse me know what I mean. Keep on throwing out your opinions the more the better and again thanks to everyone who takes the time out to leave a comment it's always cool to read what other members are thinking!


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